Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 25th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Amatya heightens security around palace. One guy has observed it all. He informs Ashoka and the citizens about what all Kichak is planning. There will be 4 layers of safety around Kichak.

Amatya orders the soldiers to make sure no one is able to come past the said zone. He throws a flower on the ground. The soldiers take their positions immediately. Amatya is relieved.

Kaurvaki tells Ashka to be very cautious. We might have to pay big if we make even a small mistake. Anand asks him what he will do now. Arjun’s mother is praying for Ashoka. She gets slapped by the commander (bhairav). Did you not listen to Mahanayak’s order? No one else will be spoken about in this town except Mahanayak. The soldiers bear all the other people who are praying there. Arjun’s mother

refuses to take Kichak’s name. She tells him that he is near his downfall as he is supporting Kichak. Bhairav insists upon praying to Kichak. He hears someone praying to Lord Shiva just then. it is Ashoka. Bhairav looks shocked. Ashoka repeats Om Namah Shivaye before him, staring him right in the eye.

Kichak shows his statue (covered with a cloth) to Dharma. Your sacrifice will do the Abhishek of this grand statue. A soldier calls for his attention. Kichak is shocked to see the dead body of BHairav hanging on a tree. A drop of blood falls on Kichak. Dharma remarks that my son did your Abhishek by your commander’s blood. He says it is only about 2 more days. She points out that he does still not understand how near his death is.

Drupad notices the dog sitting at a corner. He takes food from a servant and keeps it on the floor. The dog is tempted towards the food. Drupad immediately picks up the letter. He reads it and is shocked.

Ashoka is in his mother’s room. This lamp is a symbol of my mother and her love. He keeps his hand on it as he vows to end the barbarity of Kichak on this maha shivratri. From here begins my journey to return the self-respect to my citizens. I will fail death till I free my people from fear. Ashoka also vows to not let anyone’s sacrifice (of all the people who died while fighting to free Takshshila from Kichak’s rule) go in vain.

Drupad is surprised. Ashoka Bhiaya is alive. Kichak has held Mata Dharma captive? Fatehr knows nothing about it. I should inform him. he will help them. a Daasi tells him to have laddoos but he runs to find his father. Charu, Sushim and Helena are worried thiking about the letter. He repeats that he was right. We should not keep too many hopes before something turns into a reality. Charu says they still have time.

Siamak is angry to see everyone making preps for Sushim’s coronation. Drupad asks him about Bindusar. I have to give him this important message. Siamak walks away uninterestedly.

Bindusar misses Dharma. I wish you were here with me today. things would not have been this difficult for me then. He leaves. Drupad comes there but does not find his father there as well. He continues with his search. Drupad calls out for him upon noticing him the corridor but Bindu does not hear him.

Anand and Kaurvaki knock at the door. anand is worried. He hasn’t told us about what is to be done next. Kaurvaki opens the door. They see someone sleeping on the bed. She wonders how Ashoka can sleep peacefully when his mother is in problem. She removes the cloth and finds cushions kept underneath. Ashoka left on his own? Acharya Radha Gupta comes there. Anand greets him. Radha Gupta says Ashoka did what was expected from him!

Drupad’s mother waits for him. Sushim enters in the courtroom. Everyone cheers for him. Sushim looks at the crown he will be made to wear. Bindusar feels as if he is going to do something wrong. Rajpurohit does Sushim’s tilak. May you become an ideal Samrat and keep the legacy of your ancestors intact. Sushim’s eyes are fixed on his crown. Rajpurohit does his aarti. It is Bindusar’s turn to make him wear the crown. Bindusar walks up to where Sushim is. There is cheer for the royal family from everyone. Bindusar picks up the crown. Drupad comes running inside. Helena signals Siamak. He tries to stop Drupad but he moves his hand aside. He asks his father to stop. Ashoka Bhaiya is alive! Only Bindu and Drupad’s mother are happy to hear it. Drupad reads Kichak’s letter for Bindusar. Bindu is angry to head about Dharma being held captive. He keeps the crown back. Helena says Kichak is playing games with us. Ashoka is dead. We have proof. If he was alive then this news would have reached us earlier. Bindu says Ashoka is alive. His mother said so and she was right. Only a mother can connect with her kid when he is far from her. her faith took her to Ashoka. My son Ashoka is alive! I was feeling I was doing something wrong. Drupad smiles. Bindu thanks him for giving him the happiest news of his life. Congratulations. Your beloved brother is alive. Mahamatya offers to send a troop of soldiers who will bring back Dharma and Ashoka safely. Bindu declines. kichak has challenged a father and husband. I forgave him once when I refused to listen to Acharya Chanakya. It was the biggest mistake of my life. I will punish him with my own hands. On this maha shivratri I will become his Maha Kaal. Sushim also wants to come along. Bindu is proud to hear him say so. Sushim is in tears of anger / insult. I hope Kichak kills Ashoka and his mother before we reach there. I will kill you with Kichak’s help then! He asks his father to hurry up. We only have two days till Maha Shivratri. Bindu orders everyone to make preps to leave.

Prpecap: Kichak asks Dharma about Ashoka. Where is he? Dharma says he will come just like death comes. He asks her where he will come from! Raise a hand to hurt me and see! Kichak gets up the stage and picks up his sword to hurt her. Ashoka shouts from inside the statue. It breaks!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  2. I think there will be twist

  3. High octane epi

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    Excellent drupad, you are awesome

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    really nyc episode

  6. Very nice episode and glad bindu finally knew the truth ……however now director copying Narsimha …..sequel hilarious really I think this Sunday a maha episode can be there.

  7. The story is going as of Im watchng Vishnu Puran where Lord Vishnu comes to kill hiranyakashyap to save Prahlad…where
    Kichak= hiranyakashyap
    Dharma= prahlad
    Ashok= Narashingh avatar of Lord Vishnu….

  8. I dont know what is happening but I loved it that Kichak episode is going to change. Whatever suggestions, we are giving in this forum had a link with producer and creator,thus I will not comment any demerits. Let it be. Also moderator, kindly delete this message and I will never message in this forum

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  11. Thanks respected pooja. U r doing a excellent work of written episode. U r writing even expression of every character. This can do only few people.

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  12. Siddharth Nigam you are looking very thin, so kindly dont overload youselves and keep on making muscles. You can! Man! Mr. FICTIONAL writer, pls pls dont fiction yourselves try to make serial on the historical facts. Its a historical serial not fictional, here characters are real kindly update yourselves in the rock eddicts and various various historical references

  13. very nice ep

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