Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th November 2015 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th November 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Chanakya says to Bindu that he cant kill innocents, i feel someone else was faking to be Agradoot and killed innocents and as much as i know Ashok doesnt have greed for wealth, Bindu says subhadrangi told me that Ashok want power and he is insecure of sushim, she asked me to make Ashok my heir and next Samrat, i cant believe all this is happening, you told me to keep Sushim and Ashok away but what will happen with that? chanakya says i feel Ashok should be close to you so that he gets to know about his responsibilities and also learn things from you otherside Sushim should be given responsibilities so that he can learn his duties and fulfill them, Bindu says i am not able to understand anything, Chanakya says just be calm, everything will be solved but we have to give

Ashok justice, Ashok didnt attack Sushim thats for sure, Bindu says Ashok will be freed soon and Ahenkara attacked Sushim as he didnt leave any option for her, i will forgive her too, he leaves, chanakya says i have to get to know what happened to Dharma, before bindu’s relation with Dharma and Ashok get strangled, i have to know the reason behind changes in Dharma’s attitude.
Dastan gets letter, Noor is thinking that Helena havent sent any letter, dont know what is happening in palace, Dastan brings letter to Noor, she reads it that we have to kill our enemies, she thinks this means Sushim and Ashok got saved and we have to attack now, Dastan ask why Helena sent letter to you? Noor says Helena is with us, Dastan says greek people cant be with us, greek killed my brother Harsh, i cant trust them, Noor says trust me Helena will not ditch us, Dastan ask why you trust her so much? Noor recalls how Helena shook hands with Noor because of Siamak, Noor says you will get to know everything after bindu’s death, Dastan says i wont attack Magadh, Noor says you cant ditch me like this, Dastan says i never take back my words, i will Bindu for sure but in my way, get ready.

Scene 2
Bindu says to Ahenkara that i promised your father to protect you, i am sorry that i couldnt fulfill my promise, no women should be disrespected, no injustice should happen to them, if a son cant respect women then he is shame for his parents, the society which doesnt respect women cant be successful, he says to Ahenkara that you are free, i take back my decision of marrying you will Sushim, your marriage with him is called off, we will build small palace for you in Patliputra where you can peacefully live with your brother, we cant heal your wounds but i am sorry on behalf of my whole family, he says to Sushim that i know still you are not guilty for your deed but as damage control, apologize to Ahenkara infront of whole court, Sushim comes to Ahenkara, folds his hands and says forgive me, Ahenkara looks at bindu and nods, Bindu leaves court, Sushim stares Ahenkara and leaves too, all leave, Ahenkara comes to Ashok, Ashok says forget everything and give new direction to your life, Ahenkara says i can forget everything but not you, i will keep looking for you everywhere in my life and you cant stop me from doing this, Sushim listens this from far and fumes in anger, Ahenkara leaves, Charu comes to sushim and says these are small things, dont waste time on that, important is how to give makeover to your image infront of Bindu.
Ashok comes to Chanakya, Chanakya says you got freed today so have sweets, Ashok eats it, chanakya says honey bees are great animal, we eat their food, you know there are many beed in honeycomb but only one queen rule them, she shows them way too, but it is sometimes dangerous too, this queen make sure that honey is produced, i am saying all this that to keep everyone united, leader is needed, the one who has leadership skills, who can keep people united for nation, i am happy that you did all this, person like you should sit on throne, Ashok says thanks for being kind but whatever i did was not to sit on throne, my aim is not to sit on throne and i havent forgot my promise to Siamak, Chanakya says but Bindu said that Dharma asked him to make you heir.

PRECAP- Soldier tells Bindu that enemies attacked a city, Chanakya suggests that we should army under sushim’s leadership, Khalatak says i dont agree with this, this is not the time to make Sushim learn something, also Sushim doesnt have much experience in all this, Chanakya says if Sushim can become temporary Samrat then why cane he lead his army in war? Khalatak says this way we can send Ashok too as he wanted to become temporary Samrat too.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Great…..looks like they are coming to the track now…let’s see.

  2. What a show… I want charumitra caught…. Now this is a serial…

  3. Color TV is airing a special show on 22nd November 2015 from 7 PM to 8 PM. Please do not forget to put up your updates the next day.

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