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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 16th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sushim and his troops are right outside the gates of Takshshila’s palace. SIamak looks at him from the boundary. Sushim compliments him on his victory. You left me surprised. Why do you stand behind closed doors though? I came from far to hug you, to meet you but you aren’t opening doors. Siamak refuses to fall in his fake love. I know you since childhood. Keep this act to yourself. You can fool Bindusar with it not me. It will be good if you return to where you have come from. Don’t you remember how you were about to lose out in the competition so you stabbed me in my back? Be assured. I am still good like that only. I wont stab you in the back like I did. Sushim smiles. You again proved me I think right about you. You do anything but will remain a kid always, a kid who

needs guidance at every step. You aren’t at fault though. It became your habit to hold someone’s hand and walk. First it was your mother, then your Uncle Justin, then Mir, Nictor, Rajmata, then Lasendra and now it is Antonio. But till when? Grow up and do something on your own. I trust you on that. I understand your potential finally. You did what I couldn’t do till date. I brought a proposal for you which is beneficial for both of us only. We should join hands to kill Ashoka. Afterwards, we will get hold of Magadh and divide Magadh in two parts. Enemy’s enemy is your friend. We are brothers after all. Siamak asks him how he should trust him. Sushim suggests entering inside without any of his weapons or soldiers. Neither you nor I will try to harm each other. Sushim steps down from the horse. Soldiers keep their swords down. Mahamatya walks next to Sushim till the main door.

Ashoka says I feel it will take time to reach Takshshila with such a big army. I guess I should take a handful of them and move ahead. Acharya RG nods.

Siamak and Sushim walk up to each other. Sushim asks him if he wont hug his brother. Such distance is not good for brothers. I agree that I shot an arrow at you in childhood but back then, our enemy was not same. Things will change only if we will hug and move ahead. They share a forced hug even though Mahamatya tries to stop Sushim. Unan army kills all the soldiers who had come with Sushim. Mahamatya runs away. Siamak attacks Sushim who holds the bare sword with his hand. Charu begins to bleed from her mouth. Chanda rushes to her in concern.

Sushim says you have got this streak of cheating from your mother. Now I wont have any issue in kill you! Siamak attack him. Sushim also finds a sword and they engage in sword fight. Sushim says I made a mistake by only cutting your fingers. I should have killed you instead. Siamak manages to hit him but his wounds heal up on their own. Sushim also hurts Siamak.

Ashoka tells Garud to speed up. Delay of every second is an insult to the sacrifice made by mother.

Soldiers surround Sushim upon Siamak’s instructions. All of Sushim’s soldiers get killed by the hands of Unan soldiers. Lasendra aims her sword at Mahamatya’s neck. Ashoka will be happy to find all his enemies at one place. Mahamatya looks at her in shock.

Sushim fights with Unan soldiers bravely. Siamak shoots an arrow on his leg. Sushim falls down because of the same and removes the arrow. By then, the soldiers throw ropes around his neck from all the sides. Sushim tries to fight but falls down eventually. Siamak stomps his foot at Sushim’s back and stabs at his hand twice using an arrow.

Ashoka is near Takshshila. He tells his soldiers to keep moving. We are near our destination.

Sushim is hung upside down. Mahamatya is also tied to a nearby pillar. Siamak says I want to see you die every moment like you used to torture me in childhood. You are a fool. You hurt not just me but everyone who was near you. With your every passing breath, you would want to die fast but I wont let it happen. I wont let you die an easy death. Mahamatya begs to be spared. I am not at fault here. Siamak reminds him how he is an equal partner in Sushim’s every sin. You chose him over me. every person has to pay the price for his choices. Unan commander come to inform Siamak that Ashoka is very near. Siamak goes out with him to check on Ashoka. Mahamatya remarks that Ashoka is coming here as their hope for the first time.

Commander gets a signal from one of the soldiers. I heard Bindu is a fool but this is his biggest mistake to send Ashoka here alone with such a small number of people. Siamak speaks of how Ashoka won Takshshila from Kichak in the age of 14 years. I allowed Sushim in but I cannot do the same with Ashoka. Tighten security. Get ready for war.

A soldier offers water to Ashoka. Ashoka talks to him about the fight. They stop on the outskirts of Takshshila. Ashoka recalls fighting Kichak 10 years ago. He touches the dirt to his head. I apologize for letting the enemies step their feet here even when he is alive. I assure you I will end everyone and establish dharma and justice once again.

Siamak and Unan’s commander look down at Ashoka.

Ashoka moves ahead with his troops. He notices the flag on the boundary and remembers the jewel incident. Siamak’s soldiers shoot arrows at Ashoka’s army. Ashoka and his soldiers ward them off.

Precap: Ashoka sets fire to the flag used by Siamak. He gets over the boundary and sets his flag in place. He next shouts Siamak angrily.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thanks for the Update

    1. Congo first to comment. And pooja di thanks for the update.I think the Director is just dragging

      1. Thanks and Ikr Told ya he’s gonna drag it it’s his Speciality so yeah
        But I thought when Ashoka found out Siamak was Dharma’s killer he Didn’t shout his name out loud that his name would be heard to takshashila also Bindusara as well

  2. Nice. In yesterday’s episode when Ashoka revealed that his mother was killed I thought bindusar will go crazy and his temper will rise. But nothing happened like that.
    Bindusar was like ” oh! Was it like that, ashoka? I never thought of this possibility. Now go to the war”
    Really if there was so much love between bindusar and dharma then the director should have shown some good scenes

  3. very fast update…

  4. Why r they giving so much importance to a fictional character? I mean there should be Ashoka vs Sushim fight. Nice episode anyway. And Sushim and Mahamatya should die by Ashoka’s hands ONLY.

  5. Ooohooo,,,, isi din ka to intzar that siamak aur sushim ki death, BT sushim marega kya?????

  6. Super Epi,thanks Mis Pooja For Quick Updates.At Last Mahamataya And Sushma Wil Sufr For Thngs Whch Thy Did To Siamak At Childhod.I Thnk First Asoka Wil Get Custody Or Loss Becuz Of Smal Army,when There Army Cme With Rg Then Asoka Wil Teach A Lesn To Unani & Siamak.Does Charu Die???

  7. Nice episode…..

  8. Dear history lover
    Legend of Karuvaki
    The war started. Many people were killed from both the sides. Though karuvaki put up a brave face and fought she used to shed tears silently. Women were not spared they were also killed.One day she was badly injured and soldiers brought her back for the treatment. News spread that the khandayats have surrendered to Ashoka.
    Karuvaki was upset with this information. But she was most worried of her friend. Some men of her village came to see her.
    ” Where is rajesvari? Why hasn’t she come with you?” She demanded.
    One of the men suddenly burst out” Rajesvari is killed. She is no more. His majesty killed her in front of my eyes. I couldn’t help her as I was fighting”.
    Karuvaki went blank. She stared at the men for a long time. And suddenly years gushed out of her eyes. ” Don’t cry. What happens, happens for a cause. Everyone has to die someday”
    ” I know that. I am not crying. These are tears of anger. I can’t see my people suffering like this. I will destroy Ashoka!” she shouted.

    1. History lover

      Thank you dear Bella, it is interesting .i am waiting for the next!

  9. What ! now Sushim’s wound heal magically. wow director, just wow you turn Sushim into some kind of superhero like Wolverine and give him healing factor. I know you messed this show up , but atleast show things people can digest.

    1. sumantra ghosh

      Now if this continues to happen and the wounds heal up magically, how will ashok manage to kill sushim???????

  10. Pooja

    you’re most welcome guys…have a great weekend 🙂

  11. iam not satisfied by their deathh, too easy, cannot pay their worse deed
    and when the directoir wants the stoy end , he shorten many things without clear explanation

  12. Chakravarthin ashoka samrat to go off air on mid of October sources said

    1. Yes it is going to be pulled off on 16th October

  13. S.Ravi Prakash

    At last when the climax is nearing, it’s weekend! Anyway nice episode & good update.

  14. Thilini Vasana

    Kaurwaki and Ashok what happened their love

  15. Dear Zannat!! How are you?

    1. I am fine Bella ….how r u….
      Feeling sad that cas is going to end due to big boss….

  16. Legend of Karuvaki
    Karuvaki taking her sword headed to the battlefield. ” Now you will see, ashoka. You will see your own death!! ” She shouted.
    Meanwhile, Ashoka was torturing the khandayat chief. ” We have surrendered ourselves , your majesty. Why don’t you leave me? Let me take you to our palace” the chief was reasoning with ashoka. Ashoka laughed. ” No no. You have to die. I can’t spare any of you”.
    Ashoka was about to strike the chief when someone made a cut on his back. ” Who is such a coward to stab at the back of a great warrior? If you want to kill me then try to fight like a warrior not a napunsak” Ashoka growled.
    “And who is such a traitor and cruelto stab the hearts of people who had given him so much respect and love? ” A woman’s voice thundered. Angrily, Ashoka turned and shock registered on his face. ” You can’t , you certainly can’t do anything like this. ” Ashoka whispered.
    ” What I can’t do?” Karuvaki asked. ” Fight. You can’t . You are a great supporter of non violence” Ashoka said.
    ” Hah! You are a threat to our kalinga. Why shouldn’t I fight when you yourself closed doors for any peace treaty? Why did you turned down our proposal? My acts are justified. You have killed kalinga. You are blinded by your pride, your dynasty’s pride. Do you really call yourself a able ruler? You are a traitor! A ruler is father to his subjects. You are heartless. You are just a husk of man. You have killed your children. You are the cause of destruction of mankind. Today you have brought misery to the people. Today many women have became widow and child less. Today children have become orphan. Today the river of our pride has become red. Do you have any idea as to who is to be blamed? It is none other than emperor ashoka who is standing in front of me unaffected by anything such a stone is his heart. You are guilty of everything. You should be punished!” Karuvaki said.
    There were tears in ashoka’s eyes. He raised his sword and looked at it in disgust and threw it away. He kneeled in front of Karuvaki. ” You are right. I am guilty. I loathe myself now. I am the traitor of kalinga. My existence is not justified. Punish me . Please punish me, karuvaki!” Ashoka cried out. Karuvaki looked at kneeling ashoka . She raised her sword as the khandayat chief looked on dumbstruck
    Dear history lover pls read it. I will post on Sunday too

    1. History lover

      Thanks dear Bella, waiting for the next, now the legend is in its helm!

  17. OK now wat is this instead of showing ashok verses sushim. Thy r wasting time after siamak. Already enough time is wasted after mer khurasan, nur Justin, Helena and now saimak instead show the reality of ashok vs sushim. Now its just few days for the show to end. Pls pls pls come back on earth dear writer and show some reality.

  18. rekha vaghela

    Hello lovely people

  19. rekha vaghela

    I feel delighted to b back to my home. But it won’t last long. But the good news it our work at saqqara was successful. Sir Nicholas reeves, a friend of mine, had developed anaerobic and fungal systemicinfection. And now he is relatively good health. But we were able to shift the two fmetal sarcophagus to UK. (One 32 wks maturity and other 27 wks maturity approx) soon their MRI will b done. And the press release will b done later that. Feeling excited!!! Enjoy lovely people!!

    1. Hi rekha who is Nicolas reeves?? And where r u from?? I m from Gujarat!!

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    2. Good to see that you are back. I have lot of doubts regarding to your earlier comments. And I hope you will clear my doubts as you have learned so much, rekha. Waiting for your permission.

      1. rekha vaghela

        Yes dearie, if I could be of any help it would be my pleasue

    3. Dr rekha its me. Devi from ja. Please don’t reply to any comments from Bella its a humble request. You are just falling down from your level by arguing with some people. I read some of her comments and didn’t like the way she used to comment about u. For proof please check comment section of this month.

      1. It’s OK Devi. You don’t know how debates and group discussions take place. This is only the way. And i am really impressed by dear rekha that she has multi talent. I have every right to demand answers to her statements and she has every right to rebuke me too. Like this only facts come out. If all historians accepted statements made by one great historian then surely there wouldn’t have been so many theories, would there be?

  20. will ashoka marry kvk??..according to google..kvk is 2nd wife right??..will this show shok ‘s 2nd wife as kvk??any guesses??

  21. Hi… Everybody

    1. Hello pari

      1. I read your atcle its good. Where are u from? And what do u study? I m studying in 10th

  22. rekha vaghela

    Hold Ur seats tight.
    The Durham professor sir Cunningham to push the birth of Buddha around 3century back.
    Recently during his work in Nepal. He claimed that Buddha was born a century before date that is known to us. But now with some astonishing facts he claims that Buddha might b born 3 century back. Discovering this world definitely give rise to new theories and how Buddhism had reached it apex and travelled. Sooner it will b discovered. But this changes many facts and figure that were available till now. The UNESCO website however wrote an exact number(which is actually not available still) but most of the website still lag and give the previous period.

    1. History lover

      May I know exact year of Buddha ‘s birth. Was king deries the grate contemporary to Buddha? Some scholars says god sakra of Buddhist tales and king deries the great was the same person. Dear rekha veghela and Pradeep dayananda what are the opinions of yours ?

      1. rekha vaghela

        Dearie exact date and year r still searched. But some yrs before they had given an exact period in which Buddha was supposed to have been born. But during the carbon dating of the wooden shrine in the stupas of some places that hold utmost importance in Buddhist culture it came out to b a yrs back. Now the question arises that how can Buddhism b their before even birth of Buddha so they tried to map the structure under all stupas. If they can find any other wooden structure then the date of that thing will determine that how much still it has to b pushed back. Right now professor Cunningham gave a rough estimate of 300 yrs and believed it some where in 7th BC. And related to Ur other question. All the ancient ruler often compared themselves to the gods. Like Hinduism buddhism has many gods derived from the basic Hindu mythology.
        Elephant Buddha commonly known in Buddhism is actually our ganeshji. Like vise all the gods of swarg r also name in pali. Sakra is pali word for indraji. He is fictional like Indra in our Hindu mythology.
        Kings that were great were always compared to gods. Like Ramses had built the temple of his wife and his children statue everywhere considering them as gods and angels but it wasn’t like that. We consider Krishna as god. But was he really a god or a just a successful king?? Who was ram?? Was he a really a god or some respectable king who was much loved by his subjects. Many times even in Buddhist scriptures u find reincarnation of gods as kings just like Hinduism but it actually not the same.

  23. No 1 answered to my question..will kvk marry Ashok..plzz Tel..plzz..eager to see

  24. Tell na..plzzz..

    1. dear richie33, yes ashoka and karuvaki will marry in the teledrama. She was his second wife. i am not guessing i am 100% sure

      1. here I don’t think, time will permit to show in detail, anyway kvK and Ashok are already married (when they were child), married or almost married/

  25. Thanx..but in real history they have not met till now!!..they would meet during kalinga war..and ashoka 1st met Devi n then kaurwaki…<3

  26. Anyway..thanks both kushal and Bella..though I am new..i have to wish every 1 a great hiiii….so HIIII LOVELY PEOPLE!!.. And pooja dii..its awesome to read ur updates..i read it and all comes like an episode to my mind when I have not seen the epi…restless to see upcoming epis…its my fav..CAS going to be replaced by bigg boss on 16th Octo..very Sa..but I don’t understand that why the director is wrapping up the main events??..i mean to say that he shud know that we r watching CAS only for the kalinga war..but he himself is wrapping up the text..?

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