Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka wears the necklace. He thinks of Kaurvaki. He is packing his things. He finds Dharma’s cloth in the trunk that she was wearing while leaving Patliputra. He thinks of how Bindu banished him from Magadh. I will surely take this with me today. it will keep reminding me of my mother and motherland’s insult. I will keep it with me when I will come face to face with Sushim. If at any point of time I feel pity for my brother then it will remind me of his barbarity.

Kaurvaki is on her way to Dharma’s house.

Ashoka tells his mother to make preps for his departure. I am getting late. She says I have kept everything in your room. He still takes her with him. Why would I say it then if everything was there already?

Kaurvaki peeks inside Dharma’s house. Vit notices

them. Who are you? He is surprised to see Kaurvaki. You only gave us food that day. Bela says we have come to meet Chand. Kaurvaki stops her and adds that they have come to meet Chand’s mother. Vit asks them what should he tell his mother then. Kaurvaki says tell your mother that the lady who gave you food has come to meet her. Vit agrees. He goes to inform his mother.

Dharma says I forgot after inviting you. Something came up suddenly so I got busy. Kaurvaki tells her not to apologize. I can come later if you are busy. Dharma denies and welcomes them inside. Kaurvaki looks around. Royal people are living here an ordinary life. Ashoka stops seeing the guests. Vit asks him if he isn’t getting late now. Ashoka says he is. But who are they? Vit shares that they are mother’s guests. Ashoka shakes his head. We have to struggle for our own food but mom does not leave any chance to take care of anyone.

Dharma says it will take time to cook food. Have fruits till then. Kaurvaki gets happy thinking Ashoka might have eaten in this plate only. Ashoka calls out for his mother. Dharma excuses herself. Bela asks Kaurvaki to come and see him now. Kaurvaki sits there and feels shy. Bela says you have waited for him for 10 years and will lose this chance today if you don’t come now. Just then, Vit joins them. Ma asked me to look after you. You can tell me without hesitation if you have any problem. He notices the plate still full. Vit advises them to start with mangoes. Bela says what your brother’s favourite food is. Vit replies that he likes bananas. They are healthy and give you strength. Kaurvaki looks at the fruits.

Dharma brings food for Ashoka. He hides his stuff. I will keep it all. Make preps for aarti. I have to leave asap. She shares that she is feeling restless for some unknown reasons. He reasons that she is sending him away from her after 10 years. Plus it is for a competition. A mother is bound to be worried for her son in that case. Go now or I will get late. She leaves.

Vit tells the ladies to eat the food cooked by his mother. Nothing else can beat it. Dharma comes in and apologizes for making them wait. Kaurvaki does not mind. Dharma goes to prepare aarti thaal. Kaurvaki holds the diya as Dharma goes to get some stuff. Ashoka shouts for his mother. I cannot wait anymore. I am getting late. Dharma rushes out. Bela asks Kaurvaki what’s happening to her. Kaurvaki replies that she cannot understand anything after coming so close to her destination. I cannot understand what to do. Bela tells her to wipe her tears.

Dharma is doing Ashoka’s aarti. Everyone has gathered around them. She says remember that your patience and calm is your virtue. Keep control on your anger and aggression. Always remember your mother’s words. Be victorious. He says your blessing, Raksha Kavach and Vijay tilak will always be with him. She blesses him as he bends down to touch her feet. He remarks that he is only impatient to face him now. He takes blessing from Bhupal’s mother as well. Hari tells Ashoka not to spare Sushim. Dharma panics upon hearing Sushim’s name. Ashoka says he has become the symbol of evil for everyone like Ravan. Every evil person has become equal to Sushim for people now. Vit too tells him to defeat this devil Sushim this time. Ashoka agrees. He leaves with Garud. Vit runs after him to see him off. Dharma looks tensed.

Bela tells Kaurvaki that Ashoka left for some place which is why Rani Dharma was readying the aarti thaal. Kaurvaki runs out followed by Bela. Dharma finds the house empty. Looks like they left. I couldn’t even look after the guests.

Kaurvaki and Bela lose Ashoka. They see Vit coming back and stop him. Where is your brother? Vit replies that he just left. They run to see Ashoka.

Nayak says it is true. Ashoka has left for Nalanda. Acharya says I am a prophesier. But somethings are beyond explanation. No one knows what will happen now. Sushim has turned into a devil where Ashoka has become stronger than before. Patience has turned him undefeatable. Acharya RG says no one can say what will happen when 2 great powers will collide. But it will be interesting to watch. Maha Sangam will happen after Maha Sangram. Families will unite. This Maha Sangram is very important for Magadh and entire India.

Kaurvaki tries to extract info from Vit about Ashoka. He tells them off. Why dint you talk to him at home? She politely requests him. He says mother has advised me not to tell anything to anyone about Bhaiya’s whereabouts. I will have to drink bitter Kaadha as punishment. She murmurs that he is as stubborn as Ashoka. He asks her if she said anything. She talks well about Ashoka. He by mistake spills that his brother has gone to nalanda. She is in tears as she asks for more info. I have been looking for him since many years. I don’t want to inform him. He cannot see tears in a lady’s eyes. I will tell you but no one should know that I told you about it. She promises him. He shares that Ashoka has gone to Nalanda to participate in the competition. Jagannath has observed it all from far. Kaurvaki hugs Vit to thank him and runs off. Vit says Bhaiya is right. Women are weird. Jagnnath thinks Kaurvaki wont go to Nalanda.

Mahamatya gets to know about all the competitors. He thinks none of them seems to be like Ashoka. We kept this competition to find him but he only is not to be found. The last participant does not come there. They talk about the last participant named Mallu who is very strong. Mahamatya says who is going to fight with him. The guy says the participant from Rajgir backed off in fear. We will add up the name as and when someone turns up. Another guy feels that no one from Rajgir will try to come now after knowing about Bhupal’s fate.

Ashoka comes to Nalanda. This is the place and land which I will fill with Sushim’s blood.

Mahamatya tries to excuse himself to look after the preps of Bindu’s room when Ashoka enters. Ashoka recalls the past upon noticing him. He looks angry. I hope I dint come late. Someone asks him who he is. Ashoka replies that karma’s show a person’s identity. I am from Rajgir. Mahamatya asks for name. Ashoka replies that his name is Chakravarti Chand.

Hari prays that Ashoka wins in every level so he comes face to face with Sushim. I have no doubt on his victory now after the way he lifted Mugdar. I am sure Ashoka will try to kill Sushim just the way he killed my brother. Other people reason that Sushim is no ordinary man. How can some ordinary person kill a prince? Samrat Bindu will be around. he wont let any harm come on his son. Hari is sure it wont happen. He wont act biased towards his son. Dint you see how he behaved with his beloved son Ashoka? Vit hears them. he recalls Sushim coming to their house that night. Ma lied to me that day! I have to get answers today!

Mahamatya laughs. The name is really weird. Ashoka offers to show it then. He holds his neck. Mahamatya gets tensed. Who are you? Tell me honestly where you are from. A guy says your name has been put in the list. You will fight with Mallu. Be on time. He gives a chit to Ashoka. Ashoka says promise me. I have been waiting for this moment since too long. I will come early if I have to. I will feel lucky. The man puts his name in the list. Ashoka looks at the top of the list where Sushim’s name is mentioned. He goes out. Mahamatya feels he is the one. But I have no proof. If I am wrong then! I cannot take risk. I have to keep quiet till I get any proof.

Ashoks waits for the door to open. I have waited 10 years for this. I cannot wait for this door to open now. A guy at the door says you will have to wait for an hour. Ashoka waits impatiently. Mahamatya is keeping an eye on him. only he can be eager to die! Chand only is Ashoka and Ashoka only is Chand!

Precap: Vit demands to know the truth from his mother. It is time that I should know the truth. Who is Bindusar and SUshim? What’s their relation with Bhaiya? Dharma looks at him in shock. Mahamatya tells Sushim he is here. Ashoka is in the ring. He looks at Sushim angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. krishnai aka ww

    pooja di ndharma gets tensed on hearing Sushim’s name r ashoka’s name????

  2. A small mistake in the 8th para,could you please rectify it- it is typed as ‘dharma panics upon hearing ashoka’s name’. It should have been ‘sushim’s name’.

    1. krishnai aka ww

      ya di pls check out……. sry if i m wrong……

    2. Pooja

      Oops…done. Thank you and sorry 😐

  3. Thnks For Quick Updates Pooja Actualy There Is No Error Today.I Think 2dy U Ar Out Of Busy Stuf.Any Way Thanks Mis Pooja.Director Sir Plz Met Sushm & Ashoka Face To Face And Ashokas Victory Against Sushm 2mrow Dnt Drag It To Mndy.Destinty Of Kauvaki Is Plying With Her Feelings So Sad

  4. Nice update 🙂

  5. ashoka samrat

    thanx a lot pooja 4 ur quick updates.

  6. ashoka samrat

    pooja have they changed susim’s BG music

  7. ashoka samrat

    what the hell this kvk. is she mad. came to the house bt didn’t meet ashok. now she wont meet him. jagannath will avoid her.
    will susim gets hurt by ashok. its not possible.

  8. The director will drag the episode and won’t bring Sushim and Ashok face to before Monday.

  9. S.Ravi Prakash

    Excellent write up! Now I can understand in detail since my Hindi is not that good. Thanks pooja. Ravi Hariom.

  10. Praveen kumar

    Thanks for ur updates

  11. Dear sister. I am in Saudi Arabia. I don’t get to watch Ashoka here. Hence I regularly follow your write up. Thanks. keep up the good work.

  12. Please repeat this seriel atleast one time .

    1. At 5p.m.

  13. Its final Kaurvaki wont able to meet Asoka. Director saab, you are making Kaurvaki dull. Is she really a dull?
    Soumya seth, try to learn Hindi accent, you are not Queen helena! Lol
    Asoka wouldn’t able to hurt Sushim, but will give tough fight to him.
    RG access the situation, will make a fake elephant with Asoka photo, besides the elephant, there would be burning coal pit, and he would die by falling in the coal pit.
    So, Sushim is immortal kinda!
    Different sources gave different interpretation!
    A heartfelt thanks to Art Director you are marvellous creating the Set.

  14. I guess Ashok and sushim won’t involve into a deadly fight. Bidusar won’t let either of his sons die. Though Ashok is powerful sushim has got devil power. Sushimn has upper hand with evil powers.
    Director is unnecessarily dragging it to show Scilly minute things. May be Ashok and sushimn face each other not until Monday. He will kill sushimn only after Bindu is dead.
    Hope director wraps up mull yudh in Fridays episode. The cas has already lost its charm by dragging episodes in fantasy.

  15. Pooja thanks for updates aseven if we miss 2-3 episodes I can understand the story by going through your latest write up. Don’t you think cas can be better with change of director or appointing a sensible one as assistant director.

  16. Also it is truly illogical to say that khallatak couldn’t recognise Ashok. Face of a person specially 15 year old cannnot change drastically that no one would recognise him after a span of 10 years ….. Don’t you agree guys ?

    Where are the maha episodes to bring in life as cas is moving sluggishly.

  17. They have planned to drag this series for ten years !! So be patient & follow all the unnecessary drama!! If you like it !!

  18. ghost haunted

    Mohit Raina be confident whatever be the emotion, think Rani Dharma as your mother, be friendly. And be confident walk like lion, lion se yaad aaya… Lion kaha gaya aajkal? Met Mohit Raina with lion, he will feel Asoka

  19. All signs of painful dragging again-
    1. All said earlier that time has come, wait is over. But now anything can happen and no one can predict
    2. Kvk keeps running empty-handed for so many episodes
    3. Fight not starting and doesn’t look to finish in next few episodes

    Let’s check back the updates after a week.

    Ms. Pooja great work as usual

  20. You can watch the repeat telecast at 5pm(IST) on ColorsTv

    1. How did you get to know

      1. By seeing at T.V. …..

      2. No there is no repeat telecast

  21. director plz finish ths fight betwen sushm & asoka,dnt drag it to mndy else kep maha epi on sunday

  22. @ Jisan Who Told That Ths Drama Wil Drag For 10yrs.Where Did U Find It

  23. what was the song when ashoka pulls out the mudgar from the song ….ny1 knows

  24. Its better to skip couple of lousy episodes by getting updates from Pooja than wasting half an hour with more flash forwards than required.

  25. Mohit Raina looks more like father of Vitt and husband of Dharma.

  26. maghai u r right.. he looks so old..

  27. In this serial whenver ashoka and susim have competed, susim has won with khalnatak’s support . Director sir,Plz make asoka win this time .


  29. POOJA DI, u again filled my heart by sharing your feelings with me……….

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    1. Dissappointed………………

  31. History & Anonymous where are u ???????? miss ur comments………………

    1. Yes history isn’t commenting nowadays

  32. @ghost wanted, you are right lions should have followed Ashok ever since he left Pataliputra.

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