Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 26th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kichak checks the arrangements made for the Maha Shivratri. It will be fun to see Dharma getting killed by sharp nails. BHami comes there with a Raksha-Kavach for him. I feel as if something wrong is about to happen. He throws the thaal away. Every citizen is going to pray to me and you still pray to other Gods? I don’t need anything like that. She tells him not to do so. Ashoka wont leave you. He pushes her aside. She is getting scared from a kid! He notices a kid standing nearby with his back to him. He mistakes him to be Ashoka but it is someone else. When everything is going right then there is something indeed which is wrong. He asks for Dharma. I cannot wait anymore. Unveil the statue and get Dharma here. Agnibahu points at Amatya. He comes there with Dharma. The soldiers

unveil Kichak’s statue. Agnibahu and the citizens cheer for Kichak. Kaurvaki, Anand and Radha Gupta join the line of people.

Kichak calls himself the God of Takshshila. There is no one who is greater than me. I will sacrifice Magadh’s Rani Dharma to prove it. Her blood will do the Abhishek of my statue. Dharma tells him to keep dreaming for a little longer. My son will soon break your dream!

Bindusar and Sushim are on their way to Takshshila. Bindu thinks of his son’s promise before leaving for Takshshila and of Dharma’s believing it that her son is alive.

Dharma says Jai Janani. She walks toward the stage. She keeps her head above the execution area when Vasantsena asks Kichak to stop. Dharma stands up. Vasantsena this sacrifice will happen only after doing my brother’s Abhishek. Whatever happens now will be forever etched in history. It should be always remembered by people. Kichak doesn’t want it but Amatya seconds her. Kichak agrees. Dharma should also see how I defeated her son! She will now realise she gave birth to a mouse and not a son! Agnibhau says a mantra in Kichak’s praise as the statue’s Abhishek is done.

Bindu and SUshim are on their way.

Nayak is sharpening his sword in the Kali temple.

It is time to sacrifice Dharma after the Abhishek. Kichak walks back on the stage. Dharma smiles at him. She asks him if she has lost her mind seeing her death close. She says I am laughing on your ill mentality. He tells her if she isn’t sad to think she gave birth to a son who did not come to save her. She replies that he cannot do anything to Ashoka. He is already present here. He laughs. Kichak asks Dharma about Ashoka. Where is he? How can the one, who could not be his mother’s, be his motherland’s? Dharma says he will come just like death comes. He asks her where he will come from! She advises him to raise a hand to hurt her and see! He will appear like a Narsimha to end your reign! Kichak agrees to fulfil her wish. He holds out his sword so as to hurt her. Ashoka shouts from inside the statue. It blasts. Ashoka steps forward holding a sword in his hand. Dharma smiles and so does Radha Gupta, Kaurvaki and Anand. Agnibahu immediately hides. BHami drops something in shock. Dharma goes to Ashoka. They exchange a tearful glance.

Kichak orders his soldiers to attack. Dharma asks the soldiers to stop. Only move forward if you think Ashoka will fail in ending Kichak tonight. Back off if you think Ashoka will become Takshshila’s Samrat after killing Kichak. No one will dare to attack on takshshila’s would be Samrat. The soldiers retreat. Kichak and his men are aghast. Dharma tells her son to end this battle of dharma and adharma. Ashoka says Jai Janani as he goes before Kichak. Even Vasantsena hides.

Ashoka and Kichak engage in a sword fight. Ashoka hurts Kichak numerous times. Kichak still continues to fight. Ashoka drops his sword in between. He still manages to save himself while beating Kichak all along. This is for killing all the innocent people; for killing the family as they gave shelter to me; for insulting a woman (Kaurvaki); for the misunderstanding created between Kalinga and Magadh; a father hurt his own daughter as she supported a Maurya; for killing my Acharya Devrath; for insulting my mother! He picks up Kichak and kills him. Kichak’s allies flee to cover. Bhami is sad.

Dharma and Ashoka share a hug. Everyone is happy to see them thus. Kaurvaki goes up to Ashoka and hugs him. It turns out to be her imagination. Bindusar reaches there just then. He is delighted to see his wife and son. He extends his arms for Ashoka. Ashoka runs to give him a hug. Sushim looks on unhappily. Bindu signals Dharma to come as well. She too joins them. People cheer for Ashoka. Sushim is irked.

Precap: Drupad tells the family members that father is coming back with Ashoka tomorrow. Ashoka BHaiya will be coronated tomorrow itself. Charu decides to kill Ashoka, Dharma and Bindu also, if necessary.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. At last! Great !

  2. Again this Charu….Sushim…..Helena drama. Please show some interesting fast moving storyline. Like it used to be at the very beginning of the show.

    Otherwise, Loved today’s episode . 🙂

  3. atlast…so fast!

  4. Amazing it happened finally. Thanks ms. Pooja for updates.

    1. Hope this was not Bindu’s dream 😛

  5. Good episode… Finally Kichak story ended…

  6. At last Khichak Died well done ashokaa
    Nd a great thanks nd a sweet hug to u pooja for making updates so fast
    Thanks a lot

  7. Finally taxila chapter ended.. Thank God..

  8. Good one

  9. According to history sushim would now create some misunderstanding between ashoka and bindusara….fingers crossed

  10. ya charu should do those stupid black magic and kill bindu and ashoka. use dekhne se toh acha hai serial hi band ho jaye

  11. What a great warrior Ashok is….!!!!!so amazingly he used his sword against kichak……woowwoooooooo

  12. I am happy to see the end of kichak.

  13. Pooja,

    How can I thank you for these screenplay type updates… And for helping an expat like me to not to miss epidlsodes.. I appreciate…!

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome 🙂

  14. Moderator dint delete this time. Actually whatever demerit some intellectual people here did is just what Asoka serial portray after 2days. Among those, I commneted Takshila episode become faster, even mom son duo cannot recognise , delete Bahubali BG theme, kaurvaki fighting skills,etc etc. So I feel some of the intellectuals out there must give payment by producer than the lame writer

  15. What happens to Vasantasena, Amatya and Agnibahu ??

    1. They were hiding and rest the director knows.

  16. Wen the repeat comes

  17. I am getting goose bumps after reading this episode

  18. Ashoka’s fighting skills were splendid in this episode.☺

  19. Thanks for the updates.

  20. Bikash Bhadel

    Thanks for the updates.The episode is great.

  21. with so much of security in that place,how could Ashoka get inside and manage to stay behind the statue.No one recognized him???
    How could Bindusar reach Taxila from Pataliputra so fast? That too on his horse.
    However the Moral of the story is” ASHOKA WAS A SUPERMAN”.

  22. Yahooooooooooooooooooo kichak died good job ashok

  23. Thank god finally after 2 months this kichak track is over..when does colorstv plan to show the repeat telecast of ashok if viewers miss watching at 9pm ? Shouldn’t there be a repeat telecast next day afternoon like earlier at 13.30 & 15.30? How do you expect ppl to watch at an unearthly hour at 00.30 hrs & to top it even the colors website doesn’t update the latest episode.

  24. with the end of taxila episode now its time for another drama session from Helena, Sushim, Charu, Mahamatya all trying to make Bindusar (bakaraa) a bigger and better bakaraa.

  25. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    Pooja di can u tell me pls tell me how does tellyupdates function?

    like updates are given by normal public or u work for tellyupdates?

    sorry if its personal……….. just out of curiuosty i asked it…….

  26. Hope ashok cathes amadhya , vasentasena and agnibahu alive now its time to show the true colours of helena sushim charumitra mahamadhya and siyamak

  27. fabulous episode ….
    chalo takshshila adhyay khatm to hua ..
    ja bhai bahut time bita liya kaurvaki ke sath ab thoda time ahankara ke sath bita lo …she loves you and is waiting for you ….ASHOKA

  28. Such a lame ending of Kichak saga. After 2 months of torture, they could have made it better, something different but all they did was copying themes from different sources and somehow closing it.
    I was expecting something better after built up of 2 months.

  29. Kaurwaki wants to hug ashok
    The imagination was cute?????

  30. What abt kaurvaki

  31. But kaurwaki was ashoka’s second wife. First wife was maharani devi. And there was no kichak in the real story. Samrat Bindusar in reality always wanted sushim to ascend the throne. Here they say he wanted ashok to be king. So much of fiction !!!?

    1. Thora fiction nehi hoga to maza nehi ayega!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ater a long period of time an interesting episode came and I liked today’s episode.
    I want to see the cruel side of ashoka the great.Also,please bring Ahenkara as I love to see Ashoka and A henkara as a couple.For me,Kaurvaki is a kabab mein haddi.Though Kaurvaki was intelligent and generous but neither she was a princess nor Ashoka’s first love interest.However Kaurvaki par focus karne se achaa hai ki Ashoka par focus kiya jaye.Jab bhi T.V par en dono ka koi bhi scene aata hai I just ignore it.By the way,koi janta hai ki older ashoka kaun ban raha hai?????

    1. its MOHIT RAINA the one who played the role of mahadev in life OKs MAHADEV

    2. Pehle yeh nischit hua tha ki saheer sheikh banega par wo to sony me ek naya serial kar raha hai. To I think koi aur banega. And same for me I don’t like reem(kaurvaki) but I like Tunisha(ahenkara). But bad luck ahenkara was a fictitious character.

  33. hay everyone i heard soon the seriel will take generation leap. ho sakta hai ki tab story thodi better ho jaye. Charumitra should die. i liked Noor as negative queen. also according to history. the only love of Ashoka’s life was Devi not Karuvaki. Also the seriel should make Ahankara, Ashok’s fictional wife like Noor was Bindusar’s.

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