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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Chanakya telling Helena that the knowledge which Ashok obtained by his Guru, he will never misuse it, this is the satisfaction and trust on him which makes me fearless towards death, if death comes ot me today, then it will soon come to you all too. He says Devi Helena, you are such a bad Unani, your existence will be erased…. Helena stabs the knife in his stomach angrily. Chanakya looks at her. All the enemies there attack at Chanakya one after another. Chanayka recalls seeing a tiger and then Ashoka. He thinks of Samrat Ashoka. Ashoka is finding Chanakya and feels that some bad thing is going to happen.

Bindusara also notices the bad weather and thundering and says this is not a good sign. Chanakya gets stabbed and falls down. Helena says I think

we should stab him one more time. They see the storm winds blowing. Siamak enters the hut. Helena tells Siamak that this is your biggest enemy, stab on his heart and kill him. Siamak says my mother and my beloved Guru died because of you, you don’t deserve to live, I hate you and that Ashok who stays in your heart. She stabs on his chest. Chanakya falls down and shouts Ashok. Ashok hears his voice and thinks Acharya ji is calling me for help. Mahamatya Khallatak says this is the death they all gave to Chanakya.

Helena says no one will know who has killed Chanakya. Chanakya lies wounded. Mahamatya Khallatak puts kerosene around him and come out. They light the hut and smiling seeing the fire sight. They all leave from there.

Dharma tells about the bad dream. She says she has seen fire around Ashok, as if he is stuck in problem. Radhagupt tells her about the problems, its good Chanakya knew about black magic, and he failed its effect, we will soon know who did it. Dharma asks who will do this. Radhagupt says Ashok and Chanakya are trying to why that person was using Tantra shakti against you to give you a cursed life. Bindusara hears them. Radhagupt greets him and tells him that Chanakya got to know about Tantra Shakti affecting Dharma, all her bad health symptoms were there, Chanakya has made her free of that Tantra Shakti. Bindusara asks who is that man, I will not leave him and punish him death by my hands. Radhagupt says Ashok and Chanakya are finding about that, I hope we will know the enemy before sunset today.

Susheem and Charumitra are happy, as no one has doubted on them, the lady who did Tantra Shakti is dead and even Chanakya too. Susheem says whatever Mahamatya Khallatak did today, I m sure he will save me, I did not imagine Siamak will be against Ashok, see how Helena took advantage today. She says yes, we should be careful, she helped us today and can ask returns. I will not let Dharma and Samrat Bindusara unite.

Bindusara says I m sorry, I did not know this and could not protect you. She says forget all this, we should think we are lucky to have a Guru like Chanakya, he made us know this tantra shakti thing. Bindusara says I did not believe Chanakya and doubted on you, I did not know my Dharma will do this, whom I trust so much, my heart was not believing this. She says your words are enough for me. He says its not enough for me and folds hands to apologize to her. She smiles and hugs him.

Ashoka reaches the place and sees the hut on fire. He jumps to reach there. Mahamatya Khallatak burns Chanakya’s Shastra book in havan kund. He says today a Yug ended. Chanakya’s chapter is over, so his Shastra will also be ruined. I will protect Magadh and coming generations will not even know Chanakya. He laughs. Radhagupt asks Badrabhatt about Chanakya. Badrbhatt says I don’t know. Radhagupt asks about Ashok. He gets to know form a lady that Ashok has gone somewhere, no one knows about him, he looked worried. Raghagupt is worried and doubts big danger coming on Magadh.

Ashok goes inside the hut and shouts Acharya seeing him wounded. He jumps inside the hut, and sees him bleeding. He covers a shawl to Acharya and lifts him on his back. He takes Acharya outside and asks him not to worry, he will get water. Chanakya holds his hand and stops him, saying he has no time. Ashok asks who has done this. Chanakya says I will ask Guru Dakshina today, will you give? Ashok nods and cries. Chanakya says he got him here as he believed that the peaceful dynasty he and Chandragupt Maurya visualized, just you will be making it possible, your greatness will become pride of the land, promise me you will become such Samrat. Ashok promises him. Chanakya says my journey ends here and your journey starts. He loses his breath and dies. A lion roars. Ashok closes his eyes and cries. The tree flowers fall over Chanakya.

Bindusara is shocked seeing Chanakya dead. He asks Ashok how did this happen. Ashok says this was not a tragic accident, it was all planned. Mahamatya Khallatak, Charumitra, Helena and Sushim look on tensely.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Chanakya himself told in chanakya neethi that not to trust enemies and he only written that serpant has poison in his teeth but the bad person has poison in his whole body. How he goes alone to the forest? He keeps secret agents and body guards for king, Dharma and Ashoka and why not for himself? It is against chanakya neethi. Director and script writer should read first chanakya neethi and chanakya’s life history.

  2. Chankya lived a full life. This serial is presenting half truth and changing history for no reason. Now this serial is looking more like poor show.

  3. Here in Samrat Ashoka Colours serial it is shown chankya died after was killed by helena and charumita people but it seems to be somthing whicch i have read if there is such history please provide perfect Reference o4 just make the serial as just entertaiment n remove name CSAshoka.

  4. Hi,
    everyone, please please stop “chakravartin ashoka samrat” serial from color channel
    due to wrong story death of “chanakya death” death, This channel trying to change our history

  5. I agree with Alkesh, chanakya is a man who can never defeat from such stupid people. As in conversation with charumitra he said to her that he is a person with a strong determination who can do everything to save magadh. He is also a man like who never have faith on people like khallatak. This may lead to wrong guidance. May be the writer thinking some different or chanakya have different plans to work upon. I hope we will continue to watch this series otherwise its difficult to see a people like Rani dharma and Ashoka can survive without chanakya.

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