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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka comes home. Vit is happy to see him. Dharma tells him not to tell his brother anything. Vit nods. He runs out to meet his brother.

Ashoka shows Garud to Vit. Vit is thrilled to see him. Ashoka asks about Nirankush. Vit replies that he went back to his palace. Some important person came to meet him. Ashoka does not sense anything wrong in his tone or words. Where is Ma? She should have known I am here. Seems like she is still angry. Dharma says you went to Kumbha because I asked you to. Why to be angry then? This horse is very beautiful. You both have come from a long journey. She asks Vit to feed something to the horse. She next tells Ashoks to take bath. Vit goes. Ashoka asks his mother about the change in her behaviour towards him. Why sudden love towards me? She is confused.

You are living with so much anger and hatred inside you that you cannot see the love and affection in your mother’s angry words. Or probably you don’t want to see it. She leaves sadly. Ashoka says we have learnt only one thing from each other in all these years – to hide our pain from one another. If you could see then you would have understood that I am not just tired but defeated as well. I have lost another chance to take revenge from Sushim.

Dharma thanks Acharya RG and Nayak for saving them by risking their lives. They leave from there and so does all the other persons who went before Sushim pretending to be Dharma, Vit and Chand / Ashoka. Ashoka enters inside. Ma kept water but. Devi stops him. Where is my Prasad? You would have taken a dip in Kumbha Mela and offered Prasad to Shiv ji. I am asking for that only. Ashoka says I heard someone asking for something else other than rent for the first time. So I was surprised. Dhaniram tells him not to worry about rent anymore. Ashoka is confused. Dhaniram lies. We have waited for so much time already. We will wait a little more. Such people have started to come to this house that it will be good for me not to make any small demands to you. Ashoka wonders if this change is because of Nirankush or something else. I find it very different now. Dharma gives him something. Ashoka goes. Dharma thanks Devi and Dhaniram for their help. But make sure that Chand should not know about Sushim coming here. They nod.

Nirankush paces tensed. Sushim will someday realise that he lost his prey because of me. plus I lied to him too. I only have one solution. I will arrest Chand and hand him over to Sushim. Soldier says how it is possible. They are very smart. Chand ran away right before our eyes while Dharma very smartly brought someone else in front of Sushim as Chand’s mother. Nirankush says that only confirmed my doubts. That woman is Rani Dharma and Chand is Rajkumar Ashoka. We will have to do something to bring out their truth. Ordinary people love their own lives while extraordinary people love the lives of their loved ones more than themselves.

Vit is feeding grass to Garud. He tells his friends that his brother brought him. Have you every seen such a beautiful horse? His friends say he would have looked more beautiful if he had the same saddle like Sushim. Vit says Bhaiya does not like such things. He asks Garud the same question. Garud neighs. The kids smell tasty food as they see a servant taking ladoos. Vit assures them they will have Bhoj today. He signals Garud. Garud runs towards the main door of the palace to divert the attention of the guards. They chase him. Vit runs inside stealthily.

Vit steals ladoos. A servant notices the empty plate. Soldier calls out after Vit. He is running away with food. Vit and his friends enjoy ladoors. They run away as soldiers come there. Vit gets caught. Vit shouts to be freed. Soldiers take him inside.

Kaurvaki is on her way to Ujjaini. She checks the wind’s direction and decides to go in that direction only. Bela asks her why she is so sure she will find him there only. Kaurvaki replies that faith is beyond logics. I don’t know why I have this faith but it is there. I only know this.

Nirankush holds Vit’s face tightly. Your brother enjoys playing hide and seek. We will play the same game today. I will see if your brother can find you or not. Vit shouts to be freed.

Ashoka is eating. Dharma is worried for Vit. Ashoka says he must be playing with his friend. Garud comes back alone. Ashoka and Dharma go out but don’t find Vit. Vit’s friend informs them that Nirankush’s soldiers took Vit with them. Everyone is shocked. Ashoka leaves with Garud. Devi holds Dharma as she cries thinking of Vit.

Soldiers chase Vit in jungle. He runs with a piece of cloth in his mouth and tied hands. Ashoka reaches palace. He holds soldier’s throat angrily. Tell me where is Vit if you want to be alive. Soldier replies that he wont find out anything this way. Play hide and seek or surrender if you want to find your brother. More soldiers surround Ashoka. The soldier warns Ashoka not to act smart. It can put Vit’s life in risk.

The same soldier blindfolds Ashoka’s eyes. He leaves him in jungle as soon as Nirankush waves red flag. Soldier tells Ashoka to go look for his brother. If you remove the blindfold then Vit will be killed at the very moment. Go now. Ashoka shouts angrily. He screams Vit. Vit hears him. Soldiers remove the cloth from Vit’s mouth. He screams Bhaiya. Ashoka begins to run as soon as he hears his voice. Nirankush enjoys it from far. Soldiers are still chasing Vit. Ashoka falls down and gets hurt many times as he runs. Vit keeps shouting for his brother. Save me, Bhaiya. NIrankush enjoys seeing Ashoka getting hurt. Vit stops just in time before he was going to fall in a cliff. Ashoka is headed there. The soldiers hit him with a whip. Ashoka beats them freeing his hands. Vit laughs seeing it. Soldiers flee for cover. One soldier picks up Vit who shouts in fear. Ashoka runs towards them. He hits the soldier who lets go of Vit and falls down. Ashoka frees Vit’s hands and hugs him. Nirankush is disappointed.

Vit apologizes to his brother. I got greedy and stole because of which. Ashoka denies. You don’t have to apologise. This was not for you but for me. Culprit is the one who force us to do something wrong or try to change our path. He notices the wound on Vit’s hand. He hugs him and looks angry. They hurt you. You lost blood. Now they will lose blood. They have given you pain. Now I will tell them what pain is. They will have to lose their life. They will have to pay for your every wound.

Precap: Nirankush comes to Dhaniram’’s house. Where is he? Nirankush sets fire to Dhaniram’s house. Dhaniram and Devi shout to spare them but Nirankush does not pay heed to them.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. tqs pooja,
    i have waitef for this till this tims..thanks..
    no I am going to sleep
    good night #pooja

  2. tqs pooja,
    i have waitedfor this till this tims..thanks..
    now I am going to sleep
    good night #pooja

  3. Rajesh Tarika

    Good work done…. Keep it up….

  4. Am I the only one who thinks background music for Sushim is damn funny and weird? :p

  5. Someone please kill the director. What nonsense is he showing? Ashok was viceroy of Ujjain. But there’s no possibility of him being so. Does the director even know history of ashoka? Bindusar exiled Ashok and now the latter is migrating from one city to another with his family. So when is he going to become the viceroy? Or, has the director decided not to make him the viceroy. Ashok ko direct samrat banane ka irada hai kya? I wish real life ashoka ka aatma aa kar tumhara khoon chus le for portraying him like this. blo*dy nonsense. >:(

  6. Boring epi….could have been better

  7. I am a Sri Lankan. As a Sri Lankan we love ashoka because he is the person who delivered Buddhism to us. I am watching this drama to learn his history. I hope this story may not destroy the truth of Ashoka. He was a great king may be the greatest in India… And I don’t understand why Hindi dramas are giving only pain for the watcher..Just hope they may show their proud background to us all…..

  8. @ Chathurika Warmly Welcome For The Site.I Thnk Ths Ur First Cment.Keep On Writing

  9. Thnks Pooja For Updates.I Truly Acepted The Saying Of Baisali & Chathurikas Cments Becuz He Never Exile Frm Magadha He Was On Apoint As Viceor Of Ujjain.I Thnk Director Try To Show Us Hw Ashoka Face Hardshp In Hs Way To Kingshp.Withot These Thngs He Cn Show Hw Ashoka Supresd Ujjain Rebelion Arise Due To Sushm Bd Adminstrtin,wht Hapen After Murdrng Of Dharma By Sushma,hw He Took Revenge Frm Hs Brothers?Etc..

  10. what the show is doing….

    day by day it becoming boring…
    directer ji jara dekhiye to kya chal raha ek dam boring ho raha show…
    aajkal to delhne ka bhi man nahi karta …

    thankss for update ….
    sirf comments aur update padne ka man karta h….

  11. Hey its so confusing I can’t understand why ashoka is in Ujjain according to history he had gone to kalinga during his exile and then fall in love with kvk and before that he became the viceroy of Ujjain and fall with love with devi and I want to ask who gave nianshkuh the right to tease them and radhagupt is he a good who can visit anywhere anytime ?…….thx pooja it helps me a lot keep it up u are doing great. …..

  12. thanks for perfect update and extend time of serial from 30 m to 1 hour.please read JAIN Agam also which give perfect light on ASHOKA LIFE

  13. Useless episde. Dnt stretch the serial t this limit. The audience is smart enough and can switch to a new programme. Remember kichak episode which was stretched for 3 months thoigh it could have been wrapped up in 3 epiodes.

  14. The episode is getting very messy.
    Missing u Siddhartha nigam our small anshika

  15. I am commenting first time . Dtor is making useless day by day. It is our majboori to watch dis boring show because of children.Pl show correct story. Please Pl. Dtor.

  16. Ghost is back

    Thanks pooja for your words. I am back. Can Admin give me royalty if I criticically comment on each episode. If yes, then I can give boost on review.
    Mr.Director, Asoka is one of the pride that Indian can boast on. You made him today senseless if he ever watches the serial.
    Firstly, Radhagupta was a magician, I think so, who can come anywhere at any moment. The house where Devi resides had one entrance. Now where does all came from?
    Secondly, Nirankush can easily capture Asoka with the use of Vitt. But he plays a game. Isnt a cartoon version of Asoka, even a cartoon had some logic.
    Thirdly, Sushim was a bad administrator but not a black magician, How can Sushim be killed? Phokaao some mantra, ghanta bajao, he will be killed. Stop it.
    Fourthly, Soumya Seth herself not interested to play the character neither Mohit Raina.Why the directors are forcing them ?
    Fifthly, Mohit Raina cannot jump neither do back flip just like Sid, neither had proper dialogue delivery. Its a SHAME that he loses to a kid.

  17. ghost is back

    The shame continues to rule. Mohit ko bhagao, Asoka ko bachao. I am not saying baseless words. I wish there is an option for uploading image. But recent Official TRP from 7th May to 13th May is 1.9 dropped from 2.5 by previous week. 0.6 people approx 60000 people stopped watching this serial.. So, its of no use to comment! It will go below 1.9 soon according to the current storyline. Bye bye.

  18. At Ghost,there Is A Right To Cmnt U Regardng The Drama.Hw Did U Say Mohit & Saumaya Are Forced To Act?Then When A Person Becme Eldr His Some Skills May Be Disaper Due To Growth Of Body & Weightning Of Bones.I Agree With U That U Said Drama Is Nt Going Acrdng To History Bt Remember This Is A Drama Reagrding History Thre4 Due To Make Creativty Of The Drama Director Has To Do Changes.So Dn’t Try To Critize The Drama If U Dn’t Like The Drama Then Dn’t Watch It.We Cn’t Keep Or Force The People To Watch Ths Drama Compulsory It’s The Nature Of Geting & Removing Of Spectators.Sry 4 Sayng Ths.

    1. ghost is back

      Well, buddy whatever I say, everyone says so! Thats my answer to your face

  19. The show again going low interesting. Bt pooja thanks 4 ur update..

  20. Director sahab please don’t add these fictional character tracks first Keechak now this nirankush.

  21. mohit raina please quit this show for the this show to become better.

  22. #pooja
    update plzz!!

  23. Boring episode

  24. Pooja, write up for 19th plssss

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