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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Antiocus and Lasendra get up. She fixes her hairs and jewellery. Antiocus keeps his knife at her neck and then gives it to her. You were looking for a chance to kill your husband’s

Siamak asks Sushim what he thought. I dint just make Ashoka lose but I killed him! He advances towards Sushim which worries Mahamatya.

Soldiers and Acharya RG notice Ashoka returning on his horse. They are surprised to see him alive.

Siamak is about to hit Sushim when he hears cheers of Jai Janani. He looks around in confusion.

Outside, Ashoka is addressing his army. Everyone has to die but if you will not fight for the right cause and your motherland then you will die by shame and embarrassment. This is our motherland, our Janani, our mother. I wont forgive the one who attacked

on my mother, my motherland. He removes his armour from around the chest and throws it away. Now either they will live or me. I am going inside the palace to fight. I will either win like a brave warrior or will die fighting for my motherland. I have made my decision. You all have to decide what you want. He rubs dirt on his chest and cheers Jai Janani. Soldiers cheer after him.

Antiocus hears it too. What is this? Lasendra replies that it is Death which is heading towards him. You saved his (Ashoka’s) mother’s killer. Be ready to die now. Antiocus stabs her and walks out.

Sushim tells Siamak to free him. Ashoka defeated death. You cannot win over him by yourself. I will help him. Siamak refuses to believe Indians at all. I can never do that. What if you side with Ashoka afterwards? I have seen you cheating since childhood. Only your counted breaths are left. Stay here. I will see you once I am done with Ashoka. He leaves. Mahamatya mutters that their Kaal is heading towards them now.

Siamak looks down and sees Ashoka with his army near the gates. He thinks of Helena’s words. I wont trust they (Ashoka, Dharma and her unborn baby) are dead till I see their dead bodies with my eyes. Siamak shouts Ashoka angrily. Come what may, Ashoka shouldn’t come inside. Ashoka pushes open the door. He kills the soldiers that come in his way. Antiocus steps forward. So you are the one for whom Chanakya died? He is a fool to see such a stupid dream. I will finish his dream today. Ashoka replies that he will die today. The son of this motherland is still alive. What you want will not happen. Antiocus challenges him for a fight. If I die then you will surely win. They engage in a fight. Antiocus twists Ashoka’s hand thereby snatching his sword from him. Ashoka sets it back himself. You Unan’s should learn this from us. He says Jai Janani and attacks Antiocus. Antiocus on his knees. Please forgive me. I have no personal enmity with you. I promise you I will return to Unan with my army. I assure you no Unani will ever look back at India ever. Ashoka tells him not to worry. I will not kill you. You aren’t mine but someone else’s culprit. He steps aside. Lasendra is standing there with a sword in her hand. Siamak is watching everything from the boundary wall. Lasendra recalls how her husband was killed and kills Antiocus. She lets out a scream in agony. Siamak connects all the dots as to how his Rajmata died by his hands (as per Lasendra’s idea). It was trap for my by Ashoka. I dint trap him. He has trapped me instead.

Kaurvaki is still in the cave. I have full faith Ashoka will win and come here to look for me. I lit a diya in his name and prayed for his well being for so many years. Now he is married to someone else. Will it be right for me to wait for him? I don’t have any other option though. If I leave today then I will think about the consequence of what would have happened had I stayed here today. I cannot go back.

Devi tells a soldier she cannot stay here. I have to be with Ashoka if he is hurt. I have vowed to protect him. Soldier nods. He shares the same with Bindu who does not find it wrong. It is natural for a wife to be concerned for her husband. We will be fool to stop him.

Ashoka goes after Siamak after informing Acharya RG. He loses Siamak but notices a painting on the wall which is tilted. He sets it right and the secret passage opens. Ashoka goes inside. He spots blood trail on the floor and follows it. He smells it realising that it isn’t of any human. It means he tried to fool me. He shouts Siamak and steps near a rock which has an attached cuff. Ashoka’s foot gets locked in it. If you (Siamak) think you can defeat me by cheating then you are mistaken. No bondage is strong enough to stop a son from taking revenge for his mother’s death. Siamak comes there. It wasn’t just you who lost your mother. I too lost my mother. You killed my mother and I killed yours. We are equal. Ashoka reasons that his mother’s death was by mistake. I dint intend to do it. Siamak justifies his stand. Ashoka calls Noor a traitor. Siamak refuses to accept it. She loved Bindu but he dint love her. Why did he marry my mother when he dint love her? Your mother was that second woman! She ruined my mother’s life! Ashoka angrily shouts Siamak. He screams out in pain. Siamak says when you get stuck like this and cannot find a way out then this is how he feels. Same happened with my Rajmata when she was forced to marry Chandragupta. Ashoka points out at the facts. Siamak asks about his love with Kaurvaki. How does it feel when you don’t get love in return? Think what would have my mother felt? Bindu is just but why dint he give anything to his brother? Ashoka asks about Justin fulfilling his duty as a father. if he would have done that then he wouldn’t have tried to kill father. He wouldn’t have fallen in love with one of the wives of my mother. SIamak calls it love. Ashoka says you understand people in extreme conditions. We have examples of your mother and mine. My mother went through so much pain and problems because of your father. Should she have also become a murderer like your mother? No, she dint! Your mother became one. She forgave everyone. What did she get in return? You killed a woman in sleep. You are coward! Siamak blames Bindu for making his mother helpless. He begins to hit Ashoka with chain.

Kaurvaki panics thinking about Ashoka’s condition. It can be really dangerous for him. Please save him God.

Ashoka is in pain. He cries thinking of his mother and hugs himself. Siamak continues to hit him with the chain. Ashoka holds the chain and pulls him to himself, calling him a coward. Siamak hits at his wound and runs away. Ashoka’s leg is still stuck.

Siamak wipes the sweat off his face and turns only to find Ashoka sitting at the throne with the chain in his hand.

Precap: Ashoka kills Siamak thinking about all the ways Siamak harmed his loved ones till date.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. What factual January time waste kraft rhemail Hainton
    Stupid flashback showing every time
    BC just stretching episodes only

  2. VERY very fast update. Thnq

  3. One of the best episodes of the series

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      glad you liked it, can watch 10-20 times or more online, the stupid serial

  4. Again delayed…at least plz don’t show the same precap everyday.

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      those who miss serial, precap is sufficient to understad what is happening

  5. Dear Zannat, i am fine. Yes i am also sad that CAS is going to end.
    You know what? I am one of the teenager in the team of 20 teenagers all around the world. We have formed this group to put up theories and ideas on the most hotly debated topic “WHAT IS THERE ,AT THE BOTTOM OF A BLACK HOLE?”.
    Its really very interesting. I am very much excited about it. We are mainly from India,USA,Brazil,Japan,China,Malaysia,UK,New Zealand and Germany.I am going to put up Einstein’s general relativity and the M-Theory.Sadly,I will miss my exams. I and my Physics Advisor are working hard on it.

    1. History lover

      Dear Bella, best wishes for your academic affairs ! With you all the success !

      1. Thank you dear. sorry, I am finding it extremely difficult to write Karuvaki’s story. Whenever i will get more time i will certainly write it.

    2. Bhrata Susheem

      why dont you share the link on the research, materiaal must be available somewhere, in some groups

  6. Thanks for the update

  7. Abhishek Maurya

    Next episode:
    Khal drogo visits ashoka in taxila for help.He says”I want the most empty-headed person in the world.Sushim says happily “take my father bindusara.Ashoka says why do u want my father.Khal drogo replies i want him to send in night’s watch because the dumb persons can improve thier thinking ability there.Bindusara unknowingly agrees with khal drogo.He offers radhagupta a job to serve the night’s watch.By taking advantage of this situation jagannath attacks magadha but ashoka with the help of jon snow saves magadha.Now ashoka is in rage but lasendra comforts him and he makes preps for attacking kalinga.Kaurwaki with the help of daenerys targareyen’s dragons beheads radhagupta.But she’s shocked to know that radhagupta is alive.She realizes that radhagupta’s brain is in his ass.Next she decides to cut of his ass but again no use.She later realizes that radhagupta has no brain in any parts of the body. To be continued……..

    1. I don’t think bindusar will survive behind the wall

    2. Bhrata Susheem

      ha ha ha..seems really interesting

      1. hahaha someone should really write a story on GOT, CAS crossover It’ll be hilarious

  8. Dear Pari i live in Odisha and i am currently in class 11. My subject is PCMB ( Physics, Chemistry, mathematics and Biology). But physics is my main subject. Alongwith that history , literature, astrology , geodesy, cartography, geomatics and geodynamics are subjects of my interest.

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      dont think it is right to give personal details in public forum.. better we stick to topic and comment on it… Be matured

    2. Odisha that’s good.
      Bharat their is nothing that personal info in wat Bella mentioned. Everyone can at least introduce themselves to some extent. I too did that.

      1. Bhrata Susheem

        its not wise to reveal unnecessary details, u can get connected in Fb and chat

  9. I am a Sri Lankan & a big fan of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.Tnks for your daily updates

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      the story is a crap and has no relevance to actual history.. dont thank… pl take this as a family drama.. If you want to know about actual Ashoka, better refer some genuine sources of materials.. this serial will totally brainwash your respect for Ashok and co

  10. S.Ravi Prakash

    Seems the story writer is unable to get the most of the story told in one episode, & he repeats the precaps, which in turn make’s us feel that it is dragging, & bored to see the repeats. Actually in half an hour of the episode, 15minutes taken up for the advertisements! I pity the story writer! I strongly feel CAS should have Maha episodes. Thanks pooja di.

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      yes make it 1 hour maha episode and finish off the story

  11. devaki ganesan

    I am engrossed and thrilled by Ahoka. Thank Poojaji for her dedication. I am sorry to see CAS to completion.

    Devaki Ganesan

  12. Bella – only you can answer this. How does kvk show up in Taxashila from the other end of the country at will? Teleportation in those days perhaps? How does Ash with a spear ripping through his insides recover in a few hours. How do they dislocate and relocate their arms? What hi tech sensors they had that turning a picture can open rock doors. All science questions and after I answer shut your eyes for an adult question.
    Was lesandra shown as sleeping with her hubby’s killer? I thought I saw them emerge from the bed at the beginning?

    1. Dear barbarian, my answer to all of questions is only one.
      thank you.

  13. Ab koruwaki or Ashok keep love story ke bar me dikhye Kuch

  14. devi ko dekhte dekhte bor ho gaye h kitni selfish h achnak se use ashok se pyar kaise ho gaya

    1. Tiyasa

      Devi is not at all selfish !!!!!
      Acc. to history Devi was Ashoka’s love and 1st wife !!!!!!
      Think and then comment !!!!!!

    2. Cherry

      Actually I am to sick of that duck face kvk…!!!

  15. l hate ashoka & devi jori
    usase achhi to lesendra h usi se saadhi kar leta or chor do us boring devi ko

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      yes lasendra is really hot and bold

    2. Tiyasa


      1. Cherry

        Agreed!! She only knows how to flaunt her legs!!

  16. Good Epi,every One Taking Revenge Becuz Of Their Love Ones Lasendr For Her Husbnd,siamak For His Mom & Dad,ashoka For His Mother & Motherland.Wht Hapen To Charu & Chanda??Same Precp As Yesterdy.

  17. Bhrata Susheem

    wonder how come ashok leg got trapped in the hole…Shiamak was foolish to keep talking to ashok, rather he should have taken a swaor and killed him instantly, instead of running. Why again KvK is roaming around in Taxasila.. she seems to be mentally unstable.. A lone girl travelled all along from kalinga to Taxashila, how could she know Ashok was going for war. Inspite of all insult, drama, nautanki, dont think it is right for KvK to again go to Magadh/Taxashila and fanticize about Ashok, and roam around the bushes searching for him.. when did she get time to prepere the green jaadibooti and heal ashok, in span of couple of hours. Ashok seems to be very weak against Shiamak (with fingers of right hand cut)… what kind of war they are showing – 10-15 soldiers only…. Really anxiuos to wwait for the moment when this stupid drama will end… nothing can be better than closing the serial… instead of defying laws of nature, gravity and insulting the great king Ashoka

  18. Tiyasa

    Devi has also saved Ashoka’s life by repeating Mahamrityunjay mantra, not only kvk saved Ashoka !!!!!!!
    If u think that nothing happens on chanting mantra then u all are wrong as Dharma and kvk both have saved Ashoka’s life by chanting this mantra only before !!!!!!!
    Devi is not at all selfish her love for Ashoka was pure, is pure and will always be pure !!!!!

  19. ye real history of ashokdikh hi kha rha h
    is serial me to devi ko jabardasti thusa gaya h
    or h kewal mahamutajay jaap se hi logo ki jaan bach jati to doctor ki jarurat kyu hoti

  20. ek baat or agar koi apni friend ke boyfriend se sadhi karta h wo v ye jante hue ki uski friend usase pyar karti h to ye selfish hi hote h
    is liy devi meri najar me ek selfish women h
    or real maharani devi ka mujhse nhi pta

  21. according to history maharani Devi kabhi v war ko sahi nhi samjti thi
    wo to santi me yakin rakhti thi per isme to sab kuch ulat h
    devi khud Ashok ke yodh me jane deti h

  22. Cherry

    Devi wasn’t selfish!! She was stuck in a dilemma of whether to choose between Dharma(whom she treated her as a mother) and her friend kvk ….If Devi was to b selfish she would have never tried to commit suicide!! And I feel kvk is the only one shown as a duffer,dumb and love obsessed!!! She called Devi ‘neech’ and she even accused not only ashok but the whole magdha aur ab fhir muh utha kar agyi Hai…
    Better think before speaking!!!

  23. Cherry

    This serial has literally become a illogical and crap drama!!
    When bindu was attacked with an arrow he couldn’t recover before 3-4days and the arrow penetrated ashok’s stomach and he was fine within a few minutes??
    How can a single girl(kvk) put such bull like man on a horse within a few seconds??
    How can anyone relocate their twisted bone with themselves??
    N kvk should be shown till a limit only then it looks nice…itna to ekta kapoor showme b hero heroine k scenes nhi dikhane jitna CAS vale dikhate h….
    Is it necessary to force kvk in every scene

    1. Cherry

      This show was nice till Sid was there

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