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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka waits outside impatiently. Ashoka asks the monk if he can meet Kaurvaki now. She must be fine by now. Monk’s silence worries him. The monk tells Ashoka that there is no good news. Blood stopped but there is very little life in her. She has fallen asleep in a deep slumber. It is impossible to come back from there. I did whatever I could. Nothing else can happen. Ashoka says what you are saying. I told you our breaths are joined. If I am fine then she will also be fine. he asks Devi to tell monk nothing happened to Kaurvaki. I dint know you (monk) will accept failure so easily. Nothing has happened to Kaurvaki. He goes inside and tries waking Kaurvaki. You cannot go like this. I am Ashoka. Please wake up. He asks Devi to wake her friend. She cannot leave us like this. Devi

suggests him to accept the truth. Ashoka refuses to accept it. Nothing will happen to Kaurvaki. I wont let anything happen to her. Open your eyes. I am your Ashoka. He sits down beside her. It was only Ma who never left her hopes. You too shouldn’t leave yours. Ma promised me she will never go far from me. Ma, I need you. Help me please. He checks Kaurvaki’s pulse and gets thinking. Devi watches him in confusion. Ashoka looks for something. He brings a dagger and marks a cut in the vein of Kaurvaki. Ma taught me it happens sometimes. You got to take out the bad blood and make sure the blood circulation is fine. Devi runs out seeing him do that.

Devi prays to Buddha. As a woman, I would want my husband to be mine only. I wont accept anyone between us, not even Kaurvaki. I don’t wish Kaurvaki to go so far away that she can never come back. If anything happens to her then Ashoka wont be alive even after being alive. She speaks to monk. My mother used to say people like you are blessed. Can you tell me why its happening with me husband? Monk replies that he is the chosen one. You have to go through a lot of pain to understand life better. Devi asks him if there is no way out of this. Monk says one has to bear the result of karmas. Your husband chose a destructive path so he has to bear the consequences. Devi has faith in Ashoka but monk speaks of anger and violence which blind people. Devi asks him for help. The same dream is shown. Monk tells Devi she will know what she has to do when it is right time. Both you and Kaurvaki complete Ashoka. There is a reason for that too. She is boggled by his words.

Ashoka tries treating Kaurvaki his way. She is still unconscious but bit better maybe. I knew you will not leave me. You are out of danger. I am your Ashoka. He pats at her head as she coughs in her unconscious state. He goes to bring water for her. Meanwhile, Kewalnath comes in. You will have to die Kaurvaki. Ashoka can try as much as he wants to save you but I wont leave you alive.

Devi notices some movement inside. She runs in to check who is inside. Kewalnath throws something at her and runs out. Devi tells the same to Ashoka who leaves to catch him. He throws a dagger at Kewalnath’s feet. Right then, Devi screams for Ashoka so he goes back to her. Kewalnath thinks to inform his brother about Kaurvaki.

Sushim is eating. Charu says I knew you cannot die but you had to bear a lot. He will have to pay the price for every drop of your blood. Sushim agrees to make sure he will give a painful death to whoever tried killing him. I regret not being able to kill Siamak but I wont spare Ashoka! Jagannath tells them about Kaurvaki still being alive. If there is a chance that she will live then we will have to be faster than them. Charu asks him why he is so anxious to kill his own daughter. He does not want to be remembered as the king whose own wife ran away for his enemy’s son. I want people to remember me as the king who sacrificed his daughter’s life for his state. Sushim deduces that they will have to reach before Ashoka.

Devi and Ashoka are taking Kaurvaki in a cart. Devi suggests going slow. She cannot lose more blood. We cannot afford to lose time too. Ashoka says I wont let anything happen to my Kaurvaki.

Charu tells Sushim it is time to become Samrat. Be victorious! He smirks.

Bindu is writing a letter. Vit comes to tell him that Ashoka and Devi can reach anytime. Bindu orders the soldiers to decorate the palace. I will welcome him on my own and celebrate his victory. Vit asks him about the letter. Bindu shares that it is amessage for his brother. It has all the dreams of me, your mother and Ashoka’s Guru. Ashoka will have to bring everyone under one roof to fulfil his dream of united India. Vit is sure rajkumar Ashoka will fulfil all of this. Bindu corrects him. Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat will do it. I will crown him Samrat as soon as he is back. That is how he will be known after he is here.

Soldiers stop Charu and Sushim from entering in palace. Sushim threatens one of the soldiers to try and stop him. soldier backs off in fear.

Bindu is unhappy to hear that Sushim is alive. Maybe he will die by my hands.

Sushim and Charu come in the courtroom. Sushim kills the soldiers who try to block their way. Bindu steps down the throne. You are so shameful. Why dint you die before stepping on this land? He orders soldiers to kill Sushim. He is Magadh’s enemy. Sushim tells the soldiers to stop. I will surrender father. Bindu corrects him. Only Samrat. Charu questions him as to how he can be so biased and vengeful towards her son. BIndu replies that he should actually hate her. You made him a target of your bad wishes. Only you are to be blamed for this. Sushim accepts all the blames. We have come here today only for you, to tell you something important. Bindu is in no mood to hear them but Sushim insists. We will accept whatever punishment you will give us. We cannot talk in front of everyone though. BIndu declines but Sushim wants to tell. Allow me to whisper in your ears. It is good for you only. BIndu makes his soldiers aim their sword at Charu’s neck. If Sushim tries to hurt me then you are free to kill Charu. Sushim looks angry but does not react.

Sushim walks up to his father.

Precap: Sushim asks Bindu if he felt bad when Siamak died. Do you know why your blood dint boil when one of your sons killed the other? He wasn’t your blood! Bindu screams Ashoka and faints holding his chest. Ashoka stops in his track hearing his father’s voice.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sad because going off air on 7th october…. but really happy what bindu is doing with sushim aur charu…..waiting to see the next epi….

  2. So sad my fav show is going to end . But I am eagerly waiting for chandranandini Ashoka’s grandfather’s story

  3. Vanshika

    OMG.. Seems lyk Bindu will die.. Then Ashok will kill sushim.. Bt wen.. Btw frm where did kvk creep in between.. Ashok should kill Sushim.
    Nothing should down to kvk.
    Devi should get pregnant.
    Ashoka should become samrat… Then the show will cum on track..
    V knw d show is ending soon.. Pls vote to stop it,

  4. Vanshika

    Pooja di it’s Bindu in the Precap not blndu.. Pls crct it..

  5. Dear Mahamatya Khallayatak i am not exaggerating. I wanted to convey that many people associate Pi with mathematics which is wrong. Pi has its many applications which has nothing to do with geometry. Speaking about CAS i am speechless what is being shown here. Karuvaki should have stayed in Kalinga and should have waited for ashoka to come for the war. Showing Devi helpless. Oh what a shame. I can’t see any chand ashoka i see only love struck helpless ashoka who just goes on chanting Karuvaki’s name

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      we r not interest in mathematics and science, pl restrict your discussion to CAS only. The information given by you fro Ashok is really commendable.

  6. aussum episodes going on now

  7. Angelk1

    Interesting, waiting tobsee what hAppens and if ashwaki will ever get married

    1. Tiyasa

      U only think abt Aswaki, just like the director of CAS……don’t think that what will happen to Asvi’s children, other wives of Ashoka, Kalinga war and Dharmashoka…….
      Do u have any idea that CAS will go off air on 7 oct ????? and sooo much story of Ashoka is left….

    2. Tiyasa

      Well what do u think whether season 2 of Ashoka should start or not?????
      From my side its a big YESSSS !!!!!!!

    3. Angelk1

      Just because i want to see how the director will make them married doesnt mean i only think of ashwaki. In some of my other comments i said i want to see ashok becomes chand and also asandra, so its not just ashwaki i think of.

  8. Dear the Enigma thank you for mentioning but i already know that. I just wanted to simplify it. No you haven’t insulted me. Pi being irrational is also a transcendental number.

  9. Total NAUTANKI!!!

  10. Where is the real ashoka? Where is the chand? I loved the serial since day 1 but now i am hurt how history is being protayed here.Insulting great queen devi and karuvaki . Insulting kalinga. Please real ashoka stand up!! And director should show a sensible reason why kalinga war will happen in CAS. let’s pray they don’t show that Kalinga war happens for karuvaki.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      there is no time for real ashok to stand up… the serial plot was diluted months before when they started showing love story, goondna, lasendra etc etc.. which dragged for 6 months itself… now we should not expect anything from this serial, and just waiting for the drama to end asap.. With time constraint, I dont think they will show K-war, or will end the war in 10 minutes ( as they showed Ashok killing Unani) or in Magadh Ashok will kill jaggu and that they will call k war.. Lets keep this interesting topic for director to imagine.. But I dont think time will permit jaggu to go back to kalinga, or there is no reason for Jaggu to go back to K and prepare for war.. yesterday i released spiler for the week, so this week nothing interesting is happening.. Lets pray this family drama ends abruptly, we should not expect anythign from this nautanki

      1. The director and writer of this show is doing nothing but wasting his and our time… every day I watch ashoka with a hope to see atleast something sensible this time..but we all end criticising the bullshit shown like kvk-ashoka melodrama,duck faced kvk falling in the river or dying,bindu suffering from heart attack after every 2 days
        But can’t help it because I am hooked to this show from day1 n I still want it and just pity the director for spoiling a wonderful show!!

      2. And how come bindu is still alive after suffering from so many heart attack??
        A Normal person probably dies after the 3rd attack and bindu has suffered from heart attack 100 times!

  11. Even In Hstry There Is No Mentin Abt Bindusaras Wife,when Ashoka Cme The Kingshp Wil Byforcly Take By Sushma,as Acordng To Hstry Ashoka Wil Kil Sushma With Help Of RG & Take Kngshp & Get The Kalinga Also Undr Hs Cntrol.

  12. S.Ravi Prakash

    Namaskar to pooja di & everyone else. In the update, While jagannath is answering charu, he says”I don’t want to be remembered as a king whose “wife” ran away with the son of enemy. It should be”daughter”. It’s just a writing mistake. The precaps are a repetition, which doesn’t augur well for the fast tracking of the episode. Just can’t believe that Bindu, the emperor of magadh,is unable to handle Sushim & Charu!.

  13. thanks or the EPIC!!! update but the most epic update will be tomorrow

  14. devi should leave ashok and go somewhere then he will understood her love

    1. Tiyasa

      Yah ! I agree with u ……
      But too sad that CAS will go off air on 7oct……

  15. Ashok is shown as a moron, an inmate of a Lunatic asylum will appear more normal than this caricature. What a shame that Indians greatest emperor is reduced to this. He puts kvk on a wheel barrow and pushes her alongside for a 2000 km journey??? Somehow he hears Bibdi’s scream though… Amazing. Cutting a vein helps her regain consciousness and Jaggu’s bro comes in undetected. Wow.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Ashok should have told this technique to buddhist monks, perhaps the could have used later, whenever necessary

  16. Thanks Pooja for all the effort to keep us updated pity director and story writer Bollywoodisation of a great epic blessings

  17. just wanna the story end , cause i dont like this CAS anymore, its not as attractive as the previous
    I adore king Ashok, but this story just show his love and love, The story of young ashok is very good. I miss the previous not recent

  18. There should be Atleast 1 mahaepisode for kalinga war…or for when ashoka will be crowned..i think on Sunday..right??

    1. Tiyasa

      I agree……
      In that Devi should also get pregnant……

      1. Hey tiyasa how are u?
        Devi getting pregnant is just like a dream come true because in CAS ashok is only shown as a kvk obsessed and Devi was his 1st love and maharani! He loved her a lot because she was a peace loving girl but here ashoka doesn’t even give her a damn!!

  19. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Chanayka, Drupad, his senapati, all died, but Ashok did not become chand.. His mother died, still he has not become chaand… he is behaving like a idiot, chanting the name of KvK only… running from Taxsila to magadh with a wheel barrow. He could have also treated KvK in taxasila… Taxsila is also a established town, having basic facilities… Txasila and magadh may be 200+ km distaance…. But how could he find out KvK body from the waterfall, and how KvK was still alive…?? Dont think kalinga war will happen, I guess, after killing sushim, Ashok will become a monk…

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      sorry 2000+ kms

    2. Tiyasa

      I totally agree with u…….
      CAS director is not showing the story of “Chakravartin Ashoka” but of “Kvk’s lover Ashoka”

    3. I think the director probably meant ‘dumb ashoka ‘ and not ‘chand ashoka ‘…
      Everytime they say ashok will become change,toofan ayegi,ek vyakti Akela khada rahega etc etc..!!
      God knows when will he become chand..
      Instead of becoming more strong and ruthless he is becoming weaker and a lunatic bull!!who is always mumbling kvk’s name
      And taking about ashoka getting crowned,i think ashok will become the samrat after CAS goes off air!!

    4. We all thought that after Dharma’s death, Ashok will definitely become Chand but the director want to make him like Devdas. Ashok pines after Kvk. forgetting about his motherland, his guru’s dream and all those who died for him. And Devi play the typical Abla Nari who watches her husband going after another woman

  20. Hi Everyone,
    If they are ending the Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka in such manner then it’s not right.
    I love watching the serial and looking forward for great war of Kalinga.

    I don’t know why the channel and director are in hurry to end this serial??
    It’s sure sometime some part of story they drag too much which is not so important, the important part of story they are not showing and want to end asap.

    If you can’t finish the story properly then never start the serial to begin with on television, especially when story about history and such as Chakravartin Samrat Ashoka.

    I repeat and request that they can move the time slot of Ashoka, if no ashoka then there is nothing else on color channel to watch as all other program (soap) they are horrible and do not make any sense at all.

    1. Tiyasa

      I totally agree with u…….
      CAS director can do 1 more thing that they can introduce season 2 of it where Asvi’s children would be shown, Ashoka’s other wives would be shown, Kalinga war and Dharmashoka…….
      And they should end season 1 by crowning Ashoka as king…..

  21. Tiyasa

    CAS director can do 1 thing that he can introduce season 2 of it where Asvi’s children would be shown, Ashoka’s other wives would be shown, Kalinga war and Dharmashoka…….
    And they should end season 1 by crowning Ashoka as king…..

  22. Tiyasa

    Pls pls pls if Cas is ending then introduce season 2 of it…..pls pls pls make season2 of CAS !!!!!!

  23. Yash pal gulaty

    It is no use lingering on with the serial if the director has become senseless and irresponsible towards the audience. What a great medicine has been invented by Charu?The present day scientists are laughing! Director pl stop all this rubbish
    We can not tolerate it any more.

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