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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka tells Bindu that his question’s answer is hidden in another question. Shall I? Bindu nods. Ashoka asks him what happened to him, the faith that was unshakeable on him even after Drupad’s death. You gave me a chance to explain my stance when no one believed me! Whatever I did before leaving for Takshshila you trusted me all the time. What happened once I came back from there that you doubt my every act? Where did your faith on me disappear? What have I done that I have fallen in your eyes today? Is it my crime that I chose to end Das Tradition? Is it because I made that decision on my own? It is a lie. Truth is my every decision is based on thinking what you and Acharya Chanakya would have done or told me in any particular situation. I agree I got emotional and made an announcement.

But I was clear it will be finalised only after your final word. Situation got out of control before that. I took that decision for the sake of citizens. As far as I know that is of utmost importance to you too. I never imagined that my words will be twisted before you and will make me fall down in your eyes. I understand you being upset with me. But how can you doubt Ma? Do you even know it was mother and I who were by your side all the days when you were unwell? Why do you always believe the lies which people have been telling you instead of what you see? You never discriminated earlier. You always heard both the sides before making a decision. You mistrusted me when Kaurvaki said what was in her heart. You sent me away from you. I can get you 1000 such Kalinga’s but you sent me away not as a warrior but as a bad son so I stay out of your eyes. I still did what I was told to do. The letter is fake yet you believe it not me! You dint even think to find out the truth even once? Is it not unjust? Even an ordinary person is given a chance to explain his point. Why dint you give me a chance then? You don’t trust me at all now which is why you dint let Acharya RG say anything in my favour. I would have never become a Yuvraaj if I knew what it will cost me. I cannot pay back like this. Even a kid of Magadh understands my love and dedication for my motherland. Everyone understood that it was a sham if I spoke of surrendering! Everyone understood that I came there with a plan. My act was making the enemies believe but you also trusted it. you trusted me so much that you began to punish me before everyone. Answer me. why did you change? Are you so weak? Does it suit a King? How could you not understand it? I ask you. Is such a person right for throne? SUshim intervenes. He (Bindu) is Magadh’s Samrat before your father. Ashoka holds his hand in air to signal him to be quiet. Everyone is taken aback.

Ashoka demands for an explanation from Bindu. What did I do wrong? Don’t you love me anymore or if you also had a change of heart towards me? Did you also begin to think that a Daasi putra should not be made a Yuvraaj? Bindu holds his hand angrily. Enough! Don’t think that you will get my sympathy by saying that. Your thoughts have become so low. They hint at your downfall. You don’t want to see the problem. You have become so arrogant so as not to accept your mistake and fault. Dharma tries to say something but Bindu tells her not to intervene. Magadh’s Samrat is talking to Magadh’s Yuvraaj. He turns to Ashoka. I accept that your intentions, thoughts, dedication have been so high that you will take a stand against things you find wrong. But you react in extreme ways. You let it stay inside if you are unable to show it. It comes out as a volcano. You break all the limits, rules, etiquettes. You think you are always right. You never question yourself. You never think that your intentions can be right but what can the result of your action bring. Your intention of ending that tradition was good but we had to pay from our treasury. We had to bear lot of problems because of the same. Kaurvaki came to lecture me. I had to be embarrassed before everyone because of your fight with Sushim. Tell me the truth now. did you attack Jagannath? Ashoka agrees. But! Bindu does not let him speak. I don’t need an answer. I know your intention would be right but you don’t have the patience that a Yuvraaj needs to have. I don’t doubt it now. you have such a habit of being right that you lose control when you do something wrong. This hints at the arrogance which does not suit a Yuvraaj. A Nayak should be patient. If your behaviour remains the same then the dream of united India will also break apart. Giving you rights is equal to giving a wrong person a stone. I agree I was angry with you but my decision has no relation to it now. I have thought to do a favour on you and Magadh by removing you from your position. Sushim, Charu and Mahamatya are happy. Bindu makes a legal announcement of the same. Ashoka is only my son from today onwards and not a Yuvraaj. Not just this, I end this competition of Yuvraaj. I announce that there wont be any Yuvraaj till my death in Patliputra. Neither you nor Sushim! Everyone is taken aback. I will decide it on my death bed as to who to make Samrat after me. Till then I will take all the decisions. It is sad as I have no option. He walks out of the courtroom. Everyone leaves except Ashoka and Sushim. Sushim glares at Ashoka. They both look at the throne.

Shubhrasi comes to Bindu’s room. She requests him to allow her to have a Ramayana paath tomorrow onwards. He agrees. She goes. He prays that everything that is good for Magadh should happen tomorrow.

Sushim is irked with his mother for trusting tantric. He said so much but nothing happened. tantric comes there. I still say the same thing. sushim greets him. no one will be made Yuvraaj now as per father’s orders. Tantric remarks how max people back down when something goes wrong. Did you think you will become a Yuvraaj when you came here for the first time? Sushim denies. Tantric asks about the situation now. Don’t you realise how situation turned against him? Sushim says he never gives up. He comes back as a bigger and better competitor every time. I fear that father might announce Ashoka as his heir (to the throne). Tantric says Ashoka wont be here for long so how will he become the heir. He is only a guest of few days in Patliputra. You will see his downfall soon. Sushim is curious. Tantric says time will tell.

Precap: Acharya RG shows Ashoka the paper used from Patliputra. Someone sent Mir a map of our new secret tunnel. Ashoka deduces that some insider is involved. Siamak meets Helena in jail. Siamak says there is Khurasani and Unani blood in my veins. I will seek revenge. No one will be able to stop me now. Helena tries to stop him but in vain. Ashoka hears them from outside.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What da hell?Again black magic! When ll susim b exposed ? I watch dis serial only for sid’s performance. Post leap,if this kindbof stupidity is shown, i ll quit.

  2. Wht A King Bindusar?He Forget That Asoka Save Them Frm Every Obstrucle Like Burning Palace In Justin Mariage,noor & Dustan Nw Frm Mir & Necator!Bt It Good Idea For Nt Giving Yuwaraj Post To Even Sushim Also.Wht A Bugger That Jaganath So Shamless Guy,,,did Tantric Do Black Magic On Ashoka To Exihle Frm Pataliputra?

  3. Thanks Mis Pooja,bt U Were Late 2dy…I Hope That Ashoka Will Get His Yuwaraj Post Again.Bt In Real History Ashoka Was Never Exhile Frm Pp,he Was Send As A Viceror.I Hope Real Face Of Charu & Sushim Should Get Revelad.Death Of That Guy Tantric Also Should Happen

  4. again a painful episode

  5. Bindu still does not believe ashok. Is he mad. He removed asok from yuvraj padh. Atleast he did not make sushim yuvraj. Bindu was the most weak king in maurya history. I hate him…. He cant use his mind and is manupilated by everyone. He cant trust his own son. Such a fool…. I wish he dies soon.

  6. For all those who think that Bindusar is stupid & he has forgotten what good deeds Ashoka has done in the past. This is all made up story to stretch the serial. Nobody knows what happened aprox 1900 years ago & details are not captured in any of the books. Whatever was mentioned in books that was burnt by mughals & Ashoka was lost in the history. Only 200 years back people rediscovered Ashoka from his rock , pillar edicts & traced Ashoka from Greek & Sri-lankan history. So treat this serial as 95% work of fiction with 5% realty .

    If you really want to know about Ashoka , read this book : Ashoka: the Search for India’s Lost Emperor

    1. We know…but I am saying that it is proven in history that bindu was the weakest king in maurya history. We also have some history knowledge…it is not just you so please stop giving advice. We all are educated and know serial is strectched.. we are giving ur opinions of bindu according to how the serial is going, not based the real bindu

      1. platinumopinion

        The Mauryans after Ashok were all weaker than Bindu. Bindu was strong enough to hold the empire together. He might not have been much intelligent.

      2. Sorry to say, ur knowledge is still limited. Bindu ruled for 24 years (you can google). A weak king cannot rule for 24 years. He extended Maurya empire , but was not able to win Kalinga. And whatever conspiracies are shown in this serial based on which your are saying he was weak king is not true !!

  7. It is very sad that the Director depicts Bindusar as stupid and idiot, not good for the serial.

  8. rekha gi if u hv read history then u know that nicator kill by p ceraunos at september 281 bc at thrace not by sushim at patiputra so that why this drama are showing fake history and i hope indian gov. take some action to the colour tv and stop this show coz there is not a such history showing

  9. Let bindu announce sushim as his successor a time will come when he will soon realise his mistake of making sushim as his successor when he will see magadh facing chaos danger and corruption created by sushim and will have to repent for it i think now only helena and kaurwaki can prove ashokas innocence and can show the true colours of his enemies

  10. dont take so serious.the history about ashoka already past long ago
    thank to the derector to bring the history thank to colors too

  11. This bindusar does not dererve not only to be a king but also not to be a father of any son and daughter because a father who always doubts and punishes his son without any thinking and reason and always trusts more to his sons enemies can never be a good father for his son or daughter i wish chanakya should have become ashokas father who always had faith on him and was always proud of him and never doubted on him

  12. Bindu said tat Ashok is like jwala wen he says somthin in distress then way abt sushim Wen he says sumthin in his angry mood .bindu shld hav sum common sense.
    Can sum1 tell me abt siyamak’s history i.e. apart from the serial, but in real history

    1. platinumopinion

      Siamak is a fake character

  13. Bindudar did not answer to even one question of Ashok.If surrendering of Ashok for his family is wrong,surrendering of Bindudar for siyamak is 200% wrong.
    Anyway we have to agree to the point that it’s for entertainment purpose.

  14. Why black magic again? Thi should end ,before bindu dies he must be aware of the deeds of charu,susim and siyamak. If the director understands the pulse of the audience ,he surely must bring this out to bindu before he dies. We know that ashoka knows a lot abt susim for e.g susim was the danav who used to terrorise
    children, susim tried to kill him several times etc.
    This black magic thing is intolerable. Cant we complain about it ?

  15. Yes I agree to Sai’s point ashok surrendered only to protect his father but bindu is very stupid chanakya was very perfect as he never doubted ashoka in any situation ; bindu also surrendered only to protect his stupid son siyamak ; it is better that bindu dies soon and serial takes a leap

  16. Yahh i hate siamak as well…. N bindusar is so… Stupid… He doesnt deserve the throne… Ashoka said well..

  17. What a sad my my I’m crying for Ashoka why his father is doing this to the most trustworthy son and believe to this useless and lier sushim. I love this serial to bits but I feel bad for Ashoka, the father is blinded by his love for sushim when is he going to see through sushim the most coward I’ve ever seen. But at the end truth shall prevail. Really my heart is broken by the way ashoka’s father is treating him.

  18. Oh god i hate that idiot Bindusar. I wish ki uski maut Syamak ke hatho ho tab use samjh aayega ki uska asli beta kaun hai and the precap pehle toh Helena ne khudi hi Syamak ke dimag mein zeher bhara aur ab use rokne ki koshish kar rahi hai how ironic. Also i miss Chankya

  19. Thanks for the update.

  20. Timepass just a serial

  21. Director sir why you put the black magic in serial this is totlly wrong plz improve your serial i always saying bindu always feel so proudly to make ashoka father then why you mak a foolish to us.

    Anyone can give me director mail is so that i can post the real story about ashoka i.e. our generation real know about Great ashoka.

  22. @Aaditya,writer is ashok banker. If one canget his email id,i d be the first to write him requesting ending black.magic

    1. It’s good samrat Ashok:-)

  23. Emotional epi?
    But sidd u nailed it up?
    Love you Sid you are the best seriously how badly I’m gonna miss u

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