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Sushim holds Ashoka from behind. You wont win every time, Daasi Putra. Ashoka recalls how he used to say the same thing to him in childhood. He pushes him back angrily and they continue fight. Siamak happily looks on from far. You were right Dadi Ma. They both are fighting to kill each other. It will be good if they both die while fighting with one another. It is important to gain the throne.

Ashoka and Sushim keep on fighting. They end up pointing swords at each other’s neck. Sushim tells him to tell his last wish. Ashoka says one wish is just about to come true. Bindu comes just then and asks both his sons to stop. No one will move from their place. Throw your weapons down. It is my order! Both his sons do so reluctantly. Everyone else gathers there. Bindu says history is repeating

itself. Brothers are again fighting for ruling the state. Sadly, this has been the tradition of royal family where relatives fight with one another for power. I wont let it happen in Patliputra. Siamak thinks this old man could come a little later. Bindu tells his kids to hear and remember him well. You have my blood in your veins. I am not going to let you waste it as motherland has a right on it. None of you will try to hurt the other after today. If either of you die (any time), then I will announce death penalty for my other son as well. I wont see time or reason behind it. Everyone is shocked.

Bindu says none of you can understand how hard it is for a father to take such a decision but you dint leave any other option from me. I had come to feel in last 10 years that this lineage’s pride will finish soon. I spent them praying for another chance from Lord to keep this family intact. My entire family is together now. I am excited to take Magadh to new heights. I wont spare anyone who tries to break this thought or my family. Both the mothers will be responsible to make sure our sons oblige to what I said. He tells Charu to make sure Ashoka is not at all harmed or he will punish Sushim right away without knowing the reason behind it. He advises Dharma to keep tabs on Ashoka too. Sushim glares at Ashoka before they both withdraw from there. Everyone heads inside except Charu and Bindu. Bindu asks Charu if she wants to say something but instead tell her to sleep. It is late. He goes. She looks upset and hurt.

Bindu says I feel it is important to make our sons understand their duties. They always speak of killing others. It will be good to divert them into something constructive. Ashoka is here now. I am thinking to divide all the responsibilities between both Sushim and Ashoka. They will get a motive in life. Dharma seeks his permission to say someone. He nods. I came here to discuss it with you and hear your opinion. They wont try to hurt each other following your orders. They wont be able to do it for life though. I think it a wife who will be more suitable for this responsibility. He likes her point. I will send invitation to nearby states to invite all the Kings over with their daughters on Shraavan Mela. We will get our sons married. As far as I understand your point, you wish to calm our sons in their marital life. Do you like someone for Ashoka? She takes Kaurvaki’s name which tenses him.
I know Kalinga is not a friend but will there be a better way to make amends with Kalinga? He asks her if she thinks it is possible after all the differences between both the states. She nods. Kaurvaki has not just helped Ashoka in Takshshila but here as well. She had so much courage even in such young age. She understands him well which is her biggest quality. I am sure she will be able to calm his aggression, his anger. If they both unite then Acharya Chanakya’s dream will come true. He agrees to send invite to Kalinga too. I am impressed by your thoughts. There was no one in all these years who could guide me. Now I feel that Maurya lineage is not at all divided anymore but has come together. He opens his arms for her. She hugs him.

Everyone is gathered in the courtroom. Mahamatya says I sent an order to summon Nirankush here but he is away for some work purpose. He will be back in 4 days! Ashoka reasons that Nirankush is asking for 4 days to hide his wounds. Right Mahamatya? Bindu says we cannot wait for Nirankush to come and explain his stance. The situation is serious than what I thought. The captives brought by Ashoka dint mind getting punishment instead of speaking up. I wonder what is scaring them more than death. Who is it who is ruling under us so secretively that we dint even get to know? Is it some foreign power? Siamak says we know nothing as of now. There are many questions. It can also be an imagination of Ashoka. Ashoka reminds him that Indians don’t blame someone for no reason. those people are a witness to a lot of things. I have them as proof. Sushim reasons that no one has made such accusations before. No one came to seek help against that person. It has come in our focus since Ashoka is here. It might be a coincidence. Ashoka calls it his capability. I did now what you couldn’t do in 10 years! Mahamatya asks for some time to investigate. As far as I think, there is no one by the name Gondna. Acharya RG says I activated my spies already. My spy has told me such a man exists in reality. It is no imagination or coincidence. There is someone who is taking tax from our citizens in fear. They are so scared that they don’t raise a voice against him. They do it so secretively that it does not come in our notice. There is Gondna tax on every possible thing except the air we breathe. Bindu wonders where that tax goes to. Where are those people taken to? Ashoka replies that men are also turned barbarous who then abuse others. Women are sold.

Bindu says if Ashoka and Acharya RG can find so much info in such a short time then why can’t you Mahamatya? You have so much power with you yet you cannot do anything. Ashoka replies that his silence indicates he is trying to protect someone. Bindu is sure Gondna is behind all this. Who is he? Where has he come from? What is his motive behind all this? Did your spies say anything Acharya? Acharya RG denies. it is a secret. His own people haven’t seen his face. He stays in a dark cave from where he manages everything.

Gondna sits on his seat. Uttar and Dakshin read out the tax amount collected for him from all the possible places. Ashoka freed the people who Nirankush was going to bring yesterday. Bindu knows everything now. He has passed an order to find us. Gondna says they are good for nothing. I will do what Sushim could not do. I will kill Ashoka first and then Bindu. I will also kill Sushim. Only Siamak will be left. This royal family will die by my hands. He laughs.

Next morning, Bindu wants to find Gondna asap. How did he become so powerful all of a sudden? Why dint anyone inform me about him? Aren’t our spies active? I want my special soldiers to get ready for action. Ashoka says why take help from our army. We can ask Rajkumar Sushim only. He must know. As per him, nothing moves in Patliputra against his wish. How is Gondna operating then? He asks Sushim. Sushim replies that he is used to hear his baseless arguments. Show me some proof. Ashoka says it was his plan yesterday. Samrat came in between or a name in the list would have been cut down. Siamak asks him what has happened to him. You talk of backward countdown and list since you are back. Can you not put the past behind us? Ashoka replies that this is his problem since always. I don’t divert from my aims. My aim was betterment of the world and peace yesterday also and today too. I have no wish for fame. Bindu tells them to stop. I have come to a conclusion seeing you all.

Precap: Bindu says my first priority is to help the citizens. End the fear in their hearts first. Ashoka will sort this problem. You only alerted the state about this issue. You have started it so you only will put an end to it.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Hey update with image plsss pojaa

  2. Sriranjani

    Hmmm the episode and Precap was not bad at all……………..

  3. Thanks for the updates pooja !!!!!! Nice episode???

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  5. sid nigam's fan

    Cool episode thanks pooja di for fast updates I’m amazed I love your updates

  6. well what i can say is that i think ashoka at the end he should become a king

    1. i hate ashok silence, its better if se shouts to bindu tha he is willing to be punish after he kill the murderers pf chanakya as sushim, charu, mahamatya, and siamak, this can break bindus dumb about chanakya death comeon drctor make ashok tell bindu the killkers

  7. Thanks Miss Pooja For Quick Updates.Urwrting Style Help For Imaginatin Well,So Cruel Bindu Always Put Life Of Ashoka In Trouble Without Gving Any Chance To That Idiot Sushima.I Thnk Dharma Wil Get Shock By Hearing Reply Of Jaganath That Kauvaki Is Death.

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  9. S.Ravi Prakash

    Thanks pooja di. As usual ur updates are very good ?

  10. Dont drag Gonda issue for a month. Thats the only advice to the writer.

  11. Thank you pooja di for the update.Nice epi!

  12. Was Devi ever a maharani? Pls tell anyone

    1. @chdr Devi Doesnt Become A Chief Queen Becuz She Is A Ordinary Women Bt Indirectly She Has Cnectin With Sakayan Clan She Gve Birth To 2 Children Mahinda & Sangamitta Who Brought Budhism To Sri Lanka.Devi Like Only Charm Life .Asoka Mary Her B4 He Becme Samrat When He Was Exhile To Takshila When Asoka Cl Back To Pataliputra She Didnt Cme With Him.Asoka 3rd Wife Asanadrimithra Who Was Frm Royal Linage Becme His Chief Queen.Bt She Doesn’t Hve Any Children

      1. Good for seen this episode but in reality all happened in Sri Lanka and not in india.

    2. Yes she is the wife of ashoka

  13. Bindu is taking good decision in next episode that, Asoka to sort the problem. He is right person for this to bring end. Thanks Pooja,i always follow your written episode. Your flow of writing is too good.

  14. today’s episode was worth watching…. wonderful acting by mohit (ashoka) & Bindusar ….seems the man who is playing Bindusar role(siddharth) is a real king….epic dialogue -dono mein se ek ki bhi mrityu hui to dusre ko main mrityudand de dunga?….court scene was awsome…. bindu too uses his brain…i liked today’s episode… written update is ok but watching today’s episode was fabulous…….in tomorrow episode add one thing @pooja…..
    Ashoka finded someone giving tax to gondana man & tried to catch him….

    1. Abhishek maurya

      I wonder Bindusara too has a brain.Wow,he used his brain for the first time.
      But this dumb never uses his brain where he should.In 10 years he didn’t even tried to investigate the murder mystery of acharya chanakya.

    2. Hi neha,
      Myself khushi
      completly agreed to u. Thr man who is playing bindusar(sameer dharmadhikari) is a fabulous actor. He was last seen in starplus mahabharath as king shantanu. Natural acting. In reality bindhusar was a gr8 king like his father. But in this show he is not shown as a capable king. He evn nt aware of what his son nd wife doing. Its time for him to find the culprits of chanakya. I think he jus forgot that incident at all

  15. Partho

    Good episode

  16. devi ashoka ki 1st wife he but mharani ashandhimitre(ahenkara) he ye ashoka ki chief queen he par pata nhi es serial me kya dekhayaga jayega…kvk is not ashoka 1st wife..Iam sure.

    1. @ Ashoka Fan The Ahenkara And Asanandrimithra Are 2 Difernt Characters Becuz Asanandrimithra Is Frm Asandh In Karnal Distrct @ Present Haryana ,while Ahankara Is Frm Ujjain At Madya Pradesh.At The Same Time Ahenkara Is A Fictional Character Like Noor And Justin So Don’t Misunderstand Both Ahankara And Asanandrimithra Are Same Plz Read Mahawnsa It Mentin Detail Of Asanandrimithra Clearly.

    2. Ashoka’s wife Asandhimitra was the princess of a small Kingdom called Asandh. It was situated neae Haryana. She was Ashok’s only wife who hails from the royal family. That’s why she became his chief Queen. Though Asandhimitra didn’t give Ashok any children, he hed great respect and Love for her. After Asandhimitra deid he married her young hand maiden Trishyaraksha

  17. good job pooja

  18. devaki ganesan

    Please tell me if there is a site from which I can download Ashoka epis?

    I get it a day after you.

  19. nice episode….

    take the serial fast not drag it….

    viwer are feeling bore of it…

    1. i hope bindu dies soon and ashok be a king, and watch the trip of king ashok to unite india, boring to watch royal family problems on and on

  20. Who is Gondana I think the Tantrik who made Sushim a Devil

  21. Sheila kaschner

    Ashoka a gain and ashoka a gain must solve,but it is good for him,that make the people more like him than shusim,

  22. Sheila kaschner

    And after ashoka got information kvk is die,he will sorrow ful,broken heart to think about her and even marry devi,at the first night together with devi he think devi is kvki

  23. Sheila kaschner

    After ashoka got information kvk is die already,he will sorrow ful ,broken heart to think a bout her, and even he marry devi, at the first night together with devi,he think devi is kvk

    1. So den what happens any idea?

    2. Bindusar story repeating.

  24. Thanks for the update.

  25. Wht The Hbving Of Evil Powers To Sushim.Its Beter To Gve Those Powers To Someone.Even He Cn’t Do Atleast Bruise To Ashoka.Only With Dedictin Ashoka Atack Him Brutaly & Do A Bruise In Chest.Siamak Is A Coward Looking Fight Betwen Elders Without Doing Anythng.Shamles!Director Plz Dn’T Drag Gondan Stry To Mndy Finish It In Ths Wek.

  26. Thanks for update KUMKUM , Gondna is SIYAMAK PLEASE LISTEN CAREFULLY HIS VOICE AND READ current update in which he says he will kill except Siyamak

  27. dhananjay the ahenkara& ashandhimitre is not dif. Charector bcoz ashandhimitre is the princess of a little kingdom ujjain in what is now east haryana north of ujjaini falls in the karnal district of present day the through mhavensam aur uske mutabik ye ashoka ki 1st wife he.ashoka ki (dear) queen bhi aur chief consert bhi.

    1. No you people are confused…! ahenkara was just a fictional character she has no relation with the Mauryan history you can even search it on the internet if you wish to
      N asandhmithira was ashok’s queen…she was from small kingdom called asandh n she was the only queen who had a royal background…..she didn’t bore any children
      Just because the starting letter is same it will even make the 2 different ppl same

  28. The cvs again planning dragging thr serial by bringing anthr villian lyk keechak yam nd all. Now 1 mnth will go with ashoka going aftr him. Need to change the writer soon. At the tym of siddhartg as ashoka same was hapning nw with mohith also no change. Y dnt they show the real story if ashoka than showing these cooked up stories. In real lyf ashoka had many wives. His first wife was devi who was a commoner a merchant’s daughter. Same lyk showing here. They met while he was the viceroy of ujjain. They had 2 children mahendra and sanghamitra. Second wife was kaurvaki. She had a son tivala who was ashoka’s fav but unfortunatly deceased before him. Third wife and agramahishi was asandhumitra frm royal linege remined childless. Ashoka’s 4 th wife rani padmavathi died aftr giving birth to son kunala who was latr fostered by asndhimitra. Aftr asandhimitra’s death ashoka married her maid thisyaraksha in his old age. She believed to be an evil minded person who controlled ashoka in his old age. Kunala was the heir to the throne of ashoka and tisyaraksha blinded him by treachory and eventually punished with death sentence by ashoka himself. Kunala being blind cannot ascend throne so his son sampathi became the heir aftr ashoka

  29. Yes Mr.Nandecha I hope you are right, but Shyamak was there always in Raj Darbar

  30. is there any connection between ahenkara and asandamithra

    1. In reality ahengara name was not seen any where relatd to ashoka. But may be the cv’s are planning to show grown up ahengara for ashoka’s wife asandhimitra. They might be using the name ahengara for asandhimitra

  31. I hope Dharma dies soon

    1. Me too think so. Dharma might learn that kaurvaki died nd she may tell ashoka to marry devi. Sushim may kill dharma later on ashoka will turn out to be a ruthless person. As per the real lyf of ashoka after marryng kaurvaki only ashoka adopt buddhism. May be aftr the battle of kalinga

  32. pooja
    where’s today update??¿¿

  33. Vanshika crazy for skr

    Ms pooja di everything okay ?.. Where’s today’s update.. I’d to miss the epi today only

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