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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Acharya RG asks SUshim to surrender. Ashoka surely has a plan. Support him. Sushim asks them to free his mother. I will do as I say. Ashoka heaves a sigh of relief. Sushim apologizes to Bindu. I cannot be selfish anymore. I cannot afford to lose you and mother. Ashoka made me weak. What’s the point of victory where you lose your parents? Bindu closes his eyes in pain.

Sushim walks in the corridor when he notices something on the floor. He checks it. It is oil all along. He thinks of Acharya RG and of Ashoka’s words. He walks towards where the family is.

Bindu tells Nicator he got what he wanted. Fulfil my last wish. I want to punish Ashoka with my own hands! He has ashamed our lineage. Dharma is shocked. Helena allows Bindu. Bindu hits Ashoka with a whip. Acharya

RG, Nayak, Dharma and Shubhrasi feel bad. Dharma requests Bindu not to hurt him but he pays no heed to her. Sushim comes there just then. He apologizes to Bindu who says the one who did not make a mistake is guilty. The guilty one has no regrets. Everything is finished! You (Nicator) can kill me if you want. Helena smells oil. Sushim tells Nicator he did what he asked for. Let me fulfil my wish today. I want to punish this Daasi Putra. I lost my respect, my dignity because of him. Our ancestors and lineage got embarrassed today because of him. I will kill Ashoka with my own hands today. Helena happily gives him a dagger. Dharma requests Samrat not to be so unjust and stone hearted with Ashoka. Bindu stops Sushim. He is your brother. Sushim knows it very well. My pain is more because of the same. Don’t stop me today. Helena says his wish will come true. I wanted Bindu to see his son die right before his eyes.

Sushim walks up to Ashoka. Ashoka thinks the game can turn if he does not do anything now. This is the moment to turn their defeat into victory. Sushim looks at him angrily. He thinks of Ashoka asking for this position. He holds the dagger when Ashoka signals him. Sushim recalls the spilled oil in the corridor. Everyone is startled to see Sushim taking the dagger down. I have burned in hatred all my life but he will burn tonight. I want to see him writhing in pain. Dharma begs him to stop but in vain. Sushim spills oil around Ashoka. He has snatched father’s love, the faith of citizens and everything from me. I lost my respect. I stand like a loser here today because of his foolishness. He picks up a firelight (mashaal) t. Bindu again stops him. I agree that Ashoka must be punished but not like this. Instead of throwing the firelight at Ashoka Sushim throws it far away. A blast ensues as soon as fire comes in contact with oil. Helena and her allies are taken aback. Everyone is shaken.

A fight ensues. Dharma notices Ashoka lying unconscious. Sushim helps Bindu in fighting with Nicator and asks him to save the Queens. Bindu manages to do so. Nayak, Acharya RG enter along with their troops and fight with the Unani army. Dharma asks Bindu to check Ashoka. Something has happened to him. Charu tells Bindu that his security of everyone’s utmost concern right now. Sushim did so much to protect you. Bindu says Ashoka can do anything. He will find a way out of here. He just now gave up on motherland. He will get out somehow.

The same soldier notices Ashoka’s condition but gets stabbed by a Unani just then. Bindu keeps moving ahead by killing all the soldiers who come in his way. Dharma feels pain. I am sure you also don’t want to leave your brother alone.

Sushim fights with Mir. He loses his sword in the process and is almost about to fall from the railing. Dharma hears him calling for help. She heads upstairs calling for Ashoka. Ashoka gains conscious. Mir is about to hit Sushim when Ashoka hits him using a helmet. Ashoka pulls Sushim up safely. Nicator comes there just then with Dharma. He has kept his sword at Dharma’s neck. Surrender now or your mother will die. Ashoka moves towards him but Helena comes there in time. He points his sword at her neck while SUshim points his sword at Mir. Ashoka says you can free both if you want. Nicator tells Helena not to take him wrong. When it comes to throne and kid then this is what we do. You did the same with Justin and killed him with your own hands. This game is of individual victory. Kill her. I don’t care. Helena begs him. Ashoka says this is the difference between us and you Unani’s. We don’t refuse to accept defeat when it comes to our customs. She is our Rajmata. We don’t kill mothers here but show respect to them. he let’s go of Helena shocking her to the core. He begins to keep his sword down seeing which Nicator loosens his grip on Dharma. Dharma pushes him. Ashoka gives her his sword. She says don’t forget that Ashoka has my blood in his veins. Ashoka asks his mother to go as she is not unwell. You have to take care of yourself. She reluctantly leaves. Helena too goes from there.

Acharya RG and Nayak meet Dharma. She asks them to go to Ashoka. Nayak agrees to help Ashoka while Acharya takes Dharma with him.

Ashoka gives Nicator his sword. A real fighter never attacks on someone who has no weapon. They engage in a sword fight. Both the brothers aim their swords around Nicator and Mir’s necks. They both surrender finally.

Precap: Ashoka tells Sushim that Samrat will take a decision. Sushim says it has already been taken. He kills them both and pushes a wounded Ashoka in fire. Only victory is important. I will win today because of you!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Whoa!!!! Killed????

    1. Pooja

      Yup, Sushim slits Mir’s throat and then hurts Nicator. He ends up throwing the firelight towards Ashoka who is badly wounded. He has already spilled oil around previously when he asked Nicator to let him kill Ashoka. I am sure Ashoka won’t die as he is the protagonist.

      1. Yaa,obviously.Thanks.

      2. Pooja

        Anytime 🙂

      3. Of course he won’t , there will be a leap, Siddharth will leave the show,Mohit Raina will act as the grown up Ashoka

      4. And Pooja, Dont you think that the direction has been improved?
        There is some drastic change in the way of showing us the things.

  2. They have murdered history.Seleucid 1 Nicator was assassinated by ptolemy keraunos(king of macedon) in a region called Thrace in 281 bc but not by sushim.They really don’t care about history for raising the TRPs.Already they have ruined the history before many times.Also, nicator never came back to magadha after signing the treaty with Chandragupta Maurya.
    Till now it was OK that they made a mock of Indian characters like Chanakya,bindusara,ashoka and many others but they don’t have any rights to insult the history a foreign historical character.Nicator played a major role in developing the history of hellenestic regions but in this serial they have shown him as a dumb,cruel ruler.Though Nicator was not as great as Ashoka Maurya and Alexander the great they don’t have any rights to insult his history.I think that the government of India should take a strict action against this serial.They are making a comedy of a great person whose Lion symbol the Republic of India has adopted as a national emblem alongwith Ashoka chakra in the Indian flag.

    1. Ur Correct Abishek Mauraya After Great Defeat Gain By Chandraguptha Nicator Never Attack India Also He Is Comander Of Alexendra The Great.Nicator Was Kiled By Masedonian King.These Directors Are Eastablishing New History!

    2. Isha Ar U Still Studying Girl?Now Sushim Will Get All Honour,,feeling Sad Abt Stupid Bindusara Beuz He Cn’t Understnd His Sons Thoughts.

    3. platinumopinion

      You are right. Think about what image this illogical serial must have created in the minds of people that do not know much history. They must be feeling that Magadh was a weak kingdom and Chandragupta Maurya and Chanakya left a band of fools behind them. How disgusting! Serial makers are worthy of being called traitors.

    4. Agreed ! They should not have shown nicator dead!

      1. And I doubt, was Nicator alive for so many years?

      2. Seriously… Helena is so much old, and his father is alive. Not only alive, fighting also… How can this be possible ?

  3. Oops
    Sab kadam ho gaya

  4. Thanks For Quick Update Pooja,,mis Pooja Ar u Working In Colours T.V?Ur Speling Erors Are Nullcifie,Wht A Brother Sushim?So Selfish Guy!! Why Cn’t Ashoka Cn’t Sense His Selfishness??Wht Happen To Siamak?

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Dhananjaya. I am more than happy that you guys like it 🙂

      1. If you are with colours, shame on you!! This is a total distortion of actual history and for the new generation, you are serving poison. I wish Govt takes note of this nonsense and acts tough with you guys.

        Just for the sake of TRPs, you cannot play with history and misguide future generations.

        I am planning to file a PIL against such channels which distort the history in the name of freedom of expression. If you want TRPs please do not use the historical names.

      2. @Devendra No she isn’t. I think they are doing this for the viewers. And even if ‘SHE’ is linked with some channels I don’t think that’s the way of talking to ‘HER’ .Oh yes, I totally agree that they should not ruin our history.But,I also think it’s up to us how we see that.And the channel also says that everything is for entertainment purpose.

  5. May b dis tym… ..Helena will help Ashok…after all he has saved her life..!!

  6. SUSHIM!!! Such a TRAITOR????

  7. The serial would become boring why can’t bindu have some e sense, why ashoka needs to prove him again and again
    . The viewership will drop if such nonsensical things continue

    1. sajan agarwal

      right, seems Bindu is a dumb king who doesnt know what is happening around him

  8. Hariprasad Panda

    Don’t ruin the history better make it more interesting by giving the importance to the Indian history instead of insulting the great empires like Chandra Gupta ,bindusar and ashoka.

  9. mohit raina first look has revealed and also it is said in news that helena commits suicide

  10. I am glad that I read history from books, not from following such soaps. I am equally concerned about next generation who would learn mutilated history through such story writing.

  11. Wow… Traitor traitor traitor… That’s the word I can say about Sushim wow a the coward Shem. But he is not going to win its a promise that’s my Ashoka.

  12. Hat yr.. bindu is such a fool and sushim is so much villian but smart too..

    1. Are u a fan of reem sheikh ?

      1. Yeah.. Sid and sushim too

      2. Do u want to know the real name of susim ?

  13. This bindu deserves to be tortured very badly. When sushim was going to stab Ashok bindu didn’t say a word to sushim. I don’t know whether in real bindu ever wanted Ashok to die. If not, then the CVS have made a fun of bindusar and Ashok and our government should take action against it. They’ve in fact made fun of each and every character in the serial. Full of fiction. Earlier the show was atleast 10% real . But now not even 1% is real. Jo in logo ke mann me aa rha hai wohi dikha rhe hai. So pathetic!!

    1. Just don’t follow it if you don’t like it.I agree to the fact that the story which they are showing right now is totally fictitious.But I don’t think you can totally judge people on that.We don’t know what actually happened.
      Don’t forget the tag line “Just for entertainment purpose”

  14. nice episode…… lgta h leap se phle ashoka ko vanvaas bheja jayega 12 saal ke liye ya phir hmesha ke liye , baad me magad prr koi mushibat aayegi to ashoka ko bulaya jayega………Jo bhi dikhana h dikhao bs leap ke baad devi ko importance dena mt bhoolna aur kalinga war ko bhi

  15. although history was quite different but way ashoka going is sm how intresting…thanks pooja again for ur updates…:)

  16. Honestly its just a show. Did they say its the full history of ashok no. When some one makes a show their bount to be extra stuff that never happend. Thats how tv works and its to make things interesting since they know everyone knows the history. Besides it would be boring if they go by history completely and also they have a lot of ashok movies they wanted to be different.

    As long as people know the true history than stop complaining. Matter fact dont watch if you dont like it.

    1. Agreed totally.

  17. I don’t like Ashoka as it caused hatred

  18. If they can’t show something real which really happened in history & if they are forced to add some fictional twists, at least those things should be logical!

  19. @ Kanie,,history Is The Key For The Future.The Future Is Made Up Of Experience Gain By History.India Is A Country Which Having A Great History Frm Indus Valley Civilization.Emperior Asoka Is A One Of The Greatest King In The World.So If A Producers Making A Drama Releate To Such A Great Emperior It Should Be Atleast 50% Of Truth.What The Use Of Making Such Lie Dramas It May Ruin The History Of This Great Emperior And Gve A Wrong Ideas To The World & Children.So I Kindly Request Frm Producers & Directors Not To Ruin The History Do Small Changes But Dn’t Make Foolish Changes.

    1. You are correct dhananjaya.

    2. Well, the future which you are talking about is not made by sitting in front of TV .History should be checked from reliable sources.Well the show starts by telling us-“Just for entertainment”

  20. There mst be highs and lows in every serial for trps,but this serial is showing too many lows(for ashok) and too few highs. Even after the highs bindu forgets ashok’intentions and he will again repeat his often cliched sentence: mujhe kshama kar do putra ashok,maine tumhe samajhne mey punah bhool kar di.

    1. Correct. He never trusts Ashok, when Ashok needs him. And then he apologizes . and then Ashok forgives him like nothing happened…

    2. Bindusar was not dum king as he have expanded his empior drastically after the Chandragupta Maurya taken a Diksha as Jain Muni ……although history is not available abou Bindusar as available about Ashoka and Chandragupt maurya…..
      Yes Bindusara belives on Sushima as sushim was good in politics than ashoka was but the ashoka was more patriot thn sushim was and also ashoka had a good support of army and public ……

  21. I am regular viewers of this serial only and very much pleased to know Ashok’ s character. Story whatever may be, but we know Ashoka’s greatness and loyallity towards our bharatmata / keep her united. I am very much thankful to all who r involved in wtiting updates of each episode which I miissed some epidose . Thanks to all. keep on writing updates.

  22. rameshskonanur

    Good episode to watch . Habit of people is to admire the winners totally. By chance in history susheem was winner, people would have made him susheem the great. But Ashoka won and did lot of service to humanity which aare followed even today. ex Roadside trees , roads and maps to villages. travelers rest places. tanks ponds , respct to women etc. Ashoka is really great.

  23. This serial has portrayed Bindusar as the dumbest king that ever ruled. He never understands whom to trust and whom not to trust. First he trusted that Helena. Then that Charu and Shushim. And when Helena was exposed he couldn’t believe his own son. He needed proof. And when Charu and Shushim have spoken against Ashok, he trusts them. Dumb person. And now he calls Ashok coward….
    How can he forget that it was Ashok who was chosen by Acharya Chanakya. It was ashok who saved everybody from that Palace Fire. It was Ashok who saved everybody from Noor and Dastan. It was Ashok who saved Takshashila.
    And that too he has done so much without any support from Bindusar.
    Each and every time Bindu just scolds Ashok and then later says he is proud of his son.. Mad King..
    Waiting for the episode when Sushi, Charu and Siamak are exposed and Bindu apologizes to Ashok….

  24. *Shushim

  25. I think while watching this show shouldn’t think about History at all. Cause this show is historical only by name in reality it’s purely fictional.
    Real Bindusar wasn’t an idiot like the serial one
    Greeks were magadh’s allies
    Kalinga and magadh never had any kind of friendship
    And lastly there is no historic record about Bindusar having a Persian wife.
    People who don’t know much about Indian history will think that all those things are true which they’re showing in the serial

  26. Dharma is fabulous.

  27. I love this show very much. So I will neither leave watching this show nor insult it as proper history is not shown.
    And there should be and will be fiction to make the show interesting.
    Yes I agree that fiction is becoming more than history. But then also the makers can’t change the whole story and they are not changing also.

  28. Guys, if it was shown under the name of “Historic fictional drama”, then it would have been liked by everyone! But here the serial is about “Asoka”, so its better if they show something logical…

    1. Why are u getting angry ? BE COOL!!! The story is slowly coming to the track so don’t be so much angry and enjoy the show.

  29. ye sushim khud ko kya samajhta h yar …
    bevkoof gadha saala

  30. I saw a new promo of CAS….
    I think ashoka is gonna grow up very very soon
    The promo started with ashoka(sid nigam) Coming wid 2swords n 2ppl coming to attack on him but ashok kills both of them in BG the voice says something like Jiske aane se khoaf bad jata I don’t actually remember what it said n then suddenly ashok is shown standing on dead bodies n screaming in a terrific way n suddenly they show the grown up ashok (BG says wahi kehlaega chand ashok)

    1. Yes its Mohit Raina( one who acted as mahadev)

  31. Thanks for the update,

  32. Serial is becoming very irritating. Sushim is ok. He was like this only from first day and his motto is also same. But Bindusar I feel he is the dumbest king I have ever seen. Makers of this serial should not take Ashoka as normal TV serials. If they are showing King Character then it should look like king. I guess they everytime changed the behavior of Bindu for some twist in serial 🙂

  33. pooja gi do not mind biut i request to you pls tell to director of this historcal dram that he must need to know history well before he direct the drama becouse he really not understand what can happen in real history thanks

  34. Mis Pooja Does Mohit Raina Enter To Drama 2dy?

  35. Who is grown up Ashoka.. grown up sushim…grown up kaurwaki…grown up ahankara.. .. Devi…grown up siamak…vitashoka… old bindusar…old dharma… old charumitra…old shubhrasi…old radhagupt…old nayak…?????

    1. Ashoka – Mohit Raina. No Ahenkara (I think). bindusara,dharma,charumitra,shubhrasi,radhagupt,nayak will remain same(I think as no info about them). Devi – Kajol Srivastav. kvk – Saumya Seth.

  36. o reem shikh tum bhi na sab thori na badlenge.ashoka ka role mohit raina aur kaurwaki ka saumya seth sushim ka role ankit arora.baki to god jane….

  37. mostly showing this drama is not real history they lie coz c nicator kill by p. ceraunos at september 281 bc in thrace not in patliputra by sushim why this main point of history director not willing to know b4 he direct it the drama how could they lie about real fact of history

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