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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 18th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Ashoka calls Sushim mad. Who is he to take such a decision? What is his motive? Siamak instigates him against Sushim. He wants the throne. This is the perfect chance for him to make a place for himself in father’s eyes. He wants to make a place for himself. Ashoka refuses to let Sushim succeed. Come with me. Siamak is gone by then.

Siamak informs a soldier that he wants to meet Rajmata. She knows where I will meet her. Inform her. Soldier leaves to inform Helena.

The Unani commander and Ashoka engage in a sword fight. The soldier dies I the end. Siamak is angry to see it. He hides just in time before Ashoka could see him. Ashoka follows the sound (of footsteps).

Helena calls out for Siamak. I am here. Ashoka is surprised. Who is she calling son in this situation?

Siamak meets Helena. Ashoka notices them talking. Helena tells Siamak not to worry. I will make sure everything goes as per our plan. Siamak takes her with him. Ashoka gets thinking. Helena left everything and came here even in this situation. Is Siamak on their side?

Ashoka walks in the corridor lost in thoughts. He relates all the facts about Siamak since he entered inside the palace. Why did Siamak stop me from saving father? He is also a Maurya. If Unani’s want to kill every Maurya then why not him? He is the only Maurya roaming in the palace wearing Unani clothes! It is only possible if he is one of them.

Siamak tells Helena that Ashoka has gained entry inside the palace. Helena says he wont sit quietly if he is here. I will have to inform father asap or Ashoka might ruin our plan once again.

Nayak thinks why Ashoka isn’t here. Helena informs Nicator about Ashoka. Mir is puzzled. Who helped him? Helena pulls Dharma and throws her on the ground. Shubhrasi runs to her as Dharma shouts in pain. Helena says Dharma only allowed him inside and guided him. They hit her with a whip. Dharma cries in pain. Bindu is pained. Stop this barbarity! Shubhrasi holds the whip. Helena is an animal only as people cannot be this barbaric. You are a woman. You should be a little sympathetic to a pregnant woman. Helena pushes her away. Forget about sympathy I wont leave this Dharma alive. Dharma tells them to hurt her as much as they want but it is about time. Ashoka will come and defeat you all. Bindu says it is only him who is daring enough to kill you all. He is Vanraj. He follows the rules of Van (jungle). There is only one rule of Van that there are no rules there. Don’t challenge the anarchy inside him. nicator is sure Ashoka cannot do them any harm. Find him. Kill him if necessary. Dharma shouts Ashoka.

Ashoka keeps wondering why Siamak would help Unani. A soldier notices Ashoka and calls for help. They have counted till 6. If you don’t do anything till the next 4 count then they will kill your father. Do something Yuvraaj. You are our only hope. Ashoka realises it as well. He opens the door when Unani soldiers attack him. he kills all of them and frees his soldiers. He asks the same soldier if he will do something for him. Soldier happily agrees.

Acharya RG tells SUshim not to do this. Don’t risk your father’s life. Sushim says I cannot risk Patliputra. Acharya RG asks him if he cares for the people or throne. Sushim looks at him.

Charu thinks Samrat will die here and the path to throne will be clear then.

Nicator tells SUshim he dint leave any option for them. Bid goodbye to your father. mir raises his sword to hurt Bindu when Ashoka comes there asking them to stop. We will surrender. Everyone is taken aback. Bindu looks hurt. Nicator makes him bend down next to Bindu only. Magadh’s brave warrior, Yuvraaj, the Nayak is actually a coward guy. They remove his headband. Say that you accept defeat to unani’s and surrender. Ashoka says I, Ashoka Maurya, Samrat Bindu’s grandson, Bindu’s son, Acharya Chanakya’s disciple accept defeat from Unani’s and surrender! All the Maurya’s are pained. Unani soldier makes him cheer in their favour. When he asks him to say India will lose, Ashoka pushes him. He cheers for India. Nicator makes his soldiers beat Ashoka. Helena makes sure Dharma sees Ashoka in pain. Dharma cries helplessly. Nicator asks her if she wont praise her son now. He taunts Bindu too. Bindu asks Ashoka what he did. I would have died like a brave heart but you made me lose it. I would have been proud if you had fought. What else have you done for me? Dharma tells Ashoka not to pay heed to his father. he has no idea what you want for him. He is proud of the son who was planning to get him killed.

Nicator asks Sushim and his team to drop their weapons now that Ashoka has surrendered to them. Bindu tells Sushim against it. Ashoka shouts that there is no other way. Bindu questions him. Everything is on risk and you talk of surrender? Where did your love for your motherland go? Ashoka replies that he is tired of it all. What did it get all those who have given their entire life to their motherland? Are you not tired? Bindu shares his unhappiness. Ashoka says we will lose everything if we fight. I wont agree for this so we will surrender. It will save many lives. We cannot act foolish anymore. He gives hint to Acharya RG and Nayak that the palace has been bathed with oil. Only a match can light everything. We will have to think calmly. Maybe today’s loss has a hidden victory for tomorrow. bindu does not understand any of it. I never imagined that my son will be so coward. I thought you will lose all your qualities but not your motto. I regret my decision of not choosing Sushim. He is the hope of this empire. He orders Sushim not to surrender. Ashoka tells Sushim if he would have done so if the same sword was kept on his mother.

Mir pulls Charu next. Sushim panics. Bindu complains to Dharma for giving birth to a coward. Acharya RG asks SUshim to surrender. Ashoka surely has a plan. Support him.

Precap: Sushim tells Nicator he did what he asked for. let me fulfil my wish today. I will kill Ashoka with my own hands today. Helena happily gives him a sword.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. OMG!!!!!

  2. Sushim :@
    Ashoka has a plan let him execute 😉

  3. thank you very much Pooja for uploading the favourite show 🙂

  4. Superb Epi!Why Does Ashoka Do Such A Thing?This Epi Is Against History

    1. The entire show is at this point against history

  5. Thanks For Quick Update Pooja!!The Story Is Draging 2 Much!In History There Is No Point Does Emperior Ashoka Get Surrender Then Why This Unncessiary Things??

  6. Oh no… Yet again a painful dragging of story.
    Bindu keeps making wrong judgement. Mr. Writer has made him one of foolish King of all time.

    1. Exactly. The writers and directors are making it horrible. Most worst episode.

  7. Bindusar is awesome. Those mere soldiers trust ashok but only he can’t his own son. Even radhagupta and nayak understands ashok so well. Was bindusar so blind in real life too? Because in real life too he crowned sushim his successor. Well I’m happy to see the current track going as per the history as it was sushim who was the crown prince, and not ashok. But still I’m sad because in real life too bindusar failed to understand his son. Radhagupta was ashok’s guru but he also fulfilled the duties of a father. Ashok was lucky to have a teacher like chanakya and radhagupta.

    1. I mean teachers*

  8. Actually, its not as per me i.e. history, cause , Nicator never ever attacked Magadha after Chandragupta captured it or was defeated by him. So there was no such war wherein Asoka would surrender! Secondly, just to show that how Sushim was better than Asoka from Bindu’s POV, they are adding unnecessary things. So, it was better if they would have shown history from the beginning itself!

    1. Yaa, but Tq for the info
      This sushim will never understand ashoka :@

  9. Thats Correct History!!In 3o5 A.D When Chandraguptha Declar War Against Nectator Becuse Chandraguptha Fell Love With Helena When He Saw Her In River Jhelum Plying With Her Maides.After Onwards They Exchange There Letters Through Carrier Pigeons.After There Mariage Helena Learn Sanskrit & Indian Music.As Per History Helena Is Not A Such Heartless Queen Becuse She Blindly Love With Chandraguptha And Love Indian Culture & Tradition.Bt Can Any One Tell How Helena Was Died??

    1. Tq dhananjaya :-D:-)for the info. I also new abt this info as my mother told me.

      This director of the serial is stupid. He is directing the serial as if he has seen all this with his own eyes w>:)

      1. Well I read somewhere that Helena died 5 years after her marriage. Now God knows what’s the truth.

      2. @ Baisali, I read that Chandragupta died after 5 yrs after their marriage. He gave his throne and kingdom to Helena n Bindu

      3. Chandragupta never fell in love wid helena some blogs write so to make it bit romantic thats all because people in india love reading love stories and chandragupta attacked nicator to make sure that the greeks dnt attack india afterwards and chandragupta left his kingdom and accepted jainism and lived in karnataka for 20 years and at age of 66 he died there even today that cave where he lived is intact his foot prints are present their i have visitid that place and if u wanna read some thing authentic on internet prefer wikipedia !

      4. Chandragupta died at the age of 42

      5. @history he just left his kingdom then he dint die he lived in karnataka wiyh jsin monks

      6. Oh yes sorry ua correct he died at 42 i got bit confused ! But it was not after 5 years after marrige wid helena

    2. And helena was knot the true name historians are confused between 2 daughters of nicator apama and cathrine ….in her last days chandraguptas hellenic wife lived in persia and died there u can read this in many sourses about nicator no body knows the real reason but she did not stay wid maurya family in her last days !

      1. Tq anonymous for sharing the info 🙂
        But if the serial has to be dragged then they shld give updates of the future episodes so that we cam read them
        Now watever happens it’s in the hands of the director not in the hands of God even
        Now can anyone tell me wat will happen next

      2. @rose ua most welcome ! 🙂

  10. Thank you for the update,

  11. Just enjoy the show guys no body can predict the day to day life of any historical charecter neither its written somewhere ony the major events are mentioned by history ….so dnt try to co realate it always just enjoy the drama sometimes the will take it to rght track for sure !

    1. agree

    2. I like ur writing skills.

  12. But why bindu is shown so stupid? Why the dragging of story and it should be quite obvious to ashok now that siamak is te traitor. Still ashok is shown thinking over this. This epi should end in ashok’s victory but so much negativity is being shown in this serial that it ll lead to susim’s coronation and ashok’s exile

    1. Ashok never went to exile. Its just shown in the movie. But in real he was sent to Ujjain and sushim was sent to takshashila. Both were viceroys of the respective states. Now in the serial they may show that ashok is exiled. After all they have to drag it unnecessarily.

  13. In The History There Is No Point That Ashoka Is Exile.He Send To Thakshila By Bindusara As Magda Representative Or Viceror,bindusara Always Try To Give Kingshp To Sushim Bt Minsters Including Radhaguptha Were Aginst That Idea, So When Bindusara Was In His Last Moment Ministers Bought Asoka To Pataliputra And Make Him As Tempory King Under Guidence Of Bindusara By Teling When Sushim Came They Wil Hndover The Kingshp To Sushim Bt Radaguptha Make A False Pit On The Way Of Sushim And Killed Him Thats The End Of Sushima & Asoka Become The Emperior Of Whole India Except Southern Part Of India And He Appoint His Own Brother Vattashoka As Viceror Of Takshila.

  14. sab farji vada he

  15. Ashoka is such a great warrior

  16. hi pooja i think the younger ashoka must be our kapil sharma and younger kvk must be upasana singh

    1. Ashoka- Mohit Raina

  17. Tx mam/sir for gv a time for us for written update

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