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Dharma and his Daasi talk about Bhadrabhat. The Daasi shares that Bhadrabhat got scared when I told him you wanted to meet him. he got all the more scared when I spoke about Acharya Chanakya’s death. Dharma says he certainly knows something important. Daasi asks her how it will be possible. Rajmata is not leaving your side. Dharma says God will help me find a way.

Ashoka says we will have to be very alert now. Our every step should be well calculated. Kaurvaki is keeping an eye on them from a distance. Acharya Devrath hears the sound of her anklets. He asks aloud who is there. She composes herself. I brought lep for Ashoka but you are preparing for your fight. What will a Kalinga’s princess do here? Ashoka stops here. No one is a Maurya or from Kalinga here. We all are planning

against Kichak together here. We have to first kill Dhananjay and should find every detail about his movements. Kaurvaki offers to do it. I will go in disguise. Acharya Devrath tells her against it. Everyone recognizes her. The soldiers will be alerted as soon as they se eher. We need someone on whom no one will doubt. Dadhich offers to do it. Being a Purohit, no one will doubt on me. Ashoka and Acharya Devrath agree. You are wounded. Someone should accompany you. Dadhich takes Bhola’s name. He walks next to Bhola. Nothing happened to me in yesterday’s attack as you were with me. I will stay safe again if you will come along. He hugs Bhola. Kaurvaki thinks she knows she is going against the right but she is compelled. I wish I had another option and could help Ashoka!

Bindusar tends to Dharma’s wound. She shakes her head but he says I can do this much for the one who I love dearly. He can see that she is tensed. Is something bothering you? Rajmata comes there before Dharma can say anything. Dharma lies that she is worried about their child. Can we organize a puja for our unborn baby? The last puja remained incomplete last time. Bindusar agrees. I have already lost one kid by being careless. I cannot lose another. Dharma mentally apologizes to him for not telling him the truth. Rajmata smiles.

Charu tells Rajmata Dharma has something else in her mind on the pretext of a puja. Rajmata says I will make sure she reaches no clue.

Dharma tells her Daasi this is just a medium to safeguard her unborn baby. We will get it God’s blessings and also find a way to reach the killer of Acharya Chanakya.

Kaurvaki finds the route she uses busy. She thinks to write a letter to Amatya. She writes a letter giving every info of Ashoka’s next move. She hides it as soon as Ashoka comes in the room. She lies to him that she was trying to find a cure for people’s illness. He thanks her for helping them. you proved my faith right. He points out at the side from where she will find the desired info. Kaurvaki is tensed to see him looking for something in the room. He asks her if something happened. Kaurvaki thanks him for trusting her when no one trusted her. He apologizes to her for hiding his identity from her. I know I hurt you but it was unintentional. The situation was such that I had to wait for the right time to tell you my truth. I did not want to lose you so I kept quiet when you told me your truth. I thought to tell you when I defeat Kichak but Acharya Devrath told everyone about my identity before that. She tells him to let bygones be bygones. He picks up the book in which she had hid the letter. I was looking for this only. He begins to go but she goes after him, trying to stop him.

The puja is going on. Daasi asks Bhadrabhat to wait. I will call Rani Dharma. Bhadrabhat looks around tensed. Daasi hides upon noticing another Daasi standing nearby. She quietly signals Dharma. Dharma excuses herself. She asks a Daasi about the rest of the Prasad. Rajmata comes back after hearing it. The Daasi returns alone with Prasad. Rajmata gets worried.

Kaurvaki takes the book from Ashoka. You should eat food first. You have to take care of yourself so you can protect others. He agrees. She stands holding the book in her hand.

Dharma meets Bhadrabhat. I know you lied in the Sabha. It is impossible that the Acharya, who could understand any problem from a distance, did not say anything to you! Who did Acharya Chanakya doubt upon? Was it a member from the royal family? He declines knowing anything. She tells him she gives him a last chance or he will be called a traitor. He repeats he knows nothing. He notices someone overhearing their convo and hastily leaves from there. Dharma is sure Bhadrabhat is certainly hiding something. Was someone listening to our convo? Who could it be? She notices a shadow and hears the sound of anklets. She begins to follow the person.

Ashoka has finished eating. He takes the book back from her after thanking her. Kaurvaki got the letter out of the book before that. I have no other option to safeguard my father’s life.

Dharma chases the person’s shadow. A lady appears to be attacking someone with a dagger. She runs from there in fear. Dharma is all shaken up in her room. She dropped her jewellery while running. There is a small note waiting for her on the desk. There is a bloodied ornament as well. She reads it. the one who can enter inside your palace and room can do anything. Forget the past. If you say anything to Samrat then the weapon will not miss its aim next time. She thinks to tell Samrat everything when she notices the blood on the note. Rajmata looks on from a distance. She pays money to the Daasi who brought Prasad in the hall previously. Rajmata thinks Dharma needs her now. I should now spend some time with her. She laughs evilly.

Precap: Amatya thinks Ashoka will try to hurt Dhananjay if he wants to kill him. We should capture him just then. Kichak says Ashoka will regret trusting Kaurvaki. Amatya nods. It will be too late by the time Ashoka realises it. Kaurvaki overhears their convo.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ashoka and kichaks chapter is getting bored……. Finish kichak and get back to the authentic story of samrat ashoka

  2. Totally agreed. I have actually stopped watching it and if they do not do anything about this. They will certainly loose a good audience

  3. Think how will ashok feel when he will come to know the real face of kauravi

  4. Karwaki has been bad?????

  5. wellwisher (ww) Siya ke ram fan


  6. The Thkshasila chapter became bore and lengthy.

  7. Ashok serial is getting bored day by day only evil wins and not good it will be better if serial is finished soon as it does not show realistic history and it is only fictional atleast it will be nice if takshila chapter is finished this week and all evil characters like Helena, Charumithra, Khallatak, Siyamak and Sushim are punished soon when Ashok reaches magadh and Sushim should not see Ashok in takshila and nobody should know that Ashok is alive till he reaches magadh

    1. And where is radhagupt?

    2. rightly said.

  8. getting dragged and also seems like evil outpoers good all the time, which beyond a point leaves an disconnect to history where good prevailed!

  9. I feel that it is waste of time to see this serial any more, it is modern Ashoka with lot of twists and not Samrat Ashoka.No thrill in this serial after Acharya Chanakya was killed which is not there in the history?.

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  11. Feeling Very boring serial now.
    Ashoka serial is not watchable…all badpersons are successing in their bad things but not good person like ashoka.
    Stop this serial and pack up

  12. Takshila adhyay is now seems boring… When kill kichaka… Too slow…after chankya gone it’s become boring… Not interested episode come.. Very slow..

  13. yes , its getting bored. Conveying wrong message by showing victory of evil over good. Only the liars and cheaters survive in this episode.

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