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Sushim nods. I know Ashoka will do every possible thing to look for Gondna. He will never look for Gondna in our palace and my room though. Mahamatya finds it risky but Sushim stays put. You have become coward and weak with age. She will be safe before my eyes. If Ashoka gets a doubt then he will have to face me first of all. Helena likes his idea. I am safe there. Sushim says Ashoka cannot imagine Gondna living in his own house. Charu asks SUshim about Nirankush. You have thought well about Rajmata. She can be safe this way but what about Niranksuh. What if he reaches Nirankush? Siamak suggests killing him. Sushim remarks that he talks like Mahamatya too at times. We will get nothing by killing Nirankush. We can use him to kill Ashoka. Siamak is confused. Sushim explains his plan. I will

send Nirankush to Virat. Once Ashoka reaches him following Nirankush then his failure / death is certain. Everyone knows how much Virat hates Magadh. Ashoka will certainly die from Virat’s hands if he meets him!

Virat is shown atop a hill. Some soldiers push a citizen in Virat’s feet. Virat says the only difference between human and animal is of motive and aim. Animal does anything to stay alive while humans stay alive to do something. A giant eagle comes up. The man is scared. Virat says I will still survive if I am cut into pieces and thrown before this eagle. Face this eagle. If you succeed in taking out even one feather of this eagle then you will get to live. In case you fail to do so then you will become the food of this eagle. The man shouts in disagreement but Virat laughs maniacally.

Kaurvaki opens her eyes. Dharma and Bindu are happy to see her fine. Bindu asks Kaurvaki how it all happened. She thinks that telling them truth will mean telling them her identity. Devi speaks up before Kaurvaki. She might not recall now but she fell from the stairs. Bindu buys the theory and leaves telling Kaurvaki to take rest. Dharma makes Kaurvaki drink some kaadha again. Kaurvaki thanks Dharma for taking care of her. Dharma says not I but Devi looked after you, day and night. She goes to bring medicine for Kaurvaki. Kaurvaki asks about Ashoka from Devi as soon as Dharma is gone. Where is Ashoka? I have to talk to him. He was with me all night. I know it was him. Dharma stops by the door as soon as she hears Ashoka’s name. Kaurvaki continues to ask for Ashoka. He recognizes me, right? Devi recalls Ashoka’s promise. It is your illusion. Ashoka dint come here. I was with you all night. Kaurvaki is sure she isn’t having any illusion. Ashoka was with me here all night. I still sense his touch. Devi repeats her lie but Kaurvaki is sure of it. My heart is saying so. Ashoka did come here. Ashoka and Dharma look on from outside (from two different sides). Kaurvaki falls asleep yet again. Dharma is tensed. She meets the other princesses in the corridor. They ask about Padmavati’s (kaurvaki’s) health. Dharma shares that she is better now. I have decided to postpone the next competition for 2 days. Chanda wishes to meet her. Anindini taunts Kaurvaki for the reason of delay in competition. Devi retorts her on her ideals of love. Anindini is not at all interested in her lecture. I have come here for competition and not to show any kind of mercy on someone. She should back off from the competition now. Chanda refuses to allow Kaurvaki to do so. You please get better. Anindini leaves from there. Chanda and other princesses suggest Kaurvaki what to eat to recover fast. Other princesses leave as they feel hungry talking about food itself. Chanda looks at Kaurvaki. You are my biggest opponent yet I wish that you participate in the competition so I am sure I won it honestly and on the basis of my qualities. Kaurvaki tells her she isn’t her competitor. I only want to marry Ashoka. Chanda is surprised.

Ashoka asks Acharya RG about Nirankush but Acharya RG has no clue about it till now. Ashoka advises him to appoint his best spies for this task. We have to find him even from hell.

Nirankush is tied to ropes and brought before Virat. Nirankush is afraid of the eagle who takes the letter from Nirankush’s hand and gives to his master (Virat). Virat welcomes Nirankush to his world. You will see dreams of living here but you will live as if you were to die today only. Nirankush looks confused. Virat smiles. You will understand.

Ashoka is sleeping. Siamak enters inside palace stealthily. He sends all the soldiers in the corridor to check the security at the back gate. He opens the secret passage seeing their way clear. Sushim steps out. did Ashoka or anyone get a doubt? Siamak denies. They bring Helena. She has covered herself with a shawl. Helena says I feel as if you are taking me to death. If Ashoka finds out then it wont be good. Siamak mumbles that don’t know what all is left for them to see. Ashoka asks Siamak to tell him if he has some other wish. I will fulfil it. Siamak and Sushim turn around in fear. Ashoka says I dint expect this from you. I left some task on you. You cannot help an old woman. See how she is picking up her baggage. He asks her if she is fine. Helena knows Ashoka will recognize her voice if she says anything. She covers her face well. Sushim tells Ashoka to talk to him. Ashoka says I wanted to know what you both are doing here at this hour. Charu comes in. I want to ask you the same question. What’s the reason of you bring outside Samrat’s room at night, the reason of you worrying for Padmavati and whenever anything goes wrong? Ashoka replies that he only cares for the questions or points related to Gondna. I don’t find it nexessary to answer you. He turns to go. All four of them leave right away.

Sushim tells mahamatya to look after his Rajmata. This is the safest place till the matter calms down. No one can come here without my permission. Mahamatya tells Helena he has everything arranged here for her. let me know if you need something. Please don’t go out on your own. Sushim asks Mahamatya to remind Samrat of doing a puja for Rajmata’s soul. It is important to make sure no one doubts Rajmata.

Bindu very sweetly makes Vit drink some kaadha. Ashoka is happy to see them thus. He leaves in between. Vit drinks more than half of it and keeps the glass back. Mahamatya watches their bonding from the door. Vit gets his gift. He hugs his father sweetly for the gift. Mahamatya comes inside. Bindu asks him what happened that he came to talk to him at this hour. Mahamatya presents the idea before Bindu. Bindu points out that they haven’t done in 10 years. How did you think of it now? Mahamatya says it is important for her soul’s peace. She might be roaming here somewhere in the form of a ghost. Vit runs out feeling scared. Bindu calls it superstition. I don’t have time for this. She was a traitor. I wont respect a traitor by doing puja for her. You can leave if you have nothing important to talk about. Mahamatya leaves.

Helena hopes she can sleep peacefully. She is disturbed by the noise of Vit’s toy. Vit’s toy reaches that room. Helena and Vit look at each other.

Precap: Vit insists he isn’t lying. She was here only. Bindu goes with him to look at the exact place described by Vit. Helena looks for a place to hide.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Its true due to low trp Chakravartin ashok samrat is going tobe pulled off!!!

    News confirmed by India news….

    Please guys help to increase the trp….

    1. Well,it is still better than sasural simar ka and others .

  2. If this news is true, I think It is a good news. Not only CAS should be pulled off and also both director and writer of CAS should be thrown out of the industry (both small and big screen). These guys are tarnished history of The great emperor Ashoka. No producers should offer jobs to these two guys.

    1. Mona146

      they may not be doing best job. but isnt it harsh to say these things?

    2. I totally agree with u Shiva.

    3. I too totally agree with you Shiva. They show Ashoka as a fool, easily diverting his mind… . Oh so horrible.

    4. It shiuld be pulled of right now. Or even if it is not, then they must change the name to Ashok aur kvk ki gatha!! They r showing ashok as a person who can be easily diverted, Bindu is a complete dumb, Kvk as a over obsessed lover who keeps lecturing ashok about the importance of parents in life bt herself gives priority to ashok.Ashok is roaming around kvk n whenever he is doing something, it is necessary to drag kvk in the scene!!! Irritating full nonsense storyline. Mr. director n writer, pack ur bags n go to hell.

    5. Hi friends am back
      Hw ru all doing?
      Feeling hopeless to see the story line still laming. No change at all stood still where i last watchd. Still gindna is nt exposed. Swayamvar nt commenced. What these people will get by draging the story. They r spoiling thr talents of such gud actors with lame story line. The writer i thnk his name is ashok banker he shld bettr sit at home rathr than creating such baseless cooked up stories. This story no more resembling the story of the great samrat ashok. They had ruined the story of such a gr8 king in the history of india. Atleat nw they shld focus on showcasing the real lyf of samrat ashoka rather than a mere romantic story of ashoka nd kaurvaki. Ashoka had many more wives shld concentrate on them also. No wonder y the trp’s r low. Cant withstand this simply testing the patience of loyal audience who luv ashoka nd keen to knw abt his lyf

    6. U r right its bettr to pull iff the show rather than dragging it. If they dnt hav the credibility to do research nd show the real lyf of ashoka then bettr to shut it down. Y insultng such gr8 actoes being loyal to their roles.

  3. Oh no dont take Ashoka off air cos is the only drama I enjoy watching ????

  4. thanks pooja for update.oh plz bring helenas true face in 3rnt of everyone.plz end godnas epi.

  5. Too many fictitious stories are added. it is getting boring. now a big Eagle, digital animal is introduces. Ashoka will fight this Eagle, he will get Nirankush but wont get Godna, because writer wants it to prolong. for few months and employment for Rajmata.

  6. Vanshika

    Awesome episode update….
    Hey is cas really going off air… No no no no no… Pls help increase trp…. I love this show alot

  7. Vanshika

    Vit my dear pls pls pls punish Helena now… Director don’t show Bindu as a fool now

  8. Vanshika

    Don’t hide foolish Helena

  9. Vanshika

    I literally laughed when Vit ran out scared of ghost ?

  10. Vanshika

    Suchhh a swayamwar…… Never heard ☹☹

  11. Vanshika

    It’s not a swayamvar… Swayamvar means choosing own groom.. Here they’re choosing bride ?.. It should b named swayam vadhu

  12. Wonder why the director enjoy in building false history and becoming people and dragging the story. Good that artists are doing very well and full justice to the roles.Emperor Ashok true history itself could have been enough for 1000 episodes. We still remember Mahabharat,Ramayan, Chandragupt that had really made a mark in television history. The Director could have attempted likewise. Anyway, Pooja is doing great job that even if you miss the serial, you get updates the very next morning with full details. Thanks Pooja. Please advise Director not to twist the story line so much. Truly speaking, we the Indians love the character of great Ashok that we eagerly await for the next episode knowing well of getting befooled by Directors false storyline.

  13. Instead of ashok samrat i think sasural simar ka should go off air where simar is shown as makhi. Each & every episode is about ghost, witches, & tantra mantra. Ashok samrat serial is far better than simar. It is the only serial which is being watched by majority of people with their family members.

  14. Instead of ashok samrat i think sasural simar ka should go off air where simar is shown as a makhi.Ashok samrat serial is far better than simar. It is the only serial which is being watched by majority of people with their family members.

  15. Zannat is this news true? I knew it was coming. I feared this whole thing. The way they are unnecessarily dragging the show, introducing big eagles and what not, what can we expect from them? I really loved this show, especially our Siddhartha Nigam. Post leap they are showing utter rubbish. I mean giant eagles? Seriously? Couldn’t get anything better? I just hope they stop dragging all this and come straight to the point. We are not interested in all these crap. They should end the swayamvar soon. Waiting eagerly for devi and ashok’s marriage. Don’t want this show to end abruptly.

    1. This show was the best historical show when started. Baishali, did u watch the first episodes running 1 hour long? Those were mesmerising! bt now!!!:-( They spoiled the show after adding too much fictitious plots. And after leap, It is becoming really irritating n horrible!

  16. Vanshika

    How did Bindu die on history????

    1. According to history Bindu died when he grew old nd caught by sm disease..before dying he wanted to see susima who was crown prince nd he loved him. He was in takshila bt his ministers didnt want him to be king of magadh so they didnt give him any information abt it to sushim nd informed ashoka abt it who was in ujjain wid his family. He came to pp .. Bindu died by uttering sushima name after his death ministers were take a decision nd did rajyavisek of ashoka sushim smhw knew abt this nd with his sena he came in pp to fight against ashoka for his right.. It is also said dat ashoka made a trick to burn him alive in hot coal nd succeed..

    2. Vanshika

      Thnx karuna dii… Fr the answer ???

      1. U welcm dear….

  17. At Director,we Told U Director Dnt Drag The Episode.I Thnk Nw U See The Effect

  18. Why Tellyupdate page have error from last 2 days.
    Thanks for Update Pooja but why so late !! you were very fast.

  19. Please don’t do this, CAS is the only show which i watch on TV.If this happens then i’ll never ever watch colors tv again….

  20. S. Ravi prakash

    In my opinion CAS is a very good ? serial inspite of cock & bull stories in-between. The story shouldn’t drag too much with gondna, swayamvar, etc. I enjoy the serial along with Pooja di ‘s updates. CAS shouldn’t be stopped. Thanks again pooja di. Why the update page is off line, what’s the technical problems?

  21. S. Ravi prakash

    The story writer shouldn’t repeat the precaps. Repeat means dragging, & the viewers will lose interest. The story should move on at a faster pace.

  22. Pull this show off and my curse to colors tv, you will soon be below sony tv in TRP. No lie only truth. First, CNWK then CAS. What next? This channel has habit of pulling off its best shows! Wake up people, if you call CAS friction, what’s sasural simar ka, kavach, naagin etc.? Lose this show and you lose a great deal. Mind that!

  23. Hello hello every body do not rush it now we need to see VIRAT story at least pne month so do not worry just watch hshaha nice best of luck

  24. Abhishek Maurya

    Feeling happy to hear that ashoka will go off air in coming days.It would have been better if the show ended earlier.Already the writer is out of story.Just dragging dragging and nothing.The makers are insulting Ashoka The Great for money.Till now not a single enemy who murdered chanakya are exposed or punished.The producer has just kept some actors to act for their employment like the immortal helena.
    I think the producer has taken a right decision to end the show.He knew that his brain lacks creativity.

  25. Vanshika

    Noooo nooo.. Foolish colours TV ?!!! You’re now gonna close cas!!!! Do it!!!! Then soon the channel also will close
    . Foolish chaps.

    End sasural simar ka
    Naagin n kavach.. Not Cas.., the channel is converted into a bhootiya ghostly house fools! Don’t end cas… End these three foolish things

    1. u r right yar , ssk , what an horrible show , it is still running and cas, really good show , it is going off air , too bad

    2. I totally agree with you vanshika. ur right.

  26. Lo swayambar is postponed for two days as per dharma . We have to go through the agony of watching . The director/ producer both should concentrate on Ashoka the great and his achievements rather than on cock and bull stories not relevant to serial. Seriously such stories are sagging interest of viewers which are already affecting TRP adversely.

  27. i thnk nw bindu do pooja for helenas soul by thinking she is a ghost.& this helenas epi wil atleast 3,4 boring!plz dnt drag episde like this

  28. My dear friends when I saw trp chart ,trp rating was increased .so only they started repeat the show also .I don’t think it will go off air

  29. Sasural simar ka completed more than1000 episodes by showing about ghost. Still continuing. Very strange
    so why ashok samrat can’t continue in colors ?

  30. I am a silent reader of this forum but I think its my tym to comment. The director is showing non sense instead of something interesting. My request to director is this. I am watching this show since the tym of palace burning. This show was gud until Chanakya’s death. After that its complete rubbish.

    I want to point out where the director and writer have gone wrong.

    1. Showing a ficticious death of acharya Chankya.
    2. Dragging the Takshashila track for 70 episodes.
    3. Stupid subplots that spoil the story. For example, a huge eagle and black magic.
    4. Not exposing either sushim or Siyamak.
    5. Not finishing Rajmata Helena’s track off.
    6. No reference to acharya chanakya’s death.
    7. Portraying Bindusara to be stupid which he was not.
    8. Too much focus on Ashoka Kaurwaki love story.
    9. Where is Jagannath?

    My request is this. If you want to show something please show the expose of sushim, Siyamak,
    Helena and Charumitra and move on to ashoka’s life as maharaja. Chanakya died in episode number 217 and now it is episode 380. What on earth. Why is it taking 200 episodes to expose these two. If you are unable to because of your saas-bahu dragging mind then please do a favour. Shut the show and pack your bags.

    I think I want you to expose siyamak, helena and charumitra. Wat on warth r dey doin in the raj bhavan?.

    Please wake up it is 380 episodes.

    And my request to the ph is dis.

    Before you loose trps replace dis director and writer wid some 1 else.

    Please hire gud writers. Where is Ved Raj who gave us the memorable Ipkknd seazon 1. Please hire a writer of dat kind and quality. And please bring in a better dialouge writer. Where is barry dhillon. Hire a dialouge writer of his calibre. I think dese steps culd help.

    do take notice

    A long time fan who loved the show upto chanakyas death and just watched it after dat.

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