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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 17th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Market
The men leeringly comment on kaurvaki and devi. kaurvaki is unable to resist, and then beats them to pulp. they profusely apologise on their knees. she says that she merely taught a lesson, and the punishment still remains. she makes them all do sit ups. devi says that she might not introduce herself, but she should atleast be able to get inside the palace. she says that she has to take the disguise of a princess. Kaurvaki thinks that the idea is good, but how would she look one in these clothes. devi finds a palenquin royale passing by, and asks her to leave it on her. Kaurvaki is boggled while devi is amused.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Inside, the palanquin, a princess steps out, and reprimands the workers to try and walk

faster, so that they reach the palace faster. she eyes the palace from afar, which is almost 1.5 kilometers away. she stepos out, a royal princess that she is, with all the mannerisms. she thinks that before she enters the royal palace, she should beautify herself, so that when ashoka casts his glance at her, he is stunned by her beauty, and once she gets married to him, she wouldnt be Princess Anindini, but the Magadh queen. she says that her priest has prophecied that ashoka shall be the royal king. Kaurvaki hears from a distance, and points out how foolish she is to even aspire to be ashoka’s wife. kaurvaki gets jealous, as she starts talking about her beauty that shall bowl ashoka over. they get inside the royal palenquin stealthily, while she is busy beautifying herself. she intentionally pulls the carpet, and the princess falls, stained in mud and dirt. she gets frustrated. they manage to grab hold of the palenquin and the beautiful clothes, that belong to the princess, and compliment her beautiful choice. Kaurvaki says that this is the last option to find out whats in his heart. she says that she has left everything, and if ashoka leaves her, what shall she do. she gets tensed thinking about it

Scene 3:
Location: Pataliputra Prison
As acharya watches on, the gondna tax takers and taken into custody. sushim goes after them, but ashoka confronts in the middle. they are beaten up. sushin comments on his fast track working. Sushim tells ashoka, that he doesnt think these gondna workers shall open their mouths in front ofhim, out of fear, and his efforts shall be in vain. ashoka says that he silenced him, but now he has a way out, to let them speak up. sushin asks him to be involved in smaller issues, while he goes to enjoy his higher superior powers. ashoka taunts and asks whats the hurry, as his vanity and ego shall come in handy, when he is left with nothing. he says that he too has an important work, and gets inside. sushim stands enraged. ashoka comes in to find them being beaten up barbarously, and orders them to be left. the prisoners are shocked to see him. all look on tensedly and comply. ashoka then introduces himself to the tax workers. they apologise profusely, that they were doing it out of fear for Gondna and his fear. ashoka assures them that they are in the safest place here, and asks them to rememebr to speak the truth, as he hates lies, and if they try to lie the least bit, then he shall give them a new definition of terror and fear to live with. they are petrified.

Later, in front of acharya, ashoka manages to get them to spill the truth out, that these people are very discreet and secretive in their dealing, as one person managing the taxes doesnt know about anyone else’s working strategy, and that a tattoo on the arm is whats their identifying mark. he then explains the entire strategy, as to how they collect the tax and keep it in a closet, and throw it in the river. ashoka asks if this is done against their wishes, then why they never informed the royalty about it. they inform that not only the people are punished but their families too. they ask if he knows what happened to the person who tried to rebel. his entire family was killed, and then he committed suicide himself, swearing that there must be someone who shall punish the gondna one day. ashoka is apalled as they narrate the horrific tale to them. he says that if they dont raise their voices now, it shall ruin them all, and this problem needs to be nipped in the bud, and he shall do so. Later, ashoka says that for the benefit of the country and the human mankind, this is his first step towards achieving his goal, and to achieve this, he can go to any lengths. he says that there must be some link to connect to Gondna, and someone must have definitely seen him, the terminating link to Gondna. he begs them to remember harder. they say that they have no clue about it. one of them comments about some Uttar dakshin, two people, whose real identities arent known, sn they might be some link, as they handle the tax collection in these two directions, and that they care often seen to go in the dark forests from where they vanish. They both come out, and ashoka and ahcraya discuss that the complications are getting more entangled. acharya says that there is something more to it. ashoka says that sushim has become more powerful, but not necessarily by wit and brains as entire personality change isnt that easy, and that there is something not clear. acharya says that he has spent so much in exile, and maybe darkness ensures him truth, as sushim leaves in the night. ashoka says that he shall ensure that sushim never leaves alone in the night.

Scene 4:
Location: Gondna’s hideout
Gondna, in his veil, meets Uttar who discusses how ashoka made all of his servants captive. gondna however remains unperturbed. he says that they were working for long, and that now they shall start for their new servants. Uttar starts to talk about how he shall arrange for new male and female workers. he asks them to start making servants soon, and instill fear in them so much so that they prefer dying rather than open their mouths against gondna. he also points out how important cash flow is for their motive’s success, and they need to be financially superior and after that, with money ruin them totally, but cash flow shouldnt stop, as only that shall ensure their motive being a success, as he doesnt want any hindrance in his ultimate goal. the servant silently complies.

Scene 5:
Location: Undisclosed Location
In the middle of the night, someone secretively leaves the palace, gets atop a horse, and drives straight ahead. ashoka stealthily follows him. in the darkness of the forests, he meets someone else, and then he is whisked inside a barn yard. the other person says that since ashoka is so badly involved in the investigation, hence its necessary to take him away from the main matter. he thinks that he needs spies, and he should be given so many to distract, that he is involved in them only. he says that cash flow is extremely essential for their work and that they shall ruin and finish off the magadh financial powers so badly, that its economy tumbles down so that when bindusara is dead, noone can shed a single tear. The person who discreetly and stealthily arrived in the hideout, from the palace, takes off his veil, its revealed that its actually Siamak, who addresses the other veiled person as Gondna. the other person guffaws aloud, as the veil is taken off the other face too, and its revlead that its Bindusara’s greek mother, Raajmata Helena. she says that this is a weird game, that he too is referring to her as Gondna. they both guffaw together. The screen freezes on her evil face.

Precap: As kaurvaki twirls around, dressed in fine clothes, resembling a princess, she falls right in the arms, of ashoka, who dives in, to catch her. an awkward yet romantic embrace and eyelock follows, as he eyes her boggled.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Super duper fast update rimjim di.. N it’s awesome.. Btw where’s pooja di..
    Hi all, myself Vanshika, I’m in class 8 and a biggie fan of historical and mythological shows and ashoka is one of my fav among them.. Can I join ur family??
    I’ve read that Devi is first wife of samrat ashoka bt they’re showing kaurwaki like this.. Is it wrong??
    Our history teacher tells us about many things shown wrong in the show.. I’ve also read ur comments fr 2 months I’m silent reader n I know much shown wrong.. Still I love this show! Can I join??

  2. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Super duper fast update rimjim di.. N it’s awesome.. Btw where’s pooja di..
    Hi all, myself Vanshika, I’m in class 8 and a biggie fan of historical and mythological shows and ashoka is one of my fav among them.. Can I join ur family??
    I’ve read that Devi is first wife of samrat ashoka bt they’re showing kaurwaki like this.. Is it wrong??
    Our history teacher tells us about many things shown wrong in the show.. I’ve also read ur comments fr 2 months I’m silent reader n I know much shown wrong.. Still I love this show! Can I join??
    N my elder bros and sisters how is this Helena alive till now?? Is she like bhishm pitamah lol ?.. Think the story writers have taken this idea from Mahabharata haha ?.. This is wrong na? She’s died wen ashoka young only.. Pls reply.

    Siamak!!! Involved in al this!! Omg!! Who’s this anindini??

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks dear for ur sweet comment…enjoy reading…!!!!!

      1. thx 4 the updates, you write as good as pooja, but the story makes me impatient, and siamak, yes i have said that the person (godna) is he, my guess is right, i still follow this story cuase and just want to know about the end of bindu, charu, m
        kalatak and siamak, helena, how ashoka will end them all

      2. Rimjhim

        thanx dear…hope u enjoy!!!!

      3. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Of course mam I’ll enjoy reading only as I’m unable to c the show daily ?? yavni ha.. She isn’t Helena.. I’m doubted as I don’t c epi today.. Pls tell dears

    2. Ur Warmly Welcome.Keep On Cmenting,ths Just A Drama So Real History Cn Violete

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Yes u r ryt big bro.. That’s y I’ve stopped seeing it as a knowledgeable serial from Chanakya death.. Bt the story writers can write nice novel haha ?

    3. Hi vanshika,
      You are right. We can see some traces of mahabharatha in this story. It will be apprciated if they follow the real history

  3. the update is wrong ………u r stupid rimjhim idiot duffer………GONDANA IS NOT ANY YAVNI BINDUSARS WIFE ( THERE IS NO SUCH CHARACTER) I HAVE SEEN THE EPISODE…. GONDANA WAS NONE OTHER THAN RAAJMATA HELENA……..i dont know whether it is a typing mistake or what but its really foolish to depict the epis main part wrongly ……..nd that to with the name that never exists………i hope this never happen again
    once again everyone

    1. Rimjhim

      m sorry…dear dts my mistake….a typing error it was…Yavni means greekk…which the Raajmata was……njoy reading!!!!!

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Ooooo so that was a mere typing mistake… It’s ok di.. Thnx fr clearing the doubt.. N u r awsum .. U r nt stupid idiot or duffer.. Okay so this al rajmata Helena(who made her rajmata foolish old lady)
        So no yabni it’s Helena..

      2. Rimjhim

        yeah dear…thanx for ur love…its readers like u, that make it worthhile to update…..loasds of love…..

    2. oh , the dirctr have made helena as a superpower , nonsense

      1. Vanshika crazy for skr

        Helena has got ichamrityu vardaan by the show makers.. I jus wish someone killed her.. Without her Shamak is jus a mere ordinary person, she is worst planner than shakuni n long liver than bhishm, her character really inspired from epics I guess.. Hope ashoka jus exposes her soon.. N ya ur guess right.. I too thought the same when I got to know he isn’t Sushim..

    3. @shaheer , if u feel like u never make mistakes and u are perfect, then u should have wrote the updates, right?

    4. I agree with @history…
      She gave us a wonderful update and instead of appreciating you are calling her a idiot
      You would have been rather polite @shaheer

    5. i was polite nd i dont think i said anything wrong………nd if u guys r pleading me then i m ready to give updates to u beggars …….idiots …….instead of rectifying her u r pointing out at me……this shows how immature u all r………nd i know very well the art of criticism my dear fellows ……..i could have bashed all of urs mouths but this time im literally polite………

      1. Abhishek Maurya

        Ok ok, we all know u r very good in english.

      2. @abhishek maurya……i know that i m very good at english ……u need not reconsider it….take hold of ur work my dear

    6. John_smith

      mind your language shaheer

      instead of thanking her u are scolding her

      if she is not there today then who is going to type

    7. y is everyone behind my language……i would better like to tell u that it is well and good and u people need not tell me to improve it………better concentrate on ur bl**dy works

      1. Mad ,grandpa becoz ur too much mature ,cowdung .donkey saheer disrespecting some one is a sin. that u can never understand

      2. @fred i think i need not tell u that u just now disrespected me in ur comment therefore u too have committed a sin or i should say that u were always a sin itself

  4. She is Rajmata Helena…not yavni??

  5. Dr tanks 4 update but with serial image pls .

  6. thnk for updater rimjhim wht hapen to pooja without poojas updates its like not taking the lunch.we mis u pooja.

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks dear dhanajay…..enjoy reading!!!!

      1. Rimjhim, thank you for the update. It is good. But, please, tell me where is Pooja and when she will be back? Please, answer on my question. Greetings for you from Europa! ?

  7. Nice update rimjhim.bit where is pooja?? Helena yunani hain amar nahi.

    1. Rimjhim

      thanks samyukta……

  8. Good update. Thank you Rimjhim

    1. Rimjhim

      u r welcome jyothi…enjoy reading!!!!!

  9. Hai guys.
    Can any one please tell me what happened to noor?

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      She has been killed already.. Dint u watch dear

    2. Noor died many episodes ago. When she was trying to conqueror magadh with the help of her ex.

  10. @ divya….noor has been already killed….long back

  11. Why is rani subrashi not shown yet? she is a true well wisher of ashok n dharma. Also, rani subrashi was seen predicting that ashok wud soon return to patliputra. Directorji, we r waiting to see rani subrashi.

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Hmm hmm me too missin subrasi.. Only this daayan charumitra is shown,,

  12. wow…what a fight by kaurvaki….yeah toh maa durga hain..ashoka is looking like daya n radahagupta is like acp pradyuman….n serial is becoming like cid…

    1. Vanshika crazy for skr

      Lol ? u r absolutely right.. CID.. Radhagupta is like salunke n acp both.. Investigator ?

  13. hi vanshika. I am meemansa. I am also in class are in which school? I really love devi. she is so cute, so simple. I love asvi jodi and hate ashvaki. I hate kaurwaki. I hate her from then she first meet ashoka . and director please I am insisting please do not change the history. devi was ashoka first love. they share a love bond and ashoka married her when he was 18 and now he is 25.what the hell is happening in the show. everyone in the show are stupid.

    1. @meemansa, Correct! I have same thoughts about this serial!

    2. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      Hi meemamsa sry for late response.. I’m from Ghaziabad, u.p. N I also luv Devi… N d show makers r not making show on history of India they’re writing fiction,, sooo I don’t think they’ll correct these errors

  14. ThodA typing mistake ke liye saheer itna gande baat likh dala woh sale b…….la c…..a ashok dekhne or update adne ke liye eligible hi nahi hai.

    1. Rimjhim

      thnks hemm…..glad to hv ur support…..

  15. I am regular reader of the chakravartin ashoka samrat but today’s written episodes writing language is boring…

  16. thanks rimjhim nice episode and fast update thanks

  17. Please can someone tell me in historical of asoka did kaurvaki became one of Asoka’s wife.please I want to know can someone enlighten me

    1. Hi vivian,
      Karuvaki is ashokas second wife frm kalinga. They had a son named tivala who was said to be ashokas fav son nd proposed heir. Unfortunatly he deceases before ashoka’s death. Aftr marryng kaurvaki ashoka convertd to budhism

  18. Thanks for your nice update Rimjhim! : ) But where are you Pooja? We miss you and your update. Hope you’ll be back soon by Monday. Thanks Rimjhim Di for the cover up of Pooja Di.

    Wow Helena made a very cunning plan
    that it won’t be so easy for ashoka to find our the truth. But seriously she is supposed to be very old according to the drama so how is she playing such a powerful role as gondana when actually she should have be a weak old lady instead.

    I hope atleast now ashoka would address kaurwaki by her name instead of making kaurwaki worried that he might have forgotten her. Hope she’ll be successful this time in finding out whether he still loves her and haven’t forgotten her in these 10 years. Please director I kindly request you please don’t drag this too much. It feels so bad to see kaurwaki unable to reveal her identity to Ashoka.

    Waiting early for Monday’s episode.

    Wow Devi has become such a sweet friend of Kaurwaki. Devi Di looks so cute.

    We miss you a lot Pooja Di……….!

    1. Change soumya she is ugly and keep some one sweet and cute

      1. absolutely agree, there are so many beautiful actresses , why soumya, her sad looking eyes is bad for a warrior, she fidht badly too

  19. Oops sorry I have made some typing mistakes. These are the corrections.

    Ashoka to find ‘out’ the truth *
    Should have ‘been’ a weak old lady instead*

    Pls director sir don’t drag ashwaki too much. It feels bad to see kaurwaki sad and worried and hiding her true identity from ashoka.

    After all it’s just a drama but still some viewers i think might get fed up of this dragging and this long wait of ashwaki.

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

      I’m fed up with Dragging

  20. Rimjhim thank you for the written update. It is godd. Rimjhim, please tell me where is Pooja and when she will be back? Rimjhim, until when you will be replacinog Pooja and doing WU of Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat? Please, answer me!
    Pooja, we miss ur upadtes. Hope u will be back soon!

    1. Good*

      Sorry for the mistakes!

    2. Rimjhim

      i shall be doing the update for sometime…..shall try to keep up with ur expectations….:)

      1. Vanshika crazy fr skr

        Of course u’ll keep our expectations u r awesome mam…

  21. noor has died many years ago it should be11_12

  22. i am in confusion that who will marry first ashoka kaurwaki or devi ………

  23. Abhishek Maurya

    Bogus dramatisation and nothing.They have ruined our history.Ndtv imagine’s Chandragupta maurya was far better than this serial.Although the production value of the show was very low, the dialogue delivery,story and the creativity in the script were all up to the mark.
    The movie ashoka is also good.Although the movie has concentrated more in romance but the movie was ok.Those who love ashwaki scenes can watch this movie.Shahrukh khan nailed it.But the critics criticized srk’s acting.If the movie is to be made today starring srk it will definitely break all the records.

    1. Vanshika crazy fr skr


  24. @Shaheer From Monday onwards, You will write the updates.
    I am surprised with just 2 armies UTTAR and DAKSHIN , how could an old lady of over 150 years could have stirred fear in the capital city of Magadh empire? Totally fallacious logic and dull scripting.
    But, I was right that Helena and Siamak are associated with Godana.
    The Ministry Secretary like Khallatak doesnt know a slight hint of whats so happening looks lacklustre. Thats why I included Khallatak also.
    Anyways, I think Asoka will be again tortured by Bindusara when he will say that he saw Rajamata.
    Isnt it?
    Why does Sushim bends his neck so much? Please do watch Young Sushim neck and his voice.

    1. Yr right the young sushim was the best

      1. Saheer stop ur non sensive talking

  25. @Ghost , young ssusim was fabulous. Anyways , u r right in predicting that asoka will see helena and reveal and will become laughing stock after revealing it to bindu.
    The dir should end this gondna drama soon.
    @Shaheer, you should learn the art of constructive criticism ,else mind your words.

  26. nice epi. But where are pooja di…I like pooja di update..please come back pooja di..Iam waiting for you..&thanks rimhim for update since to days..

    1. Thanx for the updates Rimjhim di.
      I think the serial is being dragged too much.
      I don’t like Soumya as Kaurvaki but I luv the Ashwaki romance…….till it is not dragged too much
      @Shaheer u should mind ur language.

      1. Rimjhim

        u r most wlcome dearie…..:)

    2. Rimjhim

      u r welcome dear….:)

  27. John_smith

    hey bro me from england so how are you all i like show much

  28. sorry Iam wrong type.where is pooja di?please come back.

  29. Ashoka spoiler is interesting.

  30. hi fred saumya is not bad she is so beautiful and cute.please aaplog aisa mat boliye…saumya kaurwaki ke role me fit he please use es serial se nhi nikaliye.kitni cute he vo bhi devi ki jaise.agar dusari aayi to maza nhi rhega es serial me.usko to vaisa he role mila he usme uski kya galti he aaplog ko to reem bhi nhi achi lati thi…usme kya kharabi thi apne role ke anusar acha kar rhi thi vo bhi mujhe to aisa lagta he ki aaplog ko kvk ka charecter he nhi acha lagta…na ki uska role karne wali actor.aap log to bas apne fev actress ko lana chate es tabhi aaplog ko acha lagega.vo kvk ke act me fit ho ya na ho.apne mutabik jo man karta he karte he…

  31. achha hoga ki aapsab milkar mohit ki replecement ke liye vinti karte kyoki vo es serial me suit nhi karte bilkul bhi sidd ki tarha nhi act karte,vo aur handsom bhi nhi.he is ulgy…and fat body..

  32. Which idiot keeps telling Bindu should be dead? If he does something wrong right now then let that person comment.

  33. John_smith

    sup the show is dragging too much

  34. Shaheer may be your english is good but thats not the language to use to address someone who is putting an effort. Your manners are horrible and you are disrespectful and thats why everyone is picking on you. I hated the comment you put in.

    1. if u hate my comment there was no need to reply to it………..and i know that how are my manners and how are urs…….i just have corrected her…..and do u even know that ur so called rimjhim is using multiple names such as @john smith and is creating disturbances on various articles….so better u not target any person till u dont know about them completely….in the end of this i would like to conclude that everyone on this website is a damn foolish person and that i must not waste my time in giving justification to people like u !!!!!!!!!

      1. Rimjhim

        shaheeer as long as it was constructive criticism…..i was quiet and silent….but dont start hurling basless and false accusations in my name…i have far better issues to work upon, that take in some false identity and cause unnecessary hassles and misguided comments……Sorry…..not my cup of tea….Dear…..just verify facts before posting something!!!!!

      2. Shaheer
        Do you have some mental issues? Why are you bringing your frustrations to this page? If you don’t like an update, start writing and show how you can create better updates.

  35. Yes you are very very good at English!!!
    You said you were polite?.. actually sir you were pathetically arrogant and rude it seems like politeness=rudeness for you !.
    N as you said u are rectifying her for her mistake we are also doing the same it’s good you corrected her but you were actually seeming to be a boss

    1. well see i said right about foolish people on this website……stop giving lecture…..and if i was arrogant according to u then let it be …….i think what i did was absolutely worthwhile …….and i dont repent it …..whatsoever u ppl might say

      1. Yes foolish people like you

  36. Bhainkade shaheer

  37. Thanx Rimjhim… I really enjoyed this episode

    1. Rimjhim

      U ARE WELCOME DEARIE…..glad u liked it…..

  38. Yes shaheer infact your mannerism and acting is like foolish .. In fact you arw trying to justify your foolishness and show the point that you r actually regretful of your own comments..whatever you say you are reading the comments hoping atleast someone will say you were right but unfortunately u are disappointed everytime u come to read comments

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