Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


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  1. Professor A K P C Swain

    Ashok serial color
    The Kaling princess was never totured by so called kichak in history.The color serial should not mutilate the history by offending the Odiyas ,who belonged to the Kalinga.Historians say that the The Great Ashok was turned from Chandasok to Dharmasok after the blo*dy war in the foot hills of Dhauli hills on the banks of River daya near Bhubaneswar ,where the Kalinga sena was defeated, and Ashok the great annexed kalinga to his kingdom.The blo*dy battle of Kalinga changed the heart of Ashok and he adopted Budhhism and helped preaching Budhhism in the region and in neighbouring countries ,such as the then Ceylon( now Srilanka) among others.The Color serial authorities should visit Bhubaneswar and its outskirts(dhauli) ,where rock edicts of Ashokan era are still there and depict true story of kalinga war.and Ashok,the great.

  2. Please please pehle aap afternoon ko 1:30 me night episode ka repeat telecast dekhate the ab kyun nhi dikhate please isme kuchh kijiye na it’s my favorite show kuchh show do bar repeat telecast hota hai kuchh kijiye sir

  3. Ved Ghai

    You could have telecast the episode before or after udaan because I have to wait weekend to see the show on Monday

  4. Jagan Rao

    Please stop the serial or take as per history. It is also boring and dragging too long. It is shown in the order of mythological story. I regret for the viewers.

  5. Pankit

    There is nothing to watch in serial so its good for people that they saved their valuable time of 30 min and did some other important work.
    In the history of Ashoka there was not a single line for kichack but we dint know that why producer is stretching this show for thic kichak epi.
    worst serial…:(

    • Tiyasa

      For greater TRP they have to include ficticious characters. And , how do you know that there was no torchurer like kichak ? The name may be different .

  6. meso

    I have heard about Bret lee and Bruce Li, But there is a powerful thing in indian politics is JET Li
    Jisne sabki band kar ke rakhdi hai……… Juban

  7. Baisali

    Ohh I thought the episode was aired before udaan. Anyways it has become very boring now. I’m just waiting for this track to end and Ashok to grow up. I’m really very bored of this kichak track. As if its never going to end. I’m sure it’ll take months to end. Till then i’m not going to waste my precious time and watch this boring track. I’ll just read the updates until and unless they end this track. After that i’ll watch this show.

  8. krish

    Nayak asks Kashi to keep Kaurwaki safe and then proceeds to fight Ashok fiercely. Ashok successfully defeats Nayak and rescues Kaurwaki. At the temple, Keechak is disappointed to find Dharma missing.

  9. parul

    please do not temper with history. it is already resulting in lower trps. also death of Chanakya was very strange and depressing for viewers. now we will not be able to bear
    Dharmas death.

    • Tiyasa

      They will not show Dharma’s death!!!!!!!!!!!! It is my belief as Devi Dharma was killed by Susim not kichak.


    Ashoka’s mother never came to Taxila to save Ashok when he was very badly injured.The death of Chanakya is really astonishing.Finally Queen Helena was dead when Ashoka was 5 yrs of age. This show is rewriting History.How can they do that?


    CHANAKYA at the end of his life went into the jungles where he died because of religious starvation.At least they could hav shown that.if they want to remove Chanakya’s character from the serial.God knows wal r they doing? They are rewriting History.

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