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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shubhrasi looks sadly at Drupad’s things. Ashoka comes there. She tells him to leave. Don’t come near me. I don’t want the shadow of my killer to fall on me. Will you do a favour on me? Kill me just the way you killed my son! I will be free from this pain now. I will be with my son. He kneels down before her. Ask your heart once. Can I think of hurting Drupad? I will never forgive myself for whatever happened. I wont forget those who are responsible for it! A new chapter of Magadh’s history will start today. A death of Maurya’s lineage will not go in vain. Drupad’s death will not go in vain. He will get justice. This will be my tribute to Drupad.

Mahamatya thinks Ashoka is still not here. The time is up. They hear a bell. Ashoka and Kaurvaki enter just then.

Bindu says I am happy that you respected the time you had decided upon and came back. I would have felt guilty if I had thought that I freed a traitor. Ashoka says I would never let a stain come in your name. Bindu calls it a stain on his name already as he is here guilty of killing his own brother. I was proud to call you my son. I am feeling ashamed today.

Sushim, Siamak and Helena ask Bindu to punish the traitor. His crime has been proved already. Bindu gives a chance to Ashoka to say something in his favour. Ashoka says brother has already said everything. Now you only have to follow your raj-dharma. I had sworn in mother’s name that I will accept everything if I am unable to prove my innocence. I accept it that I am responsible for Drupad’s death. Charu and Sushim are relieved.

Bindu asks Ashoka if he understands what he is saying. Ashoka nods. bindu is disappointed to see him here without a proof. If anything happens to you then I! Yet you call yourself responsible for Drupad’s death? Ashoka says why Samrat Bindusar, Chandragupta Maurya’s son, is feeling pensive about punishing a criminal. Since when did you act partial in doing justice? Your father wouldn’t have waited this long. I would have been dead by now if it was him in your place. Charu tells him to stay in his limits. Bindu says it isn’t that someone in this meeting openly accepted his mistake thereby paining him. I cannot describe my pain today in words. I am still hoping if I my son! Ashoka points out that no one here accepts him to be his son. I have been always called a Daasi Putra. Everyone was quiet, including you. It means everyone accepted it. Why feel pain then? It is sad to be thinking while punishing Drupad’s criminal! It is shameful for both me and Magadh. I had no idea Magadh’s Samrat will be this weak! Bindu walks angrily towards him and raises his sword to attack on him. Ashoka holds it with his bare hands. Ashoka shows him the arrow. This is my last wish. Kill me with this arrow, not sword. Sushim asks him why this drama. Ashoka asks him if there is some problem or if it cannot kill him. Just the way Drupad was shot dead by this arrow, shoot me from this arrow only. He asks Samrat why he stopped again. Did a Samrat lose out to a father today?

Samrat keeps his sword back in the sheath. He picks up a bow and takes the arrow from Ashoka. Dharma looks on shocked. Ashoka steps back. Dharma requests Samrat to stop. He is innocent. Ashoka tells his mother not to stop his father from following his dharma. Bindu orders her to leave if she cannot see this. She sadly goes from there. Bindu shoots the arrow but it does not hit Ashoka. It goes in a completely different direction. Bindu looks shocked.

Ashoka picks up the arrow. Bindu asks Ashoka what it means. Ashoka calls the arrow the proof of his innocence. It isn’t a miracle that I am alive or that father failed in hitting me. This isn’t an ordinary arrow. This is the same arrow that I shot yesterday. It dint hurt Drupad. Radha Gupta asks him to say it clearly. Ashoka says I did shoot the arrow but it went against me because of someone from my own loved ones who are against me. Sushim instigated me yesterday. There was someone who wanted me to hurt father. Sushim says no one will believe it. You are diverting the topic. Bindu tells Ashoka to keep talking. Ashoka speaks of the direction of the arrow which was shot towards Bindu. My arrow went in another direction just like it did today. I lost myself when is saw Drupad thus. I was blamed for no reason and I had no proof to prove my innocence. But the truth is, Satyamev Jayate. When there was no hope for me to live, Kaurvaki saw something which proved it that it was not a coincidence. Sadly, someone inside the palace is plotting against me. On the other hand, the princess of our enemy state was doing everything to save me. I had only one proof but no evidence to justify it. Bindu realises that he got the arrow last night only. Why dint you tell me anything then? Ashoka knows he would have understood it as a father. the arrow was not a proof enough to find the killers. I had to figure out who that person is. Sushim asks him if he got to know something. Ashoka tells him to wait. I will tell everyone everything today only. I went to the weapons’ room directly.

A flashback is shown. An expert explains Ashoka about the arrow. Such arrows are used to create an illusion and kill enemies. Ashoka wonders who made it. The guy says people of Magadh don’t cheat. They are made where people cheat others. Flashback ends.

Ashoka says such arrows are only made in Unan. Helena asks him for proof. How does it prove that you dint shoot it. Ashoka shares that he went to the room where the arrow that shot Drupad was kept. He shows the arrow to everyone. This was shot at Drupad. Raj Vaid can himself tell you what he found out. Raj Vaid shares that the entire arrow is poisonous. If someone even touches it on their lips, then the person will die. Such arrows are only made in Unan and used there. Everyone looks at Helena. Siamak is highly tensed.

Precap: Bindu wants to know how Unani’s dared to do it. Ashoka points out that there is only one person here who is associated with Unani’s here, who can have sympathy with Unanis’ – Rajmata Helena! Helena accepts if all before Bindu.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Woww! Owsm epi! Finally Rajmata’s truth is out! I hope she tells the truth of siamak’s father being Justin to samrat…nd also she should expose charumitra , mahamatya and sushim…she must accept that she killed chanakya! Waiting eagerly for NXT epi! ?…lv u ashok nd kaurawaki!?u both r owsm!

    1. me 2.. i too luv them and their romantic background music..

    2. All the secrets will not be exposed except Helena’s secret because she will be under spell due to black magic hence again sushim and charu will be safe and we also know that colors ppl have already confirmed the lead negative role(sushim)will be arora in the post leap this shows that sushi will be alive…… :-))

      1. Sushim was killed by Ashoka… Not now , when he loses his mother….

  2. Awsme Ashoka …..
    Satyamev Jayate…………Sathyam Vada Dharmam Charah…………..
    Jai ho to Akshoka the Great……………….

  3. Thanks for the superfast update

  4. Best episode till date!
    Loved every bit.Everyone acted so brilliantly.Precap is very exciting.

    1. Very true. I watched it 5 times.

  5. ~ NO WORDS ~



  6. now the story is going in right way… cool episode…

  7. Omg!!!!! Look at the bravery of ashoka today both sid and sameer(bindhu)rocked the show I simply loved it ……..\(‘.’)/ :)))))))

  8. Waw. Awesome epi…

  9. It is just awesome. Bindu toh bewakuf hai,kabhi bhi raja wala kaam nahi karta hai.Uske ministers usse jyada smart hain jo saah aur jhoot mein difference karna jante hain.

  10. Fabulous Episode.

  11. Awesome epi, I just hope the precap is true!

  12. Good work done by yuvraj

  13. Yupp it will best for me to see this episode on youtube. Coz i miss all episod on 9 pm coz having duty at shop. Nowadays 11.30 amepisods closed for week so i cant see the same day

  14. Best epi!!!!! Ashok’s technique was awesome!!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens next!!!!!!! ???????????????????

  15. Now everything is fine, except one : KAURWAKI.
    She should leave!!!!!

  16. Awesome episode….

  17. Wow today ashok proved innocent without the help of acharya Chanakya

  18. Seriously karuvaki must leave now. Mauryan palace ko apna palace samajh ke rakhi hai yeh ladki. Looks like yeh baap beti guest ban kar nhi balki samdhan aur bahu ban kar aaye hai. Pata nhi waapas kab jaayegi. Waise mai uss agnibahu ko bahut miss kar rhi hu. He’s awesome. Usse dekhne ke liye mera chanchal chitwan ho gaya lolzzz 😀 . I miss his dialogue “main tan se komal hu, mann se nhi”. Such a funny character. Villain ho kar bhi entertain karta hai.

  19. Soon punish that Helena. Don’t drag like other episode. Close the chapter soon. And one by one expose everyone. Nice episode.

  20. They are going well now the should now show ashoka heading towards ujjain n sushim to taxshila ..

  21. Ek saath jalebi n laddu, never . the writer again may play with emotion, to not disclosed the truth again .

  22. G V Seshagiri

    One thing we all love in this serial is the spoken Hindi with absolutely no Urdu mixed and so eloquently delivered… Let it be Ashoka, Sushim, Drupad, Bindu or any…….BUT we miss Chanakya….. He was special. But when he spoke to Ashoka before breathing his last, it was not ckear & audible!!…..wish colours put subtitles during that time…

  23. I don’t thnk kaurvaki will leave as she will be the future wife of ashoka. Helena shud be punish now she had done wth all bad deeds

    1. She is “future” wife… So she should come after Devi… Kvk : Come in future ha… ?

      1. actually… when ashoka goes to exile he sees kaurwaki and fall into love… after 2-3 days when kaurwaki knew that she is not daughter was jagarnath.. she cries and comes to ashoka and says that i am not princess… ashoka says no…u r my princess…. and then they get marry…. afetr then why bindusar calls ashoka back in magadha… ashoka goes saying kaurwaki that he will beck soon… kauwaki wait for ashoka but he didnt…. but in real ashoka comes back but didnt found kaurwaki… and in searching of her… he met devi… and falls in luv with her too….but ashoka thinks that kaurwaki is died and for her he was very upset… ashoka brings devi in magadha with every decoration… then bindusara orders ashoka to attack on kaling.. but after some times someone kills bindusar and dharma… and ashoka things that might be his all brother escape his liltle brother vitashoka he kills every1… and afterward ashoka attacked on kaling.. he killed everyone escape kaurwaki… then ashoka hates himself that he kailled so any people… then someone tells ashoka that a lady is alive… ashoka goes near her he saw that none other than kaurwaki… he was very happy but kaurwaki says no u have to fight with me also… i am from kaling… u have to kill me also… ashoka says plzzz forget this all and lets starts a new life… and after that he says i luv u … kaurwaki too said i luv u 2…. and they hug each other… and ashoka then become chakravartin ashoka samrat..

      2. From where did u got this info Shrabanti De?

      3. Have u referred this from the movie? I am sry Shrabanti but its totally wrong…. Ashoka had fallen in love with Devi first!!! She was his first wife and his love interest too! He met Devi when he was 18. And that time he was sent to Ujjain cause he was the viceroy. Kvk came very much late!

      4. No its not true as per the edicts of sarnath he met kaurwaki when he was young but he fell in love and married her after the war that time he was already married to padmavati devi and asandhmitra

      5. If so, then except Chanakya’s death all others r true

      6. Even if we talk about chanakyas death its belived by many historians that he had a missunderstanding wid bindusar and before he could reach him some wicked minister traped him to death so they kinda co related it as per my thoughts they are folling divavandana n purans because many things are matched as per my knowldge they are going in a roght way if we ignore few things many books say many things there are many blogs too to which people refer but i think these ancient books are far more authentic !

  24. helena will be punish and release soon like othr -ve character…will be die after 2 month with some 1.i dnt knw magdh jail me itna acha bhagne ki jagah tha..koi v bhag jata h.helena k saath aisa phr hoga I m sure abt dis…dis ashoka according colors just fake…bt today episode was a good one to watch for…othrws aisa lagta h koi jhuti kahani dekh rehe h jo ki entertain h dekhne…

  25. 17th and 18th March episodes were marvelous and very interesting now the cat is out of bag.

    It was shown Dharma tries to stop Samrat and I again really felt bad as she is very foolish woman and makes a trap to herself and aso to Ashoka, but it was shown that Bindusar dint listened her and this time they both (Ashoka and Bindusar) dint felt prey to her emotions . Sometimes she acts so foolish that ashoka also has to suffer due to her wrong philosophy in which the enemies become more stronger to defeat ashoka by their cruel plans, he even is punished if ever he is innocent . Now Kaurvaki is leading and she is clever and understands enemies plan and act and react accordingly and helps Ashoka as a back bone.

    Cheers !!! Kaurvaki good job!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dharma madam please learn something from her Yeh Duniya itne tedi hai ki tum sacche vichar wali aur Bholepan ke liye koi jagah nahi. Be diplomatic and dont fall prey if uhave not done the crime and dont sit quite if u are punished which u have not done.
    Dharma madam Jago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Good one,,pls don’t drag much..

  27. I know helena will make an excuse that someone is trying tp trap her too and sushims friend will be caught in all this misadventure. nothing will happen to her. mark my words

  28. Nice acting but not better

  29. I hate that Bindusara is shown to be such a naive idiot with a short term memory problem. He so easilty forgets the truth of Ashoka’s character and is swayed too easily by doubts and accusations of others. He KNOWS how bad Sushim’s attitude is and how unfit he is to be a ruler. How could he say, then, to Ashoka that Sushim had deserved to be king and he asked wrongly to be king. He’s so stupid, sometimes I wish someone would just successfully hurt him and he would become aware of his stupidity in trusting the wrong people.

    1. Exactly actually he was such charecter ….even chandragupta thought so but he had no other option as keshnak was dead at a very young age and justin (son of nicators daughter) was a real rogue !

  30. K guys today I’ll tell u ppl what was the reason behind ashoka’s birth acc to Buddhists………..The Gift of Dust

    It was in the days when Buddha, the Blessed One, was living at Kalandakanivaapa in the forest near Rajagriha (today’s Rajgir in Bihar) that one morning he put on his triple robe, took his begging bowl and, accompanied by monks, proceeded to Rajagriha for alms. As he set foot on the threshold stone of the city-gate, wondrous things began to happen. You see, whenever a Buddha, a fully enlightened soul, sets his foot on the indra-keela of a city with a firm purpose in mind, miracles occur, it is said:

    A ship rolls to the wind’s force; so too the mountain-ranged earth begirt with the ocean and adorned with towns and villages, sways at the touch of the Sage’s foot. The ground becomes level; the earth becomes faultless, free of stones and thorns by the Buddha’s power. The blind, the dumb, and the dull all regain their senses and musical instruments play though untouched, delighting all.

    The citizens cheered the marvels with a roar like that of a storm-tossed sea with its crashing waves as the city was filled with the radiance of his presence.

    Coming to the main road, the Buddha saw two little boys playing at building mud houses. One of them came from a well-to-do family and was named Jaya. The other’s name was Vijaya. Jaya and Vijaya saw the Buddha, and were deeply impressed with the resplendent appearance, his body adorned with the thirty-two marks of the Mahatma. Jaya thought to himself, “ I will give him some ground meal” and threw a handful of dust into the Buddha’s begging bowl. Vijaya bowed low, making an anjaliwith hands folded. This gift of a handful of dust is renowned thus:

    He saw the supremely compassionate self Existent Lord whose body radiated a halo a fathom wide; resolutely, with firm faith he offered a handful of dust to Him who abolishes birth and old age.

    Having made this offering, Jaya formulated a pranidhaana, a firm resolve: “By virtue of this offering, may I become kind and rule as a chakravarti over the earth and thus worship the Buddha.”

    The Buddha, understanding Jaya’s character and resolve and recognizing the sincerity of his aspiration, accepted the proffered fistful of dirt and smiled.

    The smile of the Buddha was, as always, followed by rays of light–blue, yellow, red, white, scarlet, crystal and silver—that spread the message of liberation from rebirth and suffering throughout the cosmos and re-entered his body. The spot at which they vanish into his body indicates an important event in the future. On this occasion, the rays circled the Buddha thrice and vanished into his left palm. Then spoke Ananda, his faithful disciple, “It is never without reason that Tathaagatas smile. Dispel our doubts, O foremost of men whose speech is like thunder, and reveal what will be the fruit of the gift of dust.” The Buddha replied,

    A hundred years after my death there will be an emperor named Ashoka in Pataliputra. He will rule one of the four continents and adorn Jambudvipa with my relics building eighty four thousand stupas for the welfare of people. He will have them honored by gods and men. His fame will be widespread. His meritorious gift was just this: Jaya threw a handful of dust into the Tathaagata’s bowl. I don’t know is this story true or false but acc Buddhists it its true and strongly believed….. :))

    1. Nice story anyways !

  31. in this show i hate bindusar. he is so clueless and always make wrong judgement. he get easily manipulate. he is emotionally weak. i think real Bindusar was like as well. thats why when we talk about mauraya rular everyone remembers Chandragupt and Ashoka. have you ever seen anyone mentioning Bindusar in great rulers.

  32. As it goes with my opinion i would like say with little of craps some drama as well the serial is going towards a perfect direction and they will conclude showing the authentic history as much as possible so guys lets enjoy it !

  33. I wish sidd should play the role of vitaashok post leap

  34. Episode – 299
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 21 Mar Set Alert
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    Episode – 301
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    Helena comes back to her senses and tries to remember what happened to her after she had the drink. At that time, Sushim and Charumitra threaten her that they will kill Siamak.
    Episode – 302
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 24 Mar Set Alert
    Siamak succeeds in proving himself innocent in front of Bindusara. Ashoka gets to know about the blacksmith who made weapons for the forces which killed Chanakya.
    Episode – 303
    09:00 PM – 09:30 PM, 25 Mar Set Alert
    Siamak reaches a Greek camp as told by Helena. Ashoka and Kaurwaki join a wedding celebration of commoners. A trader then takes the bride away and Ashoka stops him.

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