Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 29th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim sends Yam to finish Ashoka. The person who dreamt of Akhand Bharat (united India) will be destroyed (khand-khand) today.

Dharma says how I can choose one eye out of both my eyes. Please don’t say this. You both are important for me. He says your decision is important. Now it is in your hands. I clarified it earlier itself that the final decision will be yours. If you leave, then remember it that I will have no relation with you or this baby. I have lived without you once as well. He walks out angrily.

Ashoka is near a well. A girl greets Ashoka. You treated me sometime back and helped me. She is about to feed him water when an announcement is made. Ashoka is banished from the state. Whoever will help him will be called traitor and will be punished. Ashoka angrily

throws the pot at him. The guy making the announcement falls down.

Kaurvaki asks a man how far Patliputra is. The man says she is very near and guides her. Kaurvaki hopes to quickly head back home so her father does not realise her absence.

Kaurvaki’s mother scolds Daasi for letting Kaurvaki go to their enemy state. It is so risky. What will I say to Maharaj? She is shocked to see Jagannath there.

Yam comes to the village. He demands for Ashoka. The same girl points towards the direction in which Ashoka left.

Dharma is in temple. Why no one sees Ashoka did all this to save his loved ones? He knows this poison can finish everything. He could have told the truth but dint do it to save his father from feeling pain. That father is asking me to choose between him and my son. why does it happen with people who walk on the right path?

Ashoka walks in the jungle. He is thirsty. He meets the same guy there (who Kaurvaki met). Do you have water? The guy denies. He guides him to a nearby river.

Dharma says no one will trust me owing to the situation. Everyone mistook my son which is why he is angry. I cannot see him turning into Chand. I wont let him turn into something which he is not destined to. I have to be with him. I have to stop Ashoka from the animal inside him. How do I do so? I cannot separate one son from his father, his rights to save another son. Help me Lord. Guide me. She recalls something. I got my answer Mahadev.

Yam realises that the girl misguided him. It does not mean you will get to live Ashoka. You will die by my hands today itself!

Bindu says this is your last decision then. Dharma points out that no women can leave her husband and be happy but when Parvati Mata can be upset with her own husband for her son Ganesha then I am only a human being. Bindu justifies Mata Parvati’s stance. It is symbolic of knowledge. I cannot overlook my son’s act. How am I a culprit then? She says Shiv is Trikal-darshi while you don’t know anything at all. He is upset. What did I not see? I did the right thing. You should support me instead. I am sure you only spoiled Ashoka. He turned into Chand today because of your love only. She replies that truth needs light and not proof. I have no proof but I trust God. Truth will come out when he will want it. You will be able to see everything clearly then. Right now all I know is that I have to be with my son. I am going to Ashoka. He breaks all ties with her. Don’t show me your face ever again. We share no relation. He takes the ring off her finger and goes out.

Ashoka is walking when he falls down. Kaurvaki hears his scream. Am I dreaming or is this true? Ashoka hears temple bells. Yam continues looking for Ashoka. He finds blood on a stone. Kaurvaki notices Ashoka stumbling on his way to the temple. He falls down. She rushes to him and is shocked to see his condition. Are you alright? She sees his wound and tears her dupatta to bandage it. He is surprised / unhappy to see her. He walks away. She thinks he did not forget the insult done by her father. she stops him. listen to what I have to say. He shushes her by keeping his finger on her lips. You have my swear. You will listen to what I say.

Yam is near the temple but does not find Ashoka there.

Ashoka shares everything that happened since her left Kalinga. I can bear anything but not my mother’s insult. I cannot forgive even my father for that sake.

Jagannath is on his way to Patliputra with a few soldiers.

Dharma is heading out when Sushim stands in her way. You are indeed leaving palace? She nods. Charu says seems like you realised you wont win this throne. You should have realised it long ago. It would have saved Ashoka. Mahamatya adds everyone makes mistakes. Intelligent people learn from their mistakes. Siamak says you and your son should not stay here. This time Chanakya wont be here to save any of you. Everyone laughs. Sushim says does she look like the mother of Ashoka of which Chanakya spoke so highly. He spoke well about Ashoka till his last breath. See how easily I threw Ashoka out of this palace, of father’s heart and Magadh. We should have kept Chanakya alive to see this day. He would have anyways died if he had seen this day. There would have been no need to kill him then. Dharma realises that Ashoka was speaking truth. Sushim agrees. How can he lie? This goodness of him took him down. We plotted to make him look bad all the time. I, Charu, Mahamatya, Helena and Siamak did all this together we all killed Chanakya together. it was fun. Siamak says it wouldn’t have been fun in Chakanya was not here. Sushim asks Dharma what she will do now after knowing the truth. Charu speaks of Ashoka’s weaknesses – love for mother, chankaya and anger. Helena used it against Ashoka. She knew Ashoka will hurt Sushim. It is what happened. Dharma thinks Ashoka got such a big punishment even after being right. You got what you wanted. His rights, throne and everything! He got banished. Let me go from here. I promise you we will never come in your way. Sushim tells her not to worry about him. Yam would have killed Ashoka by now. Dharma cries. Please don’t kill my son for throne. She requests Charu. You are a mother. You can understand. I will never come back here and neither Ashoka will. Charu tells her to remember it. Don’t try to step back in Patliputra. Dharma agrees. Let me go now. My son needs me. Sushim says pity suits Gods, not devils. He pushes her. She somehow manages to save herself and her baby and leaves from there in tears.

Precap: Ashoka says I will come back to his mother, his brother and to fulfil my Guru’s vision of united India. Grown up Ashoka is shown.

Update Credit to: Pooja



    Thanks Mis Pooja,siddarth Ur Acting Is Marvaoules & Superb Through Out The Younger Asoka.Ur Acting,ur Acent Ara Superb!! I Think Frm Today We Mis U Bro!! I Wish A Bright Future For All Ur Activites & Ur Gymnastic Career.I Am Waiting For Arival Of Mohit Raina.That Buger Bindusar Even Cn’t Hear The Talking Of These Culpirt I Thnk He Is A Dumb King,he Is The Worst And Weakest King Of Mauraya Dyanastry!! Charu,sushim,kalataka Should Go In 2 Hell Due To The Cruel Thngs Doing.NOW ANY ONE WAN’T UNABLE TO FACE CHANDASOKA

  2. samratashok

    But it would be great to see younger susim&s siamak tasting defeat at the.hands of younger ashoka. Though now ashoka(mohit) will defeat them but i will not find that kind of fun and attachment

  3. ashoka samrat

    What is this epi. How bad is this traitor bindusar. All good people will get punished. Are there god’s.

  4. Sus

    Thanq for the updates pooja.
    We will all miss u a lot Sid. You are amazingly talented! Wish u a bright future ahead Sid.

  5. ashoka samrat

    So worried to miss you siddharth. May your life be successful. Do your gymnastics well. Goodbye

  6. ashoka samrat

    Does anyone knows that ashok meet dharma. where will he reach now. Does he gains the samrat designation living all alone?????????????

  7. ghost

    One of the worst casting among them is Mohit Raina as Asoka cos I feel his body fat % is very high. He cannot move like what Siddharth Nigam did. And Saumya seth is hen faced actress. She is neither beautiful nor she act. Worst decision after Takshila. Since producer visit this website, watch my comment, I request u to sack immediately Saumya Seth, and take Sanjeeda Sheikh. People may find similarity betweeen her and Kareena as you have been inspired by the cast and crew of Asoka film. She is not s*xy at all. Sanjeeda is much more s*xier than hen faced Saumya. I request you to take decision because her face doesnt resemble Kaurvaki played by Reema sheikh.
    Watching Mohit Raina in recent picture I find that he cannot balance his legs due to extra fat in belly and waist. Pls try to take another one. Asoka is great. Kaurvaki was beautiful. I find annoying with Background music as he doesnt recreate some other tune. Thanks that you delete Bahuballi music. VFX is not sharp, the dark vision is superb. Needs to rework more on it. This website is great cos producer watch our comment as fas as I feel.

  8. fred

    yakk stupid looking people are taken in ashoka after leap hate this!..
    i will not watch after the leap
    hate radhagupt after leap

  9. Dis

    Miss u lot siddarth.ur act is pearfect. wish ur good future. And sad Ashoka And His mother Situation. Bindusar is foolish king. He cant understand defferant of good and bad peoples.

    • abc

      dont you dare to say anything about him understand muskaan if you dont lts ok but think before talking

      • Muskaan

        Sorry @ abc if it hurt your sentiments but the truth is mohit raina’s actual age is 35 yrs n in the show the child ASHOK’s age is 15yrs n they will make 10-12yrs leap so the new ASHOK’s age should be around 25 yrs n M saying mohit is too old for the character +his extra healthy body does not suit to be grown up ASHOK or to replace our marvellous sid..

      • Muskaan

        N u also should learn how to reply dear..
        I have my full right to express my views as others have or as you did…

        U should learn how to write or reply someone in public…
        Seems u r new in commenting…
        U can suggest ur views like others without being on harse on someone…

      • Muskaan

        N M not the only one who think the same… There are many… As you can find in the comments…

      • ashoka samrat

        you….be careful before talking(not muskaan). I agree with muskaan and history. every single person has a right to express their views. no need to get permission specially from u

      • or they could have taken rishabh sinha…..he is fit for Ashoka… mohit is 10yrs much older than the grown up Ashoka role…. uk… ??????????????????

    • samratashok

      Instead they should have taken gautam rode who looks atheletic and young. Mohit raina post 12 yr doesnt look like a 27 yr old.

  10. Muskaan

    Another thing the director makes the character siamak keep on saying repeatedly that he is not maurya but technically his father Justin was son of chandragupta maurya acc. to the serial so as siamak’s father is maurya so he is ultimately a maurya let it be half…

    So director “no olo banawoing no olo banawoing”…

  11. Baisali

    The director made such a blunder while post leap casting. Saumya Seth as karuvaki? Seriously? In the movie karuvaki was rebellious and saumya seth looks so dumb. I agree with ghost. Sanjeeda sheikh is perfect for this role. She would have rocked it. I think saumya was perfect for devi’s role as the latter was very humble and kind in real. And mohit raina too is wrong choice for grown up ashoka. It doesn’t suit him. The director could have casted someone else who would do justice to the role. Director has such a bad taste.

    • Priya

      I agree with you Muskaan and Baisali about Syamak. The shouldn’t give his character much importance. After all his a fictional character not a historical person. His parent’s love story was made by the show to gain TRP. Elder Ashok should have only one rival. That is Sushim

  12. Anna

    I cannot wait when Ashoka punished these evil 4 for killing Chanakya. I hope that their punishment should be ruthless and merciless especially to SUshim since he kicked dharma who is his fathers wife

  13. Anuraag

    siamak is a mixture….fool director….dharma should learn fighting n should kick sushim in his face n make him her daas…I would b happy if sushim has to beg for mercy from dharma

  14. ghost

    Guys, Thanks @Baisali for your support but we need more support.

    yes, @Muskan he looks beyond 40.
    If u look at his photo, u will see he doesn’t know how to stand properly.

    And @Abcdef..z dont you know how to talk with girls, be you any gender! Its her choice to talk who are you to make her think!
    Its a wrong casting. Guys please voice your opinion about the casting error. If you look at Radhagupta, you will be crying.
    We need more support! !!!

  15. ghost

    Mohit Raina seating like Shiva has made such posture that he cannot stand properly if he stand you find that his legs are wide as he has belly and waist fat. Saumya seth is a joke!

  16. ghost

    Producer sahab I was the one who says that kaurvaki was an warrior and u saw her warrior skills, I was the one who says how can a son doesn’t recognized her own mom, u changed the whole episode, I was the one that continuously saying leave Taxashila episode. U did it, but I have support. This time too I need support. So pls type about wrong casting too much that the director gets headache. I got support cos I was right. Our amblem is of Asoka, so we dont want to ruin the image of Asoka and his life

  17. Muskaan

    Guys go to Google write chakravartin-ashoka-samrat then click on news n u will find a post by spotboye. Com there you can find some new photos after the leap.. Sad not to find grown up ahenkara…

  18. history

    The casting is really nonsense! I saw their pics of their “so called” leap launch … Just look at the face of Saumya! LOL!!! Seriously, Ashish Sharma was the best for this role! He acted so well as Chandragupta then, why can’t as Asoka? But it’s sad he is working in Siya k Ram…

  19. Hmm

    Worst casting ever!?
    Elder ashoka is just like a tall and fat animal
    Elder Kaurwaki is wearing a jewellery which may weigh ton. Elder siamak no comments ?
    Radhagupt ?
    Miss our sid and sumedh very badly
    And sumedh’s mimicry awesome it was
    I’m happy that sid is going to act in a movie soon
    He is the biggest gem
    I will ashoka only till Monday because there is a small scene of sid
    Bye bye CAS
    All our young cast is a waste
    But thanks for them Cz they entertained us for 15 months

    My opinion not to hurt anyone

    • ashoka samrat

      what’s the next movie of sid. hurry to watch. but not sure. I am watching only CAS serial cuz I must engage well in my school work cuz I am a srilankan. sooooooooooooo hard
      I must also do my O/L ‘s next year

  20. kasturi

    Sorry if i m hurting someone..but tbh mohit looks too old to play a 25 yrs old character. he is a great actor i agree.but not fit for ashoka as they took 10 yrs leap.he would fit for it if they took 20 yrs leap. and saumya looks expressionless.Also her look as kvk! OMG why they made her a jewllery shop!! and that hairdo! same as shushim. please atleast give a good classy look yaar.totally lost interest.

  21. kasturi

    And elder radhagupt!!!! looks like ashok have grown up too much and RG stopped growing! why they made such worst casting. the younger generation was the bestest.

  22. chitra

    yes… u all r right.. I support u ghost…
    they have to change Saumya… she never fitts any role of this serial…

  23. ghost

    Thank u guys for support pls tell your friends who watched Asoka to type too much on this website that even director got goosebumps.


    the main problem is that you repeat “see today” several times same scene which is not good

  25. samratashok

    Where can we express our comments.about the new cast. Pl tell . Anyone.
    Also it would have been better to see chand avatar of asoka in sidd and not mohit. There will be disconnect in love for asoka and hatred for susim-siamak now.
    Worst cast post leap. Is the director.listening?

  26. samratashok

    There’s no need to change characters like radhagupt,khalnatak,charu,dharma etc.make up and grey hair should do. Atleas the audience will.feel a.little.connected when the top cast has been ruined.

  27. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Yup agree samrat ashoka
    Will miss Sid and Mohit doesn’t suit d role yup.
    Hmm I dnt think it ll b interesting post leap
    Sid was fit fr role but New cast is a mistake

  28. I will miss sumedh the most coz he is very cute and handsome… and Sid,reem and faizan too…. miss these four awesome people badly….???????????????????????

  29. ashoka samrat

    u already know that I am a srilankan girl(15yrs). so I don’t know much abt indian actors. does any one agree with me for making meera deosthale as kaurwaki. cuz she can cry well, cute, can act well and beautiful

  30. ashoka samrat

    I likes to see now a big attack must come to magadh must come. then bindu must realize of ashok’s value. some how before the death of bindu he must realize of ashok. otherwise no use of this serial. cuz he is also dying thinking that still ashok is wrong

  31. kasturi

    And a major mistake. According to history devi was ashoka’s first love. Ashok had two childrens with her. but they r giving her worst treatment by giving kvk too much importance. why so biased??

  32. jems aryan

    Oh my god I am happy so much to seeing a huge amount of comments beyond it
    I watched all the episode of ashok samrat with my Indian friend raj who dubd it for me from hindi to English
    Bkz want to know about Indians history
    But hoping that something rong on episode instead of real fact shown in Internet
    Hope you suggest me
    [email protected],.com

  33. Sheila kaschner

    Weak samrat bindusar;and unfair husband and father ,he can not see bad and good ,i like to see ashoka send all the sly devil to the hell

  34. Sheila kaschner

    The devil will not understand abaut love or family , and ashoka must give justice to his guru , his mother;his brother and him self send them all ( the sly devil ) to the hell and i like to see all that

  35. Sheila kaschner

    It was shahrukh khan being ashoka in another drama,and it was very good ,if ashoka turn to avil one the nex it is must be

  36. kasturi

    plz kill this coconut head khallatak asap. can’t bear him anymore!!!his laugh! urghhhhh!!!!

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