Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Mohinder

    They ought to tell in advance. This is really disappointing because I put off a plan to watch the serial today!

  2. Xyz

    colors channel have no better work to stop telecasting Ashoka serial today just to telecast one hour Udaan show. Please inform people well in advance.

  3. Klm

    Looks like you don ‘t give importance to your own program and let it be replaced by a third party serial. This interference in a regular showing is not very pleasant. Please find another slot for Udaan.

  4. Syed chowdhury

    It is very dispointing.why the channel give more time time every week to uddan ,
    Something wrong

  5. sai

    First…they turn 1 hr episodes into half hour ones and now they stop telecasting those for the sake of other serial which is pathetic.Colors TV should really introspect their thinking,
    There are no repeats for one of the leading shows on their channel.Just pathetic!


      true. before atleast we had repeat but nothing…… i think they themselves dont believe in their serial………..

      • sai

        Its not like that.The viewers are forced to watch the episodes at the fixed slot.It helps them increase the TRP of the show.

  6. Rakesh Gupta

    Utter nonsense, the serial Udaan is a sick serial, must be seen by sick ppl. Why you do such crap?

  7. ROBY

    What the hell is going on. Colors tv should telecast the shows in a systematic manner, They should be proffesional. Viewers would not tolerate it too long.

  8. Sneha

    Wtf…. How could colors tv stp telecasting ashoka for that stupid serial udaan. Evn my mom doesn’t watch that stupid serial. Us chakor ke udne se ashoka ka kya reln?

  9. colours channel should Sunday for each serial for special episode which is favourable for both serial and audience but this method ia very worst they have no right to stop any day taday or daily serial. I hope the serial industry of colours channel must understand the problem of everybody.

  10. Kajal

    To the people Who are posting comments, colors ain’t gonna come and read these comments! So it’s of no use!

  11. sasha

    What the hell ya!!!…this is not right.Everytime they stopping asoka telecast bcz of this stupid show udaan.They can do this one hour special on Saturday or Sunday….very disappointed and annoyed with colors channel.

  12. Aamir



  13. amulya

    Ugghhh… So many times! Why is cas always sidelined fr udaan that without even informing beforehand?

  14. Yograj Hiremath

    No proper repeat telecast of chakravartin samrat ashoka… unnecessary other serials are repeating …plz increase repetition of samrat ashoka… because this serial is very very interesting n nice to watch….

  15. Delina

    Udaan is not bk kwaas ok it really encourage ppls dnt comment like dt if u hv the guts then telecast ur own show n watch itttt… horrible

  16. Fulchand

    I was desperately waiting for todays episode of Ashoka. since Last 3 or 4 episodes Ashoka seemed to be on the right track. But today the channel again disappointed Ashoka viewers by not telecasting the episode. Instead they continued Udan for 1 hour. They even not bothered to intimate the viewers about not telecasting Ashoka.
    How can such a boring serial like Udaan replace Ashoka. We have not seen any Udaan of Chakor. On the contrary she is shown suffering and tourtured wherever she goes.
    I request the to forward the viewer’s comments to the concerned channel and writer and directors of the serial. I doubt that comments are communicated.

  17. ARDA

    I think Colors Network is distrustful about CAS, it’s third time that they stopped CAS for 1 hour special episode of Udaan, it’s high time that should come on the right track.

  18. This is taking the mick I will stop watching colors first they remove comedy nights with kapil and now they just take off ashok without notice ??? Very poor communication but typical .You kind of expected Indian television channels to show unprofessionalism.

  19. Abi

    Disappointed ?
    Well I don’t want to critize udaan
    Y can’t they telecast one hour special episode
    No repeat telecast at all
    And this is third time
    Very bad

  20. sss......

    The channel think after ashoka serial may attract viewers by this boring udan , which would never happen, but what they do now….by killing the ashoka serial…..may god bless….

  21. Raj Pratap Singh

    Looks like COLORS have taken side with YUNAN(greeks) that’s why they have stopped us from knowing the real truth.JAI JANINI

  22. Chandramani Tripathi

    Ashok is the best serial in colour. 90% viewer were hopeless. The chanell administration neverdeclare its prior program . on the due time when the serial is broadcasted its time shows””not known”I request channel administration tobehave properly with serial.we are very disapdisappointed.

  23. Logan

    f**k off to the makers of Udan . Colors tv walo me professionalism naam kee koi chiz hee nahi h

  24. f**ker

    bringing a girl to now were and telling an unbelievable story.
    why don’t you telecast ashoka for 1 hour most people are watching and spending their time for this “DRAMA” bc we like that Drama very much
    please try to understand the feeling of the viewers
    and if you want to this bledy serial “UDAN” anymore please kindly took any serial Expect chakravartin ashoka samrat

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