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Siamak wipes the sweat off his face and turns, only to find Ashoka sitting at the throne with the chain in his hand. Flashback is shown where Ashoka notices the point through which he can open the hook. He throws chain at it and frees himself. Flashback ends. You did all this for this throne. This was your only dream. I would love to kill you after seeing you so close to your dream. Siamak says I have already killed one son of Magadh. Now I will kill you and make Unan rule Magadh. Unan will rule entire India.

Ashoka counts all the beatings he gives to Siamak and labels them for his and his family’s misdeeds. Siamak runs away from there. Ashoka shouts that he is his Kaal. Run coward.

Mahamatya panics hearing Ashoka’s voice. Save us. Our Kaal is coming. He manages

to open his ropes and flees from there even though Sushim asks him to stop.

Ashoka finds Siamak and beats him badly. He remembers how he found out Siamak’s jewel in his mother’s ashes. I couldn’t save Ma but I will save my mother’s dream. I will not spare anyone who will try to look with an evil eye at my motherland. He pushes Siamak on the floor. You have last minutes to think of all the wrongs / injustices Nicator, Mir, his Rajmata, mother and Justin did to me and my family. This is how tormented my mother. I will do the same to you now. He suffocates Siamak to death. Ashoka next removes the thread from around his hand and leaves it at Siamak’s dead body. He walks out from there.

Acharya RG, Lasendra and the soldiers see the condition around. Ashoka tells Acharya that the revenge of his mother’s death is complete. I now only have to fulfil the dream of mother. Then only will be mother and Acharya Chanakya’s soul at peace. Acharya RG suggests him to rest for a while but Ashoka wants him to make arrangements for the last rites of the martyr soldiers of Magadh. Their families should be compensated.

Ashoka’s words echo in Sushim’s head while he looks down at Siamak’s dead boy. He is surprised to see Ashoka’s love towards his family. You dint tell father this big secret so as to save him from the pain. Now it will hurt him but it will reach you more. You have killed Siamak but you cannot kill me. You have won this fight. I will win this war!

Ashoka requests Lasendra to make sure Unan soldiers’ are given a proper last rite too. She thanks him for helping her taking her revenge. I will make sure India and Unan write a new history of friendship. She leaves. Acharya RG asks Ashoka what should be done with Siamak’s dead body. Should he be hung here in Takshshila or do you want his body to be sent to Magadh? Ashoka says he should be given the same treatment like other soldiers. Acharya RG asks him why so. Ashoka replies that his mother may not be alive but her ideals are still inside me. A dead person should get all his rights. Father thinks Siamak is his son. He will be hurt if Siamak’s last rites wont happen following all the rituals. I don’t want to do any adharma. Acharya RG blesses him to be like this always. Ashoka nods. He begins to go when Acharya RG ask shim where he is going. Ashoka says one last thing is still left to be done. He leaves.

Acharya RG orders the soldiers to check every room. Take anyone who is injured, alive or dead. Sushim thinks to escape from here. I will surely die if Acharya RG notices me. Foolish Khallatak also left!

Ashoka sits on Garud. He has blurred memories of Kaurvaki. He asks Garud to take him to the cave. I do remember that I am married to Devi now. I do recall all the promises I made to Ma. I want to meet Kaurvaki once if it was really her. I want to meet her once to thank her.

Kaurvaki paces in the cave and prays for Ashoka. Why do I feel Ashoka is coming here to meet me? I know our love ended in that marriage. I still want to meet him one last time. She begins to hiccup. Why do I feel Ashoka is thinking about me? She finds the water pot empty. What if Ashoka comes and asks for water? I will have to bring it asap.

Acharya RG tells the soldiers to take Siamak’s dead body outside. Soldiers comply. Sushim is all tensed. Acharya RG is about to look up when a soldier informs him about Devi’s arrival. Acharya RG stops once more in the room to look around. He does not look up though. Sushim heaves a sigh of relief.

Acharya RG asks Devi why she is here. She says it is better to be with him instead of dying because of all the worrying. I feel as if something wrong is going to happen today. Where is he?

Ashoka reaches cave. He finds it empty though. He finds a dagger there with blood on it. He recalls that person putting it on his wound to help him heal. He also notices the black cloth there (which covered Kaurvaki’s face). He closes his eyes holding it. I am now sure it was only Kaurvaki only who saved my life. I don’t know why I feel you are near me only.

Kaurvaki is looking at the moon. Suddenly lightning strikes and it begins to rain. Kaurvaki fills the pot of water from the river and heads back towards the cave.

Ashoka checks everywhere but couldn’t find Kaurvaki. Right then he hears the sound of anklets and turns. A girl comes forward (her face is covered by smoke and darkness). Ashoka asks her (thinking her to be Kaurvaki). Is what I am seeing right? You came here for me? Devi steps forward in light and is teary eyed. How could I not come? You are my husband.

Precap: Devi is trying to clear some space when her hand gets hurt by a thorn. Ashoka helps her and hugs her. Kaurvaki witnesses it and drops the water pot in shock.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. I dislike devi for snatching ashoka from kaurvaki.

  2. just wanna see the death oh sushime and charu , and finish

  3. hi….now wht happens next???

  4. Professor A K P C Swain

    Last episodes should show the incidents of Kaling war in Odisha ,where Chandasok is turned into Dharmasok

    1. The drama shouldn’t be end without showing shushim’death and kaling war.

  5. Nice episode but this ashoka- kaurvaki drama again started.

  6. Tiyasa

    Woawww Asvi scenes are fabbbbbbb…….

  7. Tiyasa

    Nooooooo its the antim adhyay of CAS !!!!!!

  8. Tiyasa

    CAS should not end !!!!!! What will I see if CAS ends ?????

  9. Tiyasa

    Devi’s entry was awesome

  10. Tiyasa

    Very sad to see CAS ending….

  11. So much dragging.

  12. Abhishek Maurya

    Next episode:
    Those people beyond seven seas are wondering that there is a kingdom whose governers are empty-headed.They are in a great confusion that how can a human live without a brain.So,Eddard stark of winterfell sets out in the search of that people.But in midway he encounters khal drogo who is with empty-headed bindusara heading towards nightwatch.Eddard shoots an arrow to khal thinking him a savage.Khal drogo dies.Binduasra is now thankful to eddard coz he didn’t wanted to go to night’s watch.Both eddard and bindusara are now friends while eddard is unaware of truth that bindusara has no brain.
    Scene 2.
    After a lot of endeavours kaurwaki gets control over radhagupta.But jagganath frees radhagupta against kaurwaki’s decision.kaurwaki says why did u freed him.Jagannath replies foolish girl”This is radhagupta who has no brain but then also he is normal,you know many people beyond boundaries are eager to research on lifestyle of empty headed people.We can get a lot of money by selling him as a slave to the the seven realms.Kaurwaki agrees with his father.Eddard arrives in kalinga.Jagganath welcomes him………..He is shocked to see him with bindusara.To be continued ………………..

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      ha ha.. eagerly waiting for continuation, its really interesting

      1. Abhishek Maurya

        Thank u bhrata susheem

    2. Nice brainless Bindusar needs an intelligent advisor like Tyrion Lannister

  13. S.Ravi Prakash

    Today I couldn’t see the live episode due to some other work, but Pooja di ‘s updates are always there to compensate. Don’t know how mahamatya khallatak escaped from Ashoka’s army!, & what will be the fate of Sushim! Eagerly awaiting the next episodes.

  14. who and what is eddaru?

  15. Thanks for the Update
    Can’t wait for all of there Deaths

  16. Sushim is hanging there in plain sight and all the soldiers and RG and Ashok don’t notice him? Poor Mahamatiya – now everyone will gun for him. Of course the director used creative liberty to make him disappear. Even a plane will take a few hrs to get from Pataliputra to Taxashila but Devi on horseback is there within minutes. Lesandra is the only stable character and yes, sizzling hot too.

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      wonder how susheem will get down, if no help comes, he will die there hanging

    2. precious they dragg the story and now , leap unlogically

  17. nice epi?fdelng bad abt kauvaki,does devi tel truth abt kauvaki?hw ashoka find kauvaki nw?hw does sushma die nw?

  18. Bhrata Susheem

    surprising, how come no one could notice susheem hanging in the top… all seem to be mentally retarded… KvK is again fanticising about Ashok…. she is mentally sick. Again Ashwaki love story will drag on for next week…. these guys are really fast, KvK travelled all way from kalinga to Taxashila, alone, staying in cave, who knows how she is surviving… Devi travells from magadh to Taxshashila by overninght train or early morning flight.. Bindu, dumb randwaa king is scared to go to war, doent have anyone to romance….

    1. very well said brother

    2. How about Dharma coming back to life again !!! (wonders of the mentally retarted director)

  19. Vanshika

    OMG… Devi vs kaurwaki begins.. I hope Sushim dies this week..

  20. Good that Dharma died. She was so irritating sometimes

    1. agree. though i dont like the way she died. hardly waiting for the death of sushim and charu. i hope worse worse badly


  22. Pls donot end the serial suddenly. Need to see how khallakhat is killed.

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