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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka says I am tired of this game of getting you and losing you Kaurvaki. When I lost you for the first time, I accepted it that our story reached its climax. It was you who started to look for me once again. You left your home behind and gave up your identity. Something was stopping me from coming before you. Something was making me feel I would hurt you but only your strong will and our love kept us together. When everything was going to fall in place for us, your father again played the same game. He asked me to choose between my mother and motherland. You know when my heart broke? You dint even look back once while leaving. Ironically, I cannot even blame you for supporting your father. It is the duty of every kid to support his or her parents.

Jagannath and Kewalnath

are looking for Kaurvaki.

Ashoka says I am strong yet I am all alone now. I cannot understand who to talk to, who to ask what I should do. On one side there is Devi who continues to make sacrifices for me time and again. On the other hand it is me. I left her alone for you. I don’t know how to get out of this without hurting anyone. I know you are here only and you can hear me. Guide me as to how should I come out of this situation. Guide me. Kaurvaki thinks she has learnt it from him only. I wont want you to give up on your missions for me. It will be good if you forget me. It will be right for you, for motherland and for your wife. Ashoka says you not saying anything is a hint for me. You have chosen to leave your Ashoka for forever. Kaurvaki is in tears. Ashoka gets up. He turns and comes face to face with Devi.

Jagannath signals his soldiers not to shoot Ashoka.

Devi says I tried a lot to stop myself but I couldn’t. I came after you. I know Kaurvaki does not wish to meet you so you can achieve your dream of United India. It will be a tribute to your mother. Ashoka leaves from there without a word. Devi follows him. Kaurvaki comes out of her hiding place and cries.

Kaurvaki comes near gorge. It is impossible to live with you and so is to live without you. Death is the only option for me so there is no hope or expectation to meet you again. I don’t want you to spend your entire life with a wish to meet me. Build the United India that your mother and Guru have dreamt of.

Ashoka feels weird. He turns but cannot see Kaurvaki. I couldn’t reach her but my prayers can. I pray she gets strength to always do the right thing.

Kaurvaki suddenly realises what she was going to do. She takes a step back. What was I going to do? I cannot be this weak! I have learnt it from childhood that one should never give up in the face of any sort of difficulties. I cannot run from life. I am the daughter of Kalinga’s king. I don’t know what I should and can do. She breaks down. Jagannath comes there. She hugs her father. I cannot understand what I am doing. I don’t know if I am right or wrong anymore. I am at that point of life where I have no control over anything, not even myself. I was going to commit suicide. I know I shouldn’t do this. Why should I live though? He shares how he thought his death is certain when he was in Kichak’s jail. My responsibilities, memories of my beloved daughter motivated me to live. I saw how strong you were when you crossed ocean to rescue me. I was assured that I would have done something good in life because of which I got a daughter like you. They share another emotional hug. Jagannath says I still remember the time when I first fed food to you with my own hands. Every father has some expectations from his kids. I too had many but you fell in that Daasi putra’s love when it was time for you to live up to it. I tried to explain it but you forgot everyone in your madness, including me. citizens are also kids of a King. How could I be so selfish that I would hurt my so many kids for my one kid? How could I put their lives in risk? In your madness for Ashoka you forgot that the blood in your veins is of Kalinga, which values its reputation. You are the daughter of Kalinga which is proud of its identity. She is getting suffocated because of his extremely tight hug. Jagannath continues talking. It isn’t easy to take difficult decisions at times. I would not have to see this day if I had taken the right decision on time. She shouts father but he keeps talking. At times we have to do what does not make us feel bad, as we know no one else can do that for us. She shouts she is unable to breathe. He lets go of her. She breathes heavily. He says I have to end what you started. I want whatever happens from now onwards with you is good. Where you are today is neither good for us nor for Kalinga. He cups her face angrily / forcibly. You will have to go so no harm comes to my respect and dignity. He pushes her down the gorge. Kaurvaki shouts Ashoka’s name while falling.

Ashoka and Devi return to the same cave. He holds KAurvaki’s dupatta emotionally. Devi can see his pain of not being able to find Kaurvaki. I should help him come out of it but why am I unable to do it. I was the one who wanted to bring them close. How did my thinking change by only spending one night with him? Why do my promises seem hollow now? My selfishness is making me weak. Am I doing the right thing by keeping Ashoka away from his biggest strength? Ashoka suggests returning to Patliputra. She nods. Everyone is waiting for you there to celebrate your latest victory.

Acharya RG does Siamak’s last rites along with other martyr soldiers. Acharya RG advises soldiers to pour Siamak’s ashes with all due respect. It is Ashoka’s order. A soldier asks him why he is upset. For whom? He was a traitor, right? Acharya RG speaks of how weird life is. I have seen all three kids of Samrat growing up. Not birth but upbringing nurtures a person in a right or wrong manner. Samrat never discriminated between any of his kids yet one kid supported dharma and other supported adharma. The one supporting dharma won. This unjust child dies. Every kid of this royal family is very strong and powerful. If they were not enemies of each other then this family would have been too strong to defeat in today’s date. No one can even imagine it. It wasn’t his age to die. Who knows he would have become the Samrat of Magadh one day, but the way he chose was wrong. His end was certain. Charu hears his last few lines and gets shocked. No! My son cannot die! How dare you set him on fire? She tries to go near the pyre but Acharya RG pulls her aside. She asks him to let go of her. My son cannot die. He tells her it isn’t Sushim but Siamak. She demands to know what Ashoka did to Sushim. Acharya RG explains that not Ashoka but Siamak killed Sushim. His body has not been found. Charu refuses to believe it. My son has immense powers. He cannot die. No sword can kill him. He advises her to look on her own then. I would still say it will be useless. She asks him if this is why he dint look for her son. A mother will still go looking for her son.

Ashoka prays to Ma to guide him. Devi also prays to have enough strength so she can follow her dharma. Ashoka and Devi turn. Jagannath points his sword at Ashoka. Ashoka asks him what he wants from him now. Jagannath says what you can give me. You even snatched my only daughter from me for forever. Ashoka and Devi are stunned. Ashoka asks him what happened to Kaurvaki. Jagannath says it is ironic. You will celebrate your victory and I will mourn my daughter’s death. You are the reason of her death! Ashoka shakes his head. It cannot be! Jagannath says this is what happened. She jumped in gorge. She committed suicide. Epi ends on Ashoka’s shocked face.

Precap: Charu gives a herb to Sushim. You give it to him (Bindu) while he is asleep. After he wakes up, he will follow the orders of the one who he will see first as soon as he opens his eyes. Ashoka shouts Kaurvaki’s name near the gorge. Devi tells him there is no way to go down there. Ashoka jumps in the gorge. Devi shouts his name!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Pooja

    So sorry for the delay guys 🙁

    1. This is life my dear Pooja ,,, sad or happiness !!!

  2. what nonsense!! kaurwaki had no such incidents in history. nice serial but they manipulate history too much, and hate this charumitra black magic melodrama !

    1. agree

  3. what nonsense!! kaurwaki had no such incidents in history. nice serial but they manipulate history too much, and hate this charumitra black magic melodrama !

  4. Wat jaggu killed kvk…… Omg

  5. Oh no no no ….
    Poor kvk so many difficulties in her life n she has to face it all alone… At least their r no. Of people to stand by side of ashok in his difficulties…

    This Jagannath is a very good king as he always thinks of kalinga welfare but that much bad father….

    Hope it was a dream sequence of Jagannath..

    1. No he is not a good king as well. Hr had stolen magadh’s treasure. Knowing that if magadh finds he us involved then they can declare a war on entire kaling. Still he did that. He just doesn’t want any relationship with magadh’s royal family. And for that he could sacrifice both kaling and kaurvaki.

  6. No probs for d delay, thnx for the update.

  7. life is such a strange humdrum affair for ashok anr kaurwaki . I feel too saad for them. However thanx a lot for the update! No need to feel sorry for being late pooja, u r always punctual , plus it doesn’t matter whether u r early or late.

  8. No worries you are doing a great service Pooja bless you yes this is bollywoodisation of history

  9. good epi,4 thnk nw ashoka & kauvaki unite undr clif & kauvaki also safe.

  10. premchand patle

    nonsense do something new, very difficult to disest it.

  11. Angelk1

    Poor kaurvaki… How can he do that. Hopefully ashok saves her.

  12. Abhishek maurya

    The serial is gonna end on 7th october.Ha ha??.The serial’s name is chakravartin ashoka samrat and till now ashoka has not become an emperor.

    1. thats wahat i always think about

  13. Thnx pooja for the updates. Just can’t wait to see Ashok ruling as an emperor. Dunno why is this director dragging so much. By the way, where’s shubhrasi? She was not shown when dharma came back to palace. She didn’t even come for dharma’s funeral. Did she quit? Even devi’s father is nowhere to be seen. What’s going on?

    1. Most of them ran away fearing what CVS would make them do. Lol

      1. Lolzz you’re right

  14. No it will end on 16th October replaced by bigg boss…the most boring..

    1. No the timing slot bbseason 10 is 10:30 from Monday to friday.

  15. And vit not there for soo..many days..

  16. i hate kaurawaki

  17. It was a totally sad and crying epi ….
    KAURWAKI!!!may Ashoka find her bcZ she is his 2nd wife in history feeling so sad for ashwaki and tnx pooja for the update

  18. manvendra sangwan

    what kauravki had poor

  19. I hope Kaurwaki survives, she has been through too much. Kaurwaki and Ashoka are meant for each other.

  20. No guys kaurwaki won’t die she is second wife of ashoka

  21. Hi guys ??????

  22. I’m too late BT thx pooja fr update

  23. Which serial is replacing ashoka

  24. Hey Bella – whassup wit you? Your studies are more interesting than the crap they are so shamelessly showing here. I agree with an earlier comment. Ash they way they are projecting his character is unfit to preside over India. Constantly ranting and raving and behaving like a love sick puppy. Either boldly claim kvk or move on. No woman deserves the insults Devi has to put up with. she is asked by mother and son to wed and then becomes an outcast!! Kvk doesn’t do any favours to herself either. Constantly vascillating with no mind of her own. The strong ones are all the villains – Charu, Helena and lesandra. A goat can act better than RG. Again acting honours go to Sushim . So Bella, excite this space with your happenings

  25. Since the time ashoka started we have been waiting for him to be the king and then his rule as a king which could have been shown for nice 6 to 8 months and then his adoption of Buddhism but all we see is charumitra black magic, dragging sequences, kaurvaki and jagannath nonsense. To top when the time has come when he is going to be the king, the serial will end on his taking over the throne instead of showing it further in which real essence lies. Matlab rasmalai ki sirf chashni drink kar li and rest of the mithai went down drains. 1 and half years of story building of ashoka pe scissors chala di makers ne by doing so. And grown up ashoka was also doing good acting.

    1. Abhishek maurya

      Very true.Actually,the real history of ashoka starts here but …………..

    2. Khushiarvind

      Very true r… All expectations we had abt this show in the starting all went in vain.. This is just a sick story nothing more.. They dragged the story with all absurd things for more than a year.. Ruined the outstanding story of such a great emperor by showing cooked up stories like this…
      This had fallen as a petty romantic story rather than the life of an emporer.. Oh come on dump writer ashoka had manymore wives than kaurvaki.. Nd devi is his first wife nd first love.. In this story brainless writer had made devis character so pathetic…dnt have even a but resemblence to the history of ashoka the great…
      I really hope some other channel will come up with a more better version of the story of the great emperor

    3. Totally agree with you. this show wasted much time in showing nonsense thing like false history, black magic, extramarital affairs, stupid GOT look alikes and many other things. When this show started I was really excited for it . but now when It’s going to end, it seems we seen nothing

  26. Ashoka will air off at 07 october 2016

  27. Finally the serial is being taken off-air. It deserves this fate, because they have dragged the story too far, adding so much masala to it.
    Had they sticked to the actual story, TRP would have been much better.

  28. If they stick to actual story now also they can be retained

  29. Hey,ll do u know??
    Sidhharth MIGHT be brought again to CAS as big vit!!!

  30. Missed a lot sid!! But the maker is not sure that they will brng sid or not..?

  31. Can any 1 tell me exactly that wats going to happen in the kalinga war..and shoking that it gonna end on 7th octo!! But how??!! Only 10 days left..and ashoka has to beat up sushim,throne and kalinga war and accept kvk too in this 10 days.. How in so small tym?? Generally the director tales a lot of tym in a war..lots of drama and masala and kalinga should take minimum 1week ..nut there’s only 10 days left!! Very sad..can any 1 tell ma what’s going to happen nxt according to teledrama??plzz Bella..ur best in describing plzz tell and pooja di too plzz tell if u know..eager to see..!! Love u did!!?

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