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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 27th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Soldiers are having a hard time controlling Ashoka. They take Sushim to Raj Vaid. Bindu says I will make a final decision on you (Ashoka) right away. Acharya RG suggests him to find out the truth behind Ashoka’s words. Bindu says what truth. Can Sushim, Charu, Helena, Siamak, Mahamatya kill Acharya Chanakya? Can it be believed? Plus on what basis? Ashoka says a person who is about to die never lies. Helena told me everything while breathing her last. Siamak and Bindu panic. They head towards the jail. A tearful Dharma insists to go to Ashoka. Daasi’s stop her as she is in pain. Dharma says it will get late if I don’t go to Ashoka now.

Bindu comes in jail. Helena is in pain. Helena says I want to tell you I lied to you that I hated you only after Justin’s death. Truth

is I only instilled hatred and jealousy in Justin. It was my wish to see him on the throne. He was only fulfilling my wish against his wish. He was so dedicated towards his mother that he took all the blames of my mistake on himself. All the attacks that have happened on you till date were done by me. I knew it long before you that Dharma is alive. I tried a lot to kill her. Whenever I tried to hut Maurya’s Ashoka and Chanakya did not let it happen. Ashoka was the helper of Chanakya and saved everyone every single time. He became an obstacle in my way ultimately. I thought to get you killed by his hands to get him out of my way. Bindu sits down next to her. I dint know a mother can be like this also. Ashoka says she was not alone. There were a lot more people who were involved in Acharya Chanakya’s death. She will tell you. Ask her. Helena denies doing or saying anything like that. I did hate Chanakya but I wanted him to live so he could see Maurya lineage losing. I wanted him to see Unani wining. It did not happen though. She holds Bindu’s hand. I have only one wish. I couldn’t accept this land till date even when it gave me everything. I only disrespected it. Do me a favour. Bury me in this land against Unani tradition. I couldn’t be one with this land by heart but I can be with my body. Will you fulfil my wish son? He holds her hand. She dies.

Bindu asks the soldiers to take Ashoka away. They comply.

Raj Vaid nurses Sushim’s wounds. Charu is all panicked. Ashoka hurt my son second time. I wont let him escape now.

Bindu says you (Ashoka) only said a while ago that a person cannot lie on his deathbed. Helena died before me. She justified it that you were lying. You have fallen so low. You chose to take the name of a person who was about to die so you could make sure all those you blame could be out of your way of throne. Ashoka tells him to think whatever he wants. I wont give any explanation. Do remember though. Whatever my future will be, the war is still not over! I will make sure none of you get to live till the last drop of my blood. I told you beforehand I will come after you all the day I get a proof against you. He tries to reach out to Mahamatya but the soldiers pull the chains tightly. Mahamatya looks scared. Bindu says you are right. You have become Chandasahoka. Palace does not suit an animal like you. Jungle will suit you. Today, I Bindusar Maurya, not just banishes you from this palace but also from Magadh Empire. I order you to be killed the moment you are seen inside Magadh’s vicinity. Everyone is stunned except Siamak, Charu and Mahamatya.

Bindu tells Ashoka that he still loves him somewhat which is why he dint give him death penalty. I am penalising you to live away from this land. You will have to live without your motherland. You will just look from far but wont be able to do anything for Magadh. It will break your arrogance when you will see Magadh prospering in your absence. This arrogance rose in you after Acharya Chanakya’s trust on you. I am snatching your dream from you. Now you have neither motherland nor a vision nor a promise. I punished you to live like a

Dharma screams in pain. Ashoka shouts Ma. Bindu makes the Daasi’s take Dharma to her room. Ashoka requests him to be with his mother for a minute but Bindu refuses. I wont let your shadow fall on my son. He is dragged away by the soldiers. He urges Acharya RG to allow him to meet his mother once. Siamak thinks Rajmata’s sacrifice dint go in vain. One son is fighting for life while the other is in jail. Now Magadh has only one option – me!

Dharma refuses to give birth to baby without Ashoka. Daasi sends someone to inform Bindu.

Bindu asks Mahamatya to make preps for Helena’s last rites. Mahamatya leaves. Acharya RG requests Bindu to let Ashoka be with his mother in this condition. Daasi informs him about Dharma’s condition. Dharma asks Bindu to let her son meet and see Ashoka. I don’t want to bring my son in a world where the situation is bad. He gives in. You have to listen to the lady though. I have lost enough already. I cannot lose anything anymore. Forgive me for my lie.

Bindu buries Helena. We forgive you for whatever you did with us. May your soul rest in peace.

Dharma shouts for Ashoka. Ashoka shouts for help. Take me to my mother. She needs me. is anyone there? Bindu comes there. Ashoka says you are upset with me. Don’t punish my mother for this. She needs me now. I have to be with you. Bindu says it is all because of your wrong deeds. We would have been welcoming the baby but sadly, he will only see all the wrong things here. He will be born in a place where brothers fight amongst themselves. Sushim is battling for his life. I don’t want your shadow to fall on my son. Ashoka is in tears. If you have loved me even a little then take me to my mother. She needs me. I will leave this palace as soon as she gets fine. Bindu replies he does not even have pity to give him. He turns to go. Ashoka calls Bindu father but Bindu corrects him. I am Samrat Bindusar for you from today! I have no relation with you anymore. I am dead for you and your father is dead for you. I take away all the rights from you of any relation. You will go alone. Think that you became an orphan yet again. Ashoka looks at him as he leaves. Ashoka cries. I wish I could tell you, explain to you that you are not separating me from you but truth. He screams Ma!

Precap: Ashoka says I would have accepted any punishment but you dint even let me meet my mother before leaving. You are Samrat Bindusar for me from today onwards! I will punish you. Sushim asks Mahamatya to find someone who can kill Ashoka. That is his only punishment! Kill that Daasi-putra.

Update Credit to: Pooja


    • Naina


      28 April – ep 327

      Bindusara insults ashoka and says that from now, ashoka is an orphan. Ashoka feels bad. Later, bindusara receives the news that sushim is in a critical condition. He rushes to see sushim.

      29 April – ep 328

      A rajpurohit tells dharma that if ashoka survives in the next ten years, then he would rule the country or else he would die. As dharma leaves the palace, she is kicked by sushim.

      I think that they are going to stretch and show this 10 min content (of one episode) itself as the entire episode of one day.
      No offence 🙂

    • dude how can u make a fanfiction of history.. it is something that has already happened and cannot be cahnged.. ur a stupid to read a history fan fiction, no one wants to read so shut up

      • sai

        See,when people are showing what they want,what’s the problem in imagining things.Look I will not be saying this ,stuff shown in the show is not 100% true.When u are happily watching that,Why won’t you let him write? Also if you don’t want to read,don’t read.Everyone has the right to imagine things.

    • samratashok

      Sai, i think that fan fiction is a waste of time . Instead it better we follow the updates bu Pooja and make our comments about a particular episode.

      • sai

        See, there are some people who like to read.And there are few people who write.If writing makes them happy and makes them feel satisfied,who are we to stop them?
        Fan fiction -As the name says,It’s fictuous.It’s upto you whether you like it or not.

  1. Dhananjaya

    Omg!Pooja Is Back!We Lost U For Last 2 Days.Wht Hapen To U Mis Pooja?Thnks 4 Updates.I Feel Sad Abt Ashoka.Helenas Last Trimp Crd Is Sucesfuly Plyed By Her.Bindusar Is So Shameles.I Thnk He Is A Wrng Selection For Kingshp By Chankaya Even He Cn’t Undertand His Enimes And Real Lve Of Ashoka

  2. Ashish

    Pooja did you even have any idea how we lived without Ashoka updates.Please don’t do this again for god sake.Your writing seems to be as real as viewing online….BTW thanks from bottom of my heart for fastest update.

  3. i think ab ashok ujjain jayega
    and aftr death of bindusar he killed sushim syamak and everybdy who involve in chankya ‘s murder

  4. Pari

    Why doesn’t the Dumb king understand 1 thing..
    And that King couldn’t understand this.
    I really think that Actually Bindusar deserves to live with those evil people.. He is mad. The most mad king and the worst father..!

  5. Pooja



    Hey guys…sorry I was away for two days for some really important work. I am sorry for you guys missed out on the updates because of me but I am back now.

  6. VNM

    Now we are living with updates only from puja…. No reshows… Not in youtube…. No where… Thanks puja for your immediate updates…

  7. Keturah

    Thank the heavens you’re back Pooja I almost died without your updates. Nobody does it better!!!????

  8. samratashok

    Thx pooja we really missed ur updates. Iy was all so gloomy here.
    May 2 episode , they are showing mohit raina as ashoka. So we are going to miss Sidd.

  9. Danny

    Hi everyone…m a big fan of this show.but i have a doubt, if anyone of u can clear it i ll be grateful…
    I have read in Wikipedia that though Devi was Ashoka’s first wife but she wasn’t his chief queen(patrani) as she didn’t belong to a royal family…hence Ashoka married Asandhimitra who was a princess and she remained his chief queen till her last breath.Ashoka was very emotionally attached to her that his why after her death he went into depression and fell in love with Tishyakara who was the daasi of Asandhimitra….for further info click on this link-

    So now my question is does anyone of you know if the show ll show her character or ll only stick to the fact that Devi and Kaurvaki only were his wives…Also is there any discussion who might play the character of Asandhimitra?Pls do reply pls pls pls pls….it’s a request…

    • Varsha

      Hi Danny,

      You can watch Ashoka’s further serial where in they will show you how ashoka will become samrat ashoka and it is really interesting regarding his wives and also his children will be shown in serial as now Ashoka will be replaced by young Ashoka soon in May and all your doubts will be clear and what ever history now will be shown is really interesting and related to fact.

      So keep on watching Ashoka

    • Sanjay

      actually many people claims these story of these queen, but the manuscript or written facts in pillars only shows kauruvaki’s name, in every inscription and caves only karuvaki’s name is stated thats why everyone gives more importance to her

    • Varsha

      What ever Bindusar has taken decision that is good for Ashoka as he will be free from all politics going inside palace. His intelligence, his bravery and his nature of living simple wont suit to live in palace and all his energy is utilized only to quarell with Sushim and internal politics of Charu and Khalatak.

      Bindusar’s decision will change Ashoka to become Samrat Ashoka now Ashoka is free from everything and other burdens as in palace he was very much confused by his Mother’s suggestions and his duty towards Magadh.

      It is better he has moved alone without her and now will start analysing himself what is wrong and what is right. Now he is free to take his decisions by own. Now he will become famous in full world and to win Magadh is not a big deal for him. He will win full world and also will kill all his brothers who will take disadvantage of their throne. So let Bindusar be alive to see all this dont kill him.

      What ever he has done is absolutely right and good decision

  10. apra

    bindusar is really dumb but today i saw the first look of mohit raina as ashok it was really awesom mind blowing he looks really very nice

  11. Lallan

    Finally the show showing something of fact history it’s written clearly he was a ruthless and brutal person throughout his life ..!! Nothing like dharmaputra etc .. Stuff

  12. Pradhan

    Thanks pooja. Pl do not stop updating. Now a days I am not watching because of too much negativity. But am getting updated through you.

  13. asdf

    Pooja – you are great. Love you for this dear.
    I had to drive others away for your updates.
    Thanks a lot for updating so prompty. Keep it up!

  14. Varsha

    He called as a Chand Ashoka, meaning brutal Ashoka. He is also called as The name Ashoka means ‘without sorrow’, he has been referred with many other names such as ‘Devanampriya’ meaning ‘the beloved of the Gods’ ,and ‘Priyadarshi’, one who regards everyone amiably.

  15. Varsha

    He is also known as Samrato ka Samrat. Emperor of Emperors. His name is famous in whole world. Now also his emblem is used and his chakra is used on the flag of India. It is chakravartin Ashoka and we do have that chakra on our flag. He is very famous till now and also will remain till India is there in this world.

    Hats off to the Director and Producer to make such a fantastic serial, and also to pooja who updates the serial

  16. Priya

    I’m actually waiting for chandashok. This Bindusar proved everyone ki ek raja aisa bhi ho sakta hai. King jo ki sabse sensible, sabse rational admi hota hai kingdom mein. Woh is seriel mein ek no ka bevakoof hai.

  17. samratashok

    Bindu shoul know about the rel face of sisim,charu amd siamak before he dies.
    w can expect thos from the director. Bindu will then repent on his decisions and lack.of faith towards ashok.

  18. samratashok

    Monday, 2nd May episode : mohit raina as grown up ashoka.But I would loveto see the chand role of ashoka in sidd.

  19. tunisha sharma

    Oh this foolish bindusar .he is stupid. I never see a king like he is. I think now ashoka will go to ujjain and their he will find devi. In ladt three episode siddharth s acting was i was acting in seiral I know that mir will die but not this way .they said ashok will kill him .I hate karvaki.she is stupid

  20. Pooja



    You people are so sweet. I am overwhelmed seeing your messages. It feels like my birthday 😀 Thanks a ton guys..I too missed the updates and you people in these 2 days 🙂

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