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Scene 1:
Location: Corridor
Devi asks about vit, and dharma says that he must be around, as he was anxious to meet her. just then, vit comes and proclaims that before, ashoka, he shall himself select who is rightful person to be her sister-in-law. Devi continues to tease vit, while he asks her to let be. she says that he is a prince for others, but for her, he is that same naughty brother. they both say that they missed each other, as they hug each other. one of the workers comes and tells dharma that their room is ready and wait for the next instruction. dharma excuses herself from devi and kaurvaki, and leaves with the maids. kaurvaki thinks that ashoka is only hers, but for getting him, she has to pass through so many competitions, defeating her rival princesses. she leaves.

vit and devi watch her tensedly. devi comments that she is sad and she doesnt understand how to help her. vit extends his hospitality, and says that if they have any issues or botherations, they should immediately seek his help. devi asks for a favour and he readily complies. she smiles.

Later, Princess Chanda meets kaurvaki, who thanks her profusely. but Chanda says that thanks isnt needed as she recognised her, since childhood, when she had come to meet her in her place, but she doesnt remember her. she says that she knows everything about her love and nothing is hidden from her, and hopes that she gets her true love. she says that she wishes to get married to sushim, as her family wants. kaurvaki says that she shall pray for her wish being fulfilled. she too wishes the same for kaurvaki. vit and devi watch her. Vit recognises kaurvaki, and ashoka’s friendship with her, while devi explains how kaurvaki has identified ashoka as her love, but the snob that ashoka is, he hasnt even bothered to find the truth about kaurvaki and kaurvaki feels he has forgotten her and her love, and before revealing her identity, she wants to be assured, whether he loves her or not, as kaurvaki is the perfect wife for him. she says that they have to make extra efforts, so that ashoka identifies her, and understands her love for him. Butshe asks him to remember that kaurvaki wont like if anyone tells ashoka about her, as she wants ashoka to know himself. vit says that it should be considered as done. he smiles. he then summons the maids, and tells them that dharma might be allocating rooms to the princesses, but then he presumes that extending his hospitality to his would be sister-in laws is bust natural. he starts giving them the rooms. anindini thinks that she needs the room next to ashoka, she would find time to get so intimate with him, that he wont be able to detatch himself, and then comes to Vit, trying to impress him, with her knowledge and research about him. she tries to bribe him with sweets, and asks him for her room. on devi’s signal, vit gives her a room, next to sushim’s. anindini asks why not near ashoka’s room. he says that its his wish. she is boggled, and then she tries to bribe him with all the sweets, but get a room next to ashoka. he asks if she is trying to bribe him, then he shall report it straigthaway. she leaves resignedly. Anindini thinks that the day she gets married, she shall get rid of this obnoxious brother. Meanwhile, Kaurvaki asks for her room, and he tries to point to the room next to ashoka, but devi makes him point to ashoka’s room himsself. he is boggled but complies. after kaurvaki leaves, devi points out, that its the best setup for their love story to blossom. he understands and complies.

Scene 2:
Location: Ashoka’s room
Kaurvaki takes off her jewellery in frustration, and throws off her dupatta, oblivious that it lands on ashoka, who has just entered. when he takes it off, they both eye each other. Kauravki reprimands ashoka as to how dare he land in her room, without her permission. he says that this isnt her room, but his. she remembers seeing it in early childhood, and thinks that everything is the same, but seeing him, it seems everything has changed. she gets sullen. devi and vit watch from a distance. he drapes the dupatta around her. tauntingly, she says that its good to see that he remembers mannerisms, as he had given a totally different impression in the courtroom. he says that he is surprised to see that she made the mistake, and is accusing him. enraged, she asks what was the wrong in what she did, and asks why didnt he tell he was Ashoka. He lashes that she too didnt tell him the truth about her identity. she asks him not to answer a question with another. he says that its needed, when the question asked is baseless. They continue to argue. Just then, he hears Dharma hollering for her, and they both get to searching for her jewellery that she had thrown away frantically in the room. after seating her properly, he tries to set the room, so that dharma doesnt sense anything. As kaurvaki twirls around, dressed in fine clothes, resembling a princess, she falls right in the arms, of ashoka, who dives in, to catch her. an awkward yet romantic embrace and eyelock follows, as he eyes her boggled. she hides behind him, so that dharma doesnt see her. Just then, he hears a tap on his shoulder, and turns around to find dharma glaring at him. he is nervous and tensed. he keeps turning in the opposite direction, so that dharma doesnt see kaurvaki behind him. dharma reprimands hims everely for what he did today, in the corutroom, and kaurvaki is thankful that he is getting scolded. she also points out how unkempt he has kept the room, and is intending to get married, and stay with another woman like this, in this mess. she asks why did he behave like that with her, as she is definitely the ideal girl. kaurvaki is ecstatic. he says that the world seems nice to her, and intentionally, says that he feels she is weird, and has a squint in the eye. she pinches him, and he squirms in pain. dharma is boggled, but he distracts her. dharma says that he is weird, that he looks at everyone with doubt. he denies her allegations, and blames it on the girls, who say something and mean something else, say something, and want other things, and that girl seems false. she again pinches him. dharma says that he shouldnt form prejudiced opinions about her without even having interacted with her. she says that she and her husband want him to make the rightful choice and that his judgement shouldnt be clouded by misdirected anger and unncessary ego issues. she leaves. Kaurvaki asks him, lashing out, when did she lie to him. he says that she just got saved due to him and instead of extending a thanks, she is fighting, and only he sees this true self. she brands him as an emotionless person. he holds her close, and says that if he is shrewd, then she isnt anything else. she retorts back saying thats indeed true. they both eye each other, and then suddenly become aware of their physical proximity. they refrain away. Devi comes with vit, and points out the mistake in allocation of rooms. kaurvaki says that she did make a mistake and storms out. devi goes after her. Vit smiles seeing ashoka, and asks whats he seeing. ashoka merely smiles slyly. Outside, as devi goes after kaurvaki, she thinks that this fighting too shall lead to love, and its a progressive one step ahead towards the culmination of their love story and while fighting, they shall again fall in love.

Scene 3:
Location: Chanda’s room
In the corridor, sushim walks past, Princess chanda who is trying to alight diyas. her foot slips, and she falls, but as fate would have it, she lands right in his arms, who dives in to save her. a romantic eyelock follows. he makes her stand, and asks her not to have taken the unnecessary hassle, and gotten someone to help her with lighting the diyas. she says that she didnt feel like bothering anyone else. he then walks past. she stops him, and when he turns around, she says that she wishes to gift him something. he complies. she goes and then gets a clothing for him, handmade by her, goldplated for him and places it in his hands, saying that her mother wanted her to give it to him in front of everyone. she begs him to accept it. he happily complies. she eyes him overwhelmingly, as their hands meet. they both feel the electric sparks. he says that he wants his fate to be with him, and he feels nice having gotten this from her. she smiles, while he excuses himself and takes her leave. after he leaves, she shyly smiles to herself.

Scene 4:
Location: Kaurvaki’s room
In her room, Kaurvaki is huffing around impatiently, as she hurriedly packs her stuff, reprimanding and lashing out at ashoka, for his indifferent, emotionless and snobbish behaviour and proclaims that if he isnt bothered, then she shouldnt be too. devi tries to assure her that she is misunderstanding. she says that it indeed is, that he selectively remembers things, from his memories of Pataliputra, and she exactly is the memory that he conveniently chose to forget. she says that he hasnt recognised her, and even misbehaved and humiliated her in front of everyone. she asks if he was right in mistreating her like that. devi asks how would she stay away from him, and manage to survive. kaurvaki gets apalled, at the sudden realisation, and thinks that she wouldnt understand what she had to go through, staying away from ashoka, but his behaviour kills her, and its unbearable. devi asks if she ever thought why is he doing this, as there must have been some way. Kaurvaki says tyhat there is indeed some reason behind his behaviour, but she cant stay here trying to solve the riddle forever. she says that when he doesnt understand anything or her feelings, and if he thinks that she shall keep lingering around for him, then he doesnt know her as if he is a prince, then she too is a princess, and once she is determined to set on thinking something, she goes after it, and once she steps away from his life. she wouldnt even look back and turn, before going far far away. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Ashoka proclaims to Acharya ji, that he shall leave no stone unturned in bringing justice to the people of Pataliputra, and that even sushim’s supernatural powers wont stand a chance against his will power and determination. Later, they are shocked, as they all go out in the public courtyard, wherein they find Sushim’s mentor’s body, hung from a rope, with the noose around the neck. all are horrified, including Mahamatya, while sushim is aghast.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Fast update !!!

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    Msg from Team: Pooja is not available for couple of weeks.

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  7. Is It Is Poojas Weeding?

  8. Why are we showing Ashoka as a negative person. He wants to save Kauravki and now he is insulting her. Come on director, please dont spoil the story for some …..

  9. please use easy language

  10. Replace mohit raina.mohit raina is not perfect for ashok’s character.dharma scenes very younger than ashoka.Pearl v Puri is perfect for ashok’s character.

    1. He is busy with Meri Saasu Ma

    2. Mohith raina is vry talentd actor. Bcose of his enormous well built body he seems to be a gigantic person when compares to rest of the cast. Even dharma seems to be younger than him. Devi nd kaurvaki seems to be small kids infrnt of him. They shld hav castd someone who luks littlle bit older nd suits to ashoka in features as devi nd kaurvaki. As ashoka mohith is perfect. He is a wonderful nd talentd actor. The director shl hav castd mouni against him. They makes a sizzlng pair

    3. Evn sushim seems younger to him. Btw the younger sushim was perfect. I dnt lyk this sushim. Sumedh was a flamboyant and proficient actor. He jus fitted to be the perfect sushim. After seeing hum as sushim its nt going well with this grown up sushim. No expressions.

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  12. yes sharmada you are right. Mohit is not fit in ashoka so please replace mohit raina.drictor sir plz….

  13. I like this rajkumari chanda. But her choice is so bad. I hope she gets to know the reality of sushim and leaves him. Moreover, I think her role will be perfect as asandhimitra. She’ll look perfect as ashok’s chief queen or agramahisi. And please stop dragging ashwaki scenes. Its enough. We want to see them unite. We are also curious to watch Ashok and devi’s marriage. So please no more dragging of ashwaki scenes, please please.

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  15. Why Ashoka Why??? But, Devi sure has a good point.

  16. Kuch to sahi dikhao
    History ki yun dhajjiyan na udao. Ashok ke baare me zyadar information hame baudh literature se mili hai. Agar aap use jhutla rahe hain. To kam se kam ashoka ke inscription ko toh mat ashoka ke time ke hi hain.
    Kauravki ek fisherman ki beti thi. Rajkumari nahi.
    Rani padmavati ek akEli aisi ashoka ki patni thi jo rajasheey parivaar se thi.
    Daya karo itihaas pe!!!

    1. hey it’s not Padmavati.chief queen was frm a Royal family. and padmavati died in a early time leaving her son which was raised by the chief queen?

      1. Rekha vaghela

        Ya right it was asandhmitra… Only royalty that ashok married so that he could have a royal heir.. But she didn’t have any child

    2. Dear reshu, i seconds you. They shld hav done some research on ashokas lyf before showing this stuffs. The story showing here is completly diff frm true lyf of ashoka. I prefer to see the real lyf of ashoka.

  17. Rimjhim – that was a marvellous update, brings the scenes vividly to life. I am glad to see the pre cap though…this was deteriorating to a Bollywoodish naatak! The tantric will breathe new life hopefully, even as his breathing ceases

  18. Ashoka had five wives.whn he was 18 he fall in wid Devi nd married her.he became father at 20 years old.Thn again he fall 4 Kaurwaki who was a fisherman’s daughter. thn he married to padmabati who died at d early age but had a son.he fall in love two times nd other three marriages was for political reasons.
    itna to mujhe bhi pata hai.directors keya kar rai hai!rubbish.
    kam se kam ASHOKA movie to dekhle te.waha kuch dhang ka mil jata.they r showing Ashok-kaurwaki scenes like hell.dragging dragging.

  19. whn Ashok was 18 he fall for Devi n married her.he came to pataliputra but devi didn’t accompanied him.she stayed back.thn sushims conspiracy nd Ashok went to exile.he fall 4 kaurwaki nd married her.she was a fisherman’s daughter. she was an influencal queen. she helped ashok to change his lifestyle.they had a son who resembled to Ashok.actually Ashok fall 4 kaurwaki 2 times. before his marriage wid devi nd after his marriage wid devi.
    par yeaha to kuch aur hai!nd This Mohit!yea kis angle se 18/20 lagta hai

    1. Rekha vaghela

      Pls sab ne ashoka dekhi he… But ye ashok fell for kaurviki 2wice ye galat hai…. Kaha likha he ESA???

  20. According to d sources,only Kaurwaki is introduced on d show.and ashoks fvt chief Queen Ashadimitra can’t be Ahankara who is frm ujjain though both Ahankara n ashadimitra r frm Royal family
    Maybe writers r trying to make this story only Ashadimitra was a princess.and both devi kaurwaki lived in herem but only Asha dimitra lived in the palace. moreover writers haven’t confirmed Ahankaras exist.matlab abhi bhi bohot saaree bakwas dekhne ko milega?

  21. Hey guys…hope you are doing good. I am away for a couple of weeks like the Message from Team says. I will be back in a while. And no, I am not getting married ? Thanks for your love means a lot to me ☺

    Rimjhim…you are doing great here. I too like your updates very much ?


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      oh pooja ur back. happy to know it. come back to the updates soon. we miss u a lot

    3. Ohhh, Pooja, we are missing you, but here is Rimjhim. I’m so grateful to her ’cause she is replacing you.
      I hope you will be back, I am missing you and your update.
      Anyway, thanks to the Rimjhim, and we are waiting for your update.

  22. i think ashok has no idea to get married yet. show is dragging with this new marriage drama.

  23. plz dnt drag lve scences.unite both kauuarki and ashoka

  24. Nice update.Pooja di we miss you.Mohit ka acting bahut acha hai.Muje bahut acha lagtha hai

  25. please do start to re-telecast the show

  26. Dear Rimjhim
    Your update is wonderful having full details of every scene.
    If you can discribe more of speeches done by the main characters help us to understand more.

  27. Rekha vaghela

    Now ashok will marry devi… Dharma will die… Ashok will get angry and will start punishing everyone… So bindusar will exile him. Bindusar’s health will deteriorate… Devi returns to her Father’s place.. And ashok continue his journey as a general to magadh not allowed to return to patliputra…

    Meanwhile bindusar dies.. Sushim declares himself as king.. Radhagupt plots with other minister and call in ashok and his army in patliputra.. Now with no one to control his anger, he will kill everyone.. Even the queens of his brother and their children.

    Devi seeing this transformation of ashok, decides never to return to patliputra.. Ashok to make united bharat has just one enemy left- kaling… Whose chief is a fisherman’s daughter and king also regard her as his own daughter… As kaling looses at the hands of ashok.. Ashok marries their army general… He also marries padmavati…

    Has children, but radhagupt wants a royal heir.. As mauryan are not considered to b royal.. And also ashok was a dasi putra.. So he makes him marry to asandh mitra.. The princess of northern province..
    But she doesn’t deliver any child… Finally ashok is left with no choice to make his other sons as his heir..

    But he hasn’t attained peace even after having whole India.. One day while passing through the forest he comes across a Buddhist monk.. To his surprise he is one of the brother’s son whom he had killed. His wife had eloped from palace and given birth to this boy and soon died. Her servant brought him up. Ashok ask him will killing him would bring peace to him. The boy replies no.. The boy says that he has lifted above all this revenge and worldly sorrows and have no bad feelings for him.
    Ashok ask him how could he b at peace at such a young age.. When he after winning whole India couldn’t achieve.

    The boy gives him preaching about Buddha preaching.. Ashok has change of heart and becomes a monk as well. But doesn’t leave the kingship. In his absence state matters are managed by vitashoka and military by krunal.. And he would return after some vihar..
    His wife asandhmitra who had brought up all his children too dies. Ashok then marries trishyaraksha for some unknown reason. A very young maid of the late queen. But she has an eye for krunal.. And then another short story..

    At the end of which ashok orders trishya to b killed.

  28. You are great Rimjhim di!
    I wonder why Princess Chanda and her parents want Sushim. She is so good and has opposite nature than that of Sushim.
    And plz………I dont want the love of Ashok and Kauruvaki to b spoiled by this silly drama. Writers, plz unite them. I have seen in the spoiler that Kauruvaki will do romance with Sushim to make Ashok jealous.

  29. @ Rekha Wagela Ashoka Never Become A Monk He Only Embrace Budhism.He Ask The Dharma Frm Nigrodha Samanera.And Ashoka Is Nt A Dasi Putra His Father Is King Bindusara Frm Maurayan Linage And Mother Subadrangi Was Frm Brahamin Family.So Hw Do Say Mis.Wagela Ashoka Is Dasi Putra.That Word Cme Becuz In Drama Subadrangi Work As A Servant In The Palace.

    1. Rekha vaghela

      He never became monk but used to do regular van vas

      1. Rekha vaghela

        If u read bharat ek khoj it has this.. And even some of the Buddhist text refers that he as a monk would do pchyatap for his sin.. And spent time in Buddha’s stupa only to come back when urgent state matters had come up.

  30. devaki ganesan

    All the different stories and views of dedicated Ahoka watchers is confusing. Ashoka was a great character and ruler of most of Bharath. When Ashoka story is written and retold, historic perspective is in the main story. The local legends and stories add color to the characterization.
    Each character in history is a hind sight analysis. The poet or writer gives it a life of its own.

    I enjoy the story and characterization. Some aspects of the story is embellished to enhance the visuals and dramatic impact. Basic information is that Ashoka was a Great Emperor with vision for Bharath and its people. He was a promoter of education, scholarship and fairness to his subjects.
    I laud the makers of this series which is a complex story. My congrats to Mohit Raina for his superb acting.

  31. Rekha vaghela

    Ashok lineage is specific that his mother was not a royalty.. Emphasis for other ruler to accept mauryan as supreme was to have a complete royal blood. Mauryan were never originally royal.. As chandragup t. And thus faced rebel from other kings under them

  32. Rekha vaghela

    And yes ashok was a dasi putra I still would say that.. As dharma was just a healer to bindusar.. And charumitra was his chief consort. His mother gained her respect after her death.. As ashok mentioned her in all his noble works.. But bindu had never given her importance like a queen.. Though she was much devoted to him

  33. Rekha vaghela

    He lead a life like a monk not a king…

  34. Rekha vaghela

    I can’t imagine whose son will give budha’s preaching to ashok. Sushim and saimak are the only two brothers left.

  35. guys, who play role princess chanda? real name

  36. Thankgod!! Koyi tho gain Jo history jaantha hain!! I was thinking d same since child karuwaki was introduced!! Ashokas love and marital lives are shown wrongly!! That’s bad!!

  37. Who is this actress playing role of anindani…..

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