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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kaurvi notices someone (Ashoka) in the waters. She calls out for help. A guy jumps in water to save Ashoka. He pulls up Ashoka safely. Ashoka coughs water. The guy asks him his name. Ashoka takes his name but goes quiet after noticing the symbol on the sword in people’s hands. It bears the symbol of Takshshila. He remembers Acharya’s advice. I should not trust anyone. It will like inviting trouble upon yourself after telling them truth. He acts he doesn’t recall anything. He cooks up a story. I am fisherman’s son. I was in my ship yesterday when. He passes out. Amadhya Raakshas comes there. Kaurvi notices Ashoka’s wounds. They all pick him so he can be treated. Amadhya Raakshas asks the people about what the kid said. A guy shares that he said his name is Ashoka.


gives money to the soldiers who killed Ashoka. Kichak is looking forward to meet the second Maurya Vanshi. One died here!

Charumita cannot believe it that Ashoka died. We couldn’t kill him but the pirates killed him! Mahamadhya jokes on the same. This proves his failures before everyone now. Sushim thinks that he cannot tell them the truth even though he wants to. Father will not even look at Siamak once I get everything in order. I am sure Amadhya Raakshas will live up to his words.

Siamak cries thinking of Ashoka. I hate you! I could never imagine that you will leave so soon. Helena reminds him of Noor’s unexpected death. You should be happy. Ashoka has been punished. What could have been a better insult to him than this? One obstacle is out of your way now. Siamak is in thoughts.

Everyone is dressed in white to pay homage to Ashoka. Bindu offers flowers to the sword. Not just I but entire motherland has lost its son. His sacrifice will motivate the coming generations always!

Kaurvi nurses Ashoka’s wounds. Amadhya Raakshas looks at Kaurvi. This girl is handling this situation as if she has witnessed something similar earlier as well.

Bindu mourns losing Ashoka. There can be no bigger pain for a father than losing his kid. I wasn’t with Ashoka when he was born. Now I cannot even do his last rites. Radha Gupta watches it from a distance. Siamak and Sushim join him. Sushim says I dint use to like my brother. Main reason was he was your reason of happiness. You trusted him. Siamak says I lost my brother today. Bindu hugs his sons. Mahamadhya asks for an allowing mourning in Magadh for the day. Sushim tells Bindu to be strong. You have to look after Mata Dharma too. Bindu stamps the paper without even checking it.

Dharma refuses to wear white clothes. I wont accept my son is dead just be seeing his sword. Charu says it is unimaginable for any mother but truth remains truth. One has to accept it. Helena adds that she has been through this pain too. I still feel my son is alive. Have faith in God. If he has taken something then he has also given you something. Dharma knows they both hate Ashoka always. We still have not thought any wrong for you. I am sure nothing has happened to my son. If it has, then I have faith in him. He will emerge out of it stronger than before. All the ladies leave as Bindu comes there. He remarks that their son died while doing his dharma. Now we have to do the dharma as his parents. We have to do shanty-puja for him. Dharma is at a loss. How do I make him understand Ashoka is alright? Bindu takes her outside.

Purohit ji asks everyone to pray for Ashoka’s soul. Dharma gets up. Death cannot defeat the one who has been defeating death since birth. Death cannot defeat him till his aim is fulfilled. Acharya used to tell me this is Ashoka’s destiny. I never believed him earlier but I do now. It is Ashoka’s destiny to look after his motherland. It is a mother’s belief. Bindu asks her to sit down. She agrees. I will pray that he continues to move forward like a brave solider towards his aim. Our mission will be same – peace for Ashoka. Ashoka is headed towards Takshshila with the very same motice. She sits down with Bindu in the puja.

Precap: Bindu wants to send someone to Takshshila in Ashoka’s absence. Sushim offers to do it. Charu is shocked. Amadhya Raakshas asks Ashoka his name. Ashoka tells him his name.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. completely a fictional story..1st dharma was not bindu’s fav wife.2nd bindu never liked ashoka..3rd the reason for going to takshshila was that shushim created misunderstandings in bindu and ashoka.thatswhy he was send to takshshila.not because of any was.and 4th maybe at that time he was married to devi.and in takshshila he met kaurvi.devi and kaurvi both were his love interests..and about reality helena and chadragupt maurya had love marriage.she never hated maurya dynasity or india.she learned indian music and indian classical dances.and chandragupt died after 5 years of marriage with helena.they had no child.justin was completely a fictional character.and bindu had no queen named noor and no siamak.they both are also fictional characters.justin,noor and siamak never existed in reality

    1. agree………
      but it some historical notes siamak name is mentioned as one of the son of bindusara………..

      1. There is also historical notes proving that dharma was the beloved wife of bindusara…..

  2. I think Kauvri may become Ashoka’s life partner while he coming back to Paataleeputra from Takshashila. I like Pallavi’s acting as Dharma.I am watching the serial because of her and Siddharth Nigam’s best acting.I hate psycho Helena and Charumitra.

    1. I will hate that big psycho Helena who is responsible for Siamak became against Ashoka. I liked Ankita’s acting as Maharani Noor. Bindu is just a fool. Where is Drupad’s mother cute Maharani Subhashri? She is not seeing in the serial for many days.

      1. she was present when Dharma became pregnant second time………

  3. The fiction is just too much to digest. The writer is completely killing the story and the serial.

  4. guys atleast stick to the facts given in history :/

  5. parvinder singh

    is totally out of mind–writer

  6. They just want to drag on and on and on.

  7. Take, for example, any serial and think if they make any sense. To name a few – Meri Ashiqi…, Balika Vadhu, Qabool Hai, Swaragini, Jamai Raja, Kumkum Bhagya, Satrangi Sasural, Udaan….and a whole lot. Just too much to handle for me. I am NOT going to read any more shows. I would rather stick to the English serials which are worth watching – NCIS, Criminal Minds, etc.

  8. Sushim will be killed.

  9. this show just keeps dragging and dragging. I have stopped watching for awhile and today I wanted to check again. I still cannot believe that Ashkoa is still young!! They have been prolonging the entire shows and have based it on Nonfactual evidence!! Do research people!!
    Fed up with this show 🙁

  10. Dont change the history director sir please .In takshasila Ashoka met Rani Devi not Kourvi

  11. Where is Ahankara these days?

  12. Hey better stop d show without any climax it will be better for us and splly ur health wat man just d worst show vr seen yuck don’t make me change d y in it

  13. Ulhas. Yeshwant

    I lv dis srl vry Mch.spcly acting of Mr.Joshi,pallavi,dharmadhikari,n nigam n den all others.naye generation ke liye very informative,.n adarshmay hai.isitarah Gyan ke sath manoranjan karte rahiye.aapko meri shubhkamnaye.?

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