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Dharma turns and stops in her tracks upon noticing Lasendra. Lasendra says I don’t have a right to interfere in your family matters but I overheard what you just said. I don’t know about the prophecy and if it will come true or not. I know that ordinary people depend on fate but extraordinary people write their own fate. I have faith in Ashoka that he isn’t ordinary. You can change fate with your karma if you want to. Separating Kaurvaki from Ashoka will mean making him weak. We don’t know if sage’s words will come true or not but separating Ashoka and Kaurvaki will surely bring doom only. Ashoka can bear anyone hurting him but not his mother. He will turn into Chand once again and destroy everything. Dharma looks tensed.

Vit hears the sound of conch

and runs to meet his mother. Devi thinks to complete the chunri.

Ashoka covers Kaurvaki’s eyes and brings her near the fountain. She is mesmerised seeing the place. He lifts her up in his arms. We are meeting last time as lovers. Afterwards, we will meet as husband and wife. I want to make this moment memorable for you. She smiles shyly as he makes her sit in the swing. O priyatam plays. Ashoka says our relation is like this swing only. Circumstances separate us but you try your best to come closer to me always. I am thankful to you for that. He hugs her from behind.

Bindu, Charu and Dharma have gathered for the puja. Purohit ji asks Bindu to think of their Kuldevi. As soon as the puja ends you will take name of Sushim and his would be wife with Charu. You will do the same with for Ashoka with Dharma. You will give aahuti so Kuldevi blesses both your sons and their wives. Dharma thinks of Ashoka’s love for Kaurvaki and is in a fix. Kaurvaki stood by my son in his every step. How can I separate her from Ashoka?

Kaurvaki gets up and walks a little away. ashoka asks her to come closer to him. She reminds him that it was her only who always came closer to him. you even ignored me intentionally even when I was in front of you. You hurt me intentionally. What did you do? He replies that he loved her. She points out that you need to show it too. He says I am doing that only. She isn’t convinced with it. Do something which will make me believe it that you love me very much. He gets thinking. Ashoka plucks some flowers and holds her hand. He proposes her for marriage making her happy. She is touched. You have expressed your love for me so clearly for the first time. You stole Raja Dushyant’s lines. He agrees. But they are my words. I mean them. She argues cutely. He says we got time after much difficulty. The sun is about to rise. She nods. I don’t want to start our new life with a fight. Do something fast.

Bindu thinks I know I had to take some difficult decisions as a Samrat but they are for the benefit of this motherland. Bless me with strength that I stick to the promise I have given to Ashoka.

Ashoka leaves jungus all around the place for Kaurvaki. You are the light of my dark life. She gets mesmerised for some time but then suggests him to make it memorable. It should be such that has never happened before and will never happen again. He holds her hand. You are right. I only made a mistake. You want something special. He pulls her to him and they both end up on the swing together. They share a romantic eye lock.

Dharma is still all worked up thinking about the pact between Bindu and Jagannath, of Sage’s words and of Lasendra’s words. Purohit ji asks Bindu to think of Kuldevi and pray for their son and would be wife. Bindu starts the prayer and Dharma joins him. She takes Devi’s name instead of Kaurvaki shocking everyone.

On the other hand, Ashoka and Kaurvaki come closer for a kiss. Kaurvaki pushes Ashoka and walks away a little. This isn’t right before marriage. He says you only asked me to show my love to you. I was doing that only. She asks him if this is the only way to express love. He walks away upset. She calls out after him but in vain.

Bindu asks Dharma what she said. Dharma says I was thinking about Kuldevi so I said that. BIndu asks her to repeat after him. She obliges and does as told. Jagannath looks angry. Puja gets over. Purohit ji announces that both the prince’s will marry together tomorrow morning.

Bindu asks Dharma why she took Devi’s name inside. She repeats what she said inside earlier. He says I heard what you said but I want to know what you are hiding. I know you are tensed about the issues between both the states but there is more to it than that. You are my wife. You can tell me anything. Take your time but don’t delay it for too long. He goes.

Dharma is in the corridor. Maybe this is what God wants. I should tell my husband this first of all. I have to meet him. Ashoka asks for Prasad. Devi extends hand as well. Kaurvaki also comes there with a veil over her head. Devi gives her her share of Prasad. Dharma excuses herself. Devi asks Ashoak and Kaurvaki about their meeting but Ashoka walks away without saying anything. Devi realises that they fought yet again.

Acharya RG is with Jagannath and Bindu. I am happy that everything will be fine tomorrow after the wedding. Jagannath says people make assumptions about future when they are completely unaware of what is going to happen. Acharya RG excuses himself. Bindu tells Jagannath that they agreed not to say anything to anyone till the wedding is complete. He begins to go when Jagannath taunts him for walking away when he isn’t even done. You are my servant. He draws his sword out and so does Bindu. Dharma is stunned to see them thus. Bindu and Jagannath engage in sword fight. The letter of their pact falls down in the process. Everyone gathers there. Bindu loses his sword but Jagannath continues to attack him. Bindu manages to get his sword somehow and also picks up the latter. He looks around to make Jagannath conscious of their surroundings (family members).

Precap: Ashoka tells Lasendra he doesn’t have to remind her of his promise. I have made my plan already. This time father is on my side. He might have made SUshim the prince of Magadh and Siamak the Viceroy of Takshshila but I will kill them both before that. This brother will kill his own brothers. This will be the first time in history when a brother will kill his own brothers. I will build united India after becoming the Samrat of Magadh! Charu is stunned to hear all this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi

    Thx for the fast update Pooja! A little too much romance today. Same precap 🙁

  2. Tiyasa

    Too much of romance of Aswaki………irritating

    1. agree, boring

  3. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di for the fab update…….

  4. Sachin41

    Nice episode!!!
    Hope the marriage drama will end this week..!

    Here the spoilers

    Episode – 412
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 24 Aug

    Charumitra overhears Ashoka saying that Bindusara is on his side and that Bindusara is only pretending to be on the side of the evil clan. Sushim feels horrified on being told about this.

    Episode – 413
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 25 Aug

    Dharma asks Devi to get married to Ashoka. Devi hears this and decides to poison herself as she is in a dilemma.

    Episode – 414
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 26 Aug

    Kaurwaki starts coughing and feels very uneasy. Ashoka visits Kaurwaki and the ‘shiv pendant’ helps her recover. Jaggannath heads to see Devi and he sees that Vitt is trying to revive her.

    1. Tiyasa

      Thanks for it…..

    2. Bindusar Maurya

      thank you for the spoiler. Looks nothing much will progress this week. Hope we will see some action next week

    3. Vanshika

      What’s happening ☹☹ I want asvi marriage ?..tmrw episode is bit interesting.

  5. Yeh!same precap 🙁

    thnx,,for update pooja
    keep it onn!!!

  6. thanks mis pooja in the last paragraph the wrd tomarow is wrng u type,plz corect that.oh same precp as yestardy.

  7. He Tiyara Who Is That Other Lady In U Prfile Pic,she Is Smewht Cute & Ur Pic Beutiful

  8. S.Ravi Prakash

    Nice episode & good ? update. I think the precap got repeated, ( Ashok’s dialog with lasendra. ). Repeated precaps make the episodes dragging. I enjoy going through the comments. Thanks to all.

  9. Angelk1

    That was so cute, you can tell how much they are in love. Lasenga is write, you can try changing people destiny but if their love is strong then they can over come any thing and find one another. I cant wait to see that. Dharma sometimes isnt always right everyone make mistakes, the writers need to show that. That she wasnt always perfect and right. Also burry up and finish with the whole wedding drama, i want to see ruthless ashok.

  10. No comments from me today
    The Queen’s Edict:
    On the order of the Beloved of the Gods (Ashoka) , the officers everywhere are to be instructed that whatever may be the gift of SECOND QUEEN, whether a mango grove, a monastery, an institution for dispensing charity or any other donation, it is to be counted to the credit of that QUEEN……… The SECOND QUEEN, the MOTHER OF TIVALA , KARUVAKI.
    Another inscription:
    The Beloved of Gods is obliged to his beloved Karuvaki for changing him for good. Under the guidance and suggestions of the SECOND QUEEN, karuvaki his majesty is changing his lifestyle.
    There are many other edicts and inscription that points out the fact that karuvaki was a very powerful and influential queen.
    Does that answer the question asked by a reader yesterday

    1. That was my question…
      I kne abt ashok’s inscription “”Queen’s edict” inscribed on as pillar at Allahabdh.. Bt dnt knw abt other inscription where he mention all these … Thank u for clearing my confusion….

  11. ohe phir se ashwaki scene.same precap and drag the story again..

  12. Kaurvaki is mentioned in inscriptions as a favoured queen but because of her Buddhist beliefs and influence – not this bumbling idiotic portrayal. Devi’s maturity stands enhanced next to this indecisive characterization. Anyways, Ashoka wasn’t great because of his wives and hopefully we will get to see that side of him soon.

  13. I must say I am intrigued by the Chanda Sushim match and wonder how the director will spin that story …

  14. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    It was a boring episode today, and hopefully it will drag the same for this week too.. Again Ashwaki romance… not again.


    i hv nvr heard in history that sushim was married.are there any historical facts for it?

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      you are fortunate to watch the marriage ceremony of susheem and ashok on air. You may have missed out in history, but directors are ensuring you dont miss this time. Cheers…

  16. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    referring to precap, that ” first time in history brother will kill his own brother”, wonder whether Ashok knew anything about Mahhabharata…

    1. Abhishek Maurya

      Mahabharata is a myth.It never happened.

      1. Abhishek Maurya what prompts you to tell this? Mahabharata did happen. We have more information about Mahabharata than we have about Emperor Ashoka. Though this is a irony but it is the truth

      2. Abhishek maurya

        Mr.bella can you tell me is there any single archaeological proof of Mahabharata.And also if it’s there it’s just belief of local people,its not considered official like ashoka’s rock edicts,pillars and many more.It is said that Mahabharata was the biggest battle ever fought in the world,100000 elephants were died in this battle then why the historians are unable to find any fossils in kurukahetra.Its just a tale which inspires us don’t make it a history

    2. Mahamatya khallyatak your comments are very sarcastic mocking the CAS. I like your way of thinking things

  17. Now I think I get it! Now most probably Sushim, Charu, Khallatak would do some kind of trick to get rid of Bindu(maybe kill Dharma and make Bindu emotionally shattered or maybe something else). So the main thing is that Bindu is gonna die soon, and then the world thinks Bindu wanted Sushim as his heir, Ashoka gets a bit helpless now from the Central Gov. but he still fights his way towards the throne as the Viceroy of Ujjain ………then ofcourse consequences would lead to Dharma’s death, Kalinga War etc.

    So the director is at least trying to get the story a little closer to reality ……….we know Bindu wanted Sushim as his heir, the director is adding a little twist that he actually wanted Ashoka but dies before announcing that, and the world is forced to believe that Bindu wanted Sushim to be his successor!

  18. Vanshika

    Thnx pooja dii ? fr the superb update.. I guess ashoka frgt Mahabharata he’s saying fr first time in history when a brother will kill his own brothers…

  19. Abhishek Maurya

    Your logic is praiseworthy.

  20. hi guys, there is a big twist in ashoka. I read that jaggu will killed by ashoka and kvk will get angry. she slaps ashoka for the it. ashoka will also get angry with her and he will marry devi. ashoka will turn into chand after this incident then the great kalinga war will happen. They had already shot the marriage of asvi at last night. I am eagerly waiting for the episode.

  21. devaki ganesan

    Madam: I have written several reviews but they are not published. Can you tell me why?


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