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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka says many enemies are still alive. Full justice will not happen with either Acharya Chanakya or Drupad till then! I have realised today how hard it is to punish your own loved ones, however bad they are. He walks away. Kaurvaki walks up to Dharma. Dharma thanks her. I will always be indebted to you. Kaurvaki tells her not to say so. Dharma says I am his mother. It isn’t unusual for me to trust him under every circumstance but it is unusual to see you sticking by his side as his shield all the time. I want to ask a promise from you. You will stay with Ashoka for life and protect and support him always. Jagannath comes there. Do you know what you just asked from my daughter? Kaurvaki feels shy and leaves from there. Dharma says I did not realise what I said meant but I will

make it not take my words back ever. I will not think for another second in future to make it come true. Jagannath says which father will not want a partner like Ashoka for his daughter. Both Ashoka and Kaurvaki have heard it. Ashoka thinks to fulfil his mission first. I will think of my personal wishes later.

Ashoka is missing Drupad. Raj vaid gives him Drupad’s ashes. Ashoka looks at the pot teary eyed. Ashoka plants a sapling near a river. He pours Drupad’s ashes in the sapling only and covers it with dirt. Forgive me brother as I couldn’t save you. I wont let your sacrifice go in vain though. This is my promise to you. I also promise to punish all those who are the culprits. You will be a part of us now with this plant. It will always remind me of my mission (to punish Magadh’s enemies) and of your presence. Till the time I kill all those enemies, I wont be at peace.

Bindu and Dharma are in their room. Bindu is deeply hurt after knowing Helena’s truth.. Why it happens with me always? Whenever I trust someone they cheat me! My elder brother plotted against me and my brother. I thought Mir was my best friend. I gave him respect and position but he also cheated me. Noor was my wife. She too dint support me. Now Ma? She raised me up. How can she do so? I also thought of her as my Devi along with entire Magadh when she punished Justin. I realised today she hated me as well. She had plotted to kill me from my beloved son. Drupad died. She still kept quiet. How could she turn into a stone? How did this house become so weak? I never realised it. I couldn’t handle a family. how will I handle this empire? How will I fight with enemy when there are enemies inside my own house? You cannot imagine how difficult it was for me to accept Ashoka as the culprit. I am feeling guilty. He always told me but I never believed him. I was about to kill him! If I am so pained by this then how will he be facing all this? How must he be feeling!

Sushim says (to Charu) Rajmata is still not free from the spell of tantric. We have to make sure no harm comes to us. Ashoka walks in just then. Come what may, you wont be able to escape this time. Sushim points out that he has no proof against him. Ashoka replies that he does have proof but he does not need any proof to prove him guilty. Charu steps in between but Ashoka tells her to move aside or he will forget she is his Badi Ma. He holds Sushim’s neck. Charu fails in trying to pull his hand back. Ashoka says I have pardoned you for whatever you have done against me till date. I will get you punished for what you did with father and Drupad. Rajmata will take the name of her well wishers tomorrow in the court. I know your name will also be one of them. Do try to see tomorrow’s sunrise. I will make sure it is the last sunrise of your life!

Mahamatya says it isn’t easy. Ashoka has made special arrangements for her safety. It would be impossible to meet her without coming in anyone’s notice. Sushim says we wont be saved if we don’t meet her. there must be a way. Mahamatya talks to Shursen who can help them. Mahamatya pays money to Shursen. He says you can meet Rajmata when the soldiers will be replaced on duty.

The soldiers change their duty. He tells everyone not to say or hear anything till he says something. Someone throws something inside which creates smoke. All the soldiers lose conscious. Sushim and Charu walk in (covering their heads and nose).

Helena is shocked to see herself in the jail. How did I reach here? Am I dreaming? She recalls what all happened but only in flashes. Charu points out that she wasn’t herself when all this happened. She reminds her of the tantric. You dint trust me but that power did such a miracle on you that you accepted guilty of killing Samrat! Helena wonders how they are still free. Charu says you took the entire blame on yourself. Helena refuses to die alone. I will take you all down with me. I will tell everyone everything. Sushim tells her to go ahead but who will trust you. She says I am Rajmata, Bindu’s mother. People consider me Devi. Charu corrects her. they used to think so. You are that step mother in their eyes today who killed a small kid in her wish to kill her own son. Helena says I wont leave you. Sushim show her Siamak’s bloodied clothes. What did you do with Siamak? Charu says you are right. This is the blood of an animal though. If you say anything in the meeting then this blood can be of Siamak’s too. His life depends on you now. Save us and we will take care of Siamak. Helena laughs. Which promise have you fulfilled till date? You will keep Siamak alive till tomorrow’s meeting. Who knows what happens next! Charu thinks to hold her neck but then decides against it. Helena tells her to go ahead. You wont be saved in the meeting tomorrow then. Sushim and Charu leave from there. Helena is furious.

Next day, everyone gathers in the courtroom. Bindu asks Helena to speak up. Who all was with you in this? Helena says I was not alone in this. There were many people with me in this. She pinpoints at every member of the family and court. She laughs. This is the truth of the throne. Sitting on it is actually a curse. People get thousand enemies then. Many people are present here who are with me and want to snatch your throne as soon as they find a chance. but I was alone in this plan! Ashoka asks her why is she protecting the other culprits. Your punishment has been finalised. Say the truth before dying atleast. He turns to bindu. Rajmata cannot do it all alone in this age. Who is it who wants us to be put against each other? Who can be strong willed to take me out of his way? It can be only my elder brother Sushim!

Precap: Bindu is hurt thinking all his own people want to kill him. Ashoka tells Sushim he knows Rajmata isn’t alone in this. I want to end this game for forever this time. Time will tell who wins but this time there will be a final decision! Bindu faints.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Ok now ashoka will sit on throne

  2. OMG!!! What a epi….. Mind blowing. Love u both ashok n kvk. Thnk god cas cm 2 d right trck

    1. Liked it

  3. Kaurwaki must leave now…. Can’t bear this seems kvk to be ashoka’s first wife!!! Chase her away….

    1. Why should she leave?? She helped ashoka so much!! Without her ashok’s job would have been harder

      1. its all fiction.

  4. Charu Sushim mahamatya must leave the show blo*dy people , the epi is interesting throw such people . Kaurwaki shouldn’t leave she is one who helps Ashoka . So plss don’t do it

    1. I agree wth u dr.she was d only one who hlped ashok in lst epi

      1. Ofcourse she is a lovely charecter but now they should bring devi asandhmitra and padmawati their part in history at this stage is equally important

  5. Awesome epi!! ????

  6. Madhok sushil living in Canada

    Vow very commendable episode and great acting by ashoka he is brave and sincere

  7. Kvk has been introduced very early. As Kaurwaki is imp in Ashoka’s life, his other wives are also equally important! Actually his 1st love interest and beloved wife was Devi. So of course she should have been shown as his 1st love in the serial. That’s the only thing in this serial which I don’t like right now.

    1. History I think kvk was ashoka’s first love acc to edicts but ashoka first married devi….that’s true but that doesn’t mean that devi was only his first love interest.Now u don’t worry did u hear what ashoka told in today’s episode…….he told that he will concentrate about his personal wishes only after he completes his mission and by that time kvk will go back to kalinga and devi will be introduced soon as ashoka’s wife….so guys stop worrying and enjoy the show

      1. Yes ua absolutly right !

      2. NO MORE ASWAKI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1st love was DEVI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ashoka the great. yes, I agree with you.
    kaurwaki is first love of ashok in the serial,.
    and I think, ashok meet devi and his another wife after leap.
    so, yeah. well. we enjoy the show. and ashwaki love story in the serial now.

    1. Yep and thx for the support…… :-)))

  9. Now bindusar will fall ill and ashoka will go to ujjain to supress revolts there n before he comes back bindusar would die i think !

  10. Charu should go bcoz bpack magic is sick.
    Samra will.die.soon .he dsnt deserve to rule .such a naive.fool

  11. now Helena’s truth come out. charu and Sushim’s story should end too.

  12. Ashok got illed by some fighting and devi cures him… next love story….


    great epi……….

  14. I think sushim and siamak are the only one who will be saved because sushim will be killed later by ashoka after bindusars death helena will show charumitra and mahamadhyas real face to bindu and 3 of them will get death penalty so later on sushim might kill dharma for charumitras death revenge and because of this ashoka will kill sushim

  15. I thinkafter ashok takes the throne their will be a leap. Where he married devi. I don’t think they will actually go through the process of making another background story for his wives. That will take up to much of the series. So probably in the leap he will already be married to her.

    I think something will happen to kaurwaki that makes ashok forget about her and move on to devi in the show. Maybe she is assumed dead or a misunderstanding happens. That would be interesting if she loses her memories and forgets ashok or sushim makes charu use black magic on kauri to make ashok hurt causing him to be depressed and during a battle he became wounded and devi saves him.

    I personally want to see a female warrior kaurwaki. When the leap happens. I want to see her battle and plot against ashok without knowing its the boy she met long ago. And kaurwaki the queen of kalinga after her father death finally meets ashok but they are enemies and they hate one another. A love and hate relation until love wins

    1. Yes kk really very well said…
      But I think the reason should be something other than black magic.

      1. Your right. But with these shows anything is possible

    2. I don’t want to see aswaki.

      1. Than dont watch.

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