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Ashoka tells Devi that he used her as a puppet to take his revenge. I dint even take your permission for wedding. It is highly wrong and an insult to a woman. He hurts his hand in anger. It isn’t me. I could never do it but in my revengeful state of mind I did that. It is unpardonable. Forgive me if possible. She holds his hands telling him not to say so. World never gets to know when normal people like us take birth and die. It will be good if I can be of any help to you. My ordinary life will get its meaning. Don’t think you have to live by the rules of marriage after marrying me. I know my limits. I will never break them. Ashoka tells Devi he has married her in God’s presence. A wife’s place is not in feet. I will give you all the rights of a wife. Devi requests

him to allow her to meet Kaurvaki once. She is my friend. Devi is in tears. Ashoka allows her. Acharya RG will take you there under his safety. Remember that it is easy to forgive an enemy but extremely difficult to forgive an enemy. Devi looks taken aback.

Vaid ji nurses Jagannath’s wound. Everyone is pained to see him in pain. Kaurvaki tells Vaid ji to be careful. My father is in very much pain. Jagannath signals her to sit down near him. Your love is my medicine. Don’t worry for me. Kaurvaki advises him not to talk in this condition as it might hurt. Vaid ji assures them that Jagannath will be fine soon. His wound has been taken care of. He leaves. Jagannath says it doesn’t matter if I am fine or not. I wont stay here for another minute as my daughter, my family and my state has been insulted many times here. It is a curse for me to breathe in its air. We will leave asap. Kaurvaki tells the same to her uncle. Kewalnath leaves to make arrangements. A soldier informs that royal palanquin has come here for Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki wipes her tears. I was sure Rani Dharma will come to meet me. Soldier corrects her. It is of Rajkumar Ashoka’s wife. Kaurvaki is surprised.

Devi steps out of the palanquin. Kaurvaki looks at her angrily. Return from here. I don’t want to meet anyone. She turns to go but Devi follows her inside the tent. I accept your order but right now your friend has come to meet you. Wont you allow your friend to be here, to say anything? Kaurvaki replies that she is still alive because of that friendship only. Leave before I am forced to kill you. Devi does not budge. You will have to listen to me come what may. Kaurvaki asks her what’s left to hear now. The tears I shed before you could even melt the enemies but not you! You snatched everything from me. Don’t act to be helpless before me now. I never thought you will be such an opportunist. This was my biggest mistake! Devi requests her to listen but Kaurvaki tells her to leave. She picks up her sword and is about to attack Devi but soldiers step in between. Devi orders them to leave. Kaurvaki looks shocked. Devi goes out. Kaurvaki follows her. Go from here. Go in such a way that will mean it means nothing to you. You must be happy from inside. The last chapter of your game is up. You got what you wanted. Devi tries to say something but Kaurvaki does not let her talk. She talks ill about the family. Devi asks her why she is talking bad about the family. It is between us. Kaurvaki says you don’t understand the truth. Magadh is like this only. We were taught this in childhood only. The land of Magadh is opportunist, filled with all the wrong things and motives. An ordinary girl is so proud to be a part of it but you are nothing! Tell him that his dream will never come true. Devi says I can feel your pain but these words don’t suit you. Ashoka tells Rajkumari Kaurvaki to stop. Magadh, Samrat Bindusar, his ancestors, Rajkumar Ashoka and his wife Rani Devi are not to be insulted like this by anyone. I would like to remind everyone present here that Devi is my Dharma-patni. Any insult to her would be unbearable. You would get to know the outcome of it. Kaurvaki tightens her holds on the bare sword. He reminds Devi of what he had told her. The person who cannot understand love will never understand friendship. He tells Kaurvaki she will never be happy. You don’t understand it right now in your anger but you will regret it in future. He begins to walks away with Devi when Kaurvaki shouts after them. Kaurvaki says stop worrying about my happiness. We will see how your wife will stay happy with a Chand like you! Devi sits in her palanquin. Jagannath smiles. Blood is dripping from Kaurvaki’s hands.

Dharma looks out of the window worried for Devi and Ashoka. vit asks her if its true that Ashoka Bhaiya and Kaurvaki Bhabhi will never unite. I am sorry. I did the wrong thing. they wouldn’t have been separated if it was not for me. Devi Bhabhi is in too much pain because of me. I am very bad. Dharma hugs him and cries. You dint do anything. You are not bad. No one can change what was destined to happen. You were just the medium. When we try to fun away from our fate then we are brought back on the same path by fate. We cannot change what has happened but we can try to make the lives of Ashoka and Devi better. I would need your help for the same. Promise me you will keep them always happy, will stay with them. Vit promises her. Dharma notices everyone coming back to palace. Ashoka helps Devi step out of the palanquin by holding her hand. Dharma is pleased to see it.

Charu is in tears. Sushim claps. Your sadhna did magic. There is no scope of happiness in Ashoka’s life. He will never get out of this pain in this life. Before Ashoka and his father make any plans we should escape from here. Charu nods. Leave when there is still time. Sushim says we will both go together. She kisses him on his forehead all emotional. He asks her what happened. we have to still fulfil the dream. I will become Samrat and you will become Rajmata. She leans her head on his chest. She remembers the aahuti she had given for this moment. How do I tell you I not just gave my blood but also my life for this motive of yours!

Charu does the last ritual with Chanda after which she will be able to meet Sushim. Promise me that you will take care of my son even if I am no more. Chanda nods. Please don’t say so. You will always be with us to guide me especially. CHaru blesses her. She tells Chanda to change. Get ready for your Milan. Chanda smiles.

Devi requests Dharma to free her from this ritual of Milan Pujan. I took the 7 steps / pheras but this is impossible. Dharma points out that this is the first step towards her married life. Accept the truth. You are Ashoka’s wife now. You have to follow the first step to move on in life with Ashoka. Devi reasons she cannot take anyone’s place. Dharma replies that she has to make place for herself in Ashoka’s heart. Devi says Ashoka will never stop loving Kaurvaki. Dharma advises her to do it with her love. Kaurvaki taught him to love. You will teach him to live it. He needs guidance. You will guide him. She calls the servants inside and does the ritual. Devi seeks her blessings.

Precap: Charu tells Dharma she will now bear the pain she (Charu) had been bearing for life. Your son Ashoka will never get the love of his life. You will yearn for it all your life. You will yearn for him for life. Dharma shouts Ashoka and passes out.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Not bad

  2. Sachin41

    Angelk1 you would be proud of your Kvk.. Great..!!
    such a shame, how could be she talk like that? she want to prove that no one can love Ashoka except her.. LoL..? itna ahankar?
    yahi sanskar sikhaya uska baap Jagannath ne.. she again proved that she is proud successor of Jaggu and his evel thoughts..

    1. Angelk1

      You my friend will find anything just to say something negative about kvk. Obviously i was talking about her friendship with devi. I didnt say she was right about what she said about ashok and his family. Besides even without kvk ashok becomes chand….when dharma dies they will find each other… Some how. So you can mock her all you want, and worship your devi…. But kvk will still be in the picture even if you dont want her to be.

    2. Angelk1

      You my friend will find anything just to say something negative about kvk. Obviously i was talking about her friendship with devi. I didnt say she was right about what she said about ashok and his family. Besides even without kvk ashok still becomes chand… So i dont understand mother dearest logic . when dharma dies they will find each other… Some how. So you can mock her all you want, and worship your devi…. But kvk will still be in the picture even if you dont want her to be.

    3. she loved herself not ashoka

      1. Angelk1

        Thats how you see it… Fine by me

    4. lol….you are right sachin41. kvk proved herself that she has no brain at all.she indeed is a chand and now i hope devi will lead ashoka to the path of peace and become his shield

    5. Sachin41 I disagree….

      Kwk did not say anything wrong she asked them to leave, Yes she said it in a wrong way about maghad people. Jaggu Provoked all and only Ashoka reacted to kill him. Image If Kwk would have done this to Bindu no one would have spared her. she would have been killed by Ashoka himself.

      More over Ashok blames her(Kwk) for her talks to his wife of one day. Kwk who, he claims loved from childhood. King (Bindu) standing doing nothing, mother (Dharma) helpless and plans against own son believing what the saint said would happen true. And Great Ashoka cannot have control over his anger and marries someone else just to prove someone wrong How immature !!! No value for LOVE. Queen doing black magic to stop marriage for throne. What a shame on Maurya Family.

      And why blame Kwk for this. She is the one who lost everything.

      1. Sachin41

        do read my analysis on kvk past days.. I don’t wan to repeat that here..
        and still you think Ashoka did wrong then congrats..! you are kvkian and no need to argue..

      2. Angelk1

        I agree…. Ashok has all these responsibility on his shoulder… And dharma wasnt helping either to releive it. He needs a vacation to cool off. Anyway… Shetty theirs no use talking because even without the show they feel like kvk is not important because her child did not help spread Buddhism. And she wasnt ashok first love….so there will always be hate for kvk no matter what.

  3. Angelk1

    I’m glad kaurvaki told them to leave…. Forget ashok…. She has always been the one chasing , but this time she should let ashok chase her. if he truly believe he love her he will come to her again. I’m just glad she didnt promise to ruin them… Yet . Shes hurt ….yes, and what she said to devi is correct. How can you expect her friendship to go back to normal, after marrying ashok.

    I just hope she focus on politics and her skills. Because she has potential to be great. Ashok can have his happy life for now, and I’m glad sushim isnt mean towards chanda…. And i hope he comes to love her because they are so cute.

    1. Hi Angelk1.I want to ask you why you feel that devi,ashoka an dharma are wrong while kvk is sooo good,always correct and all?

      1. Angelk1

        Not once did i say kvk is always good. And just like i told that sachin devi worshipper, in this eps she had every right to tell devi about their friendship. I even made it clear that i was talking about their connection.

        Seriously why would she think they would still be cool after she marries the men kvk love. It makes no sense…. She didnt even reject the offer… But she had time to do the rounds and take dharma and bin du blessing. Obviously kvk would be angry seeing her dressed as a queen with body guards. And they even announced she was ashok wife …. Thats a slap in the face.

  4. What!!!!dharma dead!!!if dharma die ashok will become chand.ashoka cares devi.jaggu is not dead.acha hogi vo mar jaaye.

    1. Vanshika

      I don’t think she’ll b dead right now….. It’s some black magic or else ways…

    2. No she will die when Devi is pregnant dharma dies saving Devi and the unborn child

  5. Vanshika

    What a blockbuster Precap… The director will do anything from black magic to icchadhari naagin concept here bt cn never go real.. This Charu is unbearable now..

  6. Vanshika

    Thnx alot pooja di fr the lovely update…

    1. Pooja

      Anytime Vanshika 🙂

  7. Vanshika

    The real ashoka Devi dharma kaurwaki Bindu will all get severe heart attacks if they watch the directors disastrous version of their story… Seriously sometimes I feel if all the ppl commenting on this particular page unite then v cn make a better n history wise CAS… What do u think.. The director cn still come on track if Devi goes back to Ujjain.. N this Charu does so much black magic on Devi dharma..

    1. You are saying absolutely right vanshika.I hate the act that cvs are portraying such influential characters as idiots.If cvs has shown 50 % of the real history then this show will be a superhit.

  8. thank pnja ur so fast.nice epi,wht mentin in precp that dhrma pases out?does she die?it cnt be becuz she die by sushma sword atck whle going to protect pregnat dharma

  9. Vanshika

    I’ll b really glad if jagannath had died… Guys pls tell me against which king did ashoka fight in kalinga war? Jaggu or someone else?

    1. Vanshika people of kalinga fought a war with kalinga. There is no mention of any ruler of kalinga. The portrayal of raja Jagannath is fiction

  10. Dear Barbarian I have not forced anyone to read. I am writing for history lover’s benefit and other people who want to know. Rekha vaghela I am really impressed by you but please read all the things carefully and ask questions to yourself. Mahendra and sanghamitra were highly respected in Sri Lanka and other countries they went. It is of course common sense that their parents should be highly exaggerated in texts hence done in Ceylonese chronicles. Turning to India ashoka was respected and his conversion from chandashoka to dharmashoka is highly exaggerated in many texts. It is written bindusar had 16 wives and 101 children. See the point. If in ashokavardhana ashoka and his parents were shown hyperbolic then in Ceylonese chronicles mahendra and his parents were shown. So consider it. Talking about china , please do say names of the historians you contacted there, rekha . I would love to know whom you contacted there.
    Barbarian I do have life outside all of these and my exams are also coming. I am trying to write as possible as can and if you can’t understand then don’t read my post. As to answer to your question who are you to question the fishermen folk , what they have said they believe that. We should respect their beliefs not consider fiction and discard it. You will be shocked to know that 92% of historians in India believe there must have been some kind of romance between ashoka and Karuvaki. When I asked some of them why they believe so they told meQuestion this why should ashoka marry a fisherman’s daughter? Not a royal woman? But there are not evidences for this . When Ashoka movie was released the rest 8% of historians were critic of it. But rest were in neutral territory they didn’t comment anything as no information is available.

    1. Actly majority ovr here is nt intrstd in ur analysis of history…lyk u doubt rekha’s analysis…I doubt urs….80 prcnt ppl believe in d analysis gvn by rekha di….n by d wy may I knw ur souce….if cylonese chronicles are exaggeratd thn may b thn in inscriptns ashoka may also b exaggerated…kaurwaki in order to immortalize her name she may have inscripted what is inscriptd…bt d odr wives may nt b fame lover lyk her who didnt do dat…n it is clrly mentnd in d queens edict d inscriptn was done as per her wish…so she may also exaggerate about her

    2. History lover

      Dear Bella pl do not stop writing the kaurvaki’s legend. Most of people enjoyed it. History is not only the things written. Folks also contain the history . Most valuable thing is you are educating a side most of us don’t know. It is a great job. Respect you! Pl write the next part.

    3. i love your all comments just for knowledge, but above all the director has the absolute right to create the story as he wants , ok, keep telling the histories, i like much

  11. Pooja

    hey guys… i am not sure if Dharma is only unconscious or dead so I chose passes out. We will figure it out tomorrow?

    1. That’s fine I think Charu did something on her
      But she dies saving Devi and Ashoka’s unborn child

    2. I knew his was gonna happen I posted something that Dhrama will be unconscious or die and look what happened Wow I can’t believe what I thought would happen tommorow

    3. Pooja u have made so many mistakes today…
      1 of it is ASHOK warns devi that it is easy to forgive an enemy but it’s highly difficult to forgive your friend.. When she asks him to let her meet kvk…
      N also wn ASHOK took her back to palace… He repeated the same sentence and kvk hears that..

  12. It is true that Devi was ashoka’s first love. Empress consort Karuvaki was his advisor and guide in his Buddhist teachings and influenced him to spread Buddhism and help her in charitable works. And who can forget asandhimitra? She was a ardent supporter of ashoka and his chief consort. Lastly let us not forget tishyaraksha. Ashoka was attracted to her and even he forgave her when she burnt the bodhi tree but sadly she crossed her limits by sending false message to soldiers in taxilla that ashoka had asked to make kunala blind. She got executed after that


    history lover ,& bella itz mentiond in buddhist script tht @ death bed of emperor ashok got angry bcoz da maiden who was faning to him gt accidently hit da fan on his bdy.due to dz he was born as a python in himalaya.after 7 days from python form he was reborn in heaven.
    legend says tht his son mahendra saw all dz by his pschycic power

    1. Pradeep nice to hear from you. Yes you had earlier mentioned this. Please do post more things and facts. I am hungry for information about ashok’s past and afterlife

    2. History lover

      Thank you Pradeep, I saw that you have written about Ashoka’s prebirth, Was that monk nigrodha the son of sushim? It is said when sushim was killed by Ashok , sushim’s wife was Pregnant.
      Further, I am pleased to know, whether there was any scientific study had done related to genetical relationship between Bengalis and Sinhalese . If so it is a great proof of legend of prince Vijaya. According to Mahawansa, several kings of SL had their queens from Kalinga.

      1. rekha vaghela

        Yes Dr I too think so if they take one version where his nephew give him the preaching then it would b sushim’s son. Though sushim died childless and his wife too. But they have shown chanda too good. So they can show that ashok allowed chanda to run away as she was pregnant. But actually he didn’t leave any of his relatives alive except vitashok

  14. Kaurwaki’ll later realize her mistake of what she said 2day to devi…when she’ll get to knw d truth bhnd her marriage…dat it was devi dharma who took promise frm her to marry wid ashoka…she’ll b in dwep pain…4m 2days episode d dffrnc btwn kaurwaki n devi cud b clrly seen..d ltr being polite twrds kaurwaki’s harsh wrds though there was no fault of her…instd to save dr marriage she drnk poison d frmr dnt use hr brain…actly she dnt trust hr frnsp dtswy she dnt thnk 4 nc dr might b smthin 4 dt led devi to marry ashoka…n d reason 4 wat she slapped n broke d marriage wid ashoka…2dy she was going to do d sm…she wud hav klld attkd devi if her guards wnt hav stpd her..

    1. Sachin41

      Angelk1 see what’s written here…
      I agree wid you aashi.. this the difference between kvk and Devi.. Devi is polite even though she is magadh’s Rani, Ashoka dharmapatni bcz she learnt it from her parents, it comes with surrounding in which you brought up.. and other side there is kvk who don’t know the meaning of politeness or love or friendship, nothing.. bcz she brought up in such surroundings by the great cunning Raja Jaggu..

      she is calling devi tuchh.!! what’s the difference between Sushim and kvk?? He is the enemy of Ashoka his words will not impact that much as of this kvk.. bcz she was friend and lover of the same Devi and Ashoka.. this indicates her inner feelings about Devi and Ashoka.. she consider Devi as her dasi.. she don’t know Devi was ready to sacrifice her life for kvk..
      this is what I call kvk as Selfish..

      1. I hope cas will be free frm kvk atleast for some days. Fed up watching this totally dumb selfish character!

      2. I just hate kvk.Areee yaar ab to ashoka ko peaceful life jeene doo and please kuch episodes mein toh ikhayi bhi maat dena as you are so irritating kvk!!

      3. You are just awesome sachin41. You have actually written what i was thinking from so long about kvk.Devi is so polite and she has all the traits for becoming great ashoka’s wife.While kvk i just hate you for what you said for ashoka ,devi and magadha. You kvk just return to your so called kalinga and please its my humble request kvk, just go to the hell.


    i feel srry 4 charumitra- frustrated wife , a mother whom did evrythng to c her son on the throne.

  16. Rithik

    If here do anything wrong with someone its karuwaki because she left her everything for her love but what she get betryel . Ashoka betrey karuwaki because if he truly love her than he cant marry anyone but he marry devi like he is waiting for this moment . Karuwaki done right to say leave from here . Ashoka never deserve karuwaki

  17. Its awesome,, kaurvaki is dumb…first she never mind her family coz of her love for ashoka…now she is with familt=y blaming ashoka… the way she slapped him, it’s all because of jagganath and whatever the way she shouted at devi was truly sad..this story is out of history long back with surprised death of chanakya..but still,as per script too i feel bad for devi…whatever i wish devi gets love of ashoka, also waiting for ashok to turn chand and kill sushim, siamak and charu…

  18. What ? Kalinga is modern day andhra Pradesh? Kalinga had vast coastline? From where did you get this information rekha?
    What are you by profession? You suddenly come and start claiming things.
    And where is it written that kalinga would have crushed to dirt if there wasn’t a king? You can’t just go on like this. Kalinga was ruled by the people . They were their representatives. That’s why kalinga is referred as most powerful state at that time. Please enlighten me because all my senior historians have never said these.

    1. rekha vaghela

      OK so the question of coast line in ancient days they would use a river that was long and straight enough and always built a port on it. And their is any one river that is that long and with the straightest course. Also back those days all the kingdom had a leader and a council. Some didn’t call them as king though. But kaling had one. The thing is the king name is never came up as he was already dead at the time of the war and the war was being fought by the people who didn’t wanted themselves to ruled by ashok lease red by kaurvaki herself. She had gathered all the chief and retaliated to the war. But when ashok and his council talked with her and her council they came up with arrangement of marriage between them. It is false that kaling didn’t have a ruler. But it is true that ashok didn’t fought with any king if kaling.

      And for my degree I dont think it to b appropriate to give any certificate to u. But I m a triple doctorate with a degree in fetal medicine. And have a publication. And had been to many discussion where my professors hypothesis were rejected and then accepted. My professor was none other than my husband. So I know wat r his work in details we have spent more than half of our life savings for his studies.

      1. Miss rekha ..
        Acc. To u if there was any council between kvk and ASHOK and kvk accepted it dn y didn’t they had it before war?? So many lives would have been saved.. ..

        I will tell you the answer…
        Bcz there was no such council and u r telling “kuch bhi” …
        Kvk was a fisherman daughter and a sanyasini … Whom ASHOK followed.. N married her acc. To wiki….

        Sry to hear about your husband…
        Bless you..

      2. rekha vaghela

        OK everybody has a council now too but war still happen!! The thing was how to deal that their will b no revolt against ashok and how will kaurvaki make sure that ashok will not mistreat kaling as they all had joined hands just to defeat him

      3. rekha vaghela

        And Dr don’t trust wikipedia they just write anything. As anyone can edit it.

    2. radhakrushna nayak

      Bella, Donot argue with this vagela. She does know anything about ancient history.It seems that what her husband feels and thnks that is correct. She has very little geographical knowledge too. She even does not know ther are so many big rivers in Odisha, the ancient Kalinga. So p. do not react to her logic.

  19. Tiyasa

    Noooooooooooo Dharma shouldn’t die so fast…….She has be alive until Devi and Ashoka love each other…….

  20. Tiyasa

    Thanks Pooja di for the fast update…

  21. No no nephew. The story you heard is false rekha. Ashoka had clearly stated he is obliged to the second queen for changing him for good. Under the guidance and suggestions by the second queen he is changing his lifestyle
    Before a large numbers of animals were killed for his majesty. Then fewer were cooked. Now the Beloved of Gods had stopped eating it. It goes credit to the second queen
    Let’s remember that ashoka was the first ruler to impose a ban on hunting of animals

    1. rekha vaghela

      Ashok’s any wife were not that influential on him. As he would do wat ever he wants. He had see so much blood shed that it was hardly possible for him to break down and change when he saw death at kaling war( he murdered all his brother little children, imagine that and the soldiers were at least not known to him) even after winning over kaling and doing even marriage to asandhmitra he didn’t change much. But the truth was he didn’t get any peace even after having whole of the India to rule. During the time asandhmitra died and he got distraught and went on hunt and saw a monk passing(version where the monk is his nephew) the monk greeted the emperor well. Emperor was puzzled and went to met the young monk.
      Emperor asked that he didn’t remember that he saw him somewhere then how did he knew him?? The monk replied that it was his mother who told him about ashok. On inquiry he came to know that monk is the son of his one brother and his nephew who had been orphaned because of ashok and he had turned a monk at very young age. Ashok went to monk and asked if he wants he can take revenge by killing him for murdering his father and giving pain to his mother while she was with a child and to him too while he was a kid as he should have been brought up in palaces if it wouldn’t have been ashok. And ashok felt that because of his mistakes he couldn’t find peace at that time. The monk asked ashok to get up and said that he has already forgiven him. Ashok got puzzled as how can he forgive him for wat he did? The monk said as he had found peace now. Ashok asks that he couldn’t find peace even after winning everything and how could he find the peace at this young age?? Monk said that those u walk on Buddha’s way get peace without any materialistic happiness. And ashok accepted him to teach him the same.

  22. Its ok pooja and thanks a lot for this update i only depend on you for this serial

  23. Dear rekha another thing you mentioned is again highly debatable. Ashoka wasn’t kind hearted from beginning. Who said that ?

    Now question yourself this::
    If ashoka wasn’t good then what was the difference between him and sushim?
    If ashoka wasn’t good then why all royal ministers and officials wanted him to successor
    What answer do you get?
    Bindusar never liked ashoka because of his appearance and always supported sushim and yes you are right bindusar didn’t have any favourite queen.
    Ashoka became heartless after his mother was killed. He killed sushim and all brothers who supported sushim leaving tishya or vitashoka
    Sadly he got killed too.
    And lastly radhagupta was ardent follower of Chanakya . I don’t know if you have read or not but Chanakya had written what character traits should be of a good king. Which was found in ashoka . You can’t say ashoka wasn’t good.
    Thank you

    1. rekha vaghela

      OK if u remember that ashok was exiled often by bindusar?? Wat was the reason?? The ministers favoured him as no king at that time dared to challenge him. While sushim ran away from war. He always stayed at the capital and avoided to go to war. A king who is not good with war will sink the whole country one day and foreign will establish and hence they supported ashok. Though not all of them supported him as they considered him very aggressive and thought that his anger would harm nation more one day then sushim’s cowardness

  24. Alright. So dharma got killed when she went to save pregnant Devi from sushim.
    I also believed in this story but from the time I have started my research to till date I never found out anything which supports the above mentioned statement. I even asked the veterans even they said they are still finding reasons and written work to support this highly speculated story
    Just wrote what I have learnt you all may believe or not doesn’t make the truth false

    1. rekha vaghela

      Yes u r right. Dharma’s death and bindu’s death r not that talked often in any where. The thing is as most of the script of the 2 great university which hold their records were ruined. So not proof available. The story is just a dramatic version to show her death as they had to show it some how

  25. The Holy Ghost – that must have been Bella? Invisibly lurking around 2300 years ago, eavesdropping into Royal intrigues and now stating crap as historical facts and like an intolerant Chand, spewing venom on anyone who dares make an alternate claim. Role modelling perhaps on her inspiration kvk who draws a sword upon Devi, except our Bella only has a pen! The pen best be used to write her exams, for which we wish her well, instead of pretentious knowledge and absurd rhetoric

    1. Very much true

    2. Dear Barbarian you may say and write anything you want. But it doesn’t changes what the things are. What I am stating is what I have learnt from our research. Rekha is right in why ashoka wanted kalinga but some statements like Ashoka wasn’t kind hearted is wrong.
      Did bindusar really had 101 sons as it is written? No. Our historians have different theory for it . This was exaggerated to show how a heartless ruler changed to dhamma. You can read all edicts minor and major. Then inscriptions then say. Even pradeep, zannat and rekha will be able to say to you. If you don’t like what I write then avoid my content. I am a student and I want the proof what anyone states let it be history, chemistry, mathematics or physics. And what I will state even I will prove. Not just start writing rubbish. I am sharing my knowledge and what rekha had written I am also trying to verify that not that I am discarding the facts. We never know who wrote the edicts. If you contradict the queen’s edict then all edicts are also debatable then . Yes it may be that aashi that karuvaki may have wanted to exaggerate herself. Surely we know she was very influential. So may be she must have influenced ashoka to do it. I am not discarding your theory.
      Thank you

      1. rekha vaghela

        U r right actually that bindu didn’t have 100 sons. But its a version that one of the professor explained. That may b they were not his sons but can b sons of bindu’s uncle. Chandragupta’s other sons sons and their family. Though that cant make a 100 people but if u r thinking to rule out all the possible claimer to the throne its better to kill even the relatives of those wives as they might retail ate some day.

    3. And dear as to the answer to your question that why the folktale I am narrating is not known to many because that many are content in what they know. The play of the kalinga war is performed by rourkela group in the state. This you can check on internet ( if you have time. Don’t want you to waste your time if you consider this baseless)
      Thank you


    thnx bella.i wud lyk sm1 cm vth wht mentiond in jain txts abt ashoka.actually bella was crrect.kalinga was eastern india (oddissa & bengal?)and it was powerful nation thruout da history.nvrdaless adherent buddhist state.accrding to mahawansa tooth relic of lord buddha was brought from kalinga to SL.cmpared to magadh,kalinga was out political riots & it was vry stable.they hd a democratic ruling system.when sanghamitra brought bodhi tree, she came from port in kalinga thru sea routine.kalinga held sea route trades with swarnabhumi(myanmar) since they hd economical important ports.
    also genetical studies dn by scientists show that more than 60% of DNA of our sinhalese match with kalinga z genetically connectd to us

    1. rekha vaghela

      Kaling and its actually geography r still questioned. And regarding genetic studies the people migrate from time to time. During the early studies they believed that Mahanadi was the chief trade route for everything. But recent when they where searching about the course it is said that Mahanadi course had been changed a lot since past time. The new hypothesis they gave that may b odisha belonged to kaling but the port was on godavri. As it is large and stretches long. Just like sindhu it provides an idea way in India and the transport of the good would b faster. Rather than land route. An international trade route was one that allowed deeper access to the land. Which godavri does. OK now let’s see Mahanadi. Big river. Definitely yes. But what about the surrounding?? Many tributaries in modern odisha. Wat happens in floods?? Ok .. If a port is their then their will b godowns ??? And an international port!! So large godowns!! Wat happens in floods?? Now they cant carry all the goods to the godown that is very far as that will cost!! (Land transport??) OK godvari in favour has a vast bed and could manage floods. Less crowd in of the tributaries. Also genetic part Dhaka was the silk centre. So genetic mingle can b due to variety of reason.

      1. rekha vaghela

        Dr they used to believe before that Mahanadi was the port. But then some of them have started this new and more accepted hypothesis that port is on godavri. And unlike in today’s world back then port were different. If u have seen any ruins then u might have understood that part. Today’s ports r directly connected to the sea. Back then the ship entered a river and near its end the heavy sea ships were unloaded and parked and cargo was loaded into smaller river ships. For which the businessmen had to pay and even the parking cost of the ship at the dock. Multiple docks were present throughout with a central great reservoir. That connected it to the river. From the river mode future travel was done. Till river mode couldn’t b used. Where they used bullock carts or camel carts to carry their goods. Land route took much longer and costlier way for goods transport. And if u see godvari it is very long. Port of Sindhu and ganga were also built in same way.

    2. rekha vaghela

      Actually its not fault of the people who get adamant to the fact on net. But actually they r also written by some people who didn’t show their degree on it. Kaling dwarka are like Atlantis much heard about never seen. And all that is heard might b true or might b false but its Ur faith and u can keep it.

      1. Miss rekha you didn’t answer my question which is written above….

        Still coming to port odisha has paradip port which is very huge where even army ships are parked for your kind information..

      2. Miss rekha you didn’t answer my question which is written above….

        Still coming to port odisha has paradip port which is very huge where even army ships are parked for your kind information.

  27. Love d jodi of ashoka n devi…bt d serial cud have raised itz trp if it wud hav followed d real luv story ashoka n devi…eternal luv story

  28. Please made Ashok Devi love story .

  29. Kaurwaki’s insulting words to Devi prooved clearly today that how much she called her sakhi on face but deep down in her heart Devi was nothing but had the same status of her Dasi… She would rather be happy if Devi would have given her life

  30. Yeah devi 5 klos ke jewellery pehn ke kyun aayi thi??
    Jaisi thi waisi nahin aasaki….
    Ustarha kvk ko wo jaada aapni lagti….
    Isstarha ban dhan ke aane se kisiko bhi lagega ki wo show off karne aayi hai… Ya pair jale pe namak chidkne aayi hai…
    Uper se kvk already gusse mein hai… Ase use dekhi to obviously use gusse mein volcano bana hi tha …
    Or volcano jab phat ta hai… Wo acha Ya bura nahin soch ta… Jo uske raste mein ayega use jalna hi padega …

    N y dis newly wed couple is troubling her??
    Jo karna tha to uske sath kar Liya….
    Ab use time to do to breathe, think, and cool down….

    Khamakha uske pass ja kar uski B. P. badha rahe hain ….

    Even ashoka and kvk both were still wearing the bridal dresses…

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      high time Kvk, jaggu and family should return back to kalinga… atleast will be releived to see stupid and irritating face of KvK, which they are showing since last 4-6 months




  32. Awesome episode…..Thanks to the directors and writers….
    Pooja, thanks for your daily updates…..
    Guys, thanks for all the information provided by u….
    Its very interesting….

    I dont about Ashoka’s History but would like to know….
    I’m form FIJI by the way….

    have anyone heard of FIJI…..

    Love Ashoka series…..

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      we know Fiji, but if you really want to know about Ashok The Great, better do some readings from genuine and authentic sources… this serial is a piece of crap and whatever they are showing is all according to imagination of writer and director, and this will give entirely wrong impression on Ashok and other persons


    1. Sachin41

      Oh my goodness.. RIP writing…!!!

    2. What r u writing??? did u understood it while writing??!!!!

    3. Tiyasa

      Are u mad or what????

  34. Thanks That girl for the rubbish comments…..

  35. I thnk ‘that girl’ herself has gn mad…dts why she’z speaking abt sm1 lyk dz…may b u dnt hav brain..if u hd u wnt hav cmnt lyk dz

  36. rekha vaghela

    About the serial actually those who r die hard love story fans will hate devi that’s for sure. But they r the people who just like love story when even their ain’t one. Devi looking like a mauryan princess good. Though I doubt about ashok dressing. And vit was very cute. I hope dharma dies faster so that the story could move a bit faster. Don’t want it roam here only. As devi going to talk to kaurvaki and not accepting her marriage and ashok being devdas and all.

  37. rekha vaghela

    About the folk lore people let me tell u u can’t tell such things to Bella. As she is true from her side. All the places have their folk lore. Developed by local poets and tribes. During my time I encountered many such folk lore and believed them to b true. As those people really claim with such a great confidence. And would argue with Sammy(my professor) but he told me simple thing that we do research of every thing. We don’t believe any thing blindly. And it happened to b true as folk lore were always exaggerated forms. Like if u went to Rajasthan and see the folk lore their u would b surprised who much they differ from actual history. Even in Gujarat I heard story of jai Singh and rakhengar of jungadh. And about menal devi but when just for sight seeing we went to the place where jaisinh ruled the folk lore turned rakhengar as villain and jaisingh as hero. Also an example is if u visit Ujjain u will see a monument of vikram aditya’s thrown and their r books available near their. Also at his kuldevi’s temple their is his photo and vetal’s picture. But and many folk lore. But how did it originate??
    So actually folklore were made for the then illiterate people to tell them how great their mother land is and to arise a feeling of brotherhood and patriotism in them. Folklore differs from place to place.

  38. Maharani advaita

    Director ko akal aayi . Vaise i hate kaurvaki

  39. rekha vaghela

    The Indian history before mughals is similar to egyptian history. Forgotten languages and no proof. I consider Egyptian history comparatively easily when it comes to establishing relationship with others. At least by DNA matching they can tell who is who and how much related. And even MRI scan reveal who did they die!! Indian history has not sarcophagus as they r burnt. And most of the scripts got lost due to repeated invasion. The culture got so mixed up that u can rather make out which tradition is influenced by which culture. As Aryan never had pardah /palu system but right now if u go to north India u will see women in pallu. Will original tradition r more intact in south.

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