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Bindu says I don’t understand anything. What is so important that you want to leave right away and cannot even tell me about it too? She says I know you trust me. I only need your blessings. Give me this coin for my work. Bindu complies. Dharma looks determined.

Sushim is sharpening his sword. Charu asks SUshim what he is doing. Sushim replies that he is making preps for the war. Charu is taken aback. You will go in the war? He laughs. There are two foolish people already who get such ideas – my old father BIndu and Ashoka! I am preparing for what will happen after war. The enemy is smart and clever too. He wants to get Magadh through Ujjaini. I am sure only one of them will come back alive. I am sure this time things will be in our favour. Whoever survives from this war

will die by my poisonous sword. Magadh will be mine.

Acharya RG advises Dharma not to undertake the plan. It is full of problems. I wouldn’t suggest you to do it. I will have to talk to Ashoka. Dharma tells him against it. We will be able to fulfil Acharya Chanakya’s dream, Ashoka’s destiny only if you will allow me to go. We will have to leave asap.

Ashoka is looking for his mother. He asks a soldier who informs that he saw her heading to Acharya RG’s ashram. Ashoka heads there too.

Servant informs Acharya RG they are ready to leave. Acharya RG says I will just come. Dharma asks him what he is writing. Acharya replies that his sudden absence will give people a reason to worry or doubt. I will have to leave a message behind to divert them. Dharma reads it. She is satisfied with the letter so she asks him to come.

Ashoka comes to Acharya RG’s room but cannot see either Acharya or his mother. He finds a note in the book – I am leaving for outskirts to check the security of the state. Ashoka finds another small letter inside and reads it – Maharani Dharma is going to Ujjaini to meet Vikatkura and make a deal with him. He next tells Bindu about it too. She dint want any obstacle to come in my wedding so she went herself. He will kill her. I wont let it happen. Let me go and stop her. She is only heading towards death. She is all alone. Bindu says you wont go. Ashoka says please forgive me but I have to save my mother and motherland. They are of utmost importance to me. Allow me to go before I go against your decision. He begins to go when Bindu tells him to stop. You wont go alone this time. We will go together. Father and son will go together for the first time. You will save your mother while I will save my Dharma.

Acharya RG asks Dharma to walk onwards a particular point as this is the shortest route to reach Ujjaini. She covers her face and begins to walk with him. They find dead bodies all over their way. They hide as they hear a lady screaming for help. Some soldiers are pulling her forcibly to come with them. Acharya RG says I too want to help her but it can be dangerous. Your mission is important. This people are human eaters. Anything can happen. Dharma says it is unbearable to see a woman being mistreated before my eyes. They step out of their hiding place when the soldiers surround them. They shout Vikatkura in unison.

Vikatkura is enjoying watching his people torture the lady. One of his soldiers informs him about a woman from Magadh (Dharma). Vikatkura gets happy.

Dharma says forgive me Acharya but this wont go in vain. She leaves with the soldiers. Dharma is taken to Vikatkura. A soldier tries touching her when she warns him not to do so. I assure you your head will burn if you try to touch me. the soldier steps back. A dagger is shot in his head. He dies. Vikatkura says everyone got scared before me but you dint. I welcome you here. Dharma says I have come here not to be your guest but I have come with a proposal for you. Soldiers are about to attack her but Vikatkura stops them. They are hungry. Who are you? Why are you here? Dharma replies that motive is more important than identity. Vikatkura repeats his question. Dharma asks him not to attack innocent people and soldiers. You became successful in gaining control over Ujjaini but if you call yourself a warrior then prove your merit by fighting a real warrior. There is a Rajvanshi in Patliputra. Fight with him. anyone can attack from behind but fighting from front like a warrior is a big task. Can you? This land is yours till the time the warriors of this land wont snatch it back from you. I promise you I will give this land to you for forever if you win from him. Vikatkura says who can win from me. I will fight here if I have to. Dharma assures him no one will touch him if he will come outside. He asks for her intro and she tells him her identity. Death is inevitable. I am not scared of death. I have chosen death for a motive. I am doing my duty as a queen. What about you? Accept my challenge if you want to fight like a brave warrior? Or should I believe you got scared and have decided to kill me? Our king calls those people coward who kills women. What will you choose? Vikatkura explains that mother earth is also like her (Dharma). Dharma says you have given me a very high status. I can bless the best person to win. That’s all that I can do for you. Earth shakes suddenly. Soldiers inform Vikatkura that Magadh’s army is here. Vikatkura calls Dharma cheater but she says I dint bring any army. I assure you that the pact stays. I will speak to Samrat. You will be secured soon.

Dharma is heading towards where Magadh’s army is standing. Ashoka begins to go when Bindu tells him to stop. It is between a husband and a wife. No one should intervene. Bindu begins to go towards Dharma. You dint do the right thing by breaking my trust. Dharma thinks he promised but he still came after her. Bindu slaps her shocking both Dharma and Ashoka.

Precap: Dharma tells Bindu that Vikatkura has accepted to come face to face for a war. Bindu says who will fight with him. Ashoka steps forward. I will fight with him. Sushim thinks Ashoka is surely headed towards his death now.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Devi

    Thx for the superfast update Pooja! I didn’t have to wait at all! The story was ok today…

    1. Pooja

      Hey…you are first today Devi 😀
      And you are most welcome dear..yeah, the story was not so intriguing today but it was sensible..

    2. Sachin41

      congrats Devi..!! You are first to comment today..! ?
      I was busy in watching badminton.!!
      Today I didn’t watch CAS..!
      Thanks Pooja for the update

      1. Pooja

        lol…are you guys the ones who are betting for the first comment? 😛 😀
        Anytime Sachin 🙂

  2. Flaws of chakravartin ashoka samrat:
    1. Showing dharma as bindusar’s favourite wife. There was no favourite queen of bindusar’s.
    2. Portraying unans as villian. Seleceus nicator maintained a good relationship with magadh and Helena never had plotted anything against magadh.
    3.Showing ashoka as bindusar’s favourite son. His favourite son was sushim.
    4.Meeting of ashoka and Karuwaki in taxilla. Ashoka met Karuwaki in kalinga only.
    5.Potraying Karuwaki as the kalinga princess. If she was the princess then who was her father? Y there is no name in history files. Karuwaki was a fisherman’s daughter.
    6.Ashoka being banished from magadh in childhood. Never was he banished.
    7.Staying at Devi’s house during his banishment. This is a huge mistake. He went to Ujjain as it’s viceroy. There he met Devi.
    8. Creating fictitious characters: gondana , ahankara, raja Jagannath,siamak,aakrosh,virat
    9.Chanakya got killed. He went away on his own after bindusar got to know that he had killed his mother.
    10. Swayamvar of the princes. Has anyone ever heard princes having swayamvar.
    11.Insulting kalinga. Why would kalinga be cruel to anyone. It was proud of its democracy.
    12.Ashoka turned to chand after Chanakya’s death. Never, when he got to find out that his mother was killed then he turned to chand.
    The list of flaws is endless
    This teledrama should be not aired anymore.

    1. Omg!!!
      Is all that u wrote true????
      Like seriously! !?

    2. Agree wid u..
      But we still watch it bcz for our love towards the great king ashok..
      N me personally to see how low will dis director stoop to insult kalinga its great kings and its people bcz he has no more story in his mind..
      N d third n d most imp reason how d director has planned to separate ashwaki and how will he reunite them!!!
      Please director atleast in dis scene show some sense wala reason behind their separation….

      1. Yes zannat. That’s the reason I am still watching it. Seriously so much fiction is not true. Let’s see wat happens next

      2. ashoka samrat

        there is another thing bella. that’s devi wasnt kvks hand maiden.
        it’s a big fault done by CAS.
        they had done a full distortion.
        what the hell.
        nd i totally agreed with u zannat.
        I’m too waiting cuz of d reason u hv

    3. Hi bella, even I had all these doubts in mind. The story of Ashoka movie n this serial are vastly different. Ashok turned chand after sushim killed dharma. As per my knowledge, producers can face legal case n fine for tampering with historical stories. Only few fictions are acceptable, but i find full story changed.

    4. Hey Bella r u from odisha den of which place?

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        r u also from Odisha..?

    5. You have taken the whole thing from ashoka the movie perspective, some points are correct, and they have even said that this fiction and to run a story u need characters like that no one lnows the truth wat happend actually

      1. Kushagra I couldn’t understand you

    6. Fully agree with you Bella. There are so many flaws. The whole thing is a fiction now. They’re showing kalinga king stoop so low. How can they disrespect kalinga. But thank God, at least they won’t show ashwaki marriage. After all they got married only after Ashok converted to Buddhism. And I don’t think they’ll show ashok’s chief queen asandhimitra and other queens as the show is coming to an end I guess. They might end the story with the kalinga war. By the way, today dharma’s performance was brilliant. This is what a true queen should be, unlike charumitra who’s always engaged in black magics and all. Dharma deserves to be queen mother.

    7. buddhi ranaweera

      hi o m from srilanka and have no idea about your history can u tell me a site to read the real history I could not find much data in the net

      1. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        watch Srk movie – Ashoka. It will be much easier than to do research, though it doesnt cover in detail

      2. Buddhi ranaweera if u are so interested to know about emperor ashoka u can come to odisha. We have done as much as possible to collect information and facts of the Mauryan period

      3. ashoka samrat

        hi buddhi, i’m too from sl

    8. Mahamatya Khallyatak

      from begining, the writer and director have screwed up the episode. KvK and her friend Devi are really boring and irritating

      1. Karuwaki and Devi were never friends. Devi never stayed at ashok’s palace throughout her life. Ashoka left Devi at Ujjain and came back to magadh for the call from his father. He never went back to his first wife

  3. VitukurA has same make up as villian in babhubali

    1. Exactly..
      This writer doesn’t has mind of his own..
      Copying from bahubali..
      He had done it previously also by showing the dance scene of bar of bahubali and dia scene of devdas so nowadays its no more shocking…
      We are used to it…
      Even I will not be shocked if the director shows DAT ashok lost the kalinga war…
      He can hell do anything wid d story as he is doing now..

      1. Yes nandita. I have done a lot of research on emperor ashoka. So I know

      2. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        copying from Bahubali and few scenes are copied from english movie – 300.

      3. Mahamatya Khallyatak

        The way story is moving, I doubt, if Kalinga war will happen or not. All r so much worried about Ashwaki marriage, that the marriage is the biggest priority for everyone. Seems Ash and KvK will marry and will stay happily at magadh and serial will turn out to be another ‘Saas Bahu Sasur” deama

  4. superb pooja, hardly waiting for the end , once again thxxx pooja

    1. Pooja

      anytime 🙂

  5. Thanks Pooja garu for the superfast updates. Though there are many flaws as mentioned by Bella, now the teledrama is interesting.

    1. Yes it is interesting. Waiting to watch how ashoka and Karuwaki ll separated. The writers and director are just trying to stretch the episodes

    2. Pooja

      True Nagaiah..and you are most welcome 🙂

  6. Sushim and chanda fan! Who agrees

  7. Thank you Pooja Di for your bullet train fast update???….Actually because of Signal problems and exams, I didn’t watch CAS from Tuesday…Well About Show What to say….Again Thanks Di…

    1. Pooja

      hehe…anytime Prakriti 🙂
      Wish you good luck for your exams 🙂


  9. Superb pooja

    1. Pooja

      Thanks a ton 🙂

  10. Mahamatya Khallyatak

    What a scene, Dharma going alone to Ujjain to meet the enemy. Its proved she is still a daasi by mind and nature. What kind of royal family are they, they are more worried about their marriage and not of motherland. Someone is attacking their kingdom and Dharma, Bindu, KvK etc are worried for tilak and marriage. No one wants to go to war… and they call themselves Chakrawartin….??? The ladies – Dharma, Devi and KVK are manipulating everyone and the story is progressing as per their wishes

  11. Its better than to watch saas bahu seriels .watch Ashoka

  12. Vanshika

    Thnx pooja di fr the update… The epi is too much fictious… Bindu slaps dharma lol ?.. It’s serious oops… Dharma, Devi n kaurwaki the girls gang should rule magadh alone.. They’re keeping on planning….

    1. Pooja

      You’re welcome Anshika 😀


    hi.i am from sri lanka.thr ar mch details abt emperore ashoka in mahavamsa & buddhist whole drama z a tortue of dz grt king’s life least writers wud hv referd to ashoka scripts & pillars.we Sri Lankans knw mch abt king Ashoka as his son brought Buddhism to da way Buddhist scriptures say abt king ashoka’s previous life & afterlife stories too

  14. Hello
    Ashoka’s public interest is decreasing day by day as you are extending your episode to greator extend by showing kaurwaki again again.
    In my area all used to watch ashoka on daily basis but they all are saying that in recent episode you are showing korwakis part too match

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