Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka walks up to a place. He hears the sound of anklets and immediately takes out his dagger. It is Kaurvaki only. He asks her what she is doing here. I told you our ways are separate. She continues to follow him which irks him. She knows what all he has said. You did not ask me not to follow you or not to come with you. Where should I go then? Kichak will throw me in that hell again if I go back. I cannot go back without freeing my father. I am in a foreign land where I know no one but you. I feel safe with you. You saved me when no one could do so. He replies that he cannot let her either come with him or follow him. Understand it well! She refuses to leave his side. he tells her not to think he will save her. I will follow you even if you are going in the jungle.


throw things at Agnibahu. Dharma comes there. She asks for Ashoka. People don’t know it. They talk about how good a prince Ashoka is. His parents must be proud to have a son like him. Dharma proudly looks at the Ashoka Pillar. Everyone cheers for Jai Janani. She looks at the statue teary eyed. She hears someone crying and goes to check. It is Agnibhau. He is scared when Dharma tries to help him. Soldiers come in. Everyone evacuates the place, including Dharma as she hears Agnibahu taking Kichak’s name.

Agnibahu cries before Kichak. Kichak is angyr at him. You got so much insulted by Ashoka yet you are alive! Vasantsena stops him from hurting Agnibahu. We have to focus on Dharma right now. She is his weakness. We have to focus on that now. Kichak tells her to be quiet. You yourself could not do anything and are lecturing me now. He warns Agnibahu not to even come before him now. I will kill you. Agnibahu cries. Dharma comes out yet again. Agnibahu asks Dharma who she is. You seem new to this place. I have never seen you here before. Dharma is worried for him. She helps him in making his hand fine again. He asks her if she is a Vaid or something. Your hands are magical. She nods. He notices the gold bangles in her hand. It has a royal emblem. Is she Ashoka’s mother? Kichak is looking for her? Dharma asks him if he knows the way to the Vishwavidyala. He asks her if she is the one who brought Ashoka back to life. She nods. He gets happy. The mother who saved Ashoka will save me now! Come with me, I will take you to Ashoka! Dharma goes with him.

Ashoka asks Kaurvaki to be far from him. She is irked. You will have to tell me now, what my mistake is! You are very brave. I know you hate me as I went against you to help Kichak. Did you ever try to understand why I had to do so! Why did Kaurvaki do that with you! Kichak has kept my father a shis prisoner for 11 years. My mother and father are being punished for a crime they haven’t done. I have seen my mother yearning for him all these years. I want my father to return him his respect. You are also ready to do anything for your mother. How could you not understand it then? Our fights are not different. We are fighting for the same reasons. He points out he did not cheat anyone. she admits doing it. I tried to help you as soon as I realised my folly. I know I can never repay for the damage that happened because of the delay. When I had to choose between my father and innocent people, I chose the people over my father! I got insulted in return. I put my and my father’s life in risk once again. I lost your trust and friendship. The punishment given in justice of the crime is right. If you think my mistake was bigger than that then punish me. I cannot take it if you will disown me. you were speaking about women equality and giving respect to them a while ago. My confidence wavered for a while but I am still strong. I did all this on my own and can do so in future too. don’t worry, I will do it.

Dharma asks Agnibahu if this is the right path. He nods. I know this is the shortest route to take you to Ashoka!

Acharya Devrath questions everyone on Dharma. Where did she go? A lady shares that she was in her room. Other lady points out that she went to temple with Vaid Raj’s temple. A man says I did not see her leaving. Acharya Devrath sends everyone to cross check the info. Anand wonders why he is so worried. People are also confused on his concern for an ordinary woman.

Ashoka follows Kaurvaki so as to stop her but in vain. She is standing on the edge of a mountain. He warns her but she has her back to the edge. She retorts back refusing to believe him. She slips. He runs towards the edge but she keeps her hand up and shouts for help. He tells her to hold onto the stone. I will just be back. She asks him if he will definitely come. He answers in affirmation. Don’t let go! I will come soon.

Dharma is nowhere to be seen in Vishwavidyalaya. A man tells Acharya Devrath that Vaid raj is not back since the day he came to cure Ashoka. Plus neighbours and his family members told me that he has no sister! Another guy tells him that Dharma went to a temple. Kichak and his men were also there. Acharya Devrath falls down in shock.

Agnibahu brings Dharma to Kichak’s palace. Dharma realises Agnibahu has fooled her. Agnibahu addresses her as Rani Dharma. I was forced to bring you here. How would I have saved my life otherwise?

Kichak scolds his men for failing in bringing a woman! It was important for me to have her here but my plan failed. He refuses to hear anything that his sister has to say. You were a part of all my victories till date but I failed today all because of you. Agnibahu steps inside. Kichak demands to know what’s happening. Has everyone become shameless to fail and still come in front of me? I had told you I will kill you if I see you again. Agnibahu requests him to see his gift first. You will give me a prize then. Dharma comes in. She tells Agnibahu that Kichak has actually called his death closer by bringing her here.

Precap: Dharma is sitting with ease in Kichak’s court. You made the biggest mistake by bringing me here. When he can do so much for a girl then he can do a lot more for his mother! This is why I am saying Kichak, your death is certain!

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks a lot for super quick daily updates..

    1. honest teller

      Pls over this kichak chapter


    sobba…….. mudhiyala……

    1. that is sobbaah… mudiyalla n not mudhiyala
      and can i know ur real name plz

  3. Wow Das great rani dharma. I love your courage

  4. Oh my God !! another useless twist. This will guarantee of another one week long torture for audience. How can a Rani be so cool that she leaves the safe place, and then reaches the Kichak’s palace. Very poor and weak storyline.

  5. Finally Kichak episode will be over. I wished that it shall complete within tomorrow.

  6. thanks for ashok kaurvaki scenes .I love there small fights

  7. It will be good if kichak chapter is closed atleast today

  8. Asoka TRP came from 2.3 to 2.1,so production team pls hire a story writer who knows history of Asoka edicts. He mentioned all kings and queens whom he had defeated. Kindly take a research on it. Where is Radhagupta? Do u know mr. Fictional writer that it was Achraya Radhagupta who fought relentlessly for the corronation of Asoka. Why Devi Dharma doesn’t give extra security guards from Devrath (as he is a friend of Chanakya so he knows how to handle security for Kings and queens) and most probably where is Maurayan guards for protection of Devi Dharma who had a journey from Bihar to Jammu and Kashmir without security guards. .. Indian audience are smart and dont think us as a fool. Kindly pls kick the butt of Storywriter immediately..

  9. day by day the story is becoming like some film story rather than historic story, god knows what all else is left to see;)

  10. sarfaraj ansari

    ghostwriter u know dharma was say to bindusar i dont want security to go any where and about devrath u konw taxsila is now kichank is samrat the place how can devrath make security for rani dharma…

  11. @sarfaraj You are a king and your pregnant queen doesnt want security. You may agreed but still you gave her hidden guards otherwise you are a foolish king. So in this story, Bindusara is a foolish king.
    Not guards. But Devrath can make some arrangements as she is not a normal person. Suppose you are a DC and MP wife came to visit in your quarter, so you dont give him security. These question I am putforwarding because these writers are making fool of what Arthasastra and Chanakyaneeti written.

    1. very nice observations. I agree with you.

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