Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th May 2016 Written Episode Update


Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim reaches there just then. Dharma is stunned to see him through the window. Vit peaks at his mother from his hiding place.

Sushim steps down from his horse. He walks towards Seth Dhaniram’s house. Sushim shouts for his brother. I am here. Come out Ashoka. I have come from far. I came to meet you after so many years. Wont you hug me? It’s been 10 years. It is a long time. No day passed when I dint get restless to meet Ashoka. The day has come because of your Nirankush. Why do you make me wait so much? Bring him here. I will give you prize for it. Nirankush wonders how to tell him the one whom he wants to meet isn’t here. Sushim stops him. He is my brother. Only I have the right to call him. Sushim walks towards the main door of the house.

Vit is surprised to

see his mother all panicked.

Sushim shouts Ashoka. Everyone looks shocked. Ashoka is on his way home.

Sushim is surprised as there has been no reaction. What happened to him? Devi and her father hide. Sushim asks Ashoka to come out. See the wound you gave me. I haven’t let it heal in these 10 years. This hasn’t let me forget you. It constantly reminds me that I have to take revenge for it. You are my culprit. I have decided your punishment long ago – death! It is the time to put it into practise. I had full faith this time will surely come. The world had accepted you are no more, but I dint. Our chapter cannot end this easily. I knew this. Now that the time has come today, you are playing hide and seek. It doesn’t suit a brave man like you.

Seth Dhaniram cannot understand what’s happening. Why is Rajkumar Sushim here? Why are you (Dharma) hiding from him? Question is why Sushim is in this illusion that Rajkumar Ashoka is alive and is here? Plus where is Chand? Dharma requests him to be quiet for now for God’s sake. Vit wonders who this person is from whom his mother is so scared.

Sushim shouts what happened to you Ashoka. You were the brave fighter of Magadh. Staying hidden like a coward does not suit you. Did you learn it from your Ma? She was so proud of her ideals in your blood. Where did it go now? She used to inspire him and send him to warzone proudly. Why isn’t he out today then? Did you realise your uselessness in these 10 years? I cannot wait anymore. I will come before you if you wont come out.

Seth Dhaniram goes out and greets Sushim. Sushim asks him if he gave shelter to Ashoka. Dhaniram denies. I let Chand and his mother stay here. Sushim laughs hearing it. They both are talented enough to change their names and identity and fool people. Dharma prays to God to save them. Vit recalls his promise to Ashoka that he will take care of their Ma and house in his absence. He tries to go out but Dharma stops him. She gives him Ashoka’s swear. It will all happen at per God’s will now.

Dharma and Vit turn to go when a lady pats at her shoulder. She is wearing identical clothes like Dharma and her kid is dressed just like Vit. She says not you but your shadow will go out now. Acharya RG comes there. It is my duty to save the saviour (and his family) of the dream of united India. Devi looks at them in confusion.

The lady goes out with her son. Nirankush gets excited. Sushim says I have been waiting for this day since so long. Wont you show me your face and bless this son? Nayak looks at them. The lady removes the veil from her face. It turns out to be someone else. Nirankush, Seth Dhaniram looks shocked. The lady calls herself Chand’s mother. I apologize to you for his misdeeds. Nirankush’s assistant calls her a liar. This woman is someone else. You can ask Nirankush if you don’t believe me. Nirankush lies before Sushim to save himself. Dhaniram wonders what happened to Nirankush. The assistant is sure Chand ran away so Nirankush is lying. Sushim demands to meet Chand. Some other guy comes out. Sushim believes them. Chand can be the one who does not melt hearing someone speak against his mother but Ashoka will not do so! Assistant asks him to come to Ganesha temple with him. I will prove you that I am not lying. Sushim is panicked hearing the name of Lord and temple. He gets the assistant arrested. Dharma looks relieved. She thanks Lord for saving them today.

Kaurvaki wonders why all her attempts to meet him are failing. The man (one who keeps predicting) says you are going to meet him as per destiny. We should only focus on our karma instead of hoping for an outcome. It will depend on your karma. One should go with the wind in the same direction to get what you want. The ones who try to go against it fail. Kaurvaki realises that the man hints at Ujjaini. Spy hinted at the same. I will go there.

Sushim heads back. Horse stops in his way. Ashoka tries to make Garud understand.

Dhaniram demands to know what’s happening. Who all are you? Devi recalls Ashoka and Dharma’s angry convo and how she saw these people earlier also. I already knew there is something wrong. Dhaniram says I don’t understand why so many people lied. Nirankush wont stay quiet. He has some plan. What’s the truth? Is chand Rajkumar Ashoka in reality?

Ashoka gets to know that Sushim has left. I lost a chance to meet him again.

Acharya RG pays money to Dhaniram. Ashoka can never be Chand and vice versa. Dhaniram wants to know why they lied. Acharya RG suggests him to not know too much. It can create problems for you only. Devi speaks in Chand’s favour. He has never tried to hurt anyone. it is our duty now to help them. Dhaniram is worried that they can get in problem because of them. They hear a horse’s sound. Vit is glad to see Ashoka. Dharma asks him not to tell his brother what happened here a while ago. Vit nods.

Precap: Nirankush is again at Dhaniram’’s house. Where is he? Ashoka. Dharma and Vit are heading somewhere. Nirankush sets fire to Dhaniram’s house. Ashoka comes somewhere and looks angry.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thankyou for the fast update.I missed watching the serial today because of power cut.

  2. only Sushim looks of right age. Mohit Raina looks like his father

    1. I totally agree with you Manisha

  3. ashoka samrat

    thanx a lot pooja 4 quick updates. and will sidd acts as ashoka’s son.

  4. ashoka samrat

    dhananjaya, thank you for welcoming me even I am a srilankan in a previous epi. u r very good. I likes to come to India 4 a few days. sometimes will not be able cuz I am a 15 yrs old child

    1. ohh my god you are sooo wierd!!!

    2. He Ashoka Samrat I Am Also A Sri Lankan Of 20 Yrs, Bro,whch Scl Ar U Studyng?Dn’t Be So Weirred.

  5. Thank u for the update…good episode ?

  6. ashoka samrat

    pls change the back ground music of susim. the previous one is better.
    ashok, act a bit smartly. its not enough. but mohit, u have improved a bit more than before.
    its not easy to act like sidd. he is so cute, handsome and smart.
    still miss u a lot sidd.
    u r perfect. excellent. awesome and superb.
    ashok fans 4 ever.

  7. varun kapoor could have looked better as Ashoka instead of Mohit Raina

  8. Thnk U,thank U So Much Pooja,ur So Fast.When Copard To Start Mohit Is Beter Nw,i Think He Do Beter In Future.The Destinty Doing Kidding With Asokas Fate.Pooja Cn U Tel Me When Does Sushm & Ashoka Wil Face To Face??

  9. ashoka samrat

    pooja 4 the precap add a bit more. that devi and dhaniram screams sadly when Nirankush sets fire to the house

  10. ashoka samrat

    will ashok gives a punishment to Nirankush 4 doing such a big deal.

  11. Hello guys. I m new in this family n from Bangladesh. I m a big fan of sid.

    1. welcome zeba,nw the teledrama is popular among happy a abt tha.

    2. ashoka samrat

      welcome u zeba


    thank u pooja di for ur fast update…. i missed half epi.. thanks a lot….

  13. When will ashok and kaurwaki meet…….kaurwaki z sooooo cute…..missin sid.n

  14. please hindi me likhe..

  15. an amazing episode….thanx for update

  16. Good epi!!!

  17. Nice epi.the show is interesting nw.clashes and fightings… kaurvaki scenes are really boring..

  18. Devi is so cute but kaurwaki nt good.

  19. It was a fantastic episode. For a moment I thought dharma would go out with vit. But one thing I don’t understand. How did radhagupta and nayak come there? Is there another entrance or what? Whatever it is, sushim ka chehra dekhne layak that. But please change that background music of sushim. And also please stop playing that ueww ueww music constantly. It really sounds funny when played constantly. The precap is good. I guess nirankush will kidnap devi and her father, and I think in order to save her honour Ashok will marry her. I guess something like this will happen.


  21. thankss for update….

    nice episode….

  22. ashoka serial bahot hi achha he dost or me har ek episod dekhta hu lekin ab maja nahi aata he kyu sab bade ho gaye he sirf sushim hi sahi lag raha he is serial me baki sab act bekar he

    1. I agree with u kabir.

    2. But Mohit is a good actor. we have got so much used to watching sid. Hence we need to gv time to mohit. He is definitely working hard.

  23. Hey guys…the update will be a little late tonight. Sorry for the inconvenience 🙁

  24. Aiyo Wht Happen Pooja?Why Did U Late 2dy?

    1. Pooja

      Unexpected Birthday Celebrations 🙂
      I will update it as soon as I can…

      1. Happy birthday Pooja..

  25. Hi everyone, nothing much in todays episode. Nirankush kidnaps vit to get hold of Ashok. But Ashok saves vit and decides to take revenge frm Nirankush. Kaurvaki is shown travelling towards ujjaini.

  26. pooja !!
    time plz
    waiting for the episode till this time yarr…

  27. Pooja

    episode is updated now…sorry once again people

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    birthday #pooja

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