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Ashoka shouts at Sushim. Are you blind or a fool? How can you just ride around on a horse when people are around? Could you not see the kid before you and stop? Sushim stops his horse. You will soon know who has come in whose work. This distance isn’t between you and me but between your life and death. He steps down from the horse. Ashoka and Sushim walk towards each other. Sushim hears temple bells ringing. He gets irked. Soldier advises him not to waste time here. We have to reach Ujjaini before night. Sushim tells Ashoka he is lucky. You misbehaved yet this temple and my aim saved you today. You would have to pay it with your life otherwise. He leaves on his horse. Ashoka is about to go after him when the same man comes there. He advises Ashoka to stop being aggressive now. You

saved the boy and as of now your task here is done. If good thing is done at the wrong time then you wont get the desired result at that moment. Ashoka speaks of teaching a lesson to that arrogant guy (Sushim) but the man assures him right time will come when you will punish the ones you want to. Ashoka says you speak like my mom. The man smiles. Well-wishers have likewise thoughts.

The lady of that kid is thankful to Ashoka for saving her son. I couldn’t even thank him. I don’t know who he was and where he came from. Another lady agrees with her. He saved your son and challenged that rogue too. He surely had blessing of Shiv Shambhu. His locket looked special. Kaurvaki hears them. How did that necklace look like? The lady says bright light was emanating from the Shivlinga in his neck. Kaurvaki asks her in which direction he went. The lady guides her. Kaurvaki happily goes in that direction to look for Ashoka.

The man checks Ashoka’s hand. He tells him about the significance of Chakra’s on his fingers. They all show no one can fool you easily; you have strength to gather people together and check everything carefully; you have been blessed with patience, knowledge, sense. He is shocked to realise that Ashoka’s every finger holds a Chakra. God has bestowed you with the power to explain your viewpoint to people and make them listen to you wilfully. I know time is not in your favour as of now. But time will change. You will get what you lost and those who got it will soon lose it. Ashoka leaves from there disinterested.

A man compliments Ashoka on what he did. No one can dare do this to Rajkumar Sushim. Ashoka is shocked to know it was his brother Sushim. He points his finger angrily at that man (the one who predicted about him). You knew this! Ashoka runs from there towards Ujjaini.

Nirankush asks Seth Dhaniram about his whereabouts. Devi says we know nothing. Vit holds his mother tightly. Nirankush walks up to Dharma and Vit. It is good to know that one of your son is atleast afraid of me. Vit murmurs he does not want to die by his smell. Nirankush asks them if Chand only is Ashoka. Everyone is shocked. Nirankush repeats his question. Devi thinks of overhearing Dharma’s convo with Nayak and Acharya RG. This is why Nirankush is after Chand since so many days!

Ashoka and Sushim are on their way to Ujjaini. Ashoka thinks of Helena’s telling him about Chankya’s killers and how he, his brother and his mother were thrown out of Patliputra.

Dharma says Chand and Ashoka are poles apart. Chand cannot be Ashoka and Ashoka cannot be Chand! They are completely opposite to each other. Ashoka loved his principles but my Chand only loves money. Yuvraaj Ashoka loved his people and his parents. Chand does everything against my wish. Ashoka was like the river who gave life to everyone. Chand brings storm in everyone’s life. Chand only wants to accomplish his motto. He can take any way for the same. Nirankush laughs madly. What do I do now? If Chand isn’t Ashoka then what will I say? Chand is also not here! I will die by his hands. What will I tell him when he will come? He is about to come. Dharma asks him who he is talking about. Nirankush says I am talking about devil, the God of death, Rajkumar Sushim! He is known for his barbarity. Dharma is stunned. Nirankush says why you got scared hearing his name. She lies that a brave man like him is scared of him. It is natural for her to be scared of him. Nirankush wonders what he will do now.

Dharma prays for Ashoka’s safety. Don’t let Ashoka and Sushim come face to face till it is the right time.

Ashoka notices Sushim and his soldiers ahead of him. He shouts angrily. I met you after 10 long years! Your death only brought you to me. I cannot let you go like this. There will be some way to reach you. He hears someone holding a competition to tame a mad horse. Ashoka agrees to do it. But I need this horse as a prize. The guys agree. Ashoka tries taming the horse but it pushes him. Ashoka politely calls him his friend asking for help. The horse gives him tough time. Ashoka says sorry to him for misbehaving. You made me realise my mistake. Trust me, friend. I don’t want to hurt you. you were and will be free but I need you now. I need to reach someone right away. You can help me if you want to. I wont force you against your wish. The horse calms down and neighs. Ashoka walks back to him and pats at him. I will call you Garud as you are so fast. I have your support now. I am sure I will get my aim too. He walks out from there victorious.

Everyone hears the sound of a horse neighing. All the citizens run away. Dharma, Devi, Vit and Dhaniram run inside the house. Nirankush is worried of Sushim.

Vit tells his mother he is very much scared. Bhaiya is also not here. Dharma hides him under a bed. She asks Devi and Dhaniram to hide too. They are confused but she requests them to listen to her. They leave. Dharma peaks out of the window. Sushim reaches there just then. She is stunned to see him. Vit peaks at his mother from his hiding place.

Sushim steps down from his horse. He walks towards Seth Dhaniram’s house.

Precap: Sushim shouts what happened to you Ashoka. You were the brave fighter of Magadh. Staying hidden like a coward does not suit you. I cannot wait anymore. I will come before you if you wont come out. He smiles looking at Dharma.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Thnks Pooja 4 Quk Updates,super Epi,waiting Til Hw Asoka & Sushm Cming 2 Face To Face,

    1. ashoka samrat

      dhananjaya, thank you 4 welcoming me in a previous epi, even I am a srilankan. ur so good

  2. After leap, first good epi!!

  3. Mohit Raina is doing fine… Sushim role has also been executed perfectly but it’s getting a bit long than usual …. Devi is super but kaurvKi role doesn’t make any difference .. Make Ashoka and kaurvaki meet fast … Everything is not about TRP rating

  4. Pooja mam thanks for update.
    You are really great. Reading your update is worth watching the episode. You are so quick in updating. We love u mam

  5. Pooja

    You’re welcome guys 🙂

  6. ashoka samrat

    Thanks a lot pooja 4 quick updates

  7. Rajesh Tarika

    Nice job done Pooja…

  8. the show has come to interesting position

  9. Today’s episode was awesome. Hey guys will sushim kill dharma now? I mean are they gonna show dharma’s death so soon? There’s lot to show yet. Someone please update the spoilers.

    1. i thnk no baisali,acording to history death of dharma was done by sushim when dhrma try to save pregant devi when ashoka was nt there.

  10. ab ashwaki scene bnd kro please

  11. Wish they had a better cast for Ashoka!

  12. Where is Ahenkara

    1. Ahenkara role is over!!!

  13. Amazing episode! Thank u Pooja for the quick update 🙂

  14. Deepak Kaushal

    Mohit Raina is doing justice but it will take time to get out of Sidharth he did a fantastic job.

  15. Nice epi waiting for sushim to learn ashok’s truth then the serial will become very interesting..?

  16. Mohit raina is improving day by day I have no problem with him…he fits in ashok’s character… But yes he should focus on outer look he is too fat

    1. ashoka samrat

      cherry, I think that mohit raina has been computerized 4 ashok, cuz normally he is not that much fat.

  17. this episode is good one after leap ….
    therevis less drama then tomorrow one…. everyone is waiting for the fight of ashok and shushim….
    thanls for update …..

  18. thank u pooja for the update . todays epi was wonderful ,first epi which is sooo interesting after leap

  19. best epi post leap. End of kaurwaki drama. Good. But one thon puzzles me: ashok and sushim were facing each other and still they could mt recognize each other. 10 saal mey shakl itni badal jati hai kya. What stupidity?
    Saumya seth is the worst cast as kaurwki.

  20. Thank u POOJA DI for the error free update !!!!
    This episode is really fantastic know ???



  23. thanks for perfect update Pooja but time of serial sholud be extended from 30 to 1 hour

  24. Wow! First interesting episode after leap. I am missing Siddharth. Well,thanks Pooja di for update

  25. Nice epi.thanks 4 clear update.but Where to vote?

  26. Grown up susim is exactly like sumedh. vit is so cute.and devi is also pretty.i love her bubbly character soo much.wht do u think guys…

  27. guys ashoka is retelecasted at 5 p.m

    1. Vanshika crzy fr skr

      Yes I saw

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