Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 20th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka and Sushim tie Nicator and Mir to the pillars. Ashoka falls down as he is wounded. Ashoka tells Sushim that Samrat will take a decision. Sushim says it has already been taken. Ashoka tells him to stop. It is against the rules of war. Mir agrees with Ashoka. We have surrendered already. Sushim points out that it is only them who know it. Citizens don’t know it. He slits Mir’s throat! Ashoka gets up with great difficulty. Nicator tells Sushim that they surrendered. Only Samrat has a right to take any decision. You are not even a Yuvraaj. Sushim shushes him. You only taught me to make use of the opportunity when you see it. He slits Nicator’s throat too. Ashoka calls it immoral. Father wont forgive you ever. Sushim laughs. You became Yuvraaj but still think so low. There

is nothing moral or immoral in a war. He pushes a wounded Ashoka in fire. Only victory is important. I will win today because of you! Thank you.

Sushim goes out to announce that the war is over. Nicator and Mir are dead. Bindu hugs him. The Queens also come there. Charu hugs Sushim proudly. Dharma asks about Ashoka but no one pays heed. Shubhrasi asks about Siamak. Bindu orders the soldiers to find Siamak. Acharya RG tells Dharma against going inside. It is not good for your health. Nayak will bring Ashoka safely. Everyone cheers for Sushim.

Ashoka is lying unconscious with fire all around. Kaurvaki covers the diya she lit for Ashoka as it begins to waver. Is he in some danger? She prays to Mahadev to save Ashoka. She begins to chant Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra for him. It begins to rain in Patliputra. Fire blows off. Ashoka gains conscious. Kaurvaki is relieved to see the diya fine. She happily looks at Shivlinga. Jagannath looks angrily at her from far.

Ashoka walks with great difficulty. Helena thinks of Nicator cheating her and how Ashoka saved her. She holds a dagger near her neck. Ashoka holds her hand in time. If I dint kill you then I wont even let you die. He makes her drop it. I feel sad for you. truth is you are my grandmother. He hands her over to the soldiers. Take her to jail and keep a tight vigil on her. she goes with the soldiers. Siamak notices Helena thus. Nayak is heading there. Siamak applies some black ash on his face and pretends to be unconscious. Nayak picks him up in his arms. Helena looks tearfully at Siamak but controls her emotions. Nayak asks about Ashoka from the soldiers. They guide him. Yuvraaj is fine.

Bindu is in the courtroom. You (Sushim) deserve praise and victory today son. you made us win today by defeating our enemies. Dharma is relieved to see Ashoka fine. sushim talks big words. It would have been great if you had punished them but they were not ready to surrender. I was helpless to kill them. Forgive me if I made a mistake. Bindu says he made them all proud. All credit goes to you today. Sushim says I wouldn’t have succeeded if you had not helped me. It is true that I was the first one to doubt on them and went there. Things were out of control when I came back. I cannot take full credit of it even if I want to. Things would have been different if I had not gone to Kalinga. Ashoka tried to look for you. he asked Mata Dharma but could not get you out safely on time. If he would have done so then so much bloodshed would have not happened. Citizens too should be given the credit. They helped in implementing my plan of using oil on time. Nayak stops Acharya RG from saying anything. Sushim thanks his motherland for giving him such an opportunity. Bindu compliments his patience. We will never forget what you did for us. You only made one mistake – of bringing your brother from Kalinga! We would have won long ago if you wouldn’t have done so. Ashoka holds something as he stumbles. Everyone turns to look at him. Bindu calls Ashoka their doom. He tells Sushim to tell Ashoka not to come before him again. I think of whatever pain he caused to Magadh the moment I see him.

A messenger brings Jagannath’s message. He reads it out loud. Ashoka has become the biggest problem for us and has become our enemy only. I had to be embarrassed in Kalinga. I got Kalinga back though the credit does not go to any of you but to the pact between me and my brother. I sent him back before things could go out of control. I am telling you all this to tell you that you dint do any favour on us. Your son freed us from all the favours by attacking on me. Soldier leaves.

Bindu asks Ashoka if this is true. How can you do so? Acharya RG tries to say something but Bindu does not let him talk. I wont let anyone talk on Ashoka’s behalf today. His silence speaks in itself. Wherever you (Ashoka) went you have only embarrassed me. you are the biggest enemy in the face of a loved one. Ashoka thinks of Helena and Siamak. Bindu questions Ashoka. You are the biggest enemy in the name of family. Did I make a mistake in recognizing you? DO you remember who you used to be? The you today is a stranger to me. You are not the same Ashoka who I was once proud of. I feel hatred towards you now whenever I see you! what has happened to you? Ashoka replies that he will answer this question if it is a father asking this to a son. I will only speak in the presence of family members, Acharya RG and Mahamatya. This son wants to say a lot to you today. bindu sends everyone out.

Precap: Ashoka says I would have never become a Yuvraaj if I knew what it will cost me. even a kid of Magadh understands it. They know about my love and dedication for my motherland. How could you not understand it? I ask you. is such a person right for throne? SUshim intervenes. He (Bindu) is Magadh’s Samrat before your father.

Update Credit to: Pooja


  1. Logan

    Wtf is wrong with bindusar ? Episode was Irritating as hell. Sushim is such a @$$hole . ashoka ke sath itna bada anyay

  2. samratashok

    Again a low! The serial team has touched abysmally low levels for TRPs. How much negativity is being shown?
    Time for chandashoka to make entry and kill sushim. Director sir, itne lows ke baad ek axhha epi dikha dijiye in which ashoka regains his prestige and exposes susim and siamak

  3. Pari

    That Bindusar, Mad Fellow. He is really not fit to be a Samrat. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode where Ashok will at last say everything. I think after the leap Bindu will hate Ashok. And that Jagannath, he is so selfish and mad.
    Thanks for the update Pooja…
    Is it true that Shushim will be made Yuvraaj??????

  4. Dhananjaya

    Thanks Mis Pooja 4 Quick Updates,ur So Fast Laddy! Wht Selfish Brother That Sushim Bindusara Also Trusting That Bugger! Does Bindusara Forget That Ashoka Is The Person Selected By Chanakkaya For Kingship?Now Bindusara Nt Even Leistn For Hs Gurus Diciples(rada Guptha)i Thnk Ths May Cuse Ruining The Name Of Bindusara.I Feel Sad About Asoka He Done A Great Job To Save Magadha.& Wht Great,true Lve Betwen Kauvaki & Asoka Even She Cn Understand Asokas Pain While Living In A Distant Place,,sushima Is A Coward While Asoka Is A Great Worrior!! I Thnk Sushma Wil Hve 2 Suffer Lot For Ths Coward Works & Nw Atleast Bindu Should Undestand Ashokas Greatness!!

  5. Hi i am minnu from kerela i am a huge fan of this show . But now it became too boring. Why ashoka is not reacting on the spot ??? Writer is making us fools

  6. Aarpee

    This has become super fictional show now. Total injustice to our history. Too much negativity shown.

  7. Dhananjaya

    Mis,pooja Plz Cn U Tell Me When Does The Mohit Raina Enter To Chakravartin Asoka Samrat Teledrama?

    • Aparajita

      Hi, I am Aparajita. Will after Mohit Raina the serial will continue. There will be hardly anything to picturise.

      • platinumopinion

        Don’t worry Chand Ashok will be there. If nothing will be left to picturise, the writer will make up some shit.

  8. Harshit

    Whattt! a irritating episode. How can they take a all credits of ashoka. All the efforts & good works of ashoka is going to wasted.
    Bindusar to salla pagla gaya ha. usse to wahi log achey lagte ha jo duniya ke sabse kaminay log ho.
    According to precap it seems to Ashoka express his frustration to Bindu. Bindu is very dumb & blind king. words of bindu is penetrate the hearts of ashoka & viewers. Abto serial me bindusar ko dekh ke hi khoon khulne lagta ha.
    But good thing is that Ashoka will be give a nice reply to bindu. abtak bahut ho gaya baap ka samman ab bindusar ko phod dalo.
    Now it seems to Ashoka become very cruial after finding the betrayal by everyone.
    And serial become very intresting after the leap.

  9. Baisali

    Wow! Applaud! Ashok gave a fitting reply to bindu for the first time. The latter deserves it very much. Ashok is right. Even the kids of magadh know about his love for his motherland but only bindu fails to understand this. He’s not fit to be a king. I’m so excited to watch tomorrow’s episode. I think bindu will take this reply as his disrespect and will then send him away. And this Jagannath should go to hell. He should have remained imprisoned in takshashila only.

  10. admon

    Bindusara is a b*t*h….serial ka director sala kamina…kahani history sab kuch badal diya….kutta ka batcha hain woh director and writer of this serial…man karta hain time machine banakar writer n director ko mauryan era me le jaun….no one should watch this hopeless serial…but the actors r very talented……kya kehte hain aap sabhi bhaiyo aur baheno??

    • platinumopinion

      Yes, take the writer and director to the Mauryan era and also take the videos of all the episodes and show it to the real Bindusar and Ashok. I bet that after watching about half the videos, Bindusar would announce death penalty for the writer and director for making a mockery out of him.

  11. Ashoka

    Bindsar is a hypocrite. Didn’t he surrender when siamak was in danger. Ashok did the same for his father. I hate Bindusar!!!!!!!!

  12. Puja

    It is becoming borng now, please don’t show do much of negativity, bindusar being king he should realise how wise his son ashoka is. We are not going to watch show anymore lot of negativity

  13. Puja

    If the show is not following history not a problem but show some logical thinking in show, bindusar should trust ashoka

  14. Sriya

    Bindu is soo stupid!!! He believes ashoka and then he doesn’t and then he does again and then he doesn’t……

  15. Sree

    How come every one in the world exept the king knows every thing ,? Serously bindu is the last one to find out or realise anything. I mean last week he thought ashok was responsible for drupads murder, and when the truth came out he cried and fainted for gods sake and thevery next thing happening is he being nad at ashok again for stoping slavery insted of deciding to resighning his crown for not knowing or stoping such a thing himself being a king. Now the attack was an inaide job and he himself couldnt handle it yet he expects ashok to do everything for him. Today he hurted ashok in every possible way only thingleft was the “dasiputra” expresion. Yet what kind of a father is he? Ashok was wounded badly and it was fire alover yet he didnt cared about ashok . he even stood there and leted sushim stab or burn ashok, seriously we all know if it wasnot for the plan then he would have literaly let sushim do it….. And the main moral of thestory ashoks all good qualities came from dharma. Even a bit of bindusar was there then the history must have been pretty nasty……

  16. history

    THE SELUCUS NICATOR was never ever killed at the hands of a Maurya! Nor was he so foolish to get trapped like a rat! He was extremely brave, he was not a coward and had never attacked Magadha after his defeat by CGM! Seriously, why do they show such things? Because – those who died can’t come out of the grave & those who know everything are watching it with interest! Wow!

    • Srinivas

      When Indian king Bindusaar is being shown in very bad light, no surprise Nicator being portrayed that way. Bye the bye, I do not think calling Nicator brave as under his command many innocent Indians were killed out of war. You can watch Chanya serial by Prakash Diwedi which was telecast in 90’s and is still available online.

      • history

        Well, Selucus was a gr8 Greek General of “Alexander the great” and he ruled even after his death. And most importantly, @ Srinivas, Bindu had very good relations with Greeks and Selucus :- he died naturally ! And it’s a fact, that they show whatever they feel!

      • history

        And ur saying that I should not call Nicator brave cause he killed many Indians, then what did Asoka do? He also was a reason for the death of many innocent people!

  17. Ashish

    In history I read about Mohd. Tuglak, he was considered ‘pagal samrat’ for his deeds. Now Mr. writer is making sure that Bindu gets the the same name.
    Really such a stupid story writing. Total time waste.

  18. samratashok

    Now ashoka will himself renounce yuvrajship and susim will be made yuvraj (as predicted by the sorcerer). To hell with the writer director.

  19. Arabind

    Now sushim will be made crown prince & ashoka will be sent to exile.But however it doesn’t mean sushim will be king.From then this ashoka turns into the chandashok.later on bindusara will call him back to help him in crushing the revolts.During this period many of bindusara’s ministers come to know the true nature of sushim and support ashoka as the successor of bindusara.later on after death of bindusara, a war is fought among the brothers ashoka and sushim,in which sushim is defeated and killed by ashoka.Thus after this ashoka became the emperor of magadh.

  20. Sudha nair

    The series began on an interesting note, became farcical n now downright nauseating. Aftee chanakyas murder the writers have murdered the show. Ugh

  21. giri

    History is being distorted completely…
    No more a historical based serial but a current soap opera…
    Someone should protest at appropriate forum as historical facts are being repainted as per the producer need and that is not good sign…

  22. Aaditya

    That is the sheer injustice to our history dear director sir you know that bindu loved so much ashoka ore then all of son so how you could seen like this.
    Sushim went in war and there he has defeat then ashoka came and same him afterall sushim deny to ashoka and tell to bindu he win on itself then bindu tells ok fine acording to bet now you are yuraj of magadh and ashoka are king of takshshila this is the real story why yu such make a foolish to us its really irreatating please make some positive about our history or close the shown the serial
    Ashoka bahut hi accha actor hai maximum log uski acting dekhna chahte hai isliye ye serial chal raha hai nahi to iski TRP ka beda gark ho jata.

  23. Priya

    Bindusar is total idiot. Voh itna dumb hai tabhi toh Noor itne saal tak uske naak ke niche uske hi bhai ke sath chakkar chalati rahi thi. Sach mein seriel wale Bindusar ko dekh kar real Bindusar toh apna sar hi phod lega

  24. samratashok

    Chndashok ,kill sushim,siamak ad charu. But before that bring out their true colors to the dumb bindu

  25. Rahul

    Bindusaar isn’t remembered as a great ruler…if he really was as ignorant as he is portrayed in this show, we can see why it is so! What they say ” God takes care of the ignorant and foolish.” seems true. It’s difficult to fathom how someone can be a king and be so oblivious to whats going on inside his own palace, let alone his kingdom!

  26. admon

    Really this series is becoming hopeless day by day…siddharth nigam jab jayega tab koyi nahi dekhega iss flop show ko… karta hain ki bindusar ko kabrasthan se uthake yeh serial dikhau…………….kaas ashoka apne kamina baap ko puchta ki usne siamak ke liye surrender kyu kiya? Woh bhi apne baap ke liye surrender kar diya tha……mir n nicator ke sath sushim ko bindusar buddhe ko bhi maar dena chahiye tha…..waise bhi buddha bindusar sirf mamuli seniko ke sath hi lar sakta hain aur apni nanaji ko maar sakta hain…
    agar ashoka 15 years ke hain aur sushim 17 toh bindusara ka age at least 39-41 hona chahiye aur halena ka kam se kam 60-61 ya 62…aur phir halena ke baap nicator ka 84-85 ya 86… kya koi admi 86 years me larai karega?? Insan ka itna stamina hi nahi rahega ki woh 10000 seniko ko apne burhappe me lead kare aur talwar uthae……nicator baate aisa karta hain ki woh ek naujawwan yodha hain…….
    pagal hain serial ka director

  27. sai

    Yaa, Admon I agree with u. Bindusar apne putr ke liye pura magadh ko samarpit karne wala tha.And now when ashok does the same for the family,he’s so mad at him.Anyway,I think Ashok will raise this point,I cant wait to watch today’s epi.

  28. Srinivas

    Thanks for the update!
    Really wonder real Samrat Bindisaar was so stupid that he sees and thinks through others eyes than his own.

  29. Tiyasa

    kvk’s work should have been done by Dharma.
    Reem is not all good at acting. How badly she chanted the mantra, as if telling a learned poem. No bhakti feeling at all.
    She is a bad actress. Tunisha (ahenkara) was 100 times better than. Please don’t tell age diff. One can act wonderfully at the age of 8 also.

  30. ghostwriter

    Siddharth Nigam you are a marvelous guy. You act more mature than anybody else. You are a real gem for which an audience ranging from kids to grannies everyone watch out. I am really upset when I saw Mohit Raina as matured Asoka. It feels deep pain that I cannot see you act as Asoka. Anyways. Have a great future.

  31. Oh bindu why the hell can’t u believe in ashok?
    Show will soon take a leap but I only want to say I will miss Sid badly his acting skills kill me really Sid you are my favorite n the best
    Die hard fan of Siddharth nigam ans cas#

  32. pikul

    Guys today’s episode was not like that wow type BT at last its disappointed can Sushin became so kamina type

  33. Snowy

    Ashok ko bhi laga ki voh jisjis ka bhala kar rha hai, vahi uske saath vishwasghat kar rhe hai. isliye in the end he will bcome Chand Ashok

  34. chocolate

    Hai frndz
    Guys I just don’t understand one thing when ashoka was saying about da burning of da place wit oil which was a hint,from ashok,how could bindusaar cannot understand all these things.
    Anyway Siddharth nigam ur da most brilliant actor u r da best person to b portrayed as ashoka?????????

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