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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd October 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat Bindusar finds all his soldiers dead. Surely it must be that Vish Kanya’s work. Acharya Chanakya prays for Bindusar’s safety. It is very important to catch Ulka alive.

Rajmata Helena explains Siamak about what Sikandar could do when he was pretty young. Age is no factor to think that you cannot achieve big tasks. Siamak is missing his mother. There is no message from her. Rajmata Helena had received a letter from Noor. She sent love for you. Siamak goes to write a reply to his mother. Helena thinks where Noor is!

A few ladies are helping Noor take a bath. Daastan peeks from outside. He dismisses those helpers. He himself gets down in the tub. He playfully pours water on her face. He leans closer to apply her favourite perfume. She remarks that he dint forget

anything. Daastan asks her to come out soon. I have made a special arrangement for you today. She talks to him in his style but he still goes out. She says I am only doing it for you Siamak!

Ashoka asks his youngest brother but he too hasn’t seen Dharma. He is surprised to see Ashoka wearing the clothes that he hated. Ashoka replies that he tried to get help from getting into this costume so he can understand what a king feels. Sushim keeps a hand on Ashoka’s shoulder. He doubts Ashoka for what he is up to now. You are acting to become a king now. Is this a real reason or did you say it just for the sake of it? Ashoka clears it to him that he is a king by birth only. I have got it from my father. No one except him can snatch away my rights from me. Don’t forget that you too have these rights for only a few days. Enjoy till father returns. He walks away!

Ashoka asks Acharya about his mother. She is nowhere in the palace. A soldier informs him that he saw Rani Dharma going out of palace. I tried asking her but she dint say anything. Acharya sends soldiers to find Rani Dharma asap. Ashoka thinks where his mother went.

Charumita is busy doing black magic. Dharma walks in the jungle. She is heading towards the cliff.

Ulka sits down near a pond when Bindusar holds her hand. Your game is up Vish Kanya!

Ashoka is on the lookout for his mother. Dharma walks in the jungle as if she is in a trance. He finally spots her just then. Ashoka calls out for his mother to stop.

Bindusar and Ulka fight. He takes out his sword while she uses her hunter to attack on him. Ulka beats Bindusar.

Dharma walks near the cliff. Ashoka runs after her to stop her. Charumita holds her hand in the nick of time. Ashoka is relieved. Charumita talks to Dharma. You ran away when I got out of the room. What if something had happened to you? Ashoka hugs his mother. Charumita continues her acting. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if anything had happened to your mother. Ashoka thanks her for saving his mother. He tries to make his mother talk but she is all lost and stares blankly ahead. Charumita suggests that they should take her to palace right away. She needs rest. I am very worried for her. Ashoka lifts his mother in his arms and leaves. Charumita wipes her fake tears.

Ulka succeeds in hitting Bindusar yet again. He is all hurt. She says you wont be alive. There is no point fighting. Live the rest of the time thinking about your family. Sadly, you wont be able to do anything else. How you must be feeling to know that this is the last moment of your life! Bindusar attacks her with his sword. She dies. He remarks that those are lucky who atleast get a chance to think in their last moments.

Sushim thinks that his father can return anytime now. I will have to set everything right before that. Purshottam shares that the money has been replaced in the treasury. We have arranged that much money with which we can buy half of the army of Magadh. That place, where we have kept the money, is a secret place. I will take care of it. Sushim slits his palm. I will decide what I will know and what now. Mahamadhya asks him not to hurt him as he is one of our loyalist people. Sushim asks that guy to make a route map of that place using his own blood. Purshottam obliges. Sushim tells him not to tell him anything like that again or he will cut his tongue. Purshottam leaves.

Precap: Vaid checks Dharma. Nothing is showing an effect on her. Ashoka asks him to do anything that he can. I cannot see mother in this condition. Acharya Chanakya tends to Bindusar. Was I late?

Update Credit to: Pooja

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