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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 24th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Jagnnath gets conscious of his surroundings. For a second I thought my end is near. Bindu says I will make sure it doesn’t happen till you give Kaurvaki’s hand in my son’s hand. Everyone is puzzled to see them thus. BIndu tells everyone not to be tensed. It was a friendly gesture only. Jagannath adds that their relations will change tomorrow. We thought to sort everything before entering that new phase. Everyone leaves from there one by one. Dharma is very much tensed. She asks kaurvaki and Ashoka what they are doing here. I told you not to see each other as it is inauspicious. Devi apologizes on their behalf. It is natural though as their fathers were engaged in a sword fight. Your shout brought them here. They only came as they were really concerned.

Devi asks Kaurvaki

about what she did. Kaurvaki says Ashoka is already upset with me and now Ma said we did a wrong / inauspicious thing. Devi tells her not to think about auspicious or inauspicious right now. Do you know how hard he tried to meet you? Wish you could see how hard he tried. You ruined everything. Kaurvaki apologizes. I don’t know why I got scared in the last moment. Devi says anger, fear, shyness is justified but you pushed him calling it wrong. That wasn’t right. You could have said it normally too. Would he have gone against your wish if you had said so? Kaurvaki accepts her mistake. I should talk to him. Will you help me? Devi says he cannot stay without you. You need to have patience this time. I am sure he will be as much yearning for you as much you are yearning for him. Just wait a little.

Ashoka is sleeping. Kaurvaki comes there. He turns in his sleep and she gazes sweetly at him. She removes her shawl and sits down near him. She plants a kiss on his forehead. He smiles in his sleep. She thinks of the time when they were about to kiss. She leans closer for a kiss and is all shy. My guilt is over now. She turns to go when Ashoka holds her hand. What are you doing here?

Lasendra follows Dharma. If she tells Devi she doesn’t want Ashoka and Kaurvaki to marry then everything will be finished.

Ashoka pulls Kaurvaki to him. She says I came to apologize. He said you apologized but you dint ask me if I forgave you or not. they look at each other romantically. Ashoka returns the kiss.

Devi asks Dharma what is bothering her so much. Dharma says it is about Ashoka and Kaurvaki. Lasendra is outside only.

Kaurvaki gets up feeling all shy. A pot falls down in the process. Dharma and Devi hear the noise and rush out. Ashoka puts the pot back in its place and hugs Kaurvaki. He keeps her dupatta over her head. Dharma and Devi come just then. Ashoka is taken aback. Kaurvaki says Ashoka was upset. I only came to apologize. She holds her ears before Dharma and leaves. Ashoka seconds Kaurvaki. Dharma reminds him they shouldn’t meet before marriage. Devi tells her to let it be. Nothing will go wrong. I am here to fix things if anything goes wrong. She takes Dharma with her.

Ashoka notices Lasendra in his room. What are you doing here? She sits on the bed with ease. He tells her to leave from here. If someone sees you then it wont be right. She smiles. I came to remind you of your promise. You dint do anything to Siamak and Sushim even after the pact we had. I told you they stole the treasury. I am still doing my work but you are forgetting yours because of your wedding. Ashoka tells Lasendra she doesn’t have to remind her of his promise. I have made my plan already. This time father is on my side. He might have announced SUshim the prince of Magadh and Siamak the Viceroy of Takshshila but it is just to calm them. I will kill them right after the wedding. They will have to pay for killing my Guru and for insulting my mother. This brother will kill his own brothers. This will be the first time in history when a brother will kill his own brothers. I will build united India after becoming the Samrat of Magadh so I can give a safe state and safe place to Indians to live! Charu is stunned to hear all this. She tries to see who the other is (Lasendra) but cannot. Charu collides with something as she tries peeking in. Noise alerts Ashoka who goes out to check but doesn’t find anyone in the corridor. He returns to his room but Lasendra is gone too. I will have to be more alert now. Sushim and his allies shouldn’t know of their impending future till this wedding happens.

Sushim angrily vows to set Bindu on fire. I wont spare him. Charu tries to stop him but in vain. She slaps him. I want to see him dead more than you. He is my husband but I dint get love of husband from him ever. I am the mother of his eldest son yet I dint get the respect I deserve. I am waiting for the right time. We know the truth now. We will have to hide this from Samrat. Siamak notices Bindu on door. Everyone goes quiet. Bindu asks them what it is that they went quiet as soon as he came here. Mahamatya says we only came to wish Sushim as it is his last night as a bachelor. Bindu turns to Sushim. I am eager to see you dressed as a groom and then take up the responsibility of Magadh. He gives an ancestral ornament to Sushim to wear in his turban tomorrow. sushim curtly hugs him and thanks him for doing so much for him. Bindu is startled by his behaviour but does not say anything. He leaves. Siamak tells SUshim to be careful. We have to plan our way ahead very carefully. Sushim advises him to mind his own business. It will be better if you will save yourself and go away from here. Siamak says Dadi was right. One should never trust Indians. Mahamatya gets confused but Sushim tells him to get their army together. I will attack on Magadh with my army once I marry Chanda. I was quiet for you (CHaru) but I cannot take this anymore. I cannot see Ashoka winning, marrying Kaurvaki or any of his dreams coming true. Do something. She agrees. I will do anything even if I have to make a big sacrifice for it.

Next morning, everyone comes to palace to witness the weddings. Chanda looks all pretty in bridal dress. Her mother explains the ritual of their family to her.

The weather changes drastically. Sage says now there will be only destruction. This is the sign! No one can now stop mother earth from turning red with blood!

Precap: Devi asks Dharma which other girl will take Kaurvaki’s place. There cannot be anyone other than Kaurvaki for Ashoka. Dharma says there is one. Devi asks her who she is talking about. Dharma takes her name. It is you who should be with Ashoka. Devi looks at her in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Wow fast update and nice pooja my exams were going on so I was not able to comment but eagerly waiting for tomorrow episode.nice update pooja

    1. Pooja

      Thanks Samyukta 🙂 How did your exams go?

      1. Very good pooja and keep updating

      2. My exams gone very well pooja

  2. In upcoming episode Devi will eat poison and want to die on the other hand karuvaki will start will coughing and vit will help Devi to revive.I think so

  3. Devi

    Its dragging again -.- Thx Pooja for the fast update

    1. Pooja

      I know…and, you are welcome Devi 🙂

    2. Why don’t you just stop watching the show you foolish woman?? Sick of you same comment everyday.

      1. Devi

        The only thing I said is it’s dragging? How does that annoy you? Plz, if you don’t like what I’m commenting, then just ignore it. Just bcuz I’m saying it’s dragging doesn’t mean I hate CAS. Jeez -.-

  4. Boring episode

  5. Ven though the story is fictional I love the flawless settings costumes if the serial


    episode z gud. just want to say tht history hs not being poytrated.but teledrama z mking us keen to watch it
    does anyone knows historical facts about charumitra(in buddhist text she was also called charudatta)
    bella i am counting on u!! 🙂

    1. Pradeep dayananda thank you for counting me. Yes I know about charumitra. She was the empress of bindusar not Maharani as shown here. She was also called charumati . For her whole life charumitra had struggled to get sushim as the heir of magadh. She plotted against other queens and their sons as she wanted her son to always win. She was powerful and ruthless empress. In some texts it is written that she was mistress in casting dark enchantments. She along with her son had planned to kill ashoka by sending him to takshashila to suppress the uprising but ashoka was victorious. Charumitra was equally responsible for the downfall of her son as he was

      1. Bt charumati was also da name of da daughter of ashoka frm one of his concubies later adopted by asandhmitra.. Nd she married to a king of nepal.. There is a bihar which is called charumati bihar in nepal…

        Nd charumati drama is very popular nd palyed in different theatre..

        It means ashoka give same nameof his stepmom to his daughter ….

      2. Karuna it is a speculated belief as far none of the historians have talked about ashoka having a daughter of name charumitra! It was sanghamitra

      3. and what is the end of charumitra ?

    2. Charumitra was almost successful as she had support of bindusar. But the ministers played their cards very well and thus ashoka became the emperor.

  7. Great. Now ashoka and Devi will marry but not in the way written in the history. But at least they will now. Karuvaki should not lose hope. She will even marry ashoka. I doubt whether the director will also show asandhimitra , padmavati and tishyaraksha. Can’t wait for chandashoka.

    1. Of course we can’t be sure ……..but still I think there;s chance that the director would show Padmawati. Don’t forget Kaurvaki used her name to fake her identity for some time. Padmavati would surely get to know that. And she would feel she should also meet emperor Ashoka(who owns a huge empire and is of course wealthy and prosperous) …….and then possibly a bit of attraction of the princess towards Ashoka and then Ashoka might marry her knowing she likes him and marrying the princess would increase him empire and number of allies.

  8. This serial is not showing Ashoka’s greatness but love story of Ashok and kaurvaki the title of serial should have been jab tak hai jaan es serial ko dekte dekte hahaha viewer ka jaan

    1. Sorry it was not hahaha it was jayega viewer ka jaan

  9. Dr Shrena agarwal

    Rofl… ColorsTv us always successful in delivering Shit!!! Lol…Ashoka gets married to devi at the age of 18 is what i read…Years later karuwaki gets married to ashoka…Karuwaki ko kalinga ke princess dika rahe hain!!
    Kalinga had no connection with any of ashokas wives!!

    A good big round of applause to the creatives for spoiling ashokas image… turning him from an emperor into a lover boy…Hope this isnt tormenting his soul!!

    Ashoka chakra, the emblem… what not…Sabka ijjat nikhaalne mein lge hue hain in logo ne!!

    Swaragini ssk aisi serials ke saath jo karna hain karlo…jo dhikaana hain dika lo…. kam se kam Historical series ko tho chod do yaar!!!

    Hum viewers ye ummeedh ke saath historical shows dekhte hain ki… Creatives ne Pura nahi,Atleast thoda research kiye honge aur reality ko lagbag aaspaas dikaate honge!!

    Lekin nahi trps ke liye barbaadh kiya sab kuch!!
    Devis kids play a major role in promoting buddhism…atleast e tho saho dikha lo!!
    And karuwaki bale hi ashok ke fav the lekin asal mein Unki ek hi wife thi jo ek princess thi wo hai asandhimitra…his third wife and she helped him a lot in all the kingdom affairs…infact she was the Queen!!

    Anyways ppl like us we may read to know if the things they are showin us are right…. But more than 50% ppl just watch them thinking everything shown on screen happened truly!!

    Please agar aise serials direct karne nahi aata tho plz math karo!!
    Better not to show shit!!
    The next time colors pe agar kuch historical show aayegi tho 100% i wont be watching it!!!
    ColorsTv ko ek bahut bada shaastaang pranaaam!!!

    Sorry friends if i hurt anyone here!!

    1. Dr. Shrena agarwal it is not written anywhere that ashoka married at the age of 18. It is known that he married first when he was a prince. Internet will show you many things. Historians are still confused whether Devi and asandhimitra were same person. But I feel that Devi and asandhimitra are different person so I wrote it.

      1. Okay Bella 🙂 Thankyou for d clarification 🙂 I just read it somewhere,so i mentioned it here thats all…no offence ?? Am just a medico…so whatever o read on the internet i thout atleast 50% of it wuldb correct so mentioned it thats all 🙂

  10. Jab tak rahega viewer ka jaan


    alrdy karuwaki came as padmavati

    1. Pradeep dayananda it is shown in CAS but is not actually true. What we know is padmavati is third or fourth queen of ashoka who died giving birth to kunala

      1. who r you? Padmavati never existed as his was his daughter fromDevi.

      2. Asthmita so far as we knw devi gave birth to mahendra nd sangamitra… Dnt knw dat padhmavati was her daughter bt was ashoka’s wife …
        Can u tell us hw nd where did u get dat information… Bcoz it is completly new for us….

      3. Asmitha who are you? Who are you to tell that Devi had three children , don’t write if u don’t know things , for the past 3 years I have been researching about Emperor Ashoka. Not from the internet but visiting the places and reading the scripts and texts and also edicts. Charumitra was the empress of Emperor bindusar

  12. Thank you for the update pooja di .I read that ashoka will attack jaggu when he comes to know about the deal. so kvk will get angry and slaps ashoka. ashoka also get angry towards kvk and he will marry devi. After that ashoka will again turn into chand then kalinga war will happen.

  13. Hi pooja I HV dbt that this story is original ashok samrat story r not replay me pls

  14. the siddnigam fan

    Devi kitni sundar lag rahi thi na….wow

    1. Hey r u fan of sid??? I m also A very big fan of him n really missing him..I really wish he come back in this show as ashoka’s son as ruhana came back to gangaa serial on &TV as her own daughter Krishna…

  15. The storyline may be crap but the costumes are gorgeous! Chanda and Devi looked stunning and full marks to Sushim for some brilliant acting! I did notice Shiamak’s fingers in bandages so top marks for detail too. If only they make the story go faster, in whatever imaginary flight of the writer, will again become a good watch

  16. such i also know padmavati is already padmavati but kaise samjh nhi aa rha..

  17. sorry kvk is already padmavati…

  18. khani kvk ko to kabhi padmavati ko kalinga princess bataya jata he..aisa kyo..padmavati to alag rani thi ashoka ki..

  19. Commenting after a long time….Thank you so much Pooja Di because of exams not able to watch CAS from 1 week…Today only I read all updates…Thank you so much Pooja Di…
    About Episode-
    I am stunned…I ddint except this from Colors….Really They will change history…

  20. Sushim married Chanda. Kaurvaki and Ashok were also marrying, but there comes a twist. A boy asks Ashok not to marry Kaurvaki, as their clan will become servant to Kaurvaki’s kingdom. Kaurvaki’s father Jagannath comes and insults Ashok and his father Bindusara. Ashok asks Jagannath to apologize to Bindusara. Jagannath refuses to apologize. Ashok rages and stabs Jagannath right in front of Kaurvaki and everyone. The soldiers take Jagannath’s body. Kaurvaki gets a big shock.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      thank you for the spoiler, its better to know the plot beforehand and watch, rather to watch the serial without knowing the plot and feel frustrated

  21. Kaurvaki slaps Ashok and refuses to marry him. Kaurvaki leaves him in the mandap and is very much hurt to see Ashok’s madness. Kaurvaki challenges Ashok that no girl will be ready to marry him. She scolds him for not being able to control his anger and failing to be human. Ashok gets angry and proposes Kaurvaki’s best friend Devi to marry him.

  22. Kaurvaki did not know Ashok will marry Devi and forget her love in a moment. Devi agrees to marry Ashok. Ashok angrily takes Devi to the mandap. Ashok marries Devi infront of Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki angrily leaves from the place. Devi gets in dilemma over supporting Kaurvaki or Ashok.

    1. Really excited to see this asvi.and Ashoka will stab Jagannath

  23. thanks pooja for update oh i cnt belve that charumithra heard the entrie plan of asoka.wht wil hapen in future??hw does earth cover with blood if bindu take that pact whle fightng with jaganath?

  24. Cn Any One Tel Me Is There Is A Wrten Update Of Bal Veer


  26. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Ashok is a brave and sensible warrior, wonder how come he and lasandra speak confidential discussions so loudly that anyone can hear from outside. Cant Askok close his room doors and sleep so that anyone cant enter his room (especiaally KvK ), seems there is no secrecy in kingdom at night, making it very unsafe. Anyone is roaming around at night without getting noticed. How come no guards in corridor etc.. When Charu, Sushim, Khallyatak, Shiamak are discussing something dangerous, why cant they close the door and talk in whispers, door is open and Bindu walks in just like that….. Everyone is secretly hearing others discussion, wonder how Bindu has always missed on this..


    guys i nd to thnk u all for ur comments.CAS has created a platform to us discuss & argue so we cn get real facts.
    Bella thnx for ur comment.Bella many says bindu favoured his elder son sushim.but mahavansa record that when ashok was small one day bindu kept him on lap.then ashoka urinated & bindu collected it in a conch.then bindu poured it over ashoka’s head.Dharma shocked seeing it.then bindu sed i do dz so that to see him as emperore one day.
    also bella z crrect.ashoka’s third queen was padmawati.her son was kunala.kunala was adopted by assandhimitra later.once asandimitra died, her hand-maiden thisyaraksha was queen.she was very jealousy she made kunala blind and kill bodhi tree in bodhgaya by pricking it with poisonous thorns

  28. Pradeep dayananda u ar at most welcome. Yes you are right. So many facts has been discussed here. And we will continue to carry on our discussion till the end of CAS.

    P. S where did Zannat go? Not heard from him for many days

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