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  1. Raj Pratap Singh

    Looks like COLORS have taken side with YUNAN(greeks) that’s why they have stopped us from knowing the real truth.JAI JANINI

  2. Chandramani Tripathi

    Ashok is the best serial in colour. 90% viewer were hopeless. The chanell administration neverdeclare its prior program . on the due time when the serial is broadcasted its time shows””not known”I request channel administration tobehave properly with serial.we are very disapdisappointed.

  3. f**k off to the makers of Udan . Colors tv walo me professionalism naam kee koi chiz hee nahi h

  4. just f**k off udan

  5. bringing a girl to now were and telling an unbelievable story.
    why don’t you telecast ashoka for 1 hour most people are watching and spending their time for this “DRAMA” bc we like that Drama very much
    please try to understand the feeling of the viewers
    and if you want to this bledy serial “UDAN” anymore please kindly took any serial Expect chakravartin ashoka samrat

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