Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th November 2015 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu says Noor did attack us but the attack was pretty easy for her. There is someone amongst us without whose help Noor and Daastan couldn’t have come inside. Helena raises doubt on Akramak but he counters her. Akramak died for us. Such people are to be valued. I will have to find out who that person is who helped Noor and Daastan! That traitor will get no punishment other than death! Helena agrees with him. We should question all the soldiers who were present here during the attack. Mahamadhya nods.

Acharya Chanakya tells that the biggest bitter truth of life is that your closest people backstab you. If you (Ashoka) have to face any problems in life then be prepared to fight with anyone. Ashoka nods. I wont spare anyone who will think to hurt my mother and motherland!


night, Helena comes to meet Daastan. He knew she would come to meet him. You know why I am still alive? Bindu wants to know about that traitor inside the palace who helped me and Noor. I have the letters that who had written to Noor. Bindu will not be bereft of any doubt after reading them. He would understand that Unanis too are his enemies. She reasons that he wont get out alive from here even after taking her name. He says I will take you down with me! If you want to save yourself then you will have to save me.

Next morning, all the family members are gathered around Noor’s pyre. Bindu thinks of the past. I wish I could understand your anger, jealousy and insecurity that were bubbling inside you. It affected your own son. Siamak thinks of his last meeting with his mother as he tearfully holds the burning log of wood. He lights the pyre. He thinks of the past when Ashoka had spoken about not upsetting any of their mothers. He turns to go when Ashoka kneels down before him. Please forgive me. I have hurt you badly. I will accept any punishment that you will give me. Bindu asks Siamak to forgive Ashoka. He did that to save his mother. Siamak hugs Ashoka. I forgive you brother. He leaves from there. Everyone else follows except Acharya Chanakya and Helena. Acharya Chanakya talks to Helena. I can understand it when Siamak wasn’t held captive but I cannot understand why you weren’t held captive by the Khurasanis. Why did Khurasanis have such a special place for you (a Unani). She asks him what he wants to say. He replies I will prove everything soon. That time is not far.

Charumita looks at her black magic dolls. The stones turn white. This means someone is saving Dharma. She thinks of the words of that lady tantric. Someone has come to know that about black magic being done on Dharma. She thinks of Acharya Chanakya’s challenging words. If he is behind it then he will reach me for sure. The penalty for doing black magic in Magadh on someone is death. Chanakya will make sure I get my due punishment.

Chanakya’s disciple tells Acharya that he was right to doubt Purshottam. Purshottam often came to palace to meet Sushim and Mahamadhya. Chanakya says he hasn’t come here in a while. I am sure he is dead by now. Sushim and Mahamadhya are in this together. Now I feel there is something more to it. It is still hidden though. Sushim is a prince. Why would he take out money from the treasury in the name of help? Why would he need it? I will have to bring it out before everyone before something goes wrong. Magadh’s throne is to unite entire India. Whoever tries to plot anything against it has to get out. I vow to bring out the entire truth before Bindu by today evening. I will find out who that enemy is.

Ashoka and a guy come to the local market in disguise. Ashoka speaks about what his mother is going through recently. The other guy hints at black magic. Ashoka asks him for a solution. Or am I wasting these 100 gold coins? I will give it to whoever offers to cure my mother. People hear the amount. The other guy suggests Ashoka to look somewhere else. No one here can help you. Ashoka nods and leaves. A guy follows him.

Helena writes a letter in code words. She fears losing Siamak. She gives the letter to a servant. Make sure it reaches my father asap. Save it with your life. She pays him some money. Outside, Acharya Chanakya comes face to face with the solider. His disciple comes from the other side. Other soldiers catch hold of him. The soldier tries to swallow the message but Acharya’s disciple pulls out a piece from his mount. Acharya orders his soldier to bring out the rest of message from that guy even if it means killing him.

The guy offers to help Ashoka. I heard you. It all hints at black magic. I know how to do it. Ashoka gives him the bag of gold coins. Save my mother. But first tell me, have you ever treated anyone before? The guy nods. Ashoka asks him to come along. The guy says I can do it from here only. People come to me from far. Ashoka agrees. He gives the bag of money to the guy and removes his moustache. The guy gets scared. Ashoka catches hold of him. It is illegal to do black magic in Magadh. You used it on a royal family member. Now you will die. The guy accepts he knows nothing about black magic. I am only a thug. I wanted to loot your money. No one in this place does this magic. That woman never spares anyone. Ashoka threatens him to give him info. The guy tells Ashoka about the lady who lives in a cave. She is the strongest. I often help her by stealing unclaimed dead bodies. I am saying the truth. Ashoka asks about the cave.

Precap: Ashoka confronts the lady. Tell me the name of that woman who has made my mother a living dead by using black magic on her. Charu looks at them from outside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Sad news for all Ashoka fans chanakya to die this week itself to be killed by siamak

    1. how do you know?
      kya tumhare pas koi praman hai?

    2. Is it true

      1. i don’t think it is true….
        Those people know that their TRP’s will surely fall….so they wont kill him that easily……and we also know that chanakya fasted to death… i think its just rumor !
        what say guys?

  2. very good!

  3. plzz chanakya must not die plz plz not chanakya

  4. HahaHa, Its truly funny to know chankaya will be killed by sushim..No way..
    As per history he starved himself to death,once bindusara doubts chanakya in death of his no way sushim kills chanakya ,as none killed him as per history…
    Sushim will be killed by ashoka

  5. no way , it’s not true
    let us hope for good episode
    and the truth of helana and charumitra will come out
    and ashok will go for takshasila and come with victory

  6. Mr.Sam do not spread false news. Chanakys dies himself as per Zain Upavas.

  7. Exactly none of the princes killed chanakya. He starved to death after he was doubted upon by bindusar for the latter’s mother’s death. But this doubting scene had already been shown in this serial in the 1st week of airing of this serial. After he was attacked by Helena’s men, noor’s brother died and bindu was injured and was treated by dharma. And that was the first time dharma and bindu met. When he came back alive after marrying dharma Helena in fit of rage poisoned his mind against chanakya for being responsible for durdhara’s death. And then being disrespected chanakya left magadh. But later on when he came to know the truth he apologised to chanakya when the latter came back after 14 long years. So the question is if this scene is already shown then how will chanakya die now? What will be the reason behind his death?

  8. Khallatak apologises to Chanakya and says that he will find evidence against Sushim. Ashoka then journeys to meet the black magic lady. But Charumitra kills her without letting Ashoka know

    Siamak stabs Chanakya’s chest which leads to Chanakya collapsing. Meanwhile, Ashoka reaches the forest to search for Chanakya

    Chanakya tells Ashoka that his journey has come to an end and Ashoka’s journey has begun. Later, all hell breaks loose when people come to know that Chanakya is dead

    1. How do u know?

    2. Krish from where did you get this? Why will siamak kill chanakya? The former has no personal grievances towards him. Please provide proof for whatever you are saying.

  9. Chankaya felt as guilty then he fast as jain upvas nothing eat and covered himself by upala means animal,s beet make fuel by which prepare food in village. So one jealous minister puts a burning coel,s peice then fire catches all upala and ansan upvas chankaya died by burned in Upla it is real histroy of chankaya death

  10. And ashoka will go to tashishila after sushim failed to stop vidroh in tashishila. At first sushim will go

  11. No clear history of chanakya aka kautilya aka vishnugupt is available. But their are few storys might b one of them may b true. As one mentioned above. But his works are important than his life. Thus u won’t find much about his personal life inhistory

  12. And above all this story they are showing is totally fiction. They add unnecessary character. And don’t show how it all really happened. So if siamak kills chanakya I won’t b surprised. As siamak like character never existed

  13. salo kitni gali de hum tum logo ko…. samjha h kya tum jo dikhao hum mann lege

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