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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone is gathered in courtroom. Bindu asks Dharma to explain why she did what she did. She replies that she knew his priority is to get his sons married. You took the right decision as a father. I also knew if either you or Ashoka gets to know about it, then either of you will wish to go in war. Motherland is more important to Ashoka than his mother. He can go against his parents to go to war. I dint want this war to happen. If that happens, then the lives of sons of a lot many mothers will be in trouble. This is why I took this decision and challenged the enemy to fight face to face. I wanted to reduce the worst consequences possible. Charu rebukes her on her idea but Bindu says I gave her permission to do whatever she feels is right. I dint know about her plan though. I will surely

say she has surprised us all by her outlook. Forgive me. I couldn’t control my anger. I got worried for you. I was troubled thinking what if you were in some problem and I wasn’t there to protect you. A Rajvanshi has to become a great warrior at the right time and has to also avoid the maximum possible damage from happening. You did both. You have tried your best to save many lives. Vikatkura has accepted your proposal. Who will fight with him now? Ashoka steps forward. I will fight with him. Sushim thinks Ashoka is surely headed towards his death now. It will be the last sunrise of his life tomorrow.

Next morning, Kaurvaki thinks she cannot meet Ashoka but she has to meet him once before he leaves for war. She is in a fix. Devi says you have already made a mistake by putting Ashoka’s haldi on me. I wont let you do another one. Kaki has told you to abide by the traditions. You cannot meet Ashoka before your wedding now. Kaurvaki reasons that Ashoka is going to fight another war of his life. I don’t know what he is going through mentally. I have to see him. Devi offers to go in her place. I will go see him. Kaurvaki nods.

Ashoka is all set to leave for war. Dharma does Ashoka’s aarti. She stops. Wife does vijay-tilak after mother. You will soon get yours. Devi says she only has sent me here. She cannot come because of the traditions so I came to check on you. Dharma asks her to do Ashoka’s tilak. Devi is hesitant but Dharma insists. No one wants good for the couple more than you. Vit also smiles. Devi does Ashoka’s aarti. Dharma thinks maybe this is what God wanted. She notices Kaurvaki coming there with a veil on her head. Now neither I can see Ashoka nor can he see me. Can I tie Raksha-sutra to him if you allow. Bindu permits her which worries Dharma. Ashoka extends his hand for Kaurvaki who ties the Raksha-sutra without looking at him. Everyone looks happy except Dharma. Kaurvaki also touches Ashoka’s feet which brings a smile on their faces. Dharma asks Devi to tie the rest of the Raksha-sutra. Devi asks why her. Dharma replies that I became a little selfish for my son. It is good to have too many prayers. Kaurvaki is sad but then asks Devi to do it too. It will be good for Ashoka. Devi ties Raksha-sutra on Ashoka’s hand. Remember that someone is waiting for you. Ashoka looks at Kaurvaki. Only God knows who will win this war but I wont let your prayers go waste. He seeks his parents’ blessings. Soldier comes to tell that Vikatkura is requesting to be allowed in Patliputra. Bindu gives him permission. Soldier leaves. Bindu tells Ashoka anyone would be proud to have a son like you. I am proud of you. Ashoka says I wont let the trust of my Guru, my father and my people go in vain.

Vikatkura beats people with hunter who are actually pulling his cart. Everyone looks on. Charu, Sushim, Siamak and Mahamatya look happy.

Ashoka enters. His family members look on proudly. Kaurvaki looks at him from far. You (ashoka) might not be able to see me but I am always with you. Vikatkura comes as well. Ashoka and Vikatkura stand facing each other. Jagannath thinks it is impossible to say if Vikatkura is an animal or what. He first cuts the head of his enemy and then drinks his blood. Anyone thinks too many times
It is surprising that a mother chose this for her own son. She went herself to invite death for her son. It seems as if she has sent her son to death herself. Dharma says there is an animal inside every human being. One should not try to wake it ever.

Devi asks Kaurvaki if she too doubts Ashoka will win. Kaurvaki denies. There is no doubt about his victory. I fear because of reasons other than this war. I don’t know as time is passing I feel as if there will be more than one problem in our lives.

Rules of fights are announced. Either of the opponents will have to kill the other to win. Vikatkura tells Ashoka his head will neither bend now will break. Ashoka says it is already under your ego but I have to do my duty. I will bend but not break. Their fight starts. Vikatkura traps Ashoka in a net. Kaurvaki thinks Ashoka should stay calm. The more you will try to break open the more entangled you will feel. Stay put and try to come out of the net. Vikatkura hits him. The enemies smirk. Jagannath remarks that Magadh’s respect is also getting destroyed along with Ashoka. Ashoka manages to get out of the net successfully. Kaurvaki smiles proudly. Vikatkura snatches sword from a soldier and attacks Ashoka’s arm. Raksha-sutra falls from his hand. He tricks Vikatkura and manages to ward off all his attacks. Vikatkura tells Ashoka he has gone after his father. you are weak like him. think what will happen to your mother if you die. Ashoka begins to hit him angrily shocking Sushim, Siamak, Charu, Mahamatya and Jagannath. He kills Vikatkura. His well wishers are super happy whereas his opponents are stunned and upset. Everyone cheers for Ashoka. Ashoka folds his hands as he greets his parents.

Precap: Bindu says Ashoka will be made Prantpal of Ujjaini after the wedding. My elder son Sushim will become Magadh’s Yuvraj after marriage. Siamak is taken aback.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi

    Thx for superdast update pooja! SUshim Yuvraj? Why? Has Samrat gone mad???

    1. Sachin41

      Congrats Devi..!! ??

    2. I think, because the throne was given to jagannat by samrat (remember the letter that stamped by samrat, Dharma knew it). So, then sushim will face to face with jagannat for the throne. Samrat will kill magadh enemies by another enemies

  2. very nice epi.

  3. lagta he ab story apne track pe aa gaya he..thanks pooja di for update

  4. Thanks for quick update pooja Ji.
    Nice episode

  5. Thank you for this

  6. Seriously this never happened . It’s true ashoka became viceroy of Ujjain but no one was declared to be heir. And where is acharya radhagupta? Due to him bindusar crowned ashoka as the king. Who is vikatkura? Never read bout him anywhere

    1. Khushiarvind

      Actually in real version of the story bindusar declares sushim as his heir as he didnt favoured ashoka and made ashoka viceroy of ujjain where he met devi as a commoner marries her nd beget 2 children.
      Sushim fails as a ruler and the ministers didnt favoured him. After the death if bindusar ashoka with the help if ministers espicially radhagupta became chakravarthin by killing all his wicked brothers except the smaller one vitashoka. This is the real story…his marriage happens in an early age.

      1. No khushiarvind. No one was declared the heir. Ashoka went to Ujjain while sushim went to taxilla. In taxilla the people were very unhappy and rose to a revolt. Ashoka went to taxilla to fix things but there people welcomed him and said they weren’t against the king but we’re upset with sushim then acharya radhagupta said to bindusar that sushim couldn’t handle a small region how he would handle big states

      2. Vitashoka got killed too. Not by ashoka but someone else. There is a story to it. I ll write it. It is mentioned in Ashokavardana

    2. Bella sushim was crowned the crown prince of magadh. You can refer to Wikipedia. But he was also the viceroy of takshashila. Since he was the crown prince he succeeded his father soon after his death. But due to his incompetence the ministers along with ashoka conspired against him and killed him.

  7. How did bindusara appoint sushim after ashok did so much

  8. Hey zannat!! How did u guess? Yes I am from odisha. Today’s show at the last was interesting not the first half.

    1. Yes Bella I am from odisha – Cuttack n u?
      Maharaja khallatak e u from odisha?

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        I am Mahamatya Khallyatak, n yes m frm bbsr

  9. i knew this bindusar kutta khel raha thaa with ashoka n dharma…he is still the same fool…woh abhi sushim ko yuvraj banaega saala…budha bindusar

  10. Sachin41

    what’s happening again?? Is this bindu’s trick?? Don’t know what will happen.. can’t wait for Ashoka Devi’s marriage..

  11. Sachin41

    I think bindu is announcing sushim as yuvaraj because he already had deal with Jagannath, so anyone who would be king will be servant of Jagannath as per agreement… So bindu doesn’t want that to happen with Ashoka…
    I think it may be the reason.. don’t know what will happen

    1. The way you thought is very uncomman , good view. I am from Sri Lanka.

      1. ashoka samrat

        Hi I’m too from SL

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      i like the way you are thinking, like a King (Bindu)

  12. S.Ravi Prakash

    Ashoka will only be the Prantpal of Ujjain, where as Sushim Yuvraj of Magadh samrajy! Seems Bindu’ s thinking & decisions are not yet OK! Thanks for the early ending of the sub story of Vikatkura! Hope for the early marriage ? of Ashoka with Devi ! Thanks to Pooja di for the nice updates.

  13. Can anyone clear my doubt?
    Acc. To the baba if ASHOK and kaurvaki marry den a big war will be held n dats y dharma doesn’t wants dis marriage now but acc. To history 1st war happened n den ASHOK n kaurvaki married..
    It’s totally confusing..
    Is the director wants to change the history?

    1. Me from Bhubaneswar. I think first ashoka and Karuwaki ll marry ( not according to me, but according to the writers of chakravartin ashoka samrat) then the war ll happen, zannat.

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      but i dont think in actual Ashok marriage with KvK lwas the reason for kalinga war. In a quest to defeat every kingdom, ashok raided all other kingdom including Kalinga. Ashoka was very furious for the loss of his loved ones (mainly mother) and that made him become a chand to take revenge and destroy everything. These directors are showing anythng.

  14. no one was appointed as Yuvraaj in history so don’t worry…….& wright now in serial bindu has signed agreement with jagannath….

  15. Khushiarvind

    What abt the pact signed by bindusar? Ni wonder as bindusar always favoured sushim. Evn if ashoka gave his life for magadh, bindusar will give his throne only to sushim… Dnt knw whether its a trick.
    I thnk kaurvaki aftr knowing her fathers evil plan and abt the pact might force devi to take her place nd marry ashoka.

  16. Amar Shivaji Kumbhar

    Looks like Bindus trick, he agreed to give throne to Jagannath, hence Sushim Yuvraj need to fight with Kalinga..

  17. How can it happen bindusar promised Ashoka that he will make him Samrat after his wedding …………. couldn’t understand what’s happening?

  18. How is this possible bindu said way before that he will not make anyone yuvraj after taking away young ashoks yuvraj rights… this makes no sense?

  19. Guys – chill. Don’t over analyse historic events or second guess this stories twists. Fact is it is an entertainer and the good looking actors add glitz . If u want history read up authentic texts instead of Wikipedia extracts. What happened in 300 bc can never be ascertained so stop pretending to know facts and bad mouthing the makers and hypocritically hanging on to every episode

    1. Barbarian u are absolutely right. But wat bout the students who are watching it? Children learn the best by seeing. But many facts have gone wrong in this teledrama. Students at our school ask if this really happened y in our textbook other things are written which is not showing in the teledrama and they start quarrelling among each other. Try to understand

    2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      These historic serials are for knowledge and education purposes for many. If needed, director should wind up the story earlier, instead of introducing imaginary characters like goondna, virat, vikatkura, swayamvar, love story of ashwaki etc and drag the story.

  20. I thnk nw director try to entr real history atleast making asoka as vicer of ujjain he wii marry devi as per histry

  21. Thanks Pooja garu for the updates. I understand better after going through your write up.
    Excellent Episode, Writer and Director keep it up.

  22. ye bindusar hamesa se sushim ko he apna uttaradhikari banana chata tha hisory me bhi yhi likha he..pura pagal he ye bindusar

  23. pata nhi kab hame asvi scene dekhne ko milega..iam waiting for asvi marrge..

  24. Bindu is just trying to catch the real.enemies of magadh ,so he might b tricking susim

  25. At least they’re showing bit of history now. like Ashok will be the viceroy of ujjain. but they should show Sushim as the viceroy of taxila. but again we can’t complain. the director will show whatever he wants to show us

    1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      ha ha. director is not listning to anyone, including actual history, that we read/know. He is showing according to his own imagination

  26. Thank you for the update pooja di. Nice episode. The story is moving faster. waiting for the next episode .where r u tiyasa, ghost, anonymous&history?

  27. Chirana_devsath

    hi this serial is totally different

  28. Chirana_devsath

    i’m from sri lanka

  29. I don’t understand one thing …. why are you all happy to see devi with ashoka even after kaurvaki did so much and sacrificed alot to get ashoka…pls some one answer

    1. Bhrata Susheem

      Is it sacrifice or selfishness of KvK. Only to be with Ashok, and to marry him, she even abandoned her parents. When her father was doing Aatma Shanti puja, she even did not to to meet her father. She has only one thing in her mind, to marry ashok. In swayamvar, she was cheating during cooking competition and lalit kala. Cant imagine, if someone can leave everything, sacrifice everything.. Even during emergency in Magadh and war like scenario, she is thinking of marriage. She is the most irritating character shaon since last couple of months. Her dumb and stupid face, God save all

      1. I see… actually I was confused. … I’m from sri lanka….not an indian fan…it is showing up kaurvaki and ashoka as a good pair. ..but when I was reading these comments I was wondering. …thats y I asked. … I read the Wikipedia story and I got to know that ashoka got married both devi and kvki…. and he had another wives too…..

  30. kvk only wants to marry ashok, she only wants to fulfil her dreams, that is not sacrifice, selfishness. but devi sacrificed everything for uniting ashwaki, she is away from her father for uniting them. so we all want to see ashvi marriage.

    1. Pls read my reply to bhrata susheem above

    2. I think Devi love Ashok too but unlike Kaurvaki her love is selfless. she thinks about Ashok’s happiness. I think that’s why she was trying to unit Ashok/Kaurvaki so badly

  31. Woh even after kaurvaki risked her life to save Ashoka people think kaurvaki was selfish So stupid people .If it as not for for Kaurvaki Ashoka would have not been alive when Sushim tried to kill Ashoka about finding Gondana

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