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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Tantric’s enclave.
Ashoka comes in and finds noone and wodners where did sushim and tantric vanish. meanwhile, sushim gets atop the horse and rides away. ashoka, inside the cave, stealthily progresses ahead looking around everywhere, eyeing the black magic and tantric rituals afore him. he tries to observe, while outside, kaurvaki mumbl;es to herself, that this is her problem, that she always complies to what he says, and that since he hasnt returned till now, she shall have to go in and find out whats he upto. Meanwhile, ashoka, inside the cave, doesnt realise that the tantric stands right behind him. he plays a game of hide and seek with ashoka, using his black magic to inflict wounds on ashoka himself, through his sword only. kaurvaki meanwhile steps

in the cave, feeling dizzy. finally, ashoka manages to outsmart him and the tantric in the tussle falls on the ground. the tantric however used the sands to blind him temporarily, and when he recomposes himself. the tantric steps in behind him, and is about to fatally attack, when kauravki notices him behind ashoka and she screams. ashoka is alerted and he thwarts the tantric’s attack and gets him on the ground, unarmed and helpless. The tantric apologises saying that he didnt do anything at all, and he was merely bound to do this, due to sushim and charumatya’s insistence. ashoka says that its prohibited to use black magic and tantra vidya in Magadh, and that no person shall be allowed to do so. ashoka says that this crime shall be punishable right now, this very instant, and that he wont be allowed to present his case. he says that justice delayed is justice denied. he remembers how his tantra vidya had pained his mother too. he says that he shall be punished right now, and that too capital punishment. he picks up his sword, and embeds it deep inside his chest, while he breathes his last. he swers yet again that this is merely the beginning, and anyone who betrays his motherland and whoever intervenes, to make a united india, be it a woman or a man, friend or family, or enemy, he shall finish everyone. he says that the construction of a united india has started.

Scene 2:
Location: Palace
Sushim wakes up in his head, shocked and horrified, and slightly dazed. he takes off the covers and tries hard to gain his composure, but isnt able to as he sways around, with a dizzy head. he somehow manages to drag himself out of the bed, and come towards the corridor, where he hazily finds ashoka carrying an unconscious kaurvaki in his arms. he takes her and puts her to rest on her bed, and pulls the covers on her. he caresses her head and begins to leave, when she grabs hold of his hand, even in sleep, saying that he only belongs to her, and to noone else, and continues to rant the same. he smiles at her, and then puts her hand to rest too, and pulls the covers on her, while she sleeps peacefully. he thinks that he always was and shall always be hers, addressing her as kaurvaki. sushim meanwhile walks heavily dizzy and weak, as he traces some blood stains on the floor. he comes to kaurvaki’s room, tracing the blood stains, and then finding her asleep, he leaves and comes to ashoka’s room, and finds him asleep. he closes the door resignedly. after he leaves, ashoka gets up. Ashoka thinks that sushim’s game and time is over, and his has started, and whatever was happening, its time now that he reverts it. he says that now histiry shall be written.

In his room, Acharya has nightmares of blood streams gushing out of closed doors. he wakes up with a startle palpitating heavily. he wonders what this could possibly mean. he gets up and goes out of the room.

The next morning, everyone is shocked, as they all go out in the public courtyard, wherein they find Sushim’s tantric’s body, hung from a rope, with the noose around the neck. all are horrified, including Mahamatya, while sushim is aghast. sushim finds a note saying that this would be the fate of everyone going against gondna. siamak thinks that this isnt their work, then who did it. From a distance, ashoka thinks that sushim had killed his mentor, and halved his powers, and he just reciprocated the favour and that now its time to start the culmination of a united India, whose first chapter has just been written. sushim aggressively asks who dared to kill him. ashoka walks to them, while they all eye him tensedly. he says that its clearly mentioned that its Gondna. he intentionally taunts sushim, that he wonders who must have killed him so barbarously. he says that he is grieved to know what must the pupil be going through right now, as he must have had many disciples. he says that he can understand, as he had lost his own mentor. sushim remembers the tantric’s warnings, and says that he doesnt doubt, but has full belief, that ashoka did this, and eyes him angrily. ashoka asks him to talk it out clearly whatever he wishes to. sushim gets enraged, and understands that ashoka is behind this, and lunges at his throat. But bindu comes in just then, and asks whats going on. sushim is barely able to restrain himself. bindu arrives with dharma and eyes the body. the brothers restrain themselves. bindu eyes the letter too, pointing the murder towards gondna, and is enraged wondering what could be the possible motive, and how he is bearing one atrocity after the othr, and now he has resorted to killing too, and till now they havent found any intel on him. he orders them to be prsent right away in the courtroom. sushim asks them to dispose the body off as they wish to. he leaves in a huff. ashoka asks the guards to dispose the body with proper rites. he says that whoever it be, whether they are related or not, its the right of a dead person, to have his final rites. kaurvaki steps out and is shocked to find the tantric’s body, and has visions of last night, thinking that she saw him somewhere and wonders if ashoka is behind this.

Later, as ashoka walks through the corridors, kaurvaki confronts him, taking him aside. he taunts her by searching whats it, that brings her to him always, attracted by something. Kaurvaki confronts ashoka, identifying the tantric, saying that this is the same person last night, atop the mountain, in the cave. he is tensed. she asks him point blank that he killed him. ashoka thinks that if anyone finds out that he killed the tantric and not gondna, then his plan shall be ruined. she asks him to speak up somthing, as she is tensed, and knows that she is helpless, but remembers something of what happened last night. she says that she ate some berries, that caused her vision to go hazy. bu she recollects everything, but says that being in the darkness, she couldnt identify who the tantric was attacking, then why is she casting baseless allegations at him, and tries to emotionally blackmail her asking if she actually thinks he can do it. she is convinced but asks what was he doing then. he says that he was spying on gondna. then he retaliates, he asks why was she following him like that, just to get close to him. she is at a loss of answer, wherein he continues to reprimand her for this unladylike behaviour, and asks her what if dharma had seen it. she is set to thinking, while he is relieved that he managed to successfully distract her. The screen freezes on his tensed face.

Precap: siamak comes to warn helen, that ever since the tantric’s death was blamed on gondna, bindusara has totally lost his cool, and is enraged to find gondna and punish gondna. he says that now they wont sit quiet and that sushim shall not sit quiet too, since he too blames the gondna for his mentor’s death. helen tells him to keep an eye on both the brothers and ensure that their enemity keeps her identity as the Gondna always a mysterious secret.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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