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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaurvaki cries alone. I have been continuously trying yet I am failing. What is it that I am missing out? She notices Ashoka and Acharya Devrath running. She calls out for Ashoka but hides upon noticing the soldiers. She drops her neckpiece as she collides with a man. She begins to walk away when he calls out her name. You are Jagannath’s daughter, right? She stops in her tracks.

Ashoka asks Acharya why he dint say anything if he knew his truth. Why were you in disguise? Acharya Devrath says I wanted to know how a man like Chanakya could trust a kid like you who lost the royal coin! I have heard so much about you but you seem to be the person who calls troubles upon himself. You think from your heart. Ashoka asks him why he risked his life to save him then. Acharya Devrath says

you have a pure heart. Come, I want to show you something. You will get all your answers here.

Ashoka follows Acharya Devrath to a place. A lot of people are there. They are the ones who rebelled against Kichak. They lost the moment when Samrat Bindu forgave Kichak and gave him another chance to rule on Takshshila. Ashoka reasons that his father did not know it. The people complain that Bindu never came to check on them. This was the proud point of Magadh but no one came to see how the people are living. Ashoka apologzies to them from his father’s behalf. I accept the injustice done to you. I assure you! They ask him what his assurance will do. My own son had to kill his own brother so Kichak could trust him. This kid was born here. Can you promise to get him a happy and free life? No! Words wont suffice to change the truth. Don’t give us false assurances. If we trust again and lose our everything then nothing will be left. He knows it is hard for them to trust them. I will make you believe on my words through my deeds. Kichak will be punished. He will have to repay for all his misdeeds. You will get justice. Acharya Devrath asks him how that will happen. The world thinks of you to be dead! You lost that royal coin. You don’t know how it can be misused.

Kichak shows the royal coin to Veerayan. This is the ultimate way to take down Magadh completely. This is how Chanakya manipulated things and made Chandragupta Maurya gain the throne. He was very shrewd. He got the royal coin from Amatya Raakshas. He turned it in use for Maurya’s. It became a problem for the Nand’s. Now the history will repeat itself. A soldier tries to inch closer to the box in which the royal coin is kept. Other soldiers shoot him dead.

Acharya Devrath fears the history repeating itself. If it reaches Kichak then everything will be finished!

Nayak hurts himself using the hunter. Kichak holds its end so as to stop him. Nayak apologizes to him. I failed in my promise to you. I don’t want to live with this guilt. Kichak says only I have the right to decide who will live or die here. I will punish you to end your guilt. You will leave for Hindu-Kush tonight itself and bring the main person to me! Nayak says this will end Magadh’s reign in Takshshila. Kichak asks him if he will obey him or not. Recall the oath of your ancestors! Nayak agrees to do the task. Kichak is sure no one can defeat him till he has a person like Nayak with him, who can do anything for him!

Acharya Devrath shares that Hindu-Kush is very important for them and united India. Samrat bindu has made sure no one can attack us because of the same. As far as I know Kichak, he open the doors for Unani’s.

Kichak wants to attack on Patliputra along with the help of Unani’s so he can rule over Magadh in total. Only Kichak will rule then!

Acharya Devrath points out that Magadh will fall if Kichak succeeds. Ashoka refuses to let any of it happen. I will end Kichak’s tortures. People don’t buy his stories. A lot of people like you have come and gone!

Kichak is glad that Ashoka fooled him thrice. He is not weak. I will have to give him a good death. If I am right then I will be so happy to see him dying before my eyes. He will come to take it! His sister points out that that cannot happen.

A lady says the arrangements have been made such that no one can enter inside Kichak’s palace.

Kichak tells his sister one person succeeded in reaching him earlier too! A flashback is shown. A guy walks inside Kichak’s court the soldiers surround him at the end. I will wait for the time when I will give a similar end to Ashoka!

Kaurvaki asks the man how she should believe him that he is her father’s friend. He shows her something. Your father used to tell me everything about you and of this neckpiece. She wants to meet her father. He says I saw him last time heading to meet Kichak. The same man, who appeared in Kichak’s court, gives this to the guy. My daughter will trust you after seeing this. The man compliments Jagannath. He succeeded in breaking Kichak’s security. Flashback shows Kichak making Jagannathi his slave. You are from Kalinga so death means nothing to you. Slavery does, so you will be my slave. You will be the example for everyone. No one should dare go against me. Kaurvaki is glad to know her father is alive. I will find him at any cost. The man tells him that no one, who tried to get inside Kichak’s place survived except Jagannath. You cannot get all emotional and take a wrong step!

Ashoka says I promised my mother, and Acharya. You may not believe me. he touches the dirt. I vow to make the impossible possible. I will get you justice. I will make sure you all get freedom. The dream of freedom is still in your eyes. I will fulfil it for you! He touches the dirt on his head.

Precap: Sushim kills the Raj Vaid. No one can come between me and my throne. Acharya Devrath advises Ashoka to find the map of the underground tunnel from the Vishwavidyalaya.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Means Kauravi is rajkumari of kalinga

  2. No kauravi is not a princess. Only one queen of ashok was a princess. And all others were commoner. Asandhmitra was princess, of now called himachal. She married to ashok. Rest all wives were from non royal family.

    1. wellwisher (ww) ragna fan

      ya agree with you………….

    2. read about kaurwaki from wikipedia ….she was the princess of kalinga

  3. I like siddharth stunning performance … he is just stealing the show

  4. I think kaurvaki is nayaks daughter

  5. Updates are slow

    Kaurvaki is common woman no princess don’t know what these directors are doing they changed history chanakya did not die till Ashok became king

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