Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 23rd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Night passes by. Ashoka sits in the same place holding Devrath in his lap. Kaurvaki walks up to him. Get up! Your duty does not allow you to mourn like this. you will have to gget up for your motherland and your mother. She has been held captive by Kichak. You will have to get up to save her. He does not react.

Dharma is sure her son will get up. Nothing in the world will be able to stop this time. It will feel like destruction has come before the destined time!

Anand takes Acharya Devrath’s body from Ashoka’s grasp and takes it away on a stretch with the help of a few people. He finally stands up but is still blank and quiet. Anand sets the pyre. He asks Ashoka to see Acharya Devrath for the last time. Ashoka stands glued to his place. Everyone is in tears as they

bid adieu to Acharya Devrath.

Sushim greets his father. I headed back as soon as I got your message. Is everything fine? Bindu nods. I only wanted to meet you. Meet me in the court. He leaves from there. Charu and Sushim discuss about the impending announcement of his successor ship. There will be no obstacle in our way this time!

A messenger brings Kichak’s message to Patliputra. Mahamatya takes the message from him. He is shocked to read it.

Sushim and Charu are walking in the corridor. He looks at Ashoka’s photo in the corridor. Ashoka’s mother’s and Chanakya’s dream will break today. He will be dead. He goes to give him shradhanjali. He talks to Ashoka’s photo about what all he wanted to do. I cannot believe that it will be so easy to defeat you. Father is going to announce me his successor today. He offers flowers to his photos. Helena adds that they will need it now. She shows him the letter sent by KIchak. We are lucky to get hold of it before Bindusar. Sushim reads it. It is clearly mentioned in the letter that Ashoka is alive.

Bindu talks to Ashoka’s photo. I know you aren’t alive but I can clearly remember everything. I had full faith in you when I handed over father’s sword to you while you were leaving for Takshshila. It remained just a dream! He asks a soldier to call everyone to assemble in the court.

It is also written in the letter that Kichak has held Dharma captive. He asks for Magadh in return for Dharma and Ashoka. Bindu asks them what happened. Sushim immediately hides the letter. Helena lies that they were missing Ashoka so they came here. Sushim adds that he used to look at Ashoka as his competitor but I feel incomplete today without him. Bindu hugs him and talks to Ashoka’s photo. The situation and decisions would have been different if you were alive today. Charu diverts his attention to courtroom. Everyone must be waiting for us.

Ashoka stands at the same place and stares at the statue. Kaurvaki wants to go talk to him but Anand stops her. She is worried for Rani Dharma. Anand advises him to give some time to Ashoka.

A guy updates Kichak about Ashoka’s condition after Devrath’s death. Amatya says this it is the perfect time to attack Ashoka. Kichak denies. What if Bindu decides to give Magadh to us? Bhami advises him not to do so. It can go against you.

In the courtroom, Bindusar announces Sushim’s Rajya-Tilak as Magadh’s successor after 4 days.

Amatya tells it’s been 3 days. Ashoka has not moved from his place. He has been hurt so badly that he renounced his weapons. Kichak doubts it might be Ashoka’s drama. What if he is acting to be weak and helpless? Amatya suggests him to become the God of the citizens who Ashoka was protecting.

Kaurvaki tells Ashoka how he can leave trust after inculcating it in people. You made people believe that those who choose the path of righteousness and truth win. Acharya Devrath died for you. Your mother got herself arrested for you. You cannot give up. You will do injustice with all those who trust you. You will have to get hold on yourself. We don’t have much time. He does not even react. She slaps him but in vain. She apologizes to him but he asks her to leave him alone.

Amatya talks about Sikandar who used to tell people he is their God. He was feared so much that many states gave up before him just like that. You should set a similar example that people should fear you. They should accept whatever you say and can never think to go against you! Become the creator of the fate of citizens. Kichak reasons he is just a human being. Amatya talks positively. You are not an ordinary person. This Maha Shivratri can be turned into Kichak Maharatri. Whoever goes against you will have to die. Kichak adds that the Abhishek will begin with Dharma’s blood if Bindusar wont reply to his letter by then.

A guy spreads Kichak’s

Dharma wonders what is happening. Ashoka has not done anything. I am not with him to give him strength. Magadh will be in dark if he does not react now. I pray to motherland and my ancestors to give strength to Ashoka!

Ashoka imagines a lion pacing near the statue he has made. He follows the lion. He is brought to the temple where Dharma had come to with Vasantsena. He is surprised to see Radha Gupta standing there. He addresses him as Acharya but Radha Gupta asks him not to call him that.

Precap: Radha Gupta reminds Ashoka of why he was sent here by Acharya Chanakya, his mother and father. Sushim and Charu look for the letter. Little Drupad is looking for his father. Ashoka vows to end Kichak’s reign by this Maha Shivratri.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. wellwisher (ww) siya ke ram fan

    at last radhugupta came………….

    1. seriously! where is he till now?

  2. Good one…

  3. Radhagupt ji ka gupt ho gaye they. Aur bindusar kaisa raja hai sara info us se pehle sab ko mil jata hai. Koi guptchar hai v ki sab bhaag gaye. Show bindusar ko ek dum stupid dikha rha hai. Very bad

  4. Cute Dhurubad might give that message to bindu then Sushim dreams all are shattered and also there s no Dharma blood Abhishek for kichak only kichak blood Abhishek for ashok ….. And also siamak truth reveal… Waiting for long time…..

    1. aay haay

  5. Mahashivratri is on 7 March, that means Kichak saga will go on for 10 more painful episodes

    1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. Ashoka stands in front of Keechak’s palace and thunders that he will kill Keechak on the occasion of Maha Shivaratri. Keechak subsequently tightens the security around his palace.

    Bindusara is happy to know that his son is alive and decides to leave for Takshashila. Sushim accompanies him. Subsequently, Keechak is determined to kill Dharma.

    The soldiers decide to attack Ashoka. Dharma tells the soldiers that they should attack Ashoka only if they feel that he will be defeated by Keechak. Later, Ashoka ends up killing Keechak



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    4. Kya jo kuch bhi tumne likha hai woh sach hai???
      Agar yes then I am super excited to watch all this as I am waiting for this since a long time.
      Bas sushim utaradhikari ghoshit nahin hona chahiye waise bhi baad mein toh ashoka sushim ko maar hi dega.
      Anyways tell me from where you get this news.☺

  7. I was overwhelmed. Nice epi . It was funny when Kaurvaki slapped Ashoka and when he looked at her angrily, she got afraid. Also feeling very sad for Acharya Devrath and Ashoka’s emotions.

  8. When will be the marriage of them

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