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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 22nd August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone cheers for Ashoka as he comes in courtroom. His well wishers look on proudly. Ashoka greets everyone. Acharya RG says the good news has reached Ujjaini. The reaction is really good. Ashoka has won a very important fight or Ujjaini would have been in a real mess. Ujjaini’s people want to see Ashoka as their Viceroy. Bindu says Ashoka’s before I express Ashoka’s immense dedication to his motherland, his love to his people; I want to thank the woman who is responsible for it. I am lucky to have a wife like Dharma who risked her and her son’s life for her motherland. Our country is flourishing today because of such women only who are selfless and don’t fear sending their kids to wars and such risky fights. Dharma went to enemy alone and postponed the war or the wedding

would have been stalled. We have been victorious. Now the focus should be on the wedding of my sons so they can focus on their lives properly. I want to hand over important responsibilities to them. Ashoka will be made Prantpal (Viceroy) of Ujjaini after the wedding. Siamak will be sent to Takshshila as per his wish. My elder son Sushim will go to his wife’s home Karampura after wedding and will be later crowned as Magadh’s Yuvraj. Siamak is taken aback. Mahamatya cheers for Sushim.

Dharma recalls Bindu’s convo with Ashoka. I want Sushim and Charu to believe that I am with them. They wont doubt my intentions then. Ashoka will punish them rightly at the right time. Flashback ends. Ashoka looks at Sushim who has a big taunting smirk on his face. Jagannath thinks the king who has accepted to bend down before me is making such big announcements. Let him do it all as he will soon lose everything. Ashoka will have to lose his motherland in return to loving my daughter. He would have never imagined that he will have to pay such a big price of his love one day. Dharma thinks this wedding will take everyone and everything down if I don’t stop it in time. Everyone walks out of the courtroom.

Ashoka follows his mother. I am also surprised. You deserve the credit of my victory. I am happy today because of you only. Please bless me. He touches her feet. She says I dint do anything. It is because of your bravery. You have always lived up to whatever has been expected from you. She recalls sage’s words and spreads her aanchal before her son. You swore to punish whoever will insult this aanchal. I am spreading this before you today to ask you something. Call it my selfishness or my compulsion. You will give me what I ask, right? He nods. I will even cut my head and give if you will ask for it. She says that isn’t needed. I ask you to sacrifice your love! Ashoka is stunned. Dharma asks him to marry Devi instead of marrying Kaurvaki. Will you sacrifice your love for your mother? He says think once before asking that. I wont say no but my life will be more like death without Kaurvaki. It will be better if I kill myself instead. Order me. I will do it. Kaurvaki asks him what he is saying. What happened? Ashoka tells him what his mother just asked him. Kaurvaki is taken aback. Ma said so? Ma understood our love back then when even we dint understood it. You only asked me to be with him as his shield always. What happened suddenly? I am tired now. There is only one way to be without Ashoka. She bites on her diamond ring and dies. Ashoka cries holding her in his arms. Jagannath reaches there and is shocked. Bindu notices him too. Bindu and Jagannath draw their swords. Dharma is startled. No! Ashoka asks her why she is worried. I won the fight. I have been noticing you looking lost and disturbed since days. Is there something you want to tell? She lies that she is tired because of all the overwork. I should rest. He agrees and leaves. Dharma thinks how to tell him that the unison he is waiting for will take him down only. Ashoka thinks to thank Kaurvaki too. If it wasn’t for her then this would not have been successful. Ma will get upset if she sees me meeting Kaurvaki. I will have to find some other way.

Devi is readying chunri for Kaurvaki. Only 2 days are left. I must work fast. Ashoka comes looking for her so she hides the chunri. He hesitates in telling her but then she understands that he wants to meet Kaurvaki. Devi declines. Ashoka reasons that she understood without him even asking her for it. No one will allow for this. It’s been too long already. Just for a few moments please. Devi says no. Ashoka reminds her of her promise. You said you will unite us and now you aren’t helping us. Devi suggests him to meet Kaurvaki in Brahma-mahurat. That is the most auspicious moment of the day. He gives her a brief hug. Nothing would have been possible without you. he goes. Devi thinks to inform Kaurvaki as she too is waiting to meet him.

Dharma is in a fix as to what should she do. I can neither tell Ashoka nor Samrat. What should I do? She goes to kaurvaki’s room but doesn’t find her there.

Kaurvaki thanks Devi. Devi tells her to be back on time before the Brahma-mahurat ends.

Dharma notices a small box in Kaurvaki’s room and opens it. She finds Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s childhood mementos inside. They came close in childhood only. How do I separate them? I cannot do this. I only have one option – Devi!

Ashoka is waiting for Kaurvaki. Devi comes there. She lies to him that she couldn’t bring Kaurvaki. He nods sadly so she smiles. Kaurvaki steps out from behind the pillar. Ashoka looks at her sweetly. Devi coughs reminding them of her presence. Ashoka tells her to go. Devi nods. Remember the Brahma-mahurat. Devi laughs and leaves.

Dharma thinks the ritual of taking the name of DIL is soon going to happen. If I take Kaurvaki’s name then it can bring bad consequences for Magadh. How do I do this? She prays to Lord to show her way. I don’t know if I should believe that sage’s words. There is too much to lose both ways. What should I do? Please show me way. Lasendra is standing by the door and has heard everything. Ashoka will break down if this marriage doesn’t happen? If that happens then he wont punish Sushim or Siamak. I wont be able to take revenge from Unani’s then!

Vit asks Devi if he has seen his mother. She denies. She must be in temple only.

Dharma notices Lasendra and stops in her tracks.

Precap: Ashoka tells Lasendra he doesn’t have to remind her of his promise. This time father is on my side. He might have made SUshim the prince of Magadh and Siamak the Viceroy but I will kill them both before that. This brother will kill his own brothers. I will build united India after becoming the Samrat of Magadh! Charu is stunned to hear all this.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi

    Thx for the update Pooja, Oh no now Charumitra had to hear!!!

  2. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di……

  3. Tiyasa

    Day by day it is becoming more interesting………..ASVI is fab………

  4. Nice. For one moment I thought everything was real. That dharma was asking ashoka to marry Devi instead. But again nothing. Lasendra after so many days. Good to see her

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      wonder why lasendra is still roaming around the kingdom, She doesnt seem to have any work, she can go back to her village

  5. nice epi.ashvi scene is so cute..waiting for next epi..

  6. Thank Pooja

  7. Hello colors tv! I love this teledrama. It’s very famous In our country . As we foreign countries we always appreciate and respect India because India is the land of the Buddha. I learn about Buddhism. It’s a wonderful & truthful Vision.only Buddhism can challenge science . Buddha is a great teacher. Other thing is I learn about emperor ashoka since I was in high school. He is a great and merciful ruler who raise always against injustice . You’re so lucky India to have such great teachers and mighty emperor like this. All my compliments with you. This teledrama is so grate. I wish colours network to continue this teledrama successfully . Thank you. God bless!

  8. Hello colors tv! I love this teledrama. It’s very famous In our country . As we foreign countries we always appreciate and respect India because India is the land of the Buddha. I learn about Buddhism. It’s a wonderful & truthful Vision.only Buddhism can challenge science . Buddha is a great teacher. Other thing is I learn about emperor ashoka since I was in high school. He is a great and merciful ruler who raise always against injustice . You’re so lucky India to have such great teachers and mighty emperor like this. All my compliments with you. This teledrama is so grate. I wish colours network to continue this teledrama successfully .. Thank you. God bless!

  9. S.Ravi Prakash

    The episode, the update, & the numerous comments are all very much interesting to me. I enjoy them very much. Thanks.

  10. Hurry up and get devi to marry ashok so this drama can be done. I want to see ruthless ashok and him marrying kaurvi at the end.


    i cnt believe how history is being tortured lyk dz,evnthough teledrama z nyc .for small kids in India itz s misguide of for Devi,she was a buddhist and frm sakyan clan.whn prince vidudabha from kosala state massacred sakyan during buddha’s tym,sm sakyans escaped.devi was daughter of one of thm.kauruvaki z from kalinga.she was a buddhist one ashoka script mentioned emperore ashoka studied buddhism from kauruwaki

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      director itna research kiya hota to serial kab ka khatam ho jata.

    2. Can u tell me the name of his edicts where he mention dat he studied buddhism frm kvk wuld be pleasure if u also mention wht did he write ????

  12. devaki ganesan

    I am amazed and thankful for your updates. I am thoroughly engrossed in the serial. Cant get enough of it. All the team is performing their best including you.
    I cant wait to see K and Ask to be married. Too much is asked of them.

  13. very thanks poojajee for favorite serial ashoka written update

  14. poojaji i am amazed and thankful for your update

  15. Shifi

    Hi guys and I’m new here and I want all of you to know that I’m writing a fanfiction hope you will like it ….

  16. It is amazing how every TV serial relies on ‘ overhearing’ as the only way to build new excitement- whether it is a historical or a modern sass bahu!! only poor Bindu hears nothing! Anyways looks like Charu will get Sushim to go to Takshashila and get back on course to historical facts.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      bindu is too buzy to only sit in courtroom or romance with dharma, he doesnt have time for anything else

  17. Hey haven’t seen Siamak’s hand since his fingers got cut off! He seems pretty cool about it

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      Siamak has a very positive attitude

  18. I watch each episode but story is complete only after I read your updates. very well written updates POOJa

  19. Tqu pooja di.asvi scenrs r fab.l like to watch them together.l can’t wait to see asvi marriage.

  20. Thnls Pooja ,nw Director Wil Try To Enter Real History Atleast Maryng Dvi

  21. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    Pity to see there is no secretness in kingdom, and people are so careless that they dont bother and are speaking loudly so that others can hear. I am referring to precap. when charu is listnening to Lasendra n Ashok discussion.

  22. No body disclose secret plan. The secret plan was between Ashok and Bindusar and how come Ashok disclose the plan to the foreigner. He also disclosed in louder voice. Writer should use his mind before writing script. This shows writer is illiterate.

    1. Bindusar Maurya

      writer is illiterate, but director and producer are equally foolish

  23. If you want to know about ASHOKA than Please read Jain AGAM ,Ashok Grand Father was Jain and his Grand Son Sanmathi has made 3000 jain temples

  24. Abhishek Maurya

    According to the writer no matter how much Ashoka is brave he will always remain a donkey.Stupid writer,making Ashoka disclose all the secrets to a foreigner that too in a loud voice.

  25. They are tormenting the universally recognized saga of Ashoka the Great. Next generation will have their brains imprinted by this falsehood. VERY VERY SAD However I can not stop seeing this soap as I watch only this serial.
    My situation is like a drunkard who pledges every time — YAD AAYI AADHI RAAT KO KAL RAAT KI TAUBA. When the color channel people will wake up ?????

  26. Thank you for the update.

  27. I don’t like how they’re showing Kaling kingdom and their king as villen. Kaling was a happy and independent state who don’t wanted to do anything with magadh. It in fact magadh who wanted to crush kaling. Not for the sake of Akhand Bharat but to increase it’s territory and to become the supreme state

  28. The serial is getting boring now a days wth hardly anything interesting happening.Waiting for Ashok to marry Devi so that they can show us smthing diff.Bored of kaurwaki’s n ashok’s love story!


    karuna-karuwaki’s name mentioned in queen’s says tht”it has been a year i being devotee of sakyamuni.but i improve profoundly with da guidance of beloved queen karuwaki”
    mahamatya khallatak
    i am a sri lankan.hamare mahavansh me chakravatin ashok ki sari kahani likha hua bhi nahi uski life story ham bachchon ko sikhate hein school me.isi karan se hamare desh me sare bodh wo kahani janthe hein.we hv to memorise all ashok edicts for higher exams in buddhist culture. 🙂

    1. Thank u for da ans … So far as i knw ashok’s inscription “Queen’s edict” inscribed on as pillar at Allahabad.the text of the inscription is as follows-
      “Whatever gift has been made here by my 2nd queen,be it a mango grove,or a garden or a alms house, or anything else,it should be specifically registered in the name of my 2nd queen “Charuvaka” kaurwaki who is the mother of “Tiwara”.
      Bt i dnt knw abt wht u’ve mention …i only knw abt queen edicts which is in allahbadh where he mentioned da above things ..
      R u talking abt same edicts ..sry i dnt want to criticize ur view bt actually i am confused..
      Bcoz i’ve never heard such things…

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