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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 1st August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya RG tries to explain Ashoka’s stance to Bindu but he is not at all interested. I don’t want to see that girl (Kaurvaki) at all. Ashoka looks at him from behind.

Kaurvaki asks Devi why she is being so negative. You have been my hope till now. Devi cries. I am bound to feel this way after what happened. Samrat couldn’t see anything. He blamed you only. I am losing hope. I feel that we lost. Anindini says she had to lose. I dint know she is so shameless though. She was so much insulted yet she is here. Why? Think about your parents’ respect if not yours atleast. Kaurvaki tells her not to bring them in between. Anindini agrees. It wont change anything though. Samrat has understood your truth. A girl like you cannot be a queen ever. I will marry Ashoka now. I will

see how you will feel then. I am really eager to see it! She leaves smiling to herself. Kaurvaki and Devi feel bad.

Bindu comes ot his room. He is about to close the door when he notices Dharma at the door. He expresses his wish to be alone. She leaves sadly.

Siamak is sitting alone in his room holding the pot of ashes. Lasendra comes there. She holds his chin and makes him look at her. Don’t waste Rajmata’s sacrifice by crying over it. You have to go to Takshshila. He says why Takshshila. Lasendra reasons that that is the entrance point for them. First Takshshila, then Magadh then Ashoka’s united India and then Chanakya’s united India! Siamak takes swear holding his Rajmata’s ashes in his hands. I wont pour these in the river till I accomplish my mission. I will make sure this sacrifice is written in gold in history. I will write a new history by sitting on the throne. I will be the Samrat. Ashoka will see how I will do it!

Ashoka cuts Helena’s name off his list. Acharya RG says you have not just cut a name but ended a very important link. She was pretty smart and had a great mind. We have really destroyed their backbone here. What’s your plan now? Ashoka says Siamak’s decision of going to Takshshila be a problem for us. By making that decision, he has planned his death on his own.

Sushim asks Siamak if he has lost his mind. How did you even think of looting treasury? Siamak says how will I take revenge then. Ashoka has already cut a name off his list. He wont sit peacefully. He wont leave anyone, not even you. Sushim asks him if he thinks he is scared of that low guy (Ashoka). Lasendra holds his hand which takes him by surprise. She suggests him to hit Ashoka at his weakest point. He says how we can destroy Ashoka by looting treasury. How is this related? She explains that they wont be able to run Magadh if they lack money. They wont be able to pay their army. The taxes will be increased. Ashoka’s dream will break into pieces. He will be blamed for it as he is handling internal affairs. Sushim compliments her plan. It is as beautiful as you. She says let us come together. we can play such a game of throne that we can tackle the problem named Ashoka once and for all. They join hands.

Dharma comes to Samrat’s room. The door is closed. She is worried as Samrat hasn’t eaten in past 2 days. charu tells her to stop. People do need to be alone, at peace when one has to make a decision or listen to your heart; especially Rajvanshi’s who have big responsibilities. It is your habit to intervene. Dharma says how a woman who loves and cares for her husband can not worry for her. You wont understand. It is love! Charu counters. It is the thinking of a Dassi. Can you think of anything other than love and care? Bindu opens the door. charu asks him to eat something as he hasn’t eaten in two days. Dharma looks at her in surprise. Bindu says I want to tell my decision about the girls I have chosen for my sons in court. Ask everyone to come to court.

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Bindu says every father wants his son to marry and take his lineage forward. Before announcing my decision I want to tell my sons something. Maximum people think their wishes will come true after marriage. It isn’t true. It is an empty bowl in the beginning. You have to fill it before taking out anything. Love is in marriage. It is between those two people who come together in marriage. They nurture this marriage with their love every second. The art to fill that comes through love, sacrifice, dedication. It will get empty if you try to take it all out. I thank all the princesses who tried their best to be the part of our family. I want to announce the name of the girl who I have chosen for my elder son, Sushim. He takes Chanda’s name. She smiles broadly. Bindu says your nature is opposite to my son. I feel you will complete him. Chanda folds her hands happily. Everyone is happy for her. Courtroom echoes with cheers for Sushim. Bindu takes Anindini’s name next. You have all the qualities that a queen should have but I cannot make my son Ashoka marry you. I am actually sad about it. Charu mutters that Ashoka will marry the fat princess in that case. Bindu says I want a girl for Ashoka who can be the perfect queen, a good human being, a good wife like my Dharma. She was right about it. Love is of utmost important. I know my son loves someone. I have chosen that girl only. It is Kaurvaki. Ashoka, Kaurvaki, Vit, Devi, Dharma and Acharya RG look happy. Bindu adds that their love is not the only reason for choosing her. Kaurvaki speaks up which angers Bindu. You have many faults. You have to rectify this fault in you. You don’t speak in between when elders are talking. He gets up angrily. Everyone gets tensed. He goes to them. Can I not act when you all can act so much and hide so much? Everyone smiles in relief. Kaurvaki only is the right partner for Ashoka. I should have understood it ten years ago itself when she had supported my son in Takshshila. She could understand my son more than me. That day, she dint care about the court and supported Ashoka. I felt she crossed her limits. She did but a girl like her only can be Ashoka’s son. It should be the one who should not worry about anyone for him. She should dare to stand with him for his truth. Kaurvaki rushes to touch his feet, calling him father. Bindu blesses both Ashoka and Kaurvaki and also hugs them. Charu, Sushim and Siamak look pointedly. Anindini too is upset. She walks out of the courtroom.

Precap: Anindini mixes something in the uptan. She will turn ugly now and her face will be destroyed for life. Kaurvaki is ready for bath. Devi bring that uptan for her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi

    Thx Pooja for such a fast update.
    Ok so its not Devi…how is devi going to get married to Devi? This is a mess! And Anindini is seriously messed up…why is the story going like this?

  2. good episode…thanxx

    1. i think the story becomes absurd and not intersesting

  3. OK here are the spoilers…

    Enjoy guys and be patient as ashok will marry devi only…

    Episode – 395
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 01 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Lasendra motivates Siamak to capture Takshashila first and asks him to focus on Magadha later. The evil clan plans to steal the treasury from the royal palace.
    Episode – 396
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 02 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Kaurwaki and Ashoka share some moments of intimacy. Meanwhile, the evil clan goes ahead with its plan to steal the treasury from the royal palace.
    Episode – 397
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 03 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sushim and Chanda get engaged. As Ashoka and Kaurwaki await their engagement, Bindusara surprises them by inviting Kaurwaki’s parents to the palace.
    Episode – 398
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 04 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    Sushim manages to steal the treasury and hide it in a temple. Lasendra informs Ashoka that the treasury has been looted by Siamak and Sushim and exists in a temple.
    Episode – 399
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 05 Aug Set Alert
    More show timings
    It is revealed that the treasury has been stolen by Jagganath. Lasendra manages to poison the mind of Sushim against Siamak regarding the stolen treasury

    1. Zannat thank you for info ,,, it’s very interesting !!! blessed night …

    2. Hi buddy. Where did u get these spoilers? Can u share a link so we can also check em out.

    3. Bhrata Sushim

      thank you for the spoiler, Good to know story moving. Did in actual history, Bindu invited Jaggantha for the wedding…?? I think this drama will last for another 2 weeks before story moves

  4. Ermmm other princesses should leave cos its obvious that at least one of them will plot against the ones that won on this competition…. ?????

    1. You ri8 Aisha.

  5. S.Ravi Prakash

    Compared to the maha episode, today ‘s was boring to me, with so much of lecture by bindu on ideal wife,etc. With danger lurking to kourvaki, seems Ashoka’s troubles are never ending!

  6. Mabye karuvaki will not be able to attend the marriage due to enemies plan so at that moment dharma makes devi as a bride….

  7. Thank you for the update pooja di. u r the best. Today’s episode was nice. at the first time bindu behaved as a good father. how can ashoka marry devi now? plz don’t drag the episode. show ashoka’s marriage. poor chanda, she will marry sushim. what will happen when she comes to know about the cruelties of sushim? This anandini is very selfish and cruel like charu.but don’t make the show like a saas bahu serials.

  8. devaki ganesan

    Last few episodes leading upto Lasandra’entry and Helena’s death is very exciting intriguing. I expect Devi and Lasandra also marry Ashoka.These episodes are quite a mark of the generation of Chanakya and Greek period history. This vendatta and extensive spy activity was the fabric of Emperors and kings.

    I am enjoying it thoroughly.

    Once again my blessings and thanks to Poojaji

  9. Good info frm zannat. Actually how lasendra got hold of rajmatas letter? she is very cunning n using the divide and rule policy. Now lets see how ashok gets to know the real face of lasendra.

    1. Exactly sus lasendra is neither on the side of ashok nor sushim or siamak, I think she is playing her own game and actually is supporting unans…

  10. Hi frendz, can anyone pls tell yunan refers to which country ? is it greece?

    1. Abhishek Maurya


  11. So nice pooja i saw half of it but next part is not played. Then i read it n i am happy . N u given very fast such full description. Tnx…

  12. Unanis were from Greece according to Google…..

    Nice Episode but i expect the unexpected……..

    I knw the directors will put some mirch and masala….

    kyoki….saas bhi kabhi bahu thi…..


    1. Bhrata Sushim

      ya phir – Bindusar bhi kabhi damaad thaa

  13. Guys pls lemme knw hw cm devi bcomes bride is there any spoiler

  14. I believe it might be Bindu’s well thought plan. he said yes for Ashoka and Kaurvaki’s marriage so no one goes against him …neither Ashoka nor Dharma. I guess he only invited Jagannath here as he knows he too is not keen for this alliance. So this way his image will be clear. Ashoka or Dharma wont blame him if anything goes wrong now

    1. Angelk1

      That makes sense. So he won’t look bad, he will invite jaga and he will use the pitty speech to lure kaurwaki. Then he will announce Devi as the queen for ashoke , but jag might start a war their starting acussing. Ashoke, leading to bindu changing his decision. All I know is bindu has a motive, he won’t just invite his enemy for a party, something is up, and for jaga to accept is even weird.

      What if kaurwaki sees her father and she tries hiding from him, leading to Devi taking her place during the ritual , getting her married to ashoke. Like a switch so her dad won’t know she’s alive, and after the wedding everyone finds out it’s Devi when she takes the thing off. Like body guard when kareena friend took her place, and live a happy life with her lover while she was miserable, until the end.

      1. I also find something fishy …
        In the serial bindu took 2 days to take the decision…
        I am sure he under no circumstances will accept kaurwaki as magadhs queen as he hates her very much….
        So might be he had knowingly invited Jagannath as he is also against the marriage… They will create some rift between ashok and kaurwaki so that they start hating each other n hence the marriage will not take place..

        Or may be truly bindu and jaggu will accept their marriage because of the love for their children and this sushim will do something so that this friendship again turns into hatred and this time kaurwaki will also start hating magadh including ashok….

      2. Abhishek Maurya

        Itna dimaag agar woh magadh ke culprits ko doondhne me lagaye toh thik hai.

    2. Bhrata Sushim

      Bindu is too stupid to make any plan.

  15. Oh no i dont wana devi to marry ashok pls guys update the news

    1. Bhrata Sushim

      whether you want or dont want, history is history; and director/writer are running the show as per their own wishes. lets wait and watch. They way the serial is moving, seems Kalinga war will never happen. Ashok will marry KvK and they will live happily in Magadh..

      1. Meetisree

        Yeah kalinga qar ke baad hi he rakes budhism

  16. Yeh ho kya rahahi i wana see kaurwaki n ashok

    1. Bhrata Sushim

      they are showing KVK and Ashok since last 2 months, abhi tak jee nahi bhara

      1. Meetisree

        Ji nahi bhrata sushim a luv frm childhood shld never left adhhra i understand histry has left ither cards of maryng devi n kaurwki n somotr princs too ab kya kare 2 mahine se dikare na

  17. Hi the source of spoiler is times of india tv listings go over there select ashokaaa n spoilers r visible

  18. Meetisree


  19. Abhishek Maurya

    If i am not wrong, there was a deal confirmed between ashoka and lysandra.Lysandra presented the deal to ashoka that she will help him unveiling helena in front of everyone if and only if ashoka assures her that he will kill antiochus,the murderer of her husband agathocles.
    Now what happened about the deal????????.Ashoka should kill antiochus.I think the writer/director has gone mad.He himself is confused what to write.He has no proper planning.

  20. ashoka samrat

    I cant understand whether lasendra support ashok or not. if someone knows pls comnt

  21. Meetisree

    Lol bindu is really kaan ka kacha like helna bashed him

  22. According to history ashoka s wives are devi padmavathi and kaurvaki.. so he ll marry both I think

  23. But how we shud wait nd watch

  24. devaki ganesan

    Very exciting and interesting story. It was not uncommon in those days to have several wives. Many were to satisfy security of the empire.Devi being very attached to Ashoka and Vit not surprisingly marries Ashoka.In some versions Ashoka is described as married to five women including Padmavathi /Kaurvaki and Devi. Can anyone tell me if there is an uploadable/downloadable versions of these episodes?


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