Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purohit ji asks Kaurvaki to tell him the details of who she wants to do the puja for. She tells him everything. He is surprised. Everyone is doing puja for the royal family today. a lady just did puja for Samrat Bindu. Kaurvaki is sure it will be Rani Dharma only. Dharma is not there though. Kaurvaki gets sad. Dharma is standing right behind her. She leaves. Kaurvaki hears the sound of her anklets. She calls out after Dharma to stop. Dharma turns to look at Kaurvaki who smiles broadly. She recalls the childhood times. I stopped her but what will I say to her. She walks up to Dharma. Dharma recognizes her to be the same princess who gave food to her son that night. Kaurvaki nods. Dharma is happy to meet her again. I couldn’t thank you enough that day. Kaurvaki says I am lucky to have found

you. it is good to give food to hungry people. Their blessings always fulfil your wishes. My wish cannot be fulfilled without your blessing. Dharma blesses her. what can I do for you? Kaurvaki asks her to feed her. Dharma is hesitant. A princess is asking for food from an ordinary citizen. Kaurvaki reasons that she is at a place which is far away from her home and mother. One can eat as much as they wish but you always miss the food cooked by a mother. Bela seconds her. Dharma happily agrees. I wont be able to arrange such lavish food items. Kaurvaki says food cooked by a mother is always good. Dharma agrees. She tells her her address. My son will be happy to see you. Please come over tomorrow. Kaurvaki nods. Dharma leaves. Kaurvaki thinks her wait of 10 years is going to be over finally. No one can stop me from meeting Ashoka now.

Ashoka and Bhupal challenge one another for a fight. They agree upon the fact that whoever wins this competition can go to fight the competition in Nalanda. They start their wrestling match. Ashoka definitely has an upper hand on Bhupal. You are a great fighter. It is my wish that you win but what you think only as a competition is a medium to give a meaning to my life. It is a matter of life and death for me.

Dharma shouts Chand. Leave him right away. Ashoka lets go of Bhupal. She questions Ashoka on his act. What did you want to prove? Hari tells her how her son is thinking of participating in the competition which is going to be held in Nalanda. He wants to become the Maha Yodha of Magadh. Dharma is shocked. She slaps Ashoka. She apologizes to everyone. My son is too naive. He does not know he does not qualify for this competition. He has created a hindrance in your practise. I am sorry. She takes Ashoka and Vit inside with her.

Bhupal pays respect to a Mugdar (club – a heavy stick, usually thicker at one end than at the other, suitable for use as a weapon). Vit is confused to see him praying to a Mugdar. He asks Kaki (Bhupa’s mother) about it. Kaki says it is the symbol of strength. Bhupal’s father was a very great fighter. One day he threw it angrily on the ground. It got stuck inside the ground. No one could pull it out of earth since then. People believe it that no one can even move it out of the ground. If anyone is able to move it then he has been sent by God.

Bhupal seeks his mother’s blessings. Kaki makes Dharma do his tilak and puja as she is a married woman. A married woman’s blessing has more effect than others (she is a widow). Dharma does Bhupal’s aarti. Ashoka looks angrily at his mother. You should have done someone else’s tilak and what are you doing. You can do whatever you wish but it is in my destiny to end Sushim. It is in my destiny to fulfil the dream of united India. I will bring back peace and happiness in the lives of people once again. Only your swear was holding me back till now, but not anymore!

Mahamatya announces that the competition between a royal and ordinary citizen begins now. The match is between Bhupal and Sushim. Bhupal fails in hurting Sushim. Mahamatya laughs seeing it. Sushim tells Bhupal to try again. You are commendable. Bhupal fails in doing him any harm. Sushim stands rooted to his place, completely unaffected by any of his attacks. He holds Bhupal’s neck and beats him badly. Sushim keeps hitting him on his chest and makes him vomit blood. He throws him in the ground and buries his face in the sand for a long time. Sushim says Ashoka will also have to die this way. I sure we will come face to face really soon. Bhupal stops moving. Mahamatya announces Sushim as the winner. Sushim gets up. Bhupal looks at him. He (hinting at Chand) will certainly come. He will take revenge for my death for sure.

Precap: Sushim is sure Ashoka will come this time. He thinks from heart. I am sure he will come this time to die by my hands. Kaki tells Dharma she is sure they will take revenge for her son’s death. Dharma says my son Chand will go in the competition now. Acharya RG says that Ashoka’s tapasya of 10 years is going to pay off now. He will come face to face with him now and time will finally change!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. uff…………taking much time for kaurwaki and ashoka

  2. Super Epi?Ur So Fast Mis. Pooja.If Bhapul Get Siever Atack By Sushm Hw He Wil Fight Aganin With Ashoka?Nw Cmpard To Previous Acting Of Mohit He Develop.Mohit Maintain It.Does Kauvaki Meet Ashoka 2mrow?Kauvaki Stry Is Drgang To Much

    1. Pooja

      Thanks Dhananjaya. Bhupal meant Chand by He. I have added it in the update now so you guys are not confused 🙂

      1. pooja i ask hw ashoka fight with buphal i mean which is mentin in the precap.

    2. Pooja

      Oh…that came by some mistake. I have edited it now. Thank you for letting me know..

  3. Boring boring boring

  4. One competition taking 2 weeks already boring

  5. Episode moving at snails pace.

  6. ghost haunted

    How can Kaurvaki let go Rani Dharma? She has been waiting for past 10 years. What kind of story is this?
    I think Rani Dharma become Chand. She used to beat up him every now n then, earlier, she wasnt.
    Rajghir is a State. Then from every state, there shall be competetion and thereafter they had to fight with Sushim.
    Dull story
    Where are the intelligent writers?

  7. Thanks Pooja for the update?

  8. Ashokdullface nobrighteyeslike sid wrong selection rotisoorat ashok tedhi soorat susheem worst selectionof two charactors serial ki shaan the woh serial kebigaad hain yeh

  9. Episode is too slow but thanx for the update.

  10. i don’t like the acting if mohit

  11. What has the writer turned this serial into – BULLSHIT!!!!!! What a SHAME!!!

  12. Where is Ahenkara??????

    1. Her role has finished.

      1. How??when?? Why 😂😂 wasn’t she the Queen of Ujjaini after her mother died…..

  13. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Unite ashwaki or defeat Sushim in nxt 2 days… Otherwise its boring now., my fav show is boring me., n for the ppl wanting Dharma to wear wig-
    Dharma must hv married at age of 20, ashoka is nw 25 yrs old. Dharma ws prgnt soon after marriage.. So she must b about 45 years now.. Does a45 year old lady has white hair in that time.. N dharma knows so much abt herbs.. She may hv used some..

    The storyline is dragging and the new Acharya rg and v khallatak r also boring with Mohit Raina.. He’s trying to improve,

  14. The girl playing kaurwaki speaks hindi with english accent. And the other one who plays acharya RG has a haryanvi accent. A very wrong choice for a strong character. Manish wadhwa of Chandragupta Maurya fame could have done justice to the role of Radhagupta who was finalised earlier.Anyways, mohit raina has improved a lot.But he urgently needs to reduce his fats otherwise it will be very difficult for him to do action sequences.The akhada (kushti) fighting scenes were very poor.The only character I like very much post the leap is dharma.Her passion towards acting is praiseworthy.She is indeed very beautiful. Devi is also good in her role.

  15. Pooja,have you got a fb account ?don’t worry.I’m from srilanka.I would like to see you.

    1. Pooja

      Hi Arun…unfortunately no. I don’t use fb actually. And don’t worry I wouldn’t have any problem sharing it with you if I had been using one.

      1. Ms. Pooja I think in the precap there was one more thing that ashok was able to pull the Mudgur which was stuck to the floor… sorry not any intention of hurting you

      2. Pooja

        Hey Cherry…that’s perfectly alright. Don’t be sorry. I was probably busy typing so I might have missed it. Sorry dear 😐

      3. No need to be sorry BTW ur update was amazing as usual?

      4. Pooja

        Thanks a ton 😀

  16. POOJA DI u are great !!!!!
    U share ur feelings with us and that is the most important thing in u which I love the most.
    And thank u for ur updates. U know whenever I read the update I can understand that it is written by u or not. And if I understand that u have written I read it happily but if I understand that u have not written then become sad…………..

    1. Pooja

      That’s so sweet of you dear. You guys give me so much love and support through your comments that I enjoy reciprocating equally 🙂

      1. You deserve it……

  17. POOJA DI have u voted for the new cast of CAS ?

    1. Pooja

      Oops…I missed it. Can you share the link again please?

      1. Sorry but I couldn’t find it when I tried to poen it yesterday……
        I think it has closed…… but still once u type Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat in Google and open the news tab, see if u can find it and if u get any info then u pls tell me……..

      2. *I tried to open

      3. Oh! I got it type vote for new cast of ashoka in google and u will get it…….
        PLEASE VOTE ……..

      4. Pooja

        I found it and have also voted for CAS cast. Thanks Dear 🙂

  18. I was a great fan of this show. But think it has become much more primitive and offensive. I feel this harms Ashoka’s greatness. I don’t like to see him being beaten by his mother. Dharma should not be a primitive lady. She must respect her son. She should have to known who is he and she needs to be his strength. Dharma is being very funny and not suitable her dialogues for any mother of a king. I guess real Dharma was a very wise lady. The show must show how hard she adopt her son without having a husband. Instead, the drama shows how she control Ashoka in vain. My personal idea is Ashoka should be more masculine not only by his appearance but with his whole attitudes. Rani Dharma should be a good adviser not a crazy angry and frightened lady.

  19. Thanks Pooja..Because you are saving my time..I am not watching till something really happens…I am expecting to learn the life of Great King Ashoka. Otherwise I don’t want to watch stupid mega drama series …

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome 🙂

  20. Where is Devi nowadays….I really miss her cute,bubbly and chirpy character…she is one of my fav. Character in case and kvk is shown 100 times in a epi but Devi?….not even a glimpse of her…

  21. pls keep sid face with the body of mohit it can look good. i cant see mohit he is like 40 years old… and also sushim… and that charu she is looking too short & young…

  22. perfect draft by POOJA, thanks for update

    1. Pooja

      Anytime 🙂

  23. Sheila kaschner

    Someone like young shrh khan will be better beimg Ashoka

  24. Sheila kaschner

    Someone like young Srkh khan will be better being Ashoka

  25. Nice efforts by Mrs. Pooja. Your style of story telling is very good.

    1. Pooja

      Thank you so much 🙂 And I am still Miss 😛

  26. To be frank Ashoka Killed his brother susheem mourya in a war as per the history.. but here it shows like ashoka is turned to be chand but the way ashoka will become samrat by killing people with no mercy and he never care about anything, inspite of all things i dont understand that why ashoka taking lot of time to go to maghad..because ahoka goes at the perfect time and he will be stronger thatn any yodha.. but for sure here ashoka will have to suffer a lot of pain as per the director i think so that since its its a seriel they have keep some curiosity on this, keeping in mind of viewers they does it

    1. manu bt acording to thd history sushhm was kild by radhaguptha by falng him into a false hot chacoal pit.

  27. Was young Ashoka more powerful than the 25 year old Ashoka. He killed Takshila king very easily and the powerful man in Kalinga. But he couldn’t defeat Bhupal easily. How can Dharma be his favourite wife if he doesn’t even want to atleast see if she is safe. THe director has lost his sanse.
    THe casts now are very funny … specially Sushimn ( with crooked face ) , charu mitra. Where is Ahankara … princess of Ujjain and her brother.. Wiki facts are too different than this Odyssey called CAS on colors

  28. TG… glad that these colors people have restarted repeat telecast of this show…they are surely dragging the storyline 🙁

  29. when does its repeat telecast is aired?

    1. At 5 in evening

  30. thanks pooja for the update when ever I am not able to see the episode ur written updates help me a lot .

  31. tx for updates

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome 🙂

  32. Where is today’s episode pooja

  33. Thank you very much pooja.I just want to see the face of great writer.bad luck.

  34. @ Arun,ar U Geting Any Prize For Seing Mis.Pooja’s Face Ths Nt Fb.Just Read The Updates And Leave A Idea Abt Drama Nt Abt Grl.

  35. @Dhananjaya.. Which story you found that Sushim was killed by Radhagupta? In serial there may have been evil forces, but in history there is no such evil power associated with Sushim

  36. At Ghost Read Wikipdia And Many Stry Regardng Sushim Mauraya

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