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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Dharma’s house.
Dharma is aghast and apalled to find her son taken away, and is grievng at the door, while others try and calm her down, that ashoka has gone to get him. The horse turns away. she is however overwhelmed to her her son calling out to her, and she rushes screaming his namd, and tightly hugs him. all are overjoyed. she kisses him galore, and then finds him wounded, and gets concerned and asks where is ashoka. she asks where is ashoka. he replies that he has gone to nirnkush to kill him, as a punishment for what he did to him. she rushes away from there, while all are tensed. she runs on the road and finally catches up on ashoka, walking hastily on the road, in a bid to reach nirankush faster. he sees her, and angrily glares at her asking

her not to stop him today, as today he wont listen to her, and shall punish the person who gave veet such pain. she asks if he never thinks of anything else but revenge, and cant he see, as she gets hurt, despite any of her sons getting hurt, doesnt she feel the pain, and from what she saw today, does he see her getting frutrated and disturbed, like he is, getting overwhelmed with the emotions, and taking his life. she says that she wont let him do this today, and that she wont allow him to break the world peace for his inner peace, and in an ordering manner, takes his hand, and turns him around, while he walks with her, rather complacently.

Scene 2:
Location: Nirankush’s fort
Meanwhile nirankush thinks that this is the right time to get ashoka in their grip, as he would come here to avenge the brother’s wounds, and orders his men to catch him alive, this time, as if they fail they wont stay alive. his army leader asks how is he so sure that he shall come. nirankush guffaws that a person who can come and toil so hard and shed his blood, to save his brother, how would he stay quiet after seeing the young brother’s wounds, and shall definitely come back with a vengeance for revenge.

After having waited much, the army leader tells nirankush that ashoka would have arrived by no, if he had to, and that as far as he knows him, he is much more shrewd and knew that if he came here single handedly, he would be outnumbered, and therefore to save his life, he didnt come and must have run away. nirankush is enraged and says that he shall catch him alive.

Scene 3:
Location: Dhaniram’s house
Dharma is busy packing her stuff, asking veet to hurry up too while ashoka fumingly complies. he doesnt allow her to throw away the cloth thats a mark of his revenge. she complies. just then, dhaniram comes in and is boggled and bothered to see them preparing to leave, and says that they could have stayed here, and he knows he might have been angry and demanding at times, but he didnt mean any of it, as now even the rent is paid. she asks him not to think so, as whatever he did, they are grateful and they had to face much due to her, and she wouldnt want to put them and other people in trouble due to them now. his daughter comes and says that this is not the right time to leave. she says that this is the right time, to stealthily abscond. vit tells that he has finished packing. his daughter then goes and gives veet, that he forgot the laddoos, that he is so fond of, and feeds one himself, while he too reciprocates. all are overwhelmed to see this. veet asks her not to hurry as they shall keep coming to visit her, and asks her to keep practising boomerang. dhaniram gets emotional seeing the go. veet amuses them all, giving him his own dhoti for tears. ashoka tensedly, thanks him for letting them stay here, and if they unintentionally hurt them, he apologises. she says that they shouldnt delay any longer.

All gather up, to bid a tearful departure to ashoka and dharma, with veet, while they re oblivious of nirankush increasingly approaching them. they are gone by the time, dhani ram find nirankush with his army, in front of him. his daughter is tensed. he asks dhniram where is ashoka. he replies that they have gone. he is enraged, and demands to know where have they gone. his army catches them, and keeping them captive, he orders for their house to be burnt. they are aghast and watch helplessly, as nirankush burns down their entire house, and it rises up in flames. .

Scene 4:
Location: In the jungles
Dharma and her family start their tiresome journey. vit complains of hunger. ashoka asks them to rest for sometime as they have been waiting for long. they comply. he gets them both down the horse, while she eyes him concenedly. he asks them to wait here, while asking garud, the horse, to take care of the family, while he forages for food. he finally comes across some wild berries, and then suddenly remembers how he had warned kaurvaki from not eating the same type of berries, when they were young, ince they were poisonous. he thinks that she stays alive in his memories, and that once he saved her frome ating those, and today her memory saved him and his family from eating these. he thinks that her memories saved him and his family yet again, and wonders why isnt she near to him, and asks why does this happen to him, that everyone who he loves, leaves him.

Meanwhile, in another part of the jungle, kaurvaku in her tent, gazes at the moon, while bela gets her food. she refuses saying that he isnt hungry. bela asks her not to ignore food, as she has to travel a long journey ahead. but she says that if she keeps resting like this, it would unnecessarily delay her meeting ashoka, and wishes for water. bela leaves. kaurvaki wonders where would ashoka be and in what condition, oblivious of their proximity.

Ashoka comes out of the jungle, and veet is disppointed to find him without food. ashoka clarifies to dharma that there arent any fruits around. they sit down to rest. vit is extremely hungry, while she asks him to have patience. ashoka cites this as her fault, saying tht her swear tied her hands, or else he would have dealt with nirankush by now, and they wouldnt have been foraging right now for food, and that those who are culprits are walking free, whereas they who are innocent, are being punished. she asks him to conquer the inner enemy, first, before external ones, as till he isnt able to control his own anger and emotions, he wouldnt talk about defeating any other enemy, or going to pataliputra. he hastily gets up. he then finds a ight and thinks that he might have arranged for food, oblivious that ts kaurvaki’s tent. she asks him to give her his anger, and that she shall go. he is aghast that the queen of magadh, and shall beg for food. she says that situation and time change anything. he asks what if she is recognise. she says that she can brave any problem when it comes to her family. she leaves with vit, covering her face, while ashoka tensedly watches from a distance.

While she approaches the tent, kaurvaki goes inside. the guard asks who are they and what are they doing here. she asks for food, just for the son. he says that this is the princess’ area,and restrcted, and taunts that when she couldnt feed, why di she give birth. she is aghast to hear this. kaurvaki steps out, asking how dare he talk to a woman like this, and endearingly calls out to vit, reprimanding the guard of having basic decency and mannerisms. he is ashamed. she apologises to dharma on his behalf. dharma is overwhelmed. kaurvaki is amused to see vit, who asks for food. she asks him to stay put, while she herself goes inside and gets food for him. he is thrilled to see it, while dharma smiles.

MEanwhile, ashoka wonders whats taking so long, and decides that he should go and check on dharma. garud reminds him, and he says that he knows he has been told not to hit, but not restricted him on going. from a distance, under the tree, he observes her giving food to vit, unble to identify her. his shadow causes kaurvaki to wonder, when dharma identifies him as her son, that being of strong built, its shameful that they have to beg, in his presence. dharma says that time is most powerful, and the best of kings bow down. kaurvaki apologises, for having spoken hastily and hurting her. dharma is overwhelmed to know that she is apologising. kaurvaki feels a sudden strange connection to her and the silhouette under the tree, oblivious that its her ashoka. the screen freezes on his shadow.

Precap: A local announces announces in the village, that from tomorrow, in nalanda, shall start the male wrestling championship, and its special as King Bimbisara’s eldest son, Sushim is also participating in this competition. ashoka is surprised to hear this. Sushim meanwhile thinks that wherever he is, they shall definitely meet soon, branding him a lowlife. As the championship is about to start, ashoka rides on the garud determinedly, to reach the venue.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Nyc update rimjhim.. Where is pooja di??? Gud epi aftr all.. But how will ashoka marry Devi now???

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks guys…..enjoy reading!!!!!

  2. You did well Rimjhim thanks for the update???

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks dear keturah…..enjoy reading!!!!!

  3. Thanks, a detailed update.

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks amar…..enjoy!!!!!

  4. Hello guys. Thanks a lot dhananjaya n ashok samrat 4 welcoming me in ur family. Guys I m really tired with this serial. Because Sid is not here. Anyone know his latest update? I think sid ke sath sath writers ke bhi creativity chala gaya hain. Story ko Jada kich raha hain.Mohit is trying his best but I don’t think ki vo kabhi sid ke jesa ban payega. But about karvaki yeh ladki Miss Sheth our sweet seem ki nak kata diya hain. But devi is good. I m confused, ashoka film ke jese yeha bhi ka karvaki n ashok ke marriage pehle hoga? Guys I m not Indian so mere Hindi main problem hain. plz don’t mind.

  5. ghost is back

    Rhimjhim thanks n try to simplify words.
    I wondered how can Kaurvaki doesnt know the voice of Dharma whose voice is exactly the same.

    1. Rimjhim

      ohk shall take your uggestion….thanks dear for your comment…..!!!!!

  6. Ashok ka trp pher kam gaya hain. 1.9 ho gaya hain . previous week 2.1 tha. Very sad. I Wonder jab USS useless bindusar ko bata chalega ki ashok, dharma n vit are alive tab USS ka reaction kya hoga. Ashok ko patliputra bapas le au writers . Nahi to trp aur kam jaye ga.

  7. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Rimjhim di I r fabulous and so is ur English.,, hey don’t show ashwaki marriage u writers old read history….

  8. Vanshika crzy fr skr

    Mmm. Abi tak ashwaki chal raha h.. Devi n ashoka luv scenes bi to dikhao na.. Lvd d way Devi n vit ko khilaya.. Ab jaldi se ashoka ko bi khilao na

  9. now this serial getting very boring. sid was very good. writter should have been taken sid in role of vidd.

  10. where is pooja di?

  11. Finally..ashok and kaurvaki’s meeting… Bt how ashok married devi then?

  12. Thank u rimjhim for the update

  13. I have a feeling devi father will die helping ashok and he will probably request he marry her daughter because she has no one else. And ashok will and fall for her than later he will finally reunite with kauri.

  14. “Amazing job” Rimjhim.

  15. I cnt undrstnd why they always try 2 center kvk. It should better to show ashoka’s victory to win the throne nw. And als dn’t give a less space to devi. It suits to kvk.devi is nt boring like kvk and also beautiful than kvk. Devi is d mother of ashoka’s great son mahindra and daughter plz highlight her. The show nw normally bores me bt devi is around it’s going amazing…

  16. yaa… even i feel they should show devi more than kvk. She looks so nice. Wonder what will happen next, will ashwaki meet or ashok will go away into the darkness again. What happened to kvkis scent now. She used to sense the direction in which
    Ashok went just by dropping some sand in air and now when he is standing plumb in front of her she is not recognising. Writers, please do a good job.

  17. thnks rimjigm.whwhat hapen to pooja!good update.

  18. thanks for detail update….

    now the serial is getting do boring. …

    roj roj drama dikhte rahte h…
    isliye ab to dekne ka man nahi karta…

  19. i think pooja di will be busy in celebrating her b’day :-))
    anyways thanks for update rimjhim:-]

  20. Hey guys !! I am new here . I had study much about ashok samrat BT I am too disappointed when show goes of the track .I request u guys too write about true history of ashok .

  21. too good updates????

  22. thanks for update but lot of mistake in it however it is ok mistakes are minor ,done a good job

  23. Rimjhim thanx 4 update………..humbly request to iss show me devi ke role ko koi importance nhi di ja rhi , km se km aap to Devi ka naam mention kro .

  24. Hello guys! I am missing Siddharth too. I have stopped watching this show.
    And for Siddharth’s update: he’s doing a film titled Tez Raftaar. For which he started shooting this month. After this film Siddharth will be seen on Jhalak Dikhlaja on Colors again.

  25. Dharmendra Kumar

    We have been a loyal audience so far, but getting frustrated now! The story is not moving, and every episode is finished with some useless side stories which have no meaning, and lot of advertisements. Your TRP is already going down, and soon you can write us off too.

    We all know history, and the glorious story of Ashoka, and have been glued to see that. All that you have been showing these days is completely irrelevant and just dragging it unnecessarily.
    Kindly don’t test our patience beyond a limit, your audience is badly disappointed. Please move this story forward and let Ashoka’s misery end, and the villains punished soon.

    Dharmendra & Asha

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