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Sushim gets ready for his wedding. Charu assures him everything will happen as per their wish. He asks about Kaurvaki. She says I did what was right for her. Flashback shows Charu doing black magic. She even cuts her palm to offer blood in the puja. The fire turns blue. She thanks black powers to accept her sacrifice. You will take our revenge now. Ashoka and Kaurvaki should not unite. Flashback ends. Charu says we have to keep Ashoka and Kaurvaki apart. Next we have to keep her away from any positive energy. She will this way die as soon as the negative energies attack her. He smiles. She compliments him. I am waiting for the day when world will know me not as the wife of Samrat Bindu but when I will be known as the mother of Samrat Sushim. Sushim says work has already begun. The negative

countdown has started. First Kaurvaki, then Ashoka’s family and then Ashoka will die.

Kaurvaki is getting ready. Jagannath comes to yet again tells Kaurvaki there is still time. This wedding can still be stopped. A father has to say when his daughter is making the biggest mistake of his life. It is the duty of a father to warn her not to do such a thing. I am trying to make you understand time and again that neither this family nor Ashoka will accept you ever. They don’t deserve it. Kaurvaki says will the person who stole treasury is saying such a thing! He is the same Ashoka who dint take your name before his father, got insulted, Ashoka and Samrat have not just left you alive but has accepted your daughter. On one hand, there is a father who is giving so much importance to his son’s love and on other hand; it is you who is not even respecting your daughter’s choice. Our family is the undeserving party here, not theirs. Jagannath tells her not to believe on BIndu’s goodness. I am sure he is up to something. Either Bindu will harm you after wedding or that Chand will kill me. Kaurvaki replies that Ashoka is her would be husband. I wont hear any word against my would be husband. Jagannath walks out fuming to himself.

Dharma does Ashoka’s tilak. She thinks her son is taking his first step toward his happiness and I will become the biggest hindrance in his way? Ashoka makes his mother sit down and kneels down before her. I can see that you are worried since many days. I tried to ask you but you dint reply. There is something that you want to tell me? Don’t hesitate. Before she can say anything, Bindu walks in. Not just Dharma but any mother is worried. Mothers are as much as scared at the thought of wedding as much happy they are. They hope their son wont forget her after marriage. Ashoka tells his mother he can forget everything but not mother or motherland. Bindu thinks it is his motherland too. Once this wedding happens then I will tackle Jagannath.

Jagannath tells his brother that he is sure Bindu will do something as soon as the wedding is finished. Kewalnath assures him he has backup army already inside the palace. They will take care of it all. Jagannath promises to award him once everything falls into place.

Siamak is looking at the throne. Lasendra says I am sure Ashoka will try to kill you on your way to Takshshila but my soldiers will take you safely till there. You will then help Unani army to enter inside Magadh. He says Maurya lineage will be finished for forever then. It isn’t just marriage today but world will remember this day as the end of Maurya lineage and the beginning of Unani leading Magadh and India. Lasendra thinks that Siamak should keep dreaming. Truth is, forget about India, Unani’s wont even rule in Unan.

Kaurvaki is waiting for Devi.

Devi thanks Lord for accepting her prayers. I will do Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s gathbandhan with my own hands. Kaurvaki will wear the chunri I have made for her. it will be such a beautiful moment of their unison today.

Dharma excuses herself on the pretext of finishing some last minute thing. Ashoka wonders what it is.

Devi comes to her room to get the dupatta but she finds Dharma in tears there. What happened? Dharma replies that she feels helpless. I don’t deserve to be called Ashoka’s mother. I will become the reason of destruction. I cannot do anything even after knowing everything! Devi is puzzled. Tell me clearly please. Don’t hesitate before me. I am your own only. Dharma extends her hand towards her. Promise me that you wont criticise me once I will tell you the truth. You will also do what I will ask from you. You will always remember that this is the only option to set things right. Devi promises all of that to her. Dharma tells her that she heard the entire prophecy of Sage. Devi is sure nothing like that will happen but Dharma reasons she had to believe it seeing the circumstances. She shares everything with Devi (about the pact between Jagannath and Bindu). Devi is shocked. If ashoka finds out about it then? Dharma says this is what I fear. If I let it happen then he would be heartbroken (to know about the pact later). If Ashoka finds out then he will turn into Chand once again. Devi suggests speaking to Kaurvaki. She will end the issues between Ashoka and her father. Dharma denies. She tells her the rest of the prophecy.

Devi asks Dharma which other girl will take Kaurvaki’s place. Who will Ashoka trust other than Kaurvaki? He loves her. There cannot be anyone other than Kaurvaki for Ashoka. Dharma says there is one. She saw Ashoka turning into Chand over 14 years. She saw today’s Ashoka. She supported him always as a friend. She used to bring smile on his face whenever he was upset. She even risked her life for friendship. Devi asks her who she is talking about. Dharma takes her name. It is you who should be with Ashoka. Devi looks at her stunned. I felt this so many times yet I couldn’t see it. It is you only Devi. They think of the past instances wherein Devi had guided and helped Kaurvaki. Devi refuses to do it. It was all a coincidence. This has no meaning to it. I cannot be that woman. I vowed to unite Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki is like my sister. I cannot come between them. Dharma says not just you but I will also hurt them. Ashoka will never forgive me. When you give birth to someone who has to fulfil big responsibilities then you have to give some sacrifices. I know Ashoka will choose motherland if given an option between mother and motherland. I am giving this sacrifice to save many sons. You have promised to help me so you are bound by your promise. Wear this chunri and sit down for the wedding. I know I am taking a very big decision but it is right for Magadh’s future. Get ready before it gets too late. I am going to stop that!

Precap: Devi looks at herself in the mirror and throws the chunri. I wont separate Ashoka and Kaurvaki. I cannot do this. She drinks poison and falls unconscious.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Nice episode fab episode nice update pooja and eagerly awaiting for tomorrow episode.

  2. I think first to comment yipeee

  3. Thanks for the fast update

  4. Devi

    Oh No Devi! They are supposed to fall in love, not try to die! Thx Pooja for the update, and btw, today is Janmashtami, right?

  5. High and low class drama. I think CAS can face criticism after it ends like Ashoka ( movie) faced for tampering with history. Okay leave that. We all are so busy mocking CAS that we are blind to what message this teledrama carries. Can anyone write what strong message is chakravartin ashoka samrat carrying with it although it is tampering with history?

  6. thx alot poojawaiting 4 other comments

  7. Thnks Pooja Ur So Fast.Plz Cn U Tel Me Is There Is A Wrten Update For Bal Veer Teledrama?

  8. So Then Unani,sushima Army,jaganath Army Al 3 Wil Atck Magada Nw.I Thnks Frm Ths War Al Charu,sushma,siamak,mahamataya Wil Die.Then Asoka Wil Be The King.

  9. Ashoka killed many villian s in palaces in this serial making a war may be a wrestling match between Ashok and Jaganathan

  10. I mean kalinga war may be a wrestling match between Jaganathan and Ashok

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Kalinga was was between Ashok and KvK leading the army… Jaggu kahaan se aa gaya. I believe, after death of Kalinga King in kalinga, there was no one to lead the army and KvK takes the charge to fight against Magadh. Here, Jaggu is seen roaming arund in magadh since months… dont know whether Baap Beti will go back or kvK will marry ashok and they will live happily in Magadh and it will become another saas bahu drama

  11. It is uncertain whether the death of charumitra was natural, accident or murder . We have no clue. Does that answer your question, hurt moon?

    1. i hope she wont die easily , thx bella, actually i ask about her death in history, thx bella

      1. Yes I am saying about history only. I am not talking about CAS, hurtmoon

  12. Story become intresting …..
    Waiting for tomorrow…

    Anyways a hartly thanx to pooja….keep it onn

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      today will be same dragging story. Need to wait for Monday for new plot

  13. Again Charu and her black magic. waiting for Ashok and Devi’s marriage.

  14. S.Ravi Prakash

    Ashoka is facing a lot of never-ending difficulties / dangers / the plots etc. at each & every step of his life. Will he attain peace only after converting to Buddhism? ….. I am ? enjoying the episodes, the updates,& also the various comments. Thanks.

  15. Director must stop stupid black magic of charu atleast now and focus must be on ashoka becoming samrat

  16. they have made kaurvaki ‘s character similar to mastani of bajirao who falls in love with bajirao when he saves her mother land and her and for that she leaves her mother land, faces a lot of difficulty in order to just get bajirao’ s love..
    She didn’t cared even if he was married..

    But no one said she was love sick..

    But wn kvk did the same as ASHOK saved her and her mother land indirectly by saving her father then every one started saying she is love sick n a max people hate her and feel she is irritating and not right match for ASHOK as I read in the comments..
    Here even ashoka is not married..

    Never mind…
    I love her..
    N feel she is perfect for ASHOK..
    But don’t know after the marriage the writer will copy whose character and fit it into kvk…
    Hoping they don’t make her evil…

  17. Hey Bella happy dat u missed me..
    N I want to say I am she not him..
    It’s OK..
    I didn’t go anywhere..
    I just give a silent reading..

    There was nothing from my side to comment in the previous episodes so I didn’t..

    I can miss the serial but I make sure to visit telly update every day just to read the comments..
    They are very interesting..

    By d way how r u dear..
    Read UR previous comments seems like u have researched a lot..
    What r u studding now..

    1. Oh, sorry zannat. I hope you ll forgive me. I am fine. Yes I have been researching for the past three years. My interest in knowing about ashoka the great started when I was 8-9 years old while going to Puri my mother had showed the Daya river saying that here is the place where a great emperor named Ashoka fought Kalinga war which had made river red . I am currently studying in class 11 , though my subject is PCM and I am preparing for NEST , I can’t abandon my love for knowing about Emperor Ashoka

  18. Even Bindu had a plan for Jaggu!! That is interesting as the writer had us convinced he was brain dead. If after such open defiance, kvk thinks her dad is going to cooperate, it is she who is brain dead. What a dilemma for Devi ; hope the writer depicts her as strong and mature and not the typical suicidal response. Whatever happened to Virat? The guy with the over fed Eagles

  19. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Cant understand isnpite of such insult of jaggu, how come KvK is still thinking of marriage. Devi seems to be too much involved that she is the only one who can save the kingdom. How cant she trust on Bindu, who is the king and more experienced to handle complex situations, and King should be knowing what is happening in background (Though here Bindu is shown as a floolish King). Would have appreciated if dharma would have confided with Bindu, rather than she becoming hero and take effort to save entire human race from Vinash

  20. Oh no Devi you can’t do this and I personally think that she should get married to ashok lolll

  21. I was going through the comments of past update. Someone named abhishek Maurya had stated Mahabharata did not happen.
    Abhishek Maurya it has been astronomically, historically and scientifically proved that Mahabharata did happen. There is no confusion about this.
    Sadly I can’t write how and what are the evidences as it ll take a long time and even much of it couldn’t be understood if you are not good at understanding astronomy

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      Bella, please don’t hesitate to reply.Im eager to know your opinion and knowledge on the existence of mahabharatha no matter how long will it take to comment.

      1. Abhishek Maurya I can understand your urge to know. What is will do is post evidences in very update one by one. Is it alright?

      2. Abhishek maurya


  22. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di……..
    Finally Devi is going to marry Ashoka……

  23. All the plotted story is bhakwwas director is not showing the history. He is showing his own bhakwaas script with all boring scenes and endless episodes.,

  24. History lover

    Thanks Bella ,Pradeep day ananda ,Zantte and others who made an interesting dialogue . I am also interested to find the true histry of Ashoka the Great.As Bella said there were 5 wives, Devi the first, Kaurvaki the second. Wikipedia says Kaurvaki is a daughter of a fisher man ,but she is the most influential queen, as far as queen edict is concerned .and the only queen who’ s name is depicted in ashoka edicts, and only prince who’s name is depicted in asoka edicts is Kaurvaki ‘s son thivala. Therefore it seems that he was the crown prince since his premature death. I have seen one fan from Orissa has stated that according to thair history asoka made a marriage proposal to a princess of kalinga,. was she Kaurvaki ? I think karvaki was a princess of kalinga.
    According to Wikipedia and Mahawansa of Sri Lanka, Devi is a daughter of a merchant of ujjaini, however mahawansa says devis ancestry is related to the shakya clan of Gauthama Budda. Devi was a Buddhist and asoka made his largest stupa Sanchi in Devi’s birth place.In some books Devi is referred as Maharani Devi, but maharani is asandhimutta,a princess .And it was an arranged marriage. She was the 3rd or 4th queen who had only one daughter charumathi. And asandhimitta has adopted kuala son of queen Padmawathi who died her early age.Padmawathi was Either third or fourth.
    Asoka married thishyraksha after the death of asandimittha, 4 years before asokas death. As she is very young and was in same age of kunala, she wanted to have a relationship with kunala and after he refused it she made him blind.
    However nothing can be find out relating to death of Devi or Karvaki . So dear Bella ( proud Indian) and Pradeep ( definitely from SL) do you know any thing about them?

    1. Dear history lover, thank you. Karuvaki was one of the strongest and powerful empress consort. Being that we have very scanty information of karuvaki. She was only discovered through the rock edicts and inscriptions. No she wasn’t kalinga princess. At that time kalinga was democratic that is people ruled themselves and they could sacrifice their lives for their state. Devi was only known after mahendra named her until that nobody knew about her. In all Buddhist texts she wasn’t mentioned anywhere as she belonged to caste vaishyas( merchants) . Karuvaki was mentioned so that is hotly debated topic whether she was a commoner or of a higher caste. Their deaths are not known. There are still many missing pieces but we have sole faith we will know everything about this Great Emperor


    Thnx history lover.u gussed crrctly.i am from SL.wht u say crrect wht written in mahavansa.history lover & bella i wud lyk to tell smthng about far i knw we sri lankans ar da only nation hving recorded lineage of history.mahavansa was written by a buddhist monk called ven.Mahanama .archeological excavation done remarkably matches upto date with mahawansa & so it’s reliable source.devi gave birth to mahendra & sanghamitra.they brought buddhism to SL.but they never return to india back.its also says Acharya RG also later became a buddhist monk.
    hey bella do u wanna know CAS pastlife & afterlife stories?

    1. Pradeep dayananda I think I know. Ashoka was a poor boy who had come to Buddha with a bowl of dust. After that Buddha said that this boy in his next birth will be a powerful ruler .

      1. I ll elaborate it properly. In his past life ashoka when he was small boy was playing with sand building sand castle thinking himself to be the of tha castle , at that moment Buddha passed him. Seeing Buddha , ashoka immediately took his his imaginary treasure ( dust and sand) and placed in Buddha’s begging bowl telling it was his offer to the Buddha. Seeing this Buddha said that this boy will be born as king Ashoka as he lovingly offered Buddha sand and he has gained many merits


    in his previous birth he was a merchant vth two brothers also were day, a pachcheka buddha (silent buddha) begged for honey for a he was begging buddha met a female servant & she got to knw tht buddha z in need of she directd buddha to merchant’s tent.merchant offerd honey wishd” i vl b an emperor ruling whole india in nxt birth”.so buddha sed ” may ur wish fulfilled”
    on da way female servant checkd whether buddha got honey o nt.buddha told her abt merchant’s wish.immediately she wished to b his queen.
    the merchant in nxt birth became emperor ashoka & servant asandhimitra.
    two brothers merchant had, one became buddhist novice monk nigrodha who made ashoka to b a buddhist.other brother born as king tissa in SL

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