Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th September 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 28th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim walks up to his father. Charu stands amidst soldiers. Sushim says what I am going to tell you today might shock you like anything but you must know this. He leans closer to Bindu. I feel pained while saying this. you have been unsuccessful in every phase of life, as a ruler, as a husband and as a husband. Ashoka was right about you. You can neither hear things nor see them. Bindu asks him if he isn’t ashamed to cross his limits. Sushim nods. But when I thought how my father dint realise when so much was happening right under his nose. Did you feel bad when Siamak dies? Bindu says no. Sushim asks him again. Do you know why your blood dint boil when one of your sons (Ashoka) killed the other (Siamak)? He wasn’t your blood! Bindu is stunned. SUshim offers to give proof.

You never realised why Rani Noor used to spend more time with your brother Justin rather than you! Bindu thinks of past instances. Shock registers on his face. He holds his chest in pain, asking soldiers to stop. Sushim is my son. Charu is my wife. Bindu screams Ashoka and faints holding his chest. Ashoka stops in his track hearing (feeling) his father’s voice.

Devi asks Ashoka what happened. Ashoka says I feel something wrong is going to happen. Before something goes wrong, we have to reach Patliputra.

Acharya RG notices the palace all empty. Everyone should have made too many preps to welcome Ashokaby now. There is no such thing. soldier reasons that Ashoka should have come by now. Acharya RG feels the same way. I dint have any correspondence with Ashoka since he left from Takshshila.

Charu tells Sushim he has been successful till now. But do you know what will happen when he will wake up? Sushim is positive about himself. Charu reminds him he has to rule Patliputra. I made this special herb using special ingredients. You give it to him (Bindu) while he is asleep. After he wakes up, he will follow the orders of the one who he will see first as soon as he opens his eyes.

Acharya RG reaches BIndu’s room. Soldiers inform him that Sushim and Charu are in the room. Acharya RG knocks at the door. Sushim gets angry hearing the knock. Who invited his death? Charu stops him. We have to feed him this herb before he wakes up. They feed Bindu that herb. Charu is standing before BIndu but Sushim steps forward. Charu thinks he is acting smart with her too.

Acharya RG tells soldiers they cannot do this. Sushim has no right here. Vit comes there. Acharya RG questions him but Vit says I have no clue. Sushim Bhaiya said something in father’s ears after which he fell unconscious. Maharani Charu is taking care of him. no one is allowed to go inside. Acharya is surprised.

Bindu opens his eyes. Jagannath enters just then. Bindu asks Sushim what he is doing here. What do you want?

Ashoka and Devi are on their way to Patliputra with Kaurvaki still in the cart. Ashoka lifts Kaurvaki in his arms and begins walking.

Sushim is upset thinking the herb dint react positively. He wouldn’t have asked me all this then. Charu says herb is not to be blamed for this. Bindu asks Sushim again who asks for water. Bindu pours water for him. Jagannath looks on in confusion as Bindu gives the glass of water to Sushim. Sushim asks Bindu to sit down next. Bindu complies. He is our puppet now. We will surely win now. Jagannath says now Bindu will do whatever you will ask him to. Sushim smirks.

Soldiers block Ashoka’s way. He asks them to step aside or they will have to bear its consequences. I have to go to Vaid ji. Jagannath comes there just then. you killed my daughter! Ashoka asks him what he is doing here. Jagannath acts before him. He takes Kaurvaki with him inside. Ashoka tries to go after him but the soldiers don’t let him go ahead. Ashoka goes to speak to Bindu. He angrily walks inside the courtroom and begins to talk to Bindu. Right then, Sushim tells him to take permission before entering inside courtroom. Ashoka is taken aback to see him.

Ashoka says you are alive. Sushim replies he knows it well how to return from the mouth of death. Ashoka says it is impossible to escape death when it comes in the form of Ashoka. Bindu tells him to stop. Ashoka asks him how he is letting this traitor roam freely on their motherland. You know all that he has done yet you are taking his side! Bindu says he is my eldest son. he repeats what Sushim says. Ashoka calls Sushim a traitor. Sushim says do you know the consequence of speaking like this about my heir. Ashoka asks him what happened to him. what are you saying? Bindu announces Sushim his heir. I give him all rights. All his decisions will have my full support. charu and Sushim smirk. Vit asks Ashoka as to what happened to their father. a while ago, he told me he wanted to make you Samrat. How did he change his words? Ashoka is sure Charu used her black magic on father. He can never say this otherwise. Sushim orders soldiers to catch Ashoka but no one moves. Sushim turns to Bindu. You just made me your heir and gave me all your rights yet no one is obliging. Ashoka says everyone present here knows who deserves the throne. Sushim says King is like God in world. Father chose me. You have called your death by going against my words! Ashoka asks Acharya RG why he is quiet. You know the difference between right and wrong. Acharya RG advises him to follow what Sushim is saying. Ashoka is disappointed with him. I never thought you will say this. you are Acharya CHanakya’s disciple. I never thought you will lose belief like this one day! Acharya RG looks down. I took swear to serve the throne. My dedication is limited to that. I will always make sure I am dedicated to the throne. Ashoka asks him if he thinks Sushim deserves this. Jagannath walks in just then asking for justice. Your son Ashoka killed my daughter! Till the time you don’t punish him for this crime I wont be at peace. If you wont punish him then the problem that was till now limited to two families will come in between two states. Entire Kalinga will become the enemy of entire Magadh for its daughter. Your son Ashoka will be responsible for it, and also your blind love for your son. Ashoka calls it false. I can never kill Kaurvaki. You left her to die. I brought her here. You know it well. Jagannath refuses to accept it. Ashoka says no one has interest in hearing you here. Sushim points out that he will be the one who will make decisions here, and not him.

Precap: Sushim announces that Ashoka will be set afire while he is still alive. Soldiers bring Ashoka to where it is going to happen.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Parth

    Has the director lost it.. what is he shown such an insult to bindusar n all of them n y is this black magic such poor ending to the show and where is chand ashoka

      • Mahamatya Khallyatak

        very emotional… very sentimental to see Bindu bringing water for Sushim and sitting and behaving like an idiot… very touchy… wish charu did this much earlier to bindu, jaggu, ashok, devi, dharma, kvk much earlier… mazaaa aa gaya…

  2. Venkat

    The serial has become a fairy tale medicine that controls other person . if real Ashoka was alive he would have given mrutyudand to the director

  3. Vanshika


    |Registered Member


  4. vivien

    They have really lost it. In all the serial the villains has upper hand than the hero and it is a bad , boring concept.

  5. Abhishek maurya

    Bas bohot hua.Bohot din se tolerate kiya is director ko par aaj nahi karoongaa.Pehle maine kabhi bhi social sites par gaali nahi di,lekin aaj doonga.Madarchod director ne ashoka the great ki history ko gudde gudiya ka khel bana diya hai😬😬.Script writer agar mujhe akele mil gaya toh mai uska murder kar doonga fir chahe mujhe faasi hi kyon na ho.Matlab ab ye sushim bindusaar se apna sab kucch chatwaaegaa.Ek limit hota hai chutiyagiri kaa bc.Ye show foreign ke kuch log bhi dekhte hai like sri lanka,indonesia.Kya sochenge wo log india ke baare me?ashoka ke baare me???muh se gaali nikal raha hai.Im just out of control right now.And please viewers boycott the serial.And lets make a petition to the government to punish these stupids.

    • History lover

      Though I can’t understand Hindi, as you have mentioned name of Sri L anka I thought to state following. As Sri Lankans we have a great respect to your greatest emperor Ashoka the great. So we watch this serial with much pain as in this serial this greatest emperor is shown like a brainless ,love sick, failed, un lucky lunatic. King Bindusara who was called Amittagahaka( killer of enemies ) is shown as a foolish puppet , acharya RG who was a grand child of Acharya Chankya in real history And also a dispel of him , who did the final successful step of gaining throne to Ashoka is also shown as an inactive fool. Furthermore this is a total mess of history, from very beginning , as the prince Ashoka was born in the Royal Palace and rani Dharma had not worked as a Dassi in the palace . However now it has become a fairy tale with this stupid concept of black magic. I think some enemy of India has done black magic on Writer and Director that’s way they are insulting the greatest emperor of India!

    • SUNIL


  6. chand ashoka

    director is such a bl***y as****e. its better to burn the director alive ,it would be better than spoiling the history.

  7. Priya

    Enough of this black magic aur Jagganath ko aur koi kamnai hai kya magadh mein baitha hai. Kaling ko kon sambhal raha hai fir. Aur Bindu ko Noor ke beryal ka bada bura lag raha hai jabki uski unfaithfulness ka zimmedar Bindu khuda hai. god is director ko sadbuddi do

  8. Abhishek maurya

    Mujhe samajh nahi aata aap sab viewers roj roj is show par comment kar apna time kyon waste karte ho.Aap log hi boliye comment kar kabhi kucch faayda hua hai.So please stop watching the show.And if u r watching the show u r indirectly insulting the history of ashoka.

  9. Richie33

    Oh god!! Charu n sushima n after dat jaggu too!! This is really going bad..and how Acharya RG act like this?? Very dissatisfied!!..leading to see nxt..wat will happen tomorrow??…😓..very sad n Ho can the director end up within this week…plzz can any 2 tell the upcoming events?? Plzz<3

  10. Aparaajita Rathore

    Has the director gone mad? First bindusaar was shown as a dumb father,now a black magic controlled puppet..really,now that’s what u call a total mockery of ashokan legacy.This is just too much.The show is gonna end in a few days,and still no chand ashoka,no kalinga war,nothing has been shown of the great side of Samrat Ashoka whom we indians are proud of,and revere.Seriously,i am very angry at such a portrayl of a person whose symbol(ASHOKA CHAKRA) is a part of our national flag.

  11. Satyanarayana Vaduguru Sri

    thanks for the update.. really nice updates from you. I do not have Television at home, and going through your updates, i do feel that everyday, I am am watching this serial on TV. Great. Keep going…

  12. Baisali

    For a moment I thought radhagupta is under black magic and that the director has not even spared radhagupta. But then I realized that radhagupta is in his senses. Well we all know that Ashok won’t die. So I’ve 2 gueses. Either sushim will die in that fire somehow instead of Ashok or karuvaki will come there and Ashok’s life will be spared seeing her alive. But I’ll go with with my 1st guess as we all know sushim will die in fire and 2ndly there has to be a reason for kalinga war. As we saw today Jagannath threatened to announce war against magadh for karuvaki’s fake death, so I guess that’ll be the reason for the war.

  13. nayana

    when will sushim die is bindusaar acting or not who will tell ashok that sushim is responsible for dharmas death ? black magic plays an important role in this serial from begn to end only evil wins seriously i heard that this serial is going off air so sad will ashok become chakravartin ashok samarat at the end of the serial anyways it was such a nice serial i think they messed the story

  14. GRChowdary

    We should sue the director and producer for making the mockery of Asoka chakravartini life and the history of great Indian King of yester years.

  15. S.Ravi Prakash

    Today’s episode was nauseating. Jagannath can move about anywhere & at any time, if so why can’t Acharya RG? What is the spying dept.(separate developed by Acharya Chanakya) now under Acharya RG doing? Is it nowhere? The story writer is making a fool of Bindu, Acharya RG,, & so also all of us, the viewers!. Was there no horse pulled vehicles at that time? Poor Ashoka had to pull the cart all by himself,& to what distance? Hope today’s precap will not repeat tomorrow also.

  16. Sanjeev

    This serial is become a BS. Can someone file a defamation case against the director and the channel. They were supposed to show the great history of Ashoka not Saas Bahu type antics.
    Waiting for Big Boss to replace this non sense.

  17. Suraj

    Lol today was heights… Instead of showing chakravartin ashoka samrat they are showing love stuck retard prince who is so helpless, loveless, paretless, brainless idiot… This is really insult to one of the greatest emperors and his family and also they are insulting kalinga… Kalinga never interfered in magadh affairs… The war was to expand the empire not for the crap they are showing here

  18. A K P C Swain

    Ashok gets an important place in history only for Kaling war where he is turned from Chandasok to Dharmasok.This is not depicted in the serial.The director has forgotten history and only shows black magic.This is nonsense.

  19. Shirley Sang Ajang-Sital

    Omg .This is horrible. The great legendary ruler Ashoka THE Great has been turned into a fool by this stupid director.many fans in South America including me are very very disappointed.What was the need to twist history like this.Why put Devi in such a second hand position? GET the feeling I wasted MY time watching this serial.

  20. AB

    This is sooo bu*****t. Either the show should be stopped being telecast or the writer should be punished for writing such episodes. Not going to read any more. Pooja, stop updating.

  21. Vicky

    I totally agree with you Abhishek Maurya……
    This series has made a total mockery of of the great Ashoka……
    Is the director an Indian?
    Anyways, no use in writing kyoki director to sudhrega nahi……

  22. Sam

    Director gone mad… Only Bindu can hear Sushim LOL.. c’mon man… oh I forgot it’s 21st century and they might be using some kinda bluetooth technology.

  23. History lover

    Dear Bella, as this show is going to off air in few days please write the legend of kaurwaki in Odissa , at least in a concise manner, if you have a time. And pl see my criticism on the show I posted as a reply on the comment on Abhishek Maurya .

  24. Peter

    The director and channel Colors have lost their mind and they are totally showing wrong history to people all over the world, it’s better to go off the air and to show wrong history.

    The channel producer is also gone mad and crazy, psycho.
    The channel should stop distortion of Ashoka story when not aware of actual facts about it.
    In hurry to end the show they are going off track on Ashoka story.

    They have made laughing stock of Ashoka serial and seriously have damage homage of Ashoka who was greatest Samart of India, disrespecting the Ashok symbol on our Indian institution, police uniform and army unifrom which carry Ashok symbol on it.

  25. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    ha ha.. RG and troops cannot enter bindu chamber, but jaggu entered through other door, or was he hiding there beforehand or was waiting for Bindu to fall sleep…?? Bindu looking like puppet, very funny, more funny is to see idiot ashok running with wheel barrow…. chanting kvk name…

  26. Richa

    I am a big fan of Asoka serial but i think its not real story of Samrat Asok so plz show the real story of Samrat Asok.

  27. suresh

    it is high time this is concluded, director has lost control over the serial, colors channel take note of public sentiments

  28. Anne

    Agree wholeheartedly……. It’s so sad…….. The director / makers of the show should be brought to book and made answerable immediately. Aren’t there any govt. watchdogs?
    In fact, most of the shows aired on colors should be boycotted, they are an insult to the intelligent viewer.

  29. 🍒Cherry🍒

    Yeah!bindu got one more attack still he is alive!…and these cas makers have nothing to show but they obviously have the stupid idea of showing the same scene every day! Kvk saving ashoka or vice-versa. Ans who is controlling kalinga? All the time Jagannath stays at the Mauryan palace?
    Ashok should stay near the waterfall as a ‘darbaan’ do that whenever kvk falls while horse riding or jaggu pushing her etc etc…he can save her!!

    • 🍒Cherry🍒

      Everytime jaggu along with his duck faced daughter walks off from the sabha and promises to never return back to magdha! Per phir se vo aur kvk muh utha ke ajate Hai !! Since 10 years they are only seen in patliputra and hardly see in kalinga!!
      And then jaggu calls Mauryan empire to be so called. ‘SHATRUDESH’…if he really considers the Mauryans to be his enemy, then why the hell does he return to the Maurya palace?? Does he have anything called ‘SELF RESPECT ‘ ?
      And if he is never in kalinga (or may be once)😂…then who is looking after his rajya ? He doesn’t even have any son to be prabhari raha!!
      And does ashok have any self respect? Jagannath and kvk insulted his empire so much still he is always behind kvk like a dog barking kvk’s name!!
      It’s a great insult of the greatest emperor of India perhaps!!! Who is only shown as a stupid,lunatic,helpless,hard to understand,dumb,kvk obsessed Prince!!
      Abhi tak ashok ka ek kaam ek war nhi dikhaya! Bas use kvk k peeche bhagat hue dikhaya or her baar bas formality ke lie keh dete Hai ki “me apne guru ke akhand Bharat ke swapn ko poora karungi” bhai kab karega?😂 Chand?? He only acts as a dumb!

  30. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Censor board is very active in cutting scenes from movies. Do we have any censor board for these serials, or are they overlooking such stupid depiction of history, which is supposed to impart education and knowledge to the viewers on life of AS. This serial has no relevance to actual history, just waiting for the show to close down, cant expect much.

  31. Chidanand

    Indias Worst story writer and director. They both are damaging the image of greatest chakravartin of India. Colours should not have allowed the name of Ashoka Samrat to this story. If any lawyers are watching this they should file case against Channel and Director

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