Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu rushes in his mother’s room. Vaid shares that she has high fever. She will be fine but she is getting old. Anything can happen anytime. Everyone leaves. Helena tells Bindu the truth is, her end is near. You have loved and respected me more than my own son. what else can a mother ask for? I know you are in grief after Ashoka’s death. I have seen your father taking decisions in difficult times. It is my wish that you should announce your successor while I am still alive. What’s the harm in doing it today? we have to do it some day anyways. Siamak is very young and so is Drupad. Sushim is the only eligible kid. You should announce him as your successor. This is my last wish. Bindu agrees. He might not have reached Takshshila by now. I will send a message and call him back.

I will find a perfect mahurat and do the necessary things. Helena says I did not give birth to you but I wish I give birth to a son like you in my next birth. He tells her to take rest. Charu comes in just when Bindu leaves. Helea advises her to do something about Ashoka before Bindu finds out he is alive!

Acharya Devrath and a few of his men enter inside Kichak’s palace stealthily. AMatya is watching it from far. Amatya thinks he is neither emotional nor a fool like Chanakya. Devrath is both though. He did not realise when he fell in my trap. Acharya Devrath realises that they are being trapped. We should leave. Soldiers surround them from all the sides just then. There is a fight from both the sides. A lot many soldiers die in the process.

Ashoka is walking nonstop while Kaurvaki is all drained out. They stop as strong wind starts blowing. He feels as if something is about to go wrong. I have to reach Vishwavidyalaya without any delay.

The soldiers hurt Acharya Devrath and a few men. Acharya Devrath asks everyone to leave. I will meet you soon. He gives them Ashoka’s swear. They finally leave. The very next moment, he is surrounded by a lot many soldiers.

Ashoka borrows a horse from a random person.

People pray for Acharya Devrath’s well being. What will we say to Ashoka if anything happens to Acharya?

Ashoka and Kaurvaki are on their way to the Vishwavidyalaya.

Acharya Devrath is being brought before Kichak. He says he is useless to me. Where is Ashoka?
Devrath tells him not to be so keen to meet Ashoka. He is your death. You have arrested his mother. You are still alive as Ashoka does not know of this. There is still time. Free Rani Dharma with respect. Kichak says I know how important she is for Ashoka. This is why I have held her captive. You want me to free her? Trust me. I know how significant she is to me. She is my ladder to reach Magadh. I will bring Bindu and Ashoka on their feet using her! Devrath laughs at him. I did not you were such a big fool. One should know anything about their enemies beforehand. You don’t know Ashoka can die but will not stoop down before anyone. I wont let you even do so. Kichak is about to kill him when Bhami intervenes. He still manages to hurt Acharya Devrath on his hand. You want to protect an enemy? He stops his hand mid-air as he realises something. You said Ashoka is unaware of the fact that his mother is in my arrest. Take him to that pillar on the crossroad and tie him there. I will show everyone his death. I will set a lesson for everyone as to what I do to the rebels. Acharya Devrath advises him to pray that this news should not reach Ashoka before his death. People will otherwise see your death there instead of mine! Kichak angrily repeats at the soldiers to take Devrath away. They oblige.

Ashoka and Kaurvaki reach Vishwavidyalaya. He sends her to her room. He finds the place deserted. He calls out for his mother.

Kichak hits Acharya Devrath with a hunter as he takes him to that pillar. Devrath keeps saying Jai Janani all along. He is badly wounded. Kichak says this is the example for my rebellions. I will kill anyone who will dare to raise their head against me! Where is your Ashoka now? Is he scared of me now?

Ashoka comes to his mother’s room. The diya is wavering. He thinks his mother cannot leave it alone like this. Kaurvaki tells him that there is no one in the Vishwavidyala. We should go to the village. He picks up a sword.

The soldiers tie Devrath to the pillar. People stand there and look on. Kichak looks at Devrath. I am leaving some breaths in your body, just so when that Ashoka comes to you, you can tell him his end is near! He stabs Devrath using a dagger. Devrath prays. God has chosen Ashoka for a big motive. If he does not return today then people will lose their trust. Bring him back for them! Ashoka screams Acharya as he notices Devrath tied that ways. Acharya Devrath is relieved to see him. Ashoka frees him. Who did this? How did it happen? Acharya Devrath apologizes to him for lying to him. Ashoka tells him not to say so. I could not understand your outlook. I was only looking at things from my perspective. I could not understand your worry. I understood that my mother was here and have also understood the reason behind that truth. Forgive me. Devrath tells him that Kichak has held his mother captive in his prison. Ashoka assures him KIchak will be punished. Devrath asks for a promise. You wont take any decision in haste. You will win this war by being patient and certain. Ashoka agrees. Devrath breathes his last. Ashoka is in tears.

Dharma refuses to believe it. Say that it’s a lie! Bhami tells Dharma that she tried to stop her husband but in vain. Dharma says everything will be finished now. I can sense it that my son will come and he will come in such a way that everything will be destroyed! He will come like a storm and everything will be finished.

Ashoka screams Acharya. Kaurvaki tells him to get up. She calls out for help but no one is around. The person who helped you, protected you and sacrificed everything for you, how can you leave him alone here today? People come out of their houses. Ashoka is still sitting there blank. Kaurvaki tells him to look around. Everyone is with you. It is time to give a fitting reply to Kichak. Ashoka picks up his sword and throws it away. He is in tears as he looks at Devrath.

Precap: It’s been 3 days. Ashoka is still sitting there. It is the perfect time to attack on him. Dharma says my son will get up and no one will be able to stop him this time. It will feel like destruction has come before the destined time! Ashoka imagines a lion pacing near the statue he has made.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. why did they kill acharya devrath
    anyway ashoka and kaurwakis love is blooming


    ya we told u to end kichak’s track not acharya devrath…………….

  3. Wow….. Superb episode. Day by day its very interesting.bad for acharya :(:(:,(:,(

  4. Good news guys keechak to die this week.
    Ashoka to win.
    Jai janani

  5. Bad day,it was…..isnt it?

  6. Kichak episode will end up soon. Mr. Writer, Pls next villain character must be from the Rock edicts scripture. Wow.. Devi Dharma is not eating foods from last 3-5 days, how could she manage

    1. That’s very good point How Rani Dharma is managing without food for 5 days with baby she is carrying. Writer wanted to give Sentimental angle without using any logic.
      I still bet that Kichak will live few more episodes.

  7. Dharma is standing up for herself and ashoka. Finally

  8. oh no ye achary bhi mar gaye ashoka ke …:-( so sad

  9. I think this time Lion shows ashok that his guru Rathagupt


      wish the same………

  10. Where is radha gupta..??

  11. Ya where is radhagupt ?

  12. I think the kichak story will be finished

  13. I am just reading the update instead of watching the serial. It is dragging too slowly to be watched.

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