Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya RG asks Nayak if he got any clue about it. Nayak says no. I got a doubt on Sushim’s soldiers last night only when I saw them there. It is surely something big and wrong. Acharya RG reasons that they need to find out about their plan asap as they don’t have much time.

Vit says time passed and Meneka’s daughter grew up. She excelled in everything. Sushim looks at Kaurvaki as she comes on stage. Dharma is very happy to see her and so does Devi. Scenes are enacted wherein Kaurvaki is playing with her friends. Sushim looks at Kaurvaki as she happily plays veena. You wished to live and die with Ashoka. You chose him over me. You will die now, don’t worry. Ashoka is restless in his room. He hears the sound of veena too and heads towards the stage.


RG and Nayak come to Ashoka’s room but don’t find him there.

Vit says Shakuntala dint know the one she was dreaming about and waiting for is Raja Dushyant – brave, honest, people love and peaceful king. Ashoka and Kaurvaki look at each other while Vit talks more about Raja Dushyant. Ashoka takes Kaurvaki’s name (in very low voice). Ashoka realises where he is and says his lines. Kaurvaki goes from there.

Acharya RG asks his soldiers to keep an eye on everyone. Bring anyone you doubt in a corner away from the main stage area. No one should get a doubt on it. Sushim will be on stage. I will be there. They nod and leave to obey his orders. Acharya RG says it is sure that they wish to harm Ashoka. If it is Helena’s plan then it will happen during the play only. It will be dangerous.

Vit speaks about the story. Raja Dushyant had no idea he will lose his heart this time when he will go out for hunt. Anindini and everyone play their roles. Acharya RG and NAyak come there. Nayak wishes to alert Ashoka but Acharya RG stops him. It will alert the enemies. They can do anything in tension which can be dangerous for us.

Vit says no one could stand before Shakuntala as she was so knowledgeable. Raja Dushyant kills down an animal while Shakuntala rushes towards the wounded animal. Smoke effect is given on stage. Acharya RG tells the servant not to do it. He obliges. Shakuntala demands to know who killed this innocent animal. Raja Dushyant accepts doing it. She sees it in his eyes that he is a calm and peaceful man. Why did you do it then? He shares that this tradition is being following by his ancestors. He cannot end it even if he does not like it. She advises him to end the wrong traditions that are going on since ages. You dislike them yet you continue doing it as well. How will you make peace if you too will not stop such traditions from continuing?

Acharya RG’s soldiers ask other soldiers if they have seen the soldiers who are with Sushim. The soldiers deny. Sushim’s soldiers heave a sigh of relief seeing them go in other direction.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki tell each other what’s in their hearts through the dialogues of the play. Charu looks uninterested. Dharma looks content. Raja Dushyant and Kaurvaki came close while he stayed in the jungle. Ashoka lifts Kaurvaki in his arms as she gets hurt (as per the scene). Sushim is upset to see the closeness between Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Raja Dushyant and Shakuntala got married. Chanda notices Kaurvaki all quiet. She reminds her she has to speak now. Kaurvaki speaks her part. I will be with you all my life. Only death can separate us now. They exchange garlands. Raja Dushyant too accepts Shakuntala as his wife. Your pain is my pain and your happiness is my happiness. I will be with you always. Only death can do us apart. Everyone showers flower petals on them. Kaurvaki and Ashoka look at each other sweetly. Anindini looks highly upset.

Acharya RG, Nayak and their soldiers zero in on the soldiers who were helping them last night (Sushim’s soldiers). The soldiers look tensed. Acharya RG asks about their plan. How do you plan to hurt everyone? The soldiers slit their throats right away.

Shakuntala pleads to Raja Dushyant to take her with him. I promise to support you in everything. I wont be an obstacle in your way. Raja Dushyant asks her if she loves him, trusts him. She nods. I trust you more than myself. He makes her close her eyes. I promise you I am only yours. I will come back to you soon. He keeps the ring in her hand and leaves. She eyes the ring longingly. Dharma and Bindu are pained to see this.

Sushim angrily changes his costume. Acharya RG is keeping an eye on him. What’s stopping Sushim from playing his next move?

Vit says neither Raja Dushyant came nor came any news about him. Shakuntala kept waiting for him, unaware of the danger coming towards her, in the form of Rishi Durvasa (Siamak). Shakuntala does not greet Rishi Durvasa as she sits lost in thoughts. Rishi Durvasa curses her. The one you have been thinking of will forget you. She apologizes to him for her mistake. I will end my life if my husband has to bear a curse.

Sushim thinks I will fulfil your wish Padmavati as soon as Siamak’s part will come to an end. Don’t worry about it.

Rishi Durvasa says my curse cannot be taken back. Raja Dushyant will be free from the curse when he will see the memento (ring). He leaves. Shakuntala looks at the ring emotionally.

Siamak meets Ashoka backstage. The play is about to end. Best of luck for the last part. Ashoka gets thoughtful.

Precap: Kaurvaki ends up speaking lines about herself on stage. She is about to drink poison when Ashoka hits at her hand, calling her Kaurvaki. He hugs her emotionally. Everyone is taken aback to know her real identity.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Devi


    |Registered Member

    Thx, for the millionth time, for the update. The story was all about the play today 🙁 a waste of time. Well, at least everyone knows she’s Kaurwaki now!

  2. ashoka samrat

    wow. a nice epi. But the story has been a total lv story. even we scold the director now we cant change it.

  3. ashoka samrat

    thanx a lot pooja di. ur updates r superb, awesome & excellent. we all enjoy them. ur updates are so easy to understand. also they are so fast like a tornado. thanx

    • Pooja



      You are most welcome Ashoka and thanks to you and everyone here for giving me so much love 🙂 It makes me happy knowing that you guys like it.

    • Thilan

      Chakravartin ashoka is very popular in srilanka.we cant understand hindi.everyday we r waiting for ur update.thanks a lot u r doing a great job.

  4. Surya

    Thank you for the update pooja di. u r the best. There was nothing in today’s episode. at least kvk everyone will know about kvk truth. according to the spoiler nayak will die in the blast. very sad….

    • Pooja



      Most welcome Surya 🙂 I know, I dint see the spoiler but it is surely a sad news. He is one of the good guys on the show and we don’t have many actually..

  5. S. Ravi Prakash

    Nice update, thanks! The story is some how too much involved with kaurvaki & the love affairs. Even the CAS’ emblems with dual lions is changed with the photos of kaurvaki & Ashoka. So we will have to put up with this for how long? When will the Rajmata Helena ‘s secret come out in front of all? Hope the story moves on a little faster!

  6. Deepika

    Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Tele series is popular in Sri Lanka as the story is connected to the Sri Lankan history. Without your clear and simple updates, I am able to understand each episode, although it is in Hindi.
    Thank you very much.

    • Rajkumar Sushim

      good to know Ashok serial is popular is SL, but this is not the real story but fabricated one. This serial has totally murdered the actual history. Better watch Ashoka movie (SRK)

  7. Dhananjaya

    He Tiyasa,joythi,balsai,annonymous Where Are U? Mising Ur Cments.At The Same Time Ghost Wht Hapen To U Also

  8. Animesh

    Yes Nayaks character will take a goodbye….he will be killed in blasts…another wise one from ashoka team ends but none from sushim’s camp….what’s going on writer are u planning to kill all good characters?????

  9. aman

    hv any1 seen to siyamak he was too loking like santaclaus and guys wt happend to ahankara and guys i like the background music of charumitra its little bit funy i.e., hooooo hoooo….. wt to say abt todays it was quite abt the lv scenes although directr ess scene ko dragg nahi kar raha hai nahi to mye ess directr ko khade hi ak-47 ki goliyo se uska body chalni kar deta

    • Rajkumar Sushim

      Shiamak outfit was best part of lalit kala selection obstacle of swayamvar. Swayamvar khatam ho gaya ki abhi aur bhi kuch baaki hai

  10. Priya

    I don’t understand Why the director only give importance to Kaurvaki is she his girlfriend or something?. Why isn’t there any interactions between Ashok and Devi. Aur jis tarah se ye log story dikha eahe hain. I think Ashok aur Devi ki married life Bindu aur Noor jaisi hogi. Formal aur loveless. I hope ki director ko thodi akal aajaye

  11. Rajkumar Sushim

    what kind of lalit kala was that..?? since it is a swayamvar, all the princesses need to take part equally to prove their eligibility for becoming wife of ashok/sushim. Here in this drama, all the dance, dialoques are presented by KvK and Ashok only whereas other princesses are just sitting idle. Devi Dharma seemed to be enjoying every bit of the play.. Thank god, she did not jump off her chair and hug KvK. What a stupid swayamvar, on what basis is he selection done, when entire swayamvar is manipulated from the begining. Did not know such difficult swayamvar were conducted during maurya dynasty. Atleast swayamvar in mahabharat/ramayana were much easy. Or swayamvar of Rakhi Sawant was more interesting

  12. Shiamak

    Pooja is indeed doing an incredible job , love to read her update. however director and writer and doing injustice to the history

  13. CAS fan

    Thnx for updates pooja… today’s Epi was swift…just like your updates..hope they don’t drag the story…and yes..virat will come and help a frnd in disguise in place of nayak…

  14. Sh

    Why no importance is given to devi…..why the director whats to change entire history…..why the character karuvaki is getting more attention…..stupid serial…..first director should our indian history properly….then he should direct

  15. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    Thnx alot pooja diiii for the updates.. I jus love you alot.. Helena must die now, what do you think????…
    You’re very talented di you’re an awesome writer… Just love your posts 💕 😍 💕 😍 💕 😍

    • Pooja



      Thanks sweetie…i am genuinely touched by your and everyone’s comments here. I so look forward to updates just because of you guys. Thanks a ton 🙂 <3 And yes, Helena should die soon but I am more excited to see what happens between Kaurvaki and Ashoka.

  16. Vanshika


    |Registered Member

    What a terrible swayamvar…. Swayamvar in Mahabharata and Ramayana was much better.. The writer has gone mad… Anyways I love ashoka samrat show

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