Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th October 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka wishes his father was here today. Nothing would have happened to Ma and motherland then. I cannot leave mother alone and go to help the refugees. Please help me God so I can help the refugees. He notices Ahankara taking care of his mother. Maybe God heard me. He nods at her. They both go aside to talk. He reminds her of her promise. You will do anything for me. She nods. He wants her to take care of his mother as he has to do some important work. She gets worried thinking about Sushim’s reaction but he assures her that nothing like that will happen. She nods. He leaves. She remarks that she will wait for him.

Mir Khurasan cannot wait anymore. He sends a soldier to Helena. Ask her to update me as soon as she finds any info on Noor. The soldier leaves. Mir Khurasan thinks

of both the possible options – maybe Noor is closer to her aim or lost completely!

Noor is stuck. I don’t know if Daastan will help me but I need his help very badly. Daastan was walking past her when she screams in pain. He stops to look at her for a second but then starts walking. She throws water on him. This angers her. He holds her by her hairs. Why have you come here? What do you want from me? She replies that whatever time she spent with Bindusar mad eher realise how much she hated him. I realised my love for you. He asks her why she married him then. She replies that no one asked for her choice.

Sushim is angry as no soldier / the best of their fighters could catch Agradoot. He even doubts Mahamadhya’s capability. Mahamadhya assures him that he has called Agradoot a traitor. I have sent Akramak after him. Sushim reasons that Agradoot can kill Akramak when he can defeat me. Mahamadhya asks him for suggestion. It is ok if you want to lead the group of army which will catch Agradoot. Sushim denies. We will have to send someone who is a better fighter than me. One more problem will be out of my way if we catch him! My treasury will also increase.

Purshottam is looking for something (the map of the secret treasury) in his house. He recalls colliding with Ashoka on the way. He couldn’t recognize him though. What if that guy tells Sushim about me?

Ashoka looks at the map. Whose can it be? He keeps it in the box in which he has hidden his black clothes. Sushim enters jus then. He asks his brother why he got to tensed seeing him. Ashoka replies that they have been meeting not in a very positive manner since last few days. I got tensed for the same reason. Sushim smiles. Sushim gives the responsibility of catching Agradoot alive to Ashoka. He has been announced as a traitor. I know he will come to save the refugees. You should defeat him this time. Remove his veil from his face and bring him here. I want to punish him. Make an army of your chosen soldiers and bring Agradoot to me! I want to see his face. Ashoka reasons that he only has ordered him not to step out of the palace. Sushim frees him from the promise. Ashoka cannot leave his mother in this condition. Sushim points out that motherland is also their mother. Father will be sad to know that you dint fulfil the promise that you had give him. Get ready and come outside. Soldiers are waiting for you. You have to leave asap.

Ashoka is tensed. If I go with Acharya Akramak as Ashoka then how will I help my friends and refugees? How can I be two people at one time? Ashoka is ready to leave with the soldiers. I don’t know how I will do it but I will have to protect those refugees. I have to hide it from Acharya Akramak who I am!

Mahamadhya questions Sushim over his decision of sending Ashoka.
Sushim shows him a book. It is mentioned in here how to direct the fate of one’s enemy. Agradoot will certainly come to save the refugees. This time Ashoka will fight with him. They both fight in a similar manner. He can stop Agradoot. Mahamadhya says what if Ashoka joins hands with Agradoot or the refugees. Sushim says Akramak will become a witness to it. Ashoka will then disobey my orders. It will eventually upset father. He will be happy with me. Ashoka can do anything but eventually I only will win! Mahamadhya nods.

Chanakya looks for the herb. I should find it before it starts raining or I wont be able to cancel the effect of the poison.

Ashoka requests Acharya Akramak to lead them today. You are my Acharya. How can I make you follow me? Akaramak feels a little bad that Sushim sent Ashoka with him as maybe he doesn’t trust him alone with this task. Ashoka thinks that he said the truth but it was said a little cleverly. Ashoka moves to a different side as Acharya Akramak goes ahead with the soldiers.

Acharya Chanakya falls in a pit.

Someone attacks Acharya Akramak and the soldiers. They get alert. Acharya Akramak comes face to face with Agradoot / Ashoka. Acharya gives him two choices – surrender or death! Agradoot says it is better to die than surrender to those who abuse you! They both engage in a fight. Acharya Akramak passes out as he hits his head on a stone.

Precap: Akramak has arrested a few refugees. They blame Ashoka for cheating them. Acharya slaps one of them. Ashoka tells a soldier that the crimes of the refugees haven’t been proved. They are no culprits till then. Sushim says don’t be so sympathetic to them for this little torture. They are just going to increase!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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