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Devi Dharma is looking for Ashoka. She meets Rajmata Helena. Have you seen Ashoka? Rajmata says this palace is so big that you cannot even hear the scream coming from another corner of the same palace. Since Bindusar accepted you and Ashoka, so much wrong has happened to both of you. He was beaten with a hunter. The rights of a prince were also snatched away from Ashoka. He should have been respected even if he was not a prince. I worry for him. He can do anything by being aggressive. He needs help. You both will have to fight this darkness together. if anything happens to either of you? There is an inner fight going on here all the time. No rules are followed for this. Everything is fair in this fight. Everyone wants Magadh. Not everyone can sacrifice her son for gaining Magadh. She

walks away. I will make Siamak win in this fight between Sushim and Ashoka. Devi Dharma gets all the more worried.

After a while, Ashoka gets tired of struggling in water. Sushim gets him pulled out of the water by a soldier. The soldier gets all the water out from Ashoka’s body by pumping at his stomach. Ashoka is in a semi unconscious state. Sushim asks him about the revolutionaries / refugees. Ashoka tells him the truth this time.

Devi Dharma spots Sushim. Did you see Ashoka? He was looking for you ony. Sushim lies to her that he is also looking for him. Tell him that I want to talk to him about something important if you meet him. Devi Dharma gets all the more worried.

Sushim gets ready to attack on those refugees alone. Mahamadhya gives him Agradoot’s sketch. I am going to look for him along with a few soldiers. Sushim tells him that he will lie to Samrat when he returns. I will say that I went to talk to them on peace. Mahamadhya thinks of Ashoka. What if he finds out about this? Sushim wants him to make sure Ashoka does not come out of his room. It will be very late till he gains conscious.

Ashoka gains conscious. He thinks of what had happened just before he lost conscious. He asks the soldiers who took him out. I was drowning. They take Sushim’s name. They dint want to drown you. He mixed bhang in the water so you speak out the truth. He wanted to know about the location of those refugees. Ashoka is shocked to realise that he told his brother everything under the influence of bhang. I will have to save them. He tries to go but they stop him from going out.

Samrat Bindusar is getting impatient. What are you waiting for Acharya? Acharya Chanakya knows that Ulka is aware of this fact that this poison will kill me before sunset. Vish Kanya makes sure if the person has died by her poison or not. She will surely come before evening. Samrat Bindusar is concerned about him. What if something happens to you before she comes? Acharya Chanakya can take care of himself till then.

The soldiers leave Ashoka in his room.

Samrat Bindusar asks his soldier to keep an eye on Ulka. It is about sunrise. She will certainly do something. Take care of Acharya. Nothing wrong should happen to him.

Two soldiers are right there inside Ashoka’s room so they can keep an eye on him. He wants to reach there before his brother but does not know how!

Sushim and his soldiers are on their way to the campsite. They are all his loyal soldiers. Before leaving for the expedition, he had made them all cut their tongues by their own hands. He had also killed the one soldier who was hesitant to do so.

Ashoka feigns to experience tremendous pain. One soldier rushes out to summon Vaid ji. The other soldier helps Ashoka in lying down on the bed. Raj Vaid checks Ashoka. I cannot understand what is happening to him but he ate or drank something which is making him feel uneasy. Ashoka tells him about the green water which he was forced to drink. I don’t know what was inside it. I doubt them. They can mix something in my water again. they want to kill me. Raj Vaid threatens them to speak the truth or he will tell everything to Samrat Bindusar. They confess that they did not intend to hurt Ashoka. We only followed the orders of Sushim. Vaid feeds water to Ashoka. Now take some sleep. Ashoka says I cannot sleep if they are around. I will fear their presence all the time. They can harm me. Vaid sends them outside. It is my responsibility to cure Ashoka. If he cannot sleep because of you two then my medicine wont affect him. He will still under the effect of whatever you have given him. Anything can happen to him. You will be held responsible. The soldiers close the door from outside.

The lady marks a cut on Charumita’s hand. The blood falls in a pot. She asks Charumita to make a chapatti out of this flour and feed them. You have to first get the mother in your grip. You can the do the same to her son. Charumita finds it very easy. The lady tells her that she has to make them eat the roti with her hands. They must not doubt you at all. If they eat it after trusting you completely then only will the tantra affect them. It will not have any effect on them if they doubt you even a bit. You have time till sunset to feed this roti to Dharma.

Sushim and his soldiers are still on their way. Ashoka too is on his way to reach the Kaali Pahadi to help the refugees. He falls down from his horse in between. He starts running.

Samrat Bindusar paces anxiously. Please don’t do it Acharya. The poison is spreading fast. Acharya talks about willpower which can make anything happen. Samrat Bindusar can only see the poison spreading. Acharya clears it that his willpower is to actually bring Ulka here. Samrat Bindusar is not interested in finding about his enemy. I will arrest her. I cannot put your life in risk. Acharya denies. She knows that her poison will not let me see the sunset. She will come to check on me. Wait for a little more time.

Precap: Ashoka trips while falling. A tiger watches him. The tiger attacks Ashoka.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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